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All is One, One is All
The poetic rambling of a moe addict!...All is One, One is All basically mean the cycle of life and death as explained by the Fullmetal Alchemist. This blog is about the life happening all around, in the form of poetry and commentaries...
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I?m still alive?yeah?^.^
2007-11-26 06:32:00
Ano…umm Actually, my Dell laptop died just before the start of Ramadhan. The only other computer at home was wifey Compaq laptop, but since she’s using it for her thesis, she very adamantly refused to let me use it. So, what this invariably means is that I was left with no computer at all. I ...
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The Journey
2007-10-01 21:40:00
This week Writers Island’s prompt is “The Journey “. This journey that we’re all taking is one that has no end, we all starts with hesitation and fear always striving forwards believing in the future, just as the world keep spinning on around the sun unceasingly, just as the leaves that detaches from the tree will always falls down to the earth, fly high then higher than clouds higher than the ...
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Death becomes us
2007-09-29 10:49:00
This week Sunday Scribblings prompt is Powerful. So here’s a haiku on what I think is the most powerful factor in our life… Isn’t mortality our most powerful raison d’etre? It’s a thought that most will surely shook with fright - the thought of death itself we wound up so tight though it’s inevitable death comes to us all we’ll never know whether we’ll go ...
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Searching For Her Younger Sister
2007-09-19 20:36:00
The NAFASG guys is definitely one of the most thoughtful group of bloggers you can find in the blogosphere. They are always ready to lend a hand to whomever person in need of help. Their latest post shows how unbounded their altruism are. Here below I’m reproducing that post in the hope that this ...
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Saimoe 2007: Results 9/18 -19
2007-09-19 20:35:00
Results 9/19 First Match 1. 613 Kashiwaba Tomoe@Rozen Maiden Ouverture 2. 381 Hirai Yukari@Shakugan no Shana 3. 288 Hanabishi Miki@Hayate the Combat Butler voting trend: 00233.png Second Match 1. 543 Konoe Konoka@Negima!? 2. 537 Inamori Mika(Mikan)@Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! 3. ...
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The Gift of the Soul
2007-09-17 21:34:00
Writers Island’s prompt this week is: “The Gift “. So, here’s a haiku on my interpretation of the Gift. The gift of the soul That what would we consider to be the best gift, the purest heart is Without a pure heart the soul is an empty void soon, lost dreams prevail Shadows of a dream malignant that lingers living a cursed life Never dare ...
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Saimoe 2007: Results for 9/17
2007-09-17 20:41:00
The second round has started. Shana won in a very tight battle, while Isumi had it easy. But I’m glad Isumi won, and hopefully the others Hayate’s girls will follow through too. Anyway, yesterday voting is as follows: First Match 1. 975 Shana@Shakugan no Shana Series 2. 811 ...
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Saimoe 2007: Results for 9/15
2007-09-15 19:03:00
Today concludes all the voting for Round 1. Saimoe 2007 will now take a one-day break and will resume on Sept 17th. I will put up the matching schedule later. As expected, Louise win. After last week hot episode … er-hem Louise stripping and covering Saito with her super hot bod … ...
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Saimoe 2007: Results for 9/14
2007-09-14 23:13:00
All Result s for Round 1 Official Saimoe 2007 website
I Love PPP!
2007-09-14 09:30:00
I was asked this by the PPP team, “Do you love PayPerPost?” “Why?” Well, of course I do. PayPerPost (PPP) is simply the best! They’re amazing! Why am I saying this? This is because PPP is the only paid posting solutions from all the others that I’ve signed up to that had given me assignments without ...
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Saimoe 2007: Results for 9/13
2007-09-13 23:46:00
All Result s for Round 1 Official Saimoe 2007 website
don?t ever be afraid?
2007-09-13 09:54:00
Go on confront your fear may it be fear of the unknown or fear of the inevitability or maybe it just fear of life itself don’t ever be afraid. Our life is a never ending journey go on face it continue your journey don’t ever be afraid. The path of your life is not straight it is a path full of obstacles it is a path that will always fork at the most crucial of time. Don’t ...
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Saimoe 2007: 1st Round
2007-09-12 23:30:00
It’s the time when all of moe lovers will choose whose the moe-est of them all. Yes, Saimoe 2007 is now in full swing. The 1st round voting are almost coming to an end. For those that don’t know, click here to find out more about Saimoe 2007. In a nutshell, its a popularity contest where moe lovers everywhere can vote for the most moe anime character of 2007. As you all know, I love moe, and since I cannot go without any moe-ness for even a day, that’s why I consider myself an addict. Moe is without a doubt one of the most important sub-set of the Otaku Culture. Moe?…Otaku…? what’s that…some of you may ask. Well, I assure you, they are not made up words. The Otaku Culture is huge. It is cross boundary, spanning the whole globe with its presence. On the business side, it is worth billions of dollars, from the anime and manga right up to the corresponding merchandising. Click here for more information on otaku and moe. Okay, so that&r...
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Over 5 Free Hours of International Phone Calls!
2007-09-11 23:13:00
Communications. Without a doubt, this is the one word that really defines what our modern world is about. Remember the Postman? Kevin Costner’s post apocalyptic movie? In a gist, that movie tells how a future USA, ravaged and destroyed by war, was rebuilt with the use of the postal service. The underlying theme is that the breakdown in communication resulted in anarchy. Wonder why I’m using such a gloom description? Is it a prelude to an epic poem? Oh I wish. heh heh. No, what I’m trying to point out is how communications now pervades our everyday life, and to be without it can make a profound difference. I used to live in the UK with my wifey half a world away in Malaysia. At first we’d communicate using email, but somehow, there was no intimacy. Thanks god for cheap international calling card. It saved my marriage! So now, I’m going to write about Pingo. Pingo is a prepaid phone card international calling card service that saves you big money on long d...
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Writers Island: Imaginary Life
2007-09-11 11:59:00
  Oh to live in anime land That is the imaginary life I planned, Something I truly understand Which is a life really so grand. That imaginary life I have in mind Is the thing that help me unwind, So maybe its not really something so refined But to me it is the most wonderful kind.               I’ve long been a moe addict It’s not something I can easily kicked, But please don’t treat me like a convict Cause its not really a bad afflict. You might say I’m just a dreaming fool Or maybe even a bullheaded stupid mule, Well, excuse me if I don’t play by your rule Cause to me, all this pretty cool.     And neither do I’m a queer So let me makes a few things clear, Moe-ness is something I truly revere Without them, I might as well disappear. Okay, okay, I admit all these is my imagination Well, it might border on the aberration, But for something which is full of my admiration Give it a try, it mig...
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Sunday Scribblings: Writings
2007-09-08 20:25:00
I am not feeling so good. Guess my flu still haven’t abated fully. So, here’s a haiku to show what is it I’m going through now: My migraine came back The head banging from all sides I sat morosely. This week Sunday Scribblings prompt A post about writings Hmmm… what do I write now? Well, certainly I’m not going to ...
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Innovative Tutor
2007-09-07 12:58:00
Children are like sponges. They absorbs everything they’re exposed to. As a parent to a 6 years old active son, I’m quite aware that my son is at that very impressionable age. What he sees, he mimics. What he mimics, he retains. Heck, he’s even better than me on the PS now. This natural learning process ...
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The Genies from the Land of Faraway
2007-09-07 10:16:00
Zam Zam Alakazam! A genie King, strong and proud, and scary too A genie Princess, beautiful beyond description Both came to me last night, From the Land of Faraway, wearing pointy-toed shoes. Now you may ask, what’s up with this two Genie Out of nowhere, appearing in my bedroom in the middle of the night? It seems ...
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What Poetry is to me.
2007-09-06 09:30:00
This week Poetry Thursday prompt is post about poetry. What is poetry to me If not that of emotions Projected outward Realising pent up desires Giving light to Blurred vision Sharing with all That we may walk the path Together So that there maybe No contention… With pride we tell So all can hear our words To touch the heart. This is our pride… That is what poetry is to me. For ...
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A Prayer for Janice?s Brother
2007-09-04 18:59:00
Picture above taken with approval from the NAFASG team. I’ve been laid down and bed ridden since Saturday night recuperating from a bad bout of flu. As such, Ive been out of touch of happenings in the blogosphere. Since I came online Tuesday afternoon, I found that one of my best friends in ...
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Introducing Writers Island
2007-09-04 12:54:00
A new Tuesday site to post poetry/prose has opened… Introducing Writers Island . What is Writers Island? If you are a writer, this is a place to express yourself. Whether you write poetry, short stories, essays, or prose comment — you are invited to join in. Come every Tuesday, create your poem, short story, essay, or prose comment ? and ...
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Sunday Scribblings: The End
2007-09-02 10:46:00
For my entry into this week Sunday Scribblings, I’m writing about my Merdeka weekend, and the folly of too much partying. This week Sunday Scribblings prompt is The End. A delicious smell wafting all around Cheering revellers aloud, by dint of their sound. A full goat roasting deliciously on the spit Mouth watering, can’t wait to take in a bite. Children skipping jump by bright neon ...
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Dialaflight - Flights to New York
2007-08-30 23:31:00
My wifey will be going back to Notts, UK in October to defend her thesis and for her final viva, as such to celebrate the end of her exhaustive research we have decided to take a break and go for a holidays to New York city before returning home to Malaysia. So once again, we ...
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Happy Birthday Malaysia
2007-08-30 18:49:00
Merdeka.. 50 years have passed 50 years more will come All expectation we’ve surpass A great nation we’ve become Merdeka… Please don’t forget where our root lies For though we’ve progressed far Lest we become what we despise And bleeds again from our old scars Merdeka… As the clock strike midnight As the cheers fill the air As the Jalur Gemilang take flight, Rise up, be proud, ...
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Poetry Thursday: An Open Window
2007-08-30 09:49:00
Here’s my entry for the final Poetry Thursday . This week prompt is ?an open window.? There is a boundary to our emotions for if left unchecked won’t it overwhelm us completely? Who wouldn’t want to be engulfed in love, the euphoria of the tenderness, the sensation of desires awakened energizing, stimulating arousing? For all of the emotions imprisoned within us, the pent up anger the repressed hatred the tainted jealousy the ...
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Happy Birthday, Marzie
2007-08-28 19:57:00
Happy Birthday My virgo girl it’s her special day let us celebrate today ; where’s the other friends call them out, let not today’s blessing be gone, for if it’s strayed oh what a waste it’ll be; a day gone will forever be lost never will we make amend; so let us all make delight and wish our special girl A very Happy Birthday ! Happy Birthday Marzie, may all your wishes come ...
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An acrostic for NAFASG
2007-08-28 19:04:00
A short poem for the great guys at NAFASG. This is an acrostic I’d derived from their name. New bloggers you may be All the more reasons you should be proud For you’ve made your mark felt All over the blogosphere, now! So never forget this, Greatness and success both will soon be yours.   Keep up the great work, guys. ...
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More meme
2007-08-27 21:49:00
Marzie tagged me on this 10 Questions meme, where you have to give 5 answers to each question and then tag 5 people to keep this meme going. Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, and then add yourself to the bottom. Life is Murphy?s Law | Huma B | Anything ...
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IBackup - Online Storage
2007-08-27 20:10:00
IBackup is an online storage and backup service provider that offers secure 128-bit SSL encryption on transmission. IBackup many features includes the ability to map user?s online data so that it appears as a mapped drive or a folder on the user?s computer. That will enable the users to simply drag and drop ...
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Sunday Scribblings: I get that sinking feeling?
2007-08-26 17:31:00
A darkening sky The shadows lengthening by The retreating sun The darkness creeping in As time passes by; You were crying now I get that sinking feeling I’ll never see you again; This is the last time I held out my hand To touch your beautiful golden lock To look at your tear-streaked face To see what’s reflected in your eyes… Where there were love and passion before Now ...
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