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A blog for my Poetry and Drawings. I'm what you may call Gothic, author is not responsible for chronic depression that may result from viewing this blog.


My Love
2007-04-10 02:18:00
*NOTE: we're writing sonnets in english class so i'm just kinda writing randomly to give myself ideas. i know it doesn't rhym like it's s'posed to but i'll get to that later. T-T*Do you call it luck? or blessedness?That my love so loves me?I know I don't have to try for his attractionHe doesn't care about the label on my jeansOr whatever logo sewn into my shirtDoesn't matter to him the style of my hairOr the make up on my faceOther girls feel like they have to dressOr look a certain wayOr do certain things for loveDo you call it luck? or blessedness?That I do not have to do these things for my loveHe doesn't care whether I'm a good kisserHe'd be sad if I'd kissed anyone elseI can act as myself, and hug whom I wantBecause my love so loves meWe have fights along our pathsBut stones can always be overcomeMountains can be movedSo do you call it luck? or blessedness?That my love and I have come this far?
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My Japanese Name - besides Icho
2007-03-24 23:32:00
My japanese name is 石井 Ishii (stone well) 恵美 Emi (blessed with beauty).Take your real japanese name generator! today!Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.
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Bad Start
2007-01-02 14:50:00
It's a bad startFor the girlWhom you mustn't trustMe.How many liesAmong the truthsHas she been told?When someone tells herThe hard truthThat she can't be trustedSpoken toShe wonders why no oneCared to tell herBefore?Why have you let herLive in ignoranceFor so long?She ponders this with a flameA match.How easily put out,And yet so dangerous.The charcoal stickNo longer burningMakes short workOf her arm.Maybe the fireWill melt the iceShe's enclosed in.Betrayed,Lonely,How will sheBe free again?She longs to cry out,But to whom?Surely no one willRescue a girlThey can't trust.So she resigns herselfTo miseryFestering deep inside.Without a hope orLove, she's lost.And who would loveA girl they can't trust?
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2006-12-21 03:30:00
sorry it's been forever....and i really don't have anything to post... gah i'm such a disgrace...
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Celebrity Look-alikes
2006-11-04 16:55:00
ha i kinda had fun...
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Hurt Found with Love Unbound
2006-10-18 03:23:00
Everyone hates me nowWhere'd I go wrong?I turn aroundSomeone gets on to meCorrects meTells me to changeWhat happened to the world?Seems I've slept aThousand yearsAnd love has floated away.Everyone hates me nowBut I can't see what they want.Can't I be myself for onceWith out anyone crushing me down?What happened while I was sleeping?Why did everything have to change?Why is no one okay with me?Everyone hates me nowSo I'll just wither up and away.Who needs this heartless worldWho wants to live here?I wish I could just fade awayI hate this feeling so.Everybody hates me nowWhere will I go?I hate this world I'm inCan't you Jesus come now?Please take me away.Everybody hates me now*Ichobana*
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2006-09-17 21:00:00 reflection. Turned out cool didn't it? This was at my aunt's house over the summer. hm you can see the light in the corner...oh well. And that's all I got.
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2006-09-02 23:37:00
I'm so lazy....I did almost nothing to this picture. Oh well it's still pretty. This was taken in Missouri when I went there over the summer. meh.By they way....Mav, I'm thinking of posting the Ponytail Parade pic with the song lyrics on it...what you say?
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2006-08-19 15:37:00
Yes I had fun with this one. This is what you get when I get bored and it's early in the morning. Oh well. Um, yeah Photoshop is fun. And sorry mav, that's all the insight i can give.
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2006-08-18 00:12:00
hey um....well. herm. I haven't had anything to post about in a while soo....I guess this is a prayer request. For my friend Megan. Yes, I met her on the internet...but I've pray for her a lot....but she really needs God in her life. She needs a lot of prayer. Also pray that I can communicate with her more often. I'm scared that if I lose contact with her she'll do something drastic and yeah, pray for her, and for me...I hope I can help her find Christ.
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Bleeding Rose
2006-08-06 21:20:00
Well this picture was inspired by both the book Green Angel (a very good book) and an email I recieved from *someone whose shirt I have* over the summer. Ah the colored pencil didn't turn out too good, but oh well. Aaaand, that's all I got.Materials: Colored pencil, Photoshop
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My Bad Day Picture
2006-07-30 22:52:00
Well I drew this on June 22nd, and I know only two people know the significance of that date...but yeah, Hotaru, this is what I drew on MY bad day. And I don't laugh at it. But yours is still funny. Yeah I guess that's kinda mean. But that's my morbid sense of humor. lol I am so getting it for that, right, mav? Well, there ya go. My first pic in a while.
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Not Caring
2006-07-22 17:27:00
I feel the pain againRed liquid oozing outI don't careMy world endsCrashes down around my earsI don't careWhy should I?My heart bleedsSame as everyone'sWhy should I care?As I'm tornBy my own handPain is my reliefI hear voices calling meMy name sounds foreignWhy should I care?Alone with my painI bleed once more.NOTE: Before anyone gets too worried, I wrote this last night. After reading my Bible, praying, listening to the song I share with Maverick, and working this morning, I finally feel like I could smile, if prompted. Sorry for scaring you.
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2006-07-08 23:12:00
um yeah I had nothing to post, so I got bored and re-vamped my yahoo avatar. And mav, that's about as much insight as I can give. I had to give ya'll something to look at. lol. Off to merry old England!
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2006-06-24 18:23:00
I'm trappedNo one inside but meAnd I'm bleedingBleed ingI feel the painPain of hurtPain of lossI feel the knifeAs it cuts, slices, stabsPhysical, Mental, and EmotionalPainI'm bleedingBleedingHope?There is noneMy heart's rent in twoShriveledAs I weepUntil I can't see the differenceBetween my bloodAnd my own tearsBut you can't seeMy outside is my shellThere's no sign of my tortureBut the cut on my armWhere I'm bleedingBleeding
2006-05-30 18:52:00
Ok so I lied with the last picture. But I know that this one is definitely the last one before I leave. I really like what you can do as far as effects go on the computer. I guess this is sort of how I'm feeling right now. Drawing and writing are my ways of venting how I feel. Yes, I saw X-men 3 the day before I drew this. Haha oh well. I really like this picture.Materials: No. 2 pencil, ballpoint pen, photoshop.
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2006-05-29 17:06:00
Ummmm....yeah I don't really know what it is either. Just something that sucks. I guess this is what happens when my principal has to sub for the art teacher. He said do whatever you want with watercolors, so that's what I did. I don't really know where the words came from...they just kinda popped ito my head. It was one of those days where I was just P.O.ed at everybody, and then one of my friends was having a bad day as yeah, here you see the result.Materials: Watercolor, PhotoshopBy the way, this is the last picture that will be posted for a while, because where I'm going there are no scanners. But I'll keep up with poetry, don't worry about that.
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Wishing You Were Here With Me
2006-05-27 19:09:00
I walk along the lonely pathWish ing you were here with meI long silently for your voiceThe feel of your touchA soft caressI miss you with all my beingI wish we were together againOur paths led us apartI can only hope they’ll converge againAs these tears cling to my cheekThen fall to the groundA piece of my heartShattersI’m hoping for you againCraving the sound of your footstepsGuiding me through darknessI need you here with meCome back pleaseBefore my broken heart shattersI’m wishing you were here with me
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I love what you can do to pictures with a comput...
2006-05-13 19:07:00
I love what you can do to pictures with a computer. I did not watercolor this picture (wishful thinking on my part) but instead merely pushed a button on a small device known as a camera. Then, noticing the image was blurry, I added a little computer magic and there you have it. This is another rose from my garden, and that's my neighbor's house in the background. I actually like this picture.Materials: Camera, Photoshop
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Some Random Guy In a Trenchcoat
2006-05-06 00:13:00
Some random guy in a trenchcoat. That's all it is. And to whoever told me it looked like Maverick, it's not him. For one thing, Mav looks a lot better. And this guy's hair is different. So, I can't remember if it was Hotaru or not who told me that, but no this is not Maverick. Meh, I really don't like this picture. I dunno even why I'm posting it. Why am I posting it? thbbt. well, it's a post. Oh well.How's that for insight, Mav?Materials: No. 2 Pencil, some sort of pen (maybe a fountain, I dunno), and Photoshop.
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Black Roses
2006-04-24 02:06:00
Yes, I'm having a lot of fun taking pictures of the roses in my garden and with the computer. But I didn't mess all the pictures up like this, so don't worry.Materials: Camera, Photoshop
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Thunder Storm
2006-04-20 17:06:00
Black swirlsGreen and purple cloudsBuckets of waterPouring downThe sky's tearsA white flash across the skyFollowed by an immense crackA giants' battleI'm safe insideOr am I?I find myself walkingfollowing what?I know notThe sky's tears course down my skinDripping through my hairAnd down my backI stare at the skyWatching the clouds danceAs giants fightMy own tears mean nothingSmall bits or warmthIn the rivers on my faceAnother flashThe thunder rollsI fall onto the soggy grassTo lay on my backI care not that the floods rise before meA lake grows beneath meFor the storm aboveMatches the tempest withinMy stormy heartThen I wakeWhat's this? The sun?The storm is overHope has won.
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2006-04-11 01:52:00
And yes, I do call this art. I think the person who took this is quite the photographer. It's my eye. But I was the one who did all the fancy effects, and it was taken with my camera. So if you don't think I deserve the credit for this one, don't worry I'll have another drawing or poem up as soon as possible.Materials: Fugifilm digital camera, Photoshop
How Long?
2006-03-23 00:21:00
Ah how long?How long is it?Has it been?Will it be?It's been so longIt seems so longWhen will it end?I shut my eyesImaginingThe cold goneThe warmth of your armsIt almost seems realBut somehow,I still shiverWith the coldLonelinessThreatening to snatch me awayThe wind freezes meThe tears flowing from my eyesGrow coldIcyAs I weepWhen will it end?How long?How long?
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2006-03-22 01:44:00
OustedDespite WinningLosing in the EndHome's HopesEndI WakeThe Forest stunsKillsI fallDead*this was a school assignment, my english teacher decided to let us get newspaper clippings and make poems our of cut-out words. if you really look at it, you could probably tell that most of my words came from the sports section.*
A Depressing Sort of Limerick
2006-03-07 02:22:00
All I needIs a shoulder to cry onMy prince charmingI've come to rely onI feel stretched all aroundMy heart screams "Now!"I need a rockTo curl up and die on!"
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