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Having travelled fairly widely and taken lots of photos, and the family don't want to be bored by them anymore, I thought why not take them to the world and bore them too?


2007-12-22 01:54:00
Well it has been some time since I posted to my blog. Too many addictions, too little time. Such is life. I have been active on flickr lately and decided to bring you some of my favourite pictures taken by my various friends and others on flickr. This post has a theme of ice. Clicking on any picture will take you to the photo in flickr where you can make a comment or see a larger version. Ice Coats Red Twigs by Pictoscribe Rose Bud on Ice by *Karen What run-off does on cold days! by Rich66 Iceshrooms by Leviathor Ice jewels #1 by Lord V Ice bridge by Simon Lieschke Cerro Torre, Patagonia, Argentina by Maegges untitled by Leviathor Crystals by Pictoscribe The 58th Sapporo Snow Festival 02 by Dolphin_dolphin Partial rainbow in the clouds by Walla2chick who explains: Monday as I was driving through Walla Walla, WA, USA, I noticed the beautiful mini rainbows in the clouds. I looked up the website that flickerite 'fdecomite' guided me to and found it i...
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Tirau Corrugated Iron Signs and Sculptures
2007-07-17 11:55:00
In Tirau, a town in the central North Island of New Zealand , they have had the original idea to have a theme of corrugated iron signs and sculptures through the whole town. Many shops and businesses have joined in and made the town into a sort of art gallery. Of course this is quite well known so that there are a number of websites about it. I think mine is one of the more complete collections, but looking at these others I have missed some. Hopefully you will enjoy these as much as I did. Perhaps these came about as a result of Jeff Thompson's famous corrugated iron car which is actually roadworthy and has been exhibited in NZ's Te Papa museum. See more of Jeff's creations and his recent ones which include a giant gumboot in Taihape. I think that these flowers atop a cafe are the prize sculpture in Tirau, but there are many other fine pieces. My wife had a coffee here while I ran round town and photographed the other works of art. The sheep above and the sheep dog below...
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Animals are Funny
2007-06-22 13:46:00 OR+weird+OR+humour+OR+humor%29+%28animal+ OR+creature%29&ct=6&ss=2&s=int Recently my wife and I took three of our grand-children to the zoo. It was a lot of fun and I took my camera along to get some animal shots. I put many of these on flickr and a couple of them were quite funny so I set to looking for more funny animal pictures. Here are some of my favourites, and you can see them larger by clicking them and then selecting "all sizes". The Kiss, by bestrated1 and The Big Contest for Sheep :) Run Sheep Run..... by burakyilmaz61 Sproinggg!, by mostlysunny1. Meadow's mid-air spin jump. Missed the toy, but an impressive jump it was, nonetheless. and Diaper check, by somesay and Happy Silly Saturday!, by buntekuh. Yes, Sir - I am crazy! Cat smelling a fragrant Double Delight Rose, by rosephotosetc and Max!, by wynandvanpoortvliet Tasteless? Hilarious? You decide., by admurder. I encountered this nearby the USC campus today on 30th ...
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Funny Stuff
2007-06-20 11:11:00
Some of these were done for the digital challenge group in flickr. Others were just done for the fun of it because a picture was crying out to be manipulated or have a funny speech bubble added. Global Warming The poor polar bear has to wear sunglasses because of the glare and sees camels under the northern lights. This is in a way funny, but also a very serious message about how humans are treating our world. Niki as Wendy from Peter Pan These two animals looked so much like they are chatting that this seemed the best place to add Niki who looked so much like she was flying. The emu was too dumb struck to reply ... it is still trying to think of a smart answer. It will probably relate to the giraffe's crooked neck. Enrol at Charles Atlas This is for the older folks who remember those ads. I have been told that when he died, the funeral was attended by hundreds of 90 pound weeklings who kicked sand on his coffin... This isn't funny so much as exciting for NZ when they went ...
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Somewhere Elsewhere Nowhere Erewhon
2007-05-22 08:42:00
(With complete instructions for how to get from Here to There and back again) (new) In flickr there is a really fun group that I really shouldn't tell the world about in case too many tourists come. Promise not to tell before you go on! It is called Vogon Poetry Appreciation Club. Unlike many groups in flickr that try to bolster photo popularity, this one exists for the poor photos that got overlooked. To qualify the photo has to have been looked at less than 25 times in a month. Once it is viewed over 25 times is is unceremoniously booted from the group as no longer qualifying. I have tried really hard, but cannot get a picture to stay in Vogon Poetry. Of course the whole idea comes from Douglas Adams books, and Vogon Poetry is really shockingly bad. You can probably work the rest out on your own. To understand more about this try the first and only issue of Vogon Poetry group pictures every published. To see the contents of the magazine. Anyway, I wandered all over the plac...
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Calendar 2007
2007-05-20 07:54:00
This is a calendar for the rest of 2007 being June to December. You can save each months picture and print them if you want. The slight chunkiness of the lettering is due to reducing to squeeze into my blog width, and will disappear if you save them. I recommend Irfanview for displaying, indexing viewing and printing pictures.
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