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Cheap Gas
2008-06-01 01:11:00
Gasoline is high, right? If you live in the United States, you're paying around $4.00 a gallon right now. If you live in Europe, thanks to taxes among other things, you're paying up to twice that.Well, why is this?Yes, the oil companies are making large profits and nobody likes to see that when it costs $40 or more to fill the tank. But that's what happens when a company sells a scarce product. Supply and demand. Global oil production has peaked, and discoveries are way down so forget about pumping more out of the ground. Yeah, the GOP and the oil companies want to drill in ANWR, but c'mon, that's not going to make an impact. We're years away from getting any oil out of there, and the amount we get will not be enough to affect the price of crude, which is set by a world market. That oil will sell for what a barrel from Saudi Arabia would. So don't be fooled by that kind of nonsense.Technology is allowing oil companies to drill in challenging environments, etc. Whate...
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2008-05-27 01:43:00
I will finally be ditching Blogger. This morning I purchased a new domain name, hosting space, and have launched a new site, 613photo. It's going to be kind of a slow roll out.I have only one photo up there right now and it's an old one, but more will be added as I slowly delete this one.Edit:Things are coming along. If you have me linked in any of your blogs or sites, please change it to the new URL (above), if you don't mind. This blog will soon be re-purposed and it'll have nothing to do with photography.
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Blog Operations Suspended
2008-05-13 03:20:00
Due to lack of interest, this blog is suspended until I have time to come up with a better web platform, which will probably be never.When and if I resume, I will post the new address here. If you are interested then I would suggest subscribing.Thanks!EDIT:Well, ever since I "quit" blog traffic has picked up for some reason, and it's not all from UPS searches. So I guess I'll crank things up again soon, although posting may be sparse or old stuff for a while as I haven't had much time for photography.
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Dallas, Texas: Sunset From the Cedars
2008-05-03 20:53:00
Not an outstanding photo, but it's a still from a timelapse I made last night. You can find that video HERE.
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Minolta XD-11
2008-04-24 03:23:00
I post this only because I find myself missing the camera. Sold on e-bay last summer.
2008-04-01 07:53:00
An old photo, but there's a new podcast at the companion blog. Click here for that.
Ink Jet Blot
2008-01-23 14:27:00
Well, photography has been a little slow for me lately. The weather hasn't been ideal on the days that I've had time, and time has been hard to come by to begin with. To the right is a macro shot of a piece of paper that I used to clean an ink jet cartridge. You can click on it to make it larger, but it's not a big deal.I really feel like I need to devote more time to my creative pursuits. Not being able to do so is a real drag. I work too much and that's all there is to it. Gotta find that balance.
Klonopin, .5 milligrams
2008-01-22 15:29:00
Mother's Little Helper (and mine)
Parking Lot
2008-01-21 16:02:00
Parking Lot: Downtown Austin, Texas
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Power Plant #3
2008-01-20 02:56:00
Austin Power Plant as Seen from Town LakeI have a lot of photos of this power plant from when I lived in Austin. The deco architecture is really interesting, and in spite of the fact that the power plant is derelict, the city maintains it well. My only regret is that I couldn't get closer.
Gas Well
2008-01-18 04:42:00
Natural Gas Drilling: Midlothian, TexasFriday's post is going up on Thursday night due to the fact that I have lots to do tomorrow.Anyway, there are lots of these gas wells going up all over North Texas. Apparently it's a field they've known about for a long time, but have only recently developed the technology to extract it. You don't see them around Dallas (or at least I haven't), but I've seen them literally in Fort Worth's inner city. I think the field lies more to the west of the metro area.
Some Kind of Meter
2008-01-17 13:13:00
StatisticThis thing is in my closet, measuring something. Whatever's going through that pipe is costing me money. It's better that way, though: I'm one of the few people in this building who live alone, and if they were to use the standard "let's meter the whole building and divide by the number of occupied units", my bill for whatever that is would be higher. Damn, it's early in the morning. When I'm up before the sun is, you know I have a busy day, haha. I'm liable to write about anything so I should shut up.
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Windy City Donuts
2007-12-28 16:42:00
Dallas: The Other "Windy City "
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Wall (Avenue F)
2007-12-27 18:25:00
Hyde Park, Austin, TexasI seem to be in a creative doldrum at the moment.
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Death of a Shopping Mall
2007-12-26 19:23:00
Forum 303, Arlington, TexasWell, I am back from the Christmas holiday. Thank God. Anyway, this photograph was made last week. I remember going to this mall when I was a little kid. Horrible experience...good riddance, Forum 303!
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The Well-Read People of Grand Prairie, Texas
2007-12-21 01:49:00
The Well-Read People of Grand Prairie, Texas Trying out a technique I learned. Hopefully this looks a little like Tri-X Black and White film. Probably hard to see at this size.
The Photoblogging Will be Slow
2007-12-17 21:37:00
Metal and ShadowEh, I really don't know about that one. As a Christmas present for my father, I've been restoring some really old photographs. Restoration, of course, is an incredibly tedious process and I've spent a lot of time in Photoshop recently. That may explain why I don't like the photo above. I could have given it a better treatment, I think.Plus, I'm sick. I think I have either strep throat or a sinus infection. Because of that I'm taking the day off of work and, you guessed it, am restoring photos. Here's an example:Whoever that is, he's clearly related to me. There's a very strong resemblance to my father and a little to me. Handsome guy, huh? Weird haircut. Anyway, you can click on that photo to make it a little larger. You'll see that it's not terrific, but whenever I've restored photos I do it with the mindset that they're old and they should still look old. I've taken out the most offending things like tears and acid spots and the worst sc...
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2007-12-17 00:00:00
Saturday Afternoon Fever
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Assassin's Perch
2007-12-14 18:41:00
The Grassy Knoll: Downtown, Dallas, TexasThis isn't the grassy knoll, of course; rather it is a view of the fence behind it. Many conspiracy theorists claim that snipers killed Kennedy from this very spot.
Couple 19
2007-12-13 15:50:00
Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas
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Business Cards
2007-12-12 14:12:00
A Collection of Not MuchI woke up at 6:37 AM. My surroundings are surreal and the silence is deafening. Thoughts quickly transition from one subject to another and rarely make any sense. This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep.For Texas, today will be cold and rainy. It's forty degrees out and that's not expected to change much. Rain is expected, also. In my dreams last night I traveled to a different place and time. To place I used to love but in the dream it was now derelict; left for abandon. We conspired about how to destroy it...this beautiful structure could not be debased like this. Like a once-magnificent racehorse, it had to be put out of its misery. What made me dream of this place? Of these people? It has been ages.The sun has risen, and it's time to stow the old dreams away and lay the foundation for new ones.
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A Winter's Day
2007-12-11 15:25:00
A Cold Day Downtown
Downtown Dallas from the Cedars
2007-12-09 20:34:00
Twilight from the SouthsideThis is an HDR photograph that's not supposed to look like one. I don't like the appearance of most HDR photos...they tend to look a bit fake. I try to use it subtly to bring out info in shadows and tame highlights. The same effect could be achieved by using tools within photoshop CS (the old version that I have) but it would have taken hours. In this instance, I simply made six different exposures from the RAW as there were moving vehicles on the street.Some would say the foreground is an ugly mess. I say the "uglier" it is, the better and more beautiful it is.
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Into the Sun
2007-12-08 19:15:00
Airplane Ascends Toward the Sun
Uptown Dallas
2007-12-07 15:33:00
From the Reunion Tower
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Pantego Water Tower
2007-12-06 15:29:00
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Dallas Arts District
2007-12-05 16:44:00
Downtown Dallas
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Water Pipe
2007-12-04 16:26:00
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Establishing Turf
2007-12-04 03:20:00
Arlington, TexasPictured in the upper-left is the construction of the local football team's new stadium, which is funded in large part by taxpayers. It used to be true that Arlington was the largest city in the United States without mass transit of any kind. I believe that is still true. Strange priorities.
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Akard Station
2007-12-03 15:56:00
Waiting for the Train
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