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The Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel
2008-03-13 22:45:00
  By: Michael C. Broome Home schooling is not only a right of each and every American, it is also a joy with blessings that many home schoolers wouldn’t trade for anything. Not just the children, but the mothers and fathers that give so much of their time to ensure their children have the best life can ...
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Conversation Between Ignorance & a Homeschooler
2008-03-06 21:35:00
 By: Mimi Rothschild “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” Mark said as he used a feather and ink to scribble down a phrase on the back of a napkin. “What, isn’t school and education the same?” Mark’s friend, Ignorance , asked. Mark shook his head as he looked into the mirror at his age and ...
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Homeschool Hitting Hollywood
2008-02-29 23:14:00
 By: Karlie Margaret Houser Reading this article reminds me of why we chose to start The Grace Academy…to break from the norm, to share our faith and values with our children, and recognizing that not everything has to be the way society claims it to be. I trust you’ll enjoy this read as much as I have, ...
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Athletes: Finding Their Own Way Home
2008-02-12 16:57:00
Reading articles like this one, published by John Sahly in The Beacon News, is a touching example of how promoting our youth can truly make a story newsworthy. The Grace of God has a place in all our hearts, on all of our fields of play and especially in our homes. I know that there are ...
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Focused Mini Lessons
2007-11-16 15:04:00
By Mimi Rothschild Here’s another brilliant article to add to your collection of homeschool resources.  This article examines mini lessons, how they work, and why they’re so important for your homeschool curriculum.     What Is It?   A mini lesson is a short lesson with a narrow focus that provides instruction in a skill or concept that students ...
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Think Aloud Strategy: Part 2 of 2
2007-11-09 17:31:00
By Mimi Rothschild Here’s part two of the “Think Aloud Strategy ” article I posted earlier this week. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it and also about your homeschooling experience!   How Can You Stretch Students’ Thinking? Reflective journals and learning logs are a natural extension of thinking out loud. By jotting down what you say, you can ...
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Think Aloud Strategy: Part 1 of 2
2007-11-07 15:08:00
By Mimi Rothschild Below is an excellent article about thinking out loud that will benefit both homeschooling parents and their children.  Learning can happen in a variety of ways.  One way to problem solve or better understand a concept is to think out loud.  Read more below.  What Is It? The think-aloud strategy asks students to say out loud what they ...
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Learning Disabilities: Glossary of Terms
2007-10-31 14:47:00
By Mimi Rothschild In case your not familiar with the different learning disabilities that educators have identified and defined, below is a comprehensive list of definitions related to learning disabilities that Dr. Jean Lokerson has put together.  I highly recommend that you homeschooling parents become familiar with the terms in this list so you can better recognize if your ...
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Children?s Books About Disabilities
2007-10-29 20:42:00
By Mimi Rothschild Check out the book list below, it’s specifically geared towards students with disabilities.  I only included part of the list, you can click the links to find more great books!  Let me know what you think and what you discovered.  I’d love to hear some of your recommendations! This list has been sorted by the books’ ...
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Summarizing: Part Two
2007-10-25 19:33:00
By Mimi Rothschild Here’s part two!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and also about how your homeschooling experience is going this year! How Can You Stretch Students’ Thinking? Here are some general questions for students to consider when summarizing either fiction or nonfiction: What happened? Who was involved? What was the outcome? Is the essential piece of information included? Are interesting but ...
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Summarizing: Part One
2007-10-24 18:55:00
By Mimi Rothschild Do you know the importance of summarizing?   Do you even fully understand what it means to summarize?  Summarizing is an amazing tool that homeschool students should master because of the benefits it provides when used properly.  Learn more about summarizing in the article below.  Let me know what you think!  Thanks so much!   What Is It? To summarize is to put ...
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Teaching Strategies for Home School Students with ADD
2007-10-18 14:49:00
 By Mimi Rothschild More and more homeschooling parents have asked me about Attention Deficit Disorder and the best way to homeschool their children who have ADD or ADHD.  I found this list of ADD/ADHD resources online, I thought I’d share it with everyone. “Excerpted from Teaching Strategies: Education of Children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Effective classroom teaching requires knowledge ...
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Home Schooling Virtual Schools are Meeting the Needs of America?s Students
2007-07-20 22:59:00
By Mimi Rothschild Virtual schools, cyber school, online academies. These terms seemed foreign to most America ns ten years ago, but with advancements in technology and the deterioration of the public school system, virtual schools are growing in popularity. The Tucson Citizen documents the growth of virtual schools in Arizona. Below is what some Arizona students ...
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Homeschooling, a National Success Story, is Recognized by a Supreme Court J
2007-07-18 14:48:00
By Mimi Rothschild Michael Smith, co-founder and president of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), wrote an interesting article in The Washington Times earlier this week about home schooling?s success in America. Smith is ecstatic, as we all should be, that U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recognized home schooling as a viable educational ...
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Florida Charter Schools Receive Mixed Reviews
2007-07-06 21:04:00
By Mimi Rothschild Seventy-eight charter schools have closed in Florida between 1996 and 2006. Ronnie Blair of The Tampa Tribune gives charter schools a mixed report for the first ten years charter schools have operated in Florida. Blair writes that ?charter schools are public schools funded by taxpayers but operated by private individuals, organizations ...
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Home schoolers Stay Active and Debunk Socialization Myth
2007-07-03 19:25:00
By Mimi Rothschild One of the best aspects of homeschooling is that it allows families to have flexible schedules while also allowing home schooling students the opportunity to pursue their passions. If a student wants to learn more about World War Two then he or she can learn more. If a student wants to ...
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The Benefits of Home Schooling Special Needs Students
2007-06-20 18:07:00
By Mimi Rothschild One of the most appealing aspects of home schooling is that home schoolers receive all of the teacher?s attention, instead of sharing it with hundreds of students. Home schooling is especially effective when the parent is able to devote the majority of their attention to a home schooler with special needs, like ...
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Why Keep Public Schools Around?
2007-06-14 21:38:00
By Mimi Rothschild In a recent series of articles, Jonah Goldberg of The National Review Online and David Gelernter of The Weekly Standard both propose that America might be better off without public schools and discuss how we might decide whether to have them or not. Both writers cite public school?s well documented shortcomings. Americans want universal ...
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The Grace Academy Summer Reading List and Summer Programs
2007-06-06 18:43:00
By Mimi Rothschild What are your homeschoolers doing this summer? Going back in time? Sailing on the high seas? Hanging out with the three little pigs? Summer is the perfect time for homeschoolers to improve their readings skills and have a blast while doing it. We?ve compiled a comprehensive summer reading ...
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Homeschoolers Safe as Lecturer Encourages Public School Students to Have Se
2007-06-06 17:41:00
By Mimi Rothschild On April 10th two different speakers encouraged students at Boulder Valley High School in Colorado to have sex and use drugs at a required attendance lecture entitled ?STDs: Sex, Teens and Drugs.? State lawmakers are furious over what was said at the lecture and are trying to fire Superintendent George Garcia. What was ...
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Famous Homeschoolers Who Changed the World
2007-05-31 22:12:00
By Mimi Rothschild Some of the most famous artists, composers, writers, judges, inventors, religious leaders, and presidents in the world were homeschooled. It?s no coincidence that some of the most brilliant minds in history were developed and challenged in homeschools. A homeschooler?s education isn?t limited by one dimensional curriculums like those offered by public ...
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Homeschool World Series
2007-05-24 17:13:00
By Mimi Rothschild Congratulations to all the teams that qualified for the Homeschool World Serie s tournament in Pensacola, Florida this week. Listen to the live internet broadcast for today?s championship game here. The Homeschool World Series Association is a nonprofit organization that coordinates varsity-level baseball competition throughout North America. The Homeschool World Series ...
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The Questionable Future of Abstinence Education
2007-05-10 21:42:00
By Mimi Rothschild The fate of abstinence education is up in the air, as evidenced by current educational policy changes in the state of Washington.  This YouTube video illustrates the implication of such legislation. The best way to fight this kind of legislation is to pull our children out entirely.  Public sex education programs tend to lean ...
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Stupid in America
2007-05-05 00:31:00
John Stossel’s “Stupid in America is not a new documentary.  However, I think it?s important that we revisit this landmark documentary every once in a while and discuss its implications.  It?s clear that socialism simply does not work.  Why do we use this outmoded system in education? What makes this video stand out is its accessibility.  ...
Announcing the Jr. Picasso Contest
2007-04-27 23:22:00
Attention all starving artists! The Grace Academy is now accepting submissions for our Jr. Picas so Art Contes t .  Submit your artwork now for a chance to win a gift certificate from Utrecht Art Supply!  All children under the age of 18 are welcome to enter. Please visit the following web page for more information. Home Schooling Art ? ...
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Homeschool Entrepreneur
2007-04-04 15:42:00
By Mimi Rothschild The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece about a clever entrepreneur who also happens to be a full time homeschool mom. We feel very strongly about teaching the girls a portfolio of skills that will give them both a solid foundation for a 21st-century career, and a rich inner life. Cultural ...
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More African-Americans Homeschooling
2007-03-21 15:01:00
By Mimi Rothschild According to a recent news story in Memphis, an increasing number of Africa n America ns are choosing to homeschool. “Expectations of African-American males is low,” said his mother. “Numerous studies when African-American child reaches 4th grade, his excitement, enthusiasm, desire for learning has pretty much been I heard one educator say ‘beaten out of him’,” said ...
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Homeschooling for the Family
2007-03-15 14:36:00
By Mimi Rothschild The Arizona Republic has a wonderful article about one family’s decision to homeschool.  As much as we focus the academic and moral benefits of homeschooling, we can sometimes take for granted the relational benefits. “I choose to homeschool because I want to maintain family relationships in a way that cannot be done if my ...
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Homeschoolers Gain Acceptance
2007-02-27 16:13:02
Charlotte Hsu chronicles the struggles of homeschoolers to gain mainstream recognition from colleges and public school districts. “We saw this unique opportunity to get some really good students at UCR, being one of the first major public universities to create a published homeschool admissions policy,” added Vahid, who homeschools his three children. “We thought it would ...
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The HSLDA Extends a Helping Hand
2007-02-27 16:13:02
A Tennessee superintendent has misinterpreted a homeschooling law and thus sparked the ire of the Home School Legal Defense Association, an advocate group dedicated to ensuring the legality of homeschooling nationwide.  Inviting families to contact them for assistance, the HSLDA once again takes an active role in the welfare of homeschoolers. Read more at HSLDA.
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