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One woman's mission to spread the word of bliss through knitting. With knitting musings, tips, design ideas, free patterns, plus stress busting bliss tips. Come on and find your knitting nirvana!
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Getting There
2008-05-28 19:28:00
I seem to have touched a nerve with people and it wasn't intentional but thank you for the messages of support generated by my last post.  I'm sorry I've not really been on top of things like replying to comments and emails - they have meant a lot and I will get to you I promise - if you can just bear with me a bit longer. What really surprised me were the comments and emails thanking me for being brave and honest.  Well, that blew me away to be honest.  Here I was feeling cruddy and low, feeling like I was doing nothing but spreading my misery into the world (ok, exaggerating slightly) and here I get people thanking me.  That caused a bit of a paradigm shift in me to be honest. I certainly hadn't viewed it that way but if I've managed to touch some people then I'm really honored.  I forget just how common feelings like mine are.  I think that's one of the many, many yakky things about depression;  It isolates you - makes you feel out ...
Honey I Broke The Blog!
2008-05-23 05:35:00
In fact, I'm not sure how to mend it!  It all started last week with the technical difficulties - then even when it was up and running again none of the pictures would display. I've got a horrible feeling I'm going to have to re-upload all of the photos!  All of them!  It could take me a while so you might have to bear with me.  I was having a week of breaking things - I already told you about the picture frame (thank goodness it wasn't a mirror - can you imagine?!), the bag(s) and then the blog.  I'm not even entirely sure how I did it.  All I know now is that the pictures aren't showing and I don't know how to fix it without re uploading them. But onto happier things!  The doctor has increased my anti depressants to the maximum dose which I was resistant to but have acquiesced because, as the doc pointed out, just because I'm feeling up half of the time, that still leaves the other half when I'm feeling low and anxious.  So I'm ...
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Technical Difficulties
2008-05-18 10:04:00
The title seems to sum up my life generally over the past few days but I suppose more specifically I mean the blog.  A few people emailed me to tell me that they couldn't access the site and I don't know exactly how long it's been like this but I noticed that over the past 3 days at least the number of people visiting has dropped way off.  I'm not sure why the problem happened in the first place but I've jiggled about with a few things and I HOPE the problem's sorted out now (Fingers and toes crossed!) It's also meant that I've not been able to choose the winners of my little giveaway until today.  Chosen totally at random, the winners are: Marie, Acajjou and Christy - If you let me know your addresses I'll pop the brooches in the post to you. But technical difficulties could have easily summed up how things seem to have been going over the past few days.  Firstly, I seem to have the reverse midas touch when it comes to making things!  Here is ...
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Sunshine Skirt
2008-05-13 23:42:00
I've re-written this post once already.  For your benefit to be honest - and mine.  The first one was not something I was proud or happy putting 'out there.'  It was full of thoughts and feelings that I hope aren't a true reflection of me as a person but was instead filled with frustration and anger.  Feelings that I don't usually vocalise, or even acknowledge I feel most of the time.  But I'm riding waves of hormones and grief and sometimes it all just gets the better of me.  What am I angry at? What have you got?  People not driving as quickly away from lights as I'd like. John not putting his cup in the dishwasher (poor man's been yelled at more in the past few weeks than for the rest of our entire relationship), and pregnant people - lovely, joyful, blooming pregnant women whose joy I should be sharing except that I'm not.  And they're everywhere-in tesco's tonight I saw 5 - 5!  And the blogs seem to be full of baby stuff t...
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A Hunk Uh Hunk Of Beaded Love!
2008-05-08 22:59:00
Yeah, I know that's a terrible title for a blog post but it just made me laugh!  I've been beading again and made this rather nice beaded heart pendant.  I've been picking up vintage beads and necklaces in the charity shops recently to use in my jewelry projects - completely inspired by Sonya  Nimri's Beadalicious.  This heart design is based on one of the projects in her book - although obviously because vintage beads are used it looks pretty different and unique. I've also been busy over the past few days - some of you with eagle eyes will have already noticed that I've set up my own little Etsy Shop!  I'm very excited (and a little scared!) about it and have had a lovely couple of days taking pictures for it. To celebrate the shop's launch I'm offering another little giveaway.  I made lots of these little fabric flower brooches a few weeks ago and am offering 3 up for grabs.  All you have to do is leave a comment telling me w...
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I'm a very lucky lady
2008-05-02 01:42:00
One of the blogs I read regularly is Sew Christine and I was lucky enough to be a winner on her recent blog giveaway.  Look what I got - the cutest little coin purse.  The picture really doesn't do it justice - the colors are very soft and romantic.  I feel very lucky at the moment  and I can feel my mindset shifting to a more positive one than it has been of late. I was actually sociable yesterday and went and visited one of my best friends last night - you know the kind who never puts any pressure on you to be anything other than yourself? So I'm getting there, slowly.  And I went on the school trip yesterday - and I really enjoyed it.  It was taking Cole's class to the local park where they all planted things to encourage birds into the park.  It was fascinating listening to the park ranger explaining the history of the park and what we would be planting and why.  It was such a different experience to what I'm used to - after all...
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Lovely Inspiration Thorough The Post
2008-04-30 19:22:00
There are many, many cool things about having a blog but this is a first for me - I've been sent a review copy of a book!  And it's a book I probably would have bought and paid for anyway because it's by Sonya Nimri who did the wonderful Just For The Frill Of It which is all about refashioning and revamping thrifted and vintage clothes.  This book is called Beadaliciious and it's all about beading and creating jewelry from new and vintage beads and jewelry bits.  I have a lovely morning flicking through the pictures and dreaming of the pretty things I could make. It's given me a inspirational kick up the butt - I feel fired up to scour the local second hand shops to find things to break apart and revamp- bring on the cameos and strings of pearls. In addition to inspiration, Sonya also has a really nice, easy to understand way of explaining techniques and how exactly to go about things. And her designs are lovely.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post pic...
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Olive Green and Kingfisher Blue
2008-04-30 01:19:00
Finally I can show you the other bag I was working on.  It's proved a slippery little fish - I just couldn't get it quite right.  First, I wasn't happy about the shape. Whilst it's so obviously inspired by one from Amy Karol's bend the rules sewing, I didn't quite follow the pattern exactly - the real pattern requires enlarging on a photocopier and I couldn't be bothered going into town to find somewhere I could get that done (Impatient, moi?)  So I just roughly drew it and so it wasn't to the exact measurements it should have been, which meant I had to guess the size of the handle and it turned out I didn't have enough matching fabric.  So I stuck upon the brainwave of using the ribbon to make a handle.  Cue ironing on interfacing and dealing with fraying ribbon (cue paining on of fray check!)  Then it just didn't look quite right.  It was missing something.  Cue making of ribbon corsage topped off with cute little vintage button.&...
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I may be in love with the postman
2008-04-27 00:03:00
But he's a fickle lover.  I go for days, weeks even, when all he brings me are the cold, heartless bills and reminders.  And then, occasionally, he brings me a gorgeous stash like he did this morning: first there was my second package from the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop.  It was my Alexander Henry and Moda half yards for bag making and general sewing happiness.  It also contained these cute little Monkey charms.  Cole took a fancy to them at first be decided pretty quickly that they were a bit babyish.  The Alexander Henry Cars were much more up his street.  I've promised to order some more of the same ilk - I'm really fancying the baseball range - so fabulously retro. But then there was more.  As gorgeously wrapped package from TwiggyPeasticks lovely new Etsy Shop.  A gorgeous little cherry pincushion.  And (oh she knows me so well!) some gorgeous little buttons. It set me up for another day of cocooning - I LOVE you a...
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I'm fine - so long as I don't leave the house!
2008-04-25 13:46:00
I'm turning into a hermit.  I'm quite happy with the arrangement.  In fact, I'm really ok so long as I don't try to leave the house, engage with the outside world or try and have a conversation that lasts for more than 2 minutes! No really, I'm doing ok although I do feel very safe and warm in my nest of a house.  I can't imagine being able to return to work right now as simple things like cooking, cleaning and getting dressed in the afternoon (unless I'm taking Cole to school I'm struggling to be out of my PJs before lunch) are seem to take gargantuan amounts of energy. Emotionally I'm a bit all over the place.  I have huge swathes of time where I feel really okish - in fact if it wasn't for feeling sore and bloated I could forget what's happened completely.  Then I have times when I just can't seem to stop the floodgates of tears. As my GP said, my hormones are currently in free fall and the fall out is me dissolving into floods at the drop ...
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We have a winner!
2008-04-25 01:07:00
I spent ages today trying to find a simple to use online random number generator.  Honestly, I spent AGES and all I could find were really complex things designed for picking your lottery numbers or things that you have to download and install (far too technical for me!)  So in my usual fashion I took the simple option: Me: "John, choose a number between 1 and 97"John:"Why?"Me: "It's for my giveaway on my blog"John:"Shouldn't you be using a random number generator?"Me:"I tried to find one but they all seemed really complicated"John:"Have you had a look online?"Me:"Yes, and I couldn't find one"John:"Did you put 'random number generator into google?"Me: Yes but I couldn't find a simple to use one."John:"Did you try 'random number chooser?'"Me:"No, I thought I could just go the low tech route."John: "Do you want me to look online?"Me:"Yes, No - look ...
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A Garden
2008-04-22 23:48:00
I know I've been a bit quiet this week.  It's partly because I've not had very much to say (I've not made much either) and partly because I know that I've had a lot of new readers this week because of the giveaway and I didn't want to hit them (or regular readers) with the thoughts and feelings that have been rolling around my head. I have been overwhelmed by the love and support I've received over the past 10 days.  Absolutely blown away.  Not just from friends and family but from readers of the blog.  I've had emails and comments left that have reduced me to tears - tears of hope, gratitude and just sheer wonderment and thankfulness that people can be so kind.  I've never seen myself as someone who is very good and making and keeping connections and friendships.  I tend to have a small handful of friends - never a large circle.  I've always rather envied those who can have lots of friendships.  I've always been more comfortable ...
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Belated Anniversay Giveaway
2008-04-16 16:58:00
It's been a very turbulent few weeks and it's meant that my 1 year blog anniversary went almost unnoticed.  But today it's time to correct things - it may be 3 weeks late but I'm throwing a bit of a giveaway party!  I'm offering one of my bags up for grabs.  All you have to do it leave a comment on this post by next Wednesday 23rd (I'll give everyone until 12 midnight GMT) telling me why you create.  I'm really curious to know just what drives people to make stuff.  I make no secret of the fact that a lot of my creative crafting is therapeutic - it helps soothe and calm me in this hectic world.  But as I was thinking about it, I realized that I create for lots of other reasons too: for fun to try out new ideas to create something unique that no one else has to enhance my wardrobe because I love designer clothes and knitting but can't often afford to buy them because I love the feel of different yarns and fabrics for something to do to...
Refashioned Sweater To Cardigan
2008-04-14 13:37:00
I've been looking for an embroidered sweater to revamp ever since seeing a really cute cardigan in Just For The Frill Of It.  I found this on in our local charity shop for £3.50 and as it wasn't the sort of thing I would wear as it was, found a strange sense of liberation when it came to taking the scissors to it! I was a bit worried it was all going to unravel as soon as I cut it but it really didn't.  I had read that machine knitted garments don't spontaneously unravel like a  hand knitted garment would (as all of us hand knitters know SO well!) Because I knew I'd never wear it as a sweater I feel I could just go a bit wild with it.  I did zigzag stitch on the  edges which gave it a nice ruffly effect (I think it's called lettuce stitch) and did a double layer on the body and sleeves.  I'm really pleased with the result.  It's not perfect but it's now something I can see myself wearing as a little cover up over a summer dress of w...
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2008-04-13 20:03:00
I've been so overwhelmed by the messages of love and support over the past couple of days - I have been touched beyond measure.  Thank you. I've had a calm couple of days actually.  My Mum came over yesterday bringing comfort and flowers and then more flowers arrived from John's family.  I know sure as eggs is eggs that none of this has hit me yet.  Because I feel, well calm and OK.  It's like I'm in limbo; not feeling anything in particular.  Not the grief and loss that I know are in the post.  I feel kind of empty, like I'm not all here but I'm certainly not upset.  It's the strangest feeling - like I imagine being on sedative drugs must feel like. And today I've had the strongest urge to garden - to create something living.  John and I have been breaking up flags in the tiny front garden so that we can plant grasses and perennials and smother the whole thing in gravel.  The front garden is so ugly and grey that it has al...
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24 hours and the world's turned upside down
2008-04-11 22:52:00
I'll keep this one short for lots of reasons.  It's amazing the difference 24 hours makes.  Yesterday I was getting married in a few weeks and having a baby.  Today I'm not.  The wedding has been postponed because Cole's dad had forgotten the date of the wedding and booked to take him away to Mexico on that week.  When he realised his mistake he tried to change the date with the travel company but couldn't - they'd lose the whole cost of the holiday (there are 5 of them going.)  I can't get married without Cole there.  It's just not happening - the wedding's as much about the 3 of us becoming a proper family at it is about John and I making that commitment to one another. Anyway, even if that hadn't happened we'd have undoubtedly canceled it anyway in light of today. I started bleeding again.  And this time the scan wasn't good news.  Baby hasn't grown as expected and they really struggled to detect a heartbeat.  They t...
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We're a Wii family
2008-04-09 22:58:00
We bought a Wii this week - I have to say I'm not a big fan of video games but this is FUN.  Cole is an old hand at it because his Dad already has one but he enjoyed showing John and I how to do it and we've had some great games of boxing!  It is much more interactive than the usual videogame style and I found myself enjoying a sneaky game of tennis after Cole had gone to bed last night and John was in the bath.  It's about the only exercise I've had this week so I'm counting it! The tiredness still continues unabated.  I was on a training course today and 9-5 seemed an eternity (at least at my desk I can zone out a bit now and then and no one notices!)  I've also found out the one of my colleagues in my team (there are only 6 of us!) is also pregnant and due 2 weeks before me - it's going to be nice having someone to share things with but I'm getting slightly paranoid that she's going to be one of these lovely, slim, glamorous bump ladies while I...
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Flower Brooch
2008-04-05 13:10:00
I been making little things this week - easy, sit in front of the TV type of thing.  I was really pleased with these brooches and loved playing around with the different fabrics and finding just the right vintage button to finish each one off. They're super easy to make and a great way to use up fabric scraps- so as it's been a while since I did a tutorial, I decided to do one! Cut a strip of fabric around 10 inches long and between 2 & 4 inches wide (the wider the strip, the bigger the finished flower will be.) Fold the fabric in half length ways and iron it so that you have a nice crisp fold. Then take some threat and do a row of running stitch along the raw edge - about 1/8th inch from the edge.  You want to leave a long tail at the beginning of the row. When you've completed your row of running stitch, pull both sides of the thread together and knot in the middle.  This will pull the fabric into a circular 'ruffle' For extra security, I did anothe...
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A Bit Late - Our Sunday In the Country
2008-02-20 00:34:00
I know it's Tuesday - but I'm a bit behind on my days!  I wanted to post a few pictures of the walk John and I took on Sunday .  The weather has been so beautiful recently - cold and bright  and John suggested going for a walk.  I'm stuggling a bit with the new arrangements for Cole.  His Dad and I are alternating weekends - we both have him an equal amount of time but Cole asked if he could have longer stretches with each of us.  So instead of having a couple of days with me, then a couple at his Dads and so on, he's having 5 days with each of us on alternate weeks - so that means that this weekend he's with me but last weekend I was feeling a bit bereft without him.  Time with him is so precious.  I know that as parents we always say that whatever age they are is a lovely one, but at the moment he is just such good company.  He seems to be straddling two lovely camps - still innocent and full of questions and enthusiasm for life bu...
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Love In The Mail
2008-02-19 00:37:00
Look what arrived in the post today!  My thrifting addiction knows no bounds - well, it extends to ebay anyway (what did we do before it?)I found these beautiful crochet doilies for 99p - 99p!!!!! It's kind of criminal in a way because look at all the work that's going into them.  But I guess they now have the chance to be loved all over again by me.  I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with them yet.  I think I might use them as embellishments but haven't quite decided on what yet (a skirt maybe for one of them) - watch this space!
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My first sewing experiment
2008-02-17 00:00:00
I've been wanting to make a bag using some linen trousers I found in the local charity store for £1 and incorporating some of the embroidery I'd done on holiday.  With me new fabulous sewing machine I really didn't have any excuse not to either. I'd found some pale blue linen trousers that had a bit of a mark on them so wouldn't really be good to wear but I loved the color and texture so knew I wanted to do something with them. I decided to see if I could use one of the leg sections to make a bag.  I began by cutting the bottom off one of the legs and choosing some lining material from an old checked shirt I'd also thrifted.  After turning the leg section inside out I hemmed the raw end to make a bag shape and them cut 2 pieces from the shirt to match the linen bag shape.  After hemming them on three sides I then made some handles from the checked fabric by taking 2 strips and using some iron on interfacing the strengthen them and then folding the p...
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My Baby Just Cares For Me!
2008-02-15 10:54:00
It was valentines day yesterday and look what my man bought me!How cools is he?  I'm so pleased - so completely excited it's really quite ridiculous!  No longer will I have to use my JML Easy Stitch - which I also realized is incrediably noisy compared to a real machine.  Seriously, if i did it when Cole was in bed it would wake him up.  My new machine is so quiet in comparison and run soooo smoothly.  It also came with a quilting table and attachments so I'll be able to learn to quilt too. My boyfriend totally rocks! I'd bought him a tripod for his camera which he seemed suitably excited about.  And I cooked dinner.  But I did a healthy one because weight watchers started with a vengeance on Wednesday.  I actually really enjoyed the meeting - the leader was very funny and there's something nice about a group of women sat laughing and working out together how to fight the good fight against chocolate cake!  I've put on more weight ...
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Wheat Bag Cover
2008-02-13 11:19:00
Thank you again for the kind messages you sent me after my up and down weekend.  It's so lovely to have words of support and they really helped me to keep things in perspective and feel a lot brighter about things.  I had a great day in work yesterday and am working at home today so feeling pretty on top of things.  Cole's got quite into the embroidery idea recently and I've given him his own hoop to work with.  Thank goodness he's only 7 because he sees nothing wrong whatsoever in a boy sewing whereas I'm sure it's going to be  a very different story in a few years time!  This week he's been working on a picture of a house he's drawn.  I keep meaning to try the freezer paper technique of transferring designs onto fabric but Cole sees nothing wrong with just drawing directly onto it with a felt tip pen so we're going with that slightly lower tech technique for now!  When he finished the sewing I made it up into a cover for his wheat...
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I have been knitting - honest!
2007-10-10 00:48:00
I know I promised to post more last week but I've been so busy with getting work finsihed, Uni assignment in and suitcases packed (In time for the holiday starting in 1 week!) I've just been flopping down onto the sofa in the evenings and knitting pretty mindlessly. My Louisa Harding cardigan in coming along very nicely (although the fluffy bits of the yarn are irritating my contact lenses a bit.) Other than that I've been sticking to my raw food detox diet pretty well-although I am getting rather tired of salads! I'm also frustrated that I've haven't lost more weight - 7Ibs in the first 2 weeks and then nothing for the past 2 (in fact I had put 2 back on but I've started my period since so I'm hoping that's come off-although I have indulged in a couple of glasses of wine and quite a lot of chocolate since then too which might cancel it out!) I know I've promised to post pictures of my recent knitting projects but I think we all just have to face the fact that I'm a p...
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Louisa Harding's Impression Yarn
2007-10-02 22:23:00
I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks without a post – I think that’s the longest I’ve ever gone without writing anything. And there’s no real reason – it’s not like I haven’t been knitting because I’ve done loads! After finishing my peach cotton cardigan and fancy bag for my Knitty submission, I wasn’t in the mood to start something big straight away so I made a hat from an odd ball of Louisa Harding Impress ion yarn in Rainforest. It’s a lovely combination of colors – forest green with subtle flecks of red and yellow. I know it’s not really autumn (or fall – depending on where you’re hailing from) but I we had a few pretty cold days (plus our boiler was broken so we had NO HOT WATER for almost a week! Don’t worry I showered at the gym, but it’s not the same as sinking into a nice hot bath after work) and I was in the mood for knitting for warmth! So I made a cute little beanie hat with flowers on it and then got stuck into a new proje...
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arrgggh! Not a relaxing start to the week!
2007-09-10 22:43:00
If you could see stress around someone, my head would have resembled Pigpen from Charlie Brown this morning – but instead of dust and dirt I had sparks of stress fizzing and buzzing around my head! I wanted a nice, relaxing weekend but it hasn't exactly gone that way - and for no particular reason either (except possibly me trying to fit too much in - as usual!) Actually, perhaps I was more like Lucy! I really wanted a chill out this weekend but had a tough day at work on Friday, then a lengthy conversation with my Ex in the evening which just left me feeling drained. I couldn’t’ seem to get going on Saturday and suddenly had a urge for some space – you know, the peace and quiet that working Mums sometimes crave like the delicious distant memory that it is! Obviously with Cole and John I couldn’t get said space, although I have to admit that I’d probably have had more chance of getting it if I’d actually asked for it instead of stomping round the place sighing a...
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Am I am to be excited by the chill in the air?
2007-09-03 14:30:00
I know everyone in the UK will hate me for saying this - we have had an absolutely RUBBISH summer this year after all, but I'm actually quite excited about the prospect of autumn.  I know there are loads of great summer things that us knitter can, and do, make over the warmer months, but there's something about lovingly making cosy cardigans, jumpers, hats and gloves that gives me a lovely warm feeling inside!  I've finished my summer Rowan handknit cotton cardigan and have been wearing it all weekend - and picking up some compliments along the way too I might add!  I think it's going to see me through the next month or so very well and will be quite nice to take to New York and Florida as it's warm without being cloying and a nice stylish cover up - especially for evenings. But the colour just screams summer to me and my head's already into teal blues, burnt oranges and moss greens!  I've seen some green Louisa Harding Impression yarn at HALF PRICE in ...
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The end of the summer holidays
2007-09-01 01:48:00
It's gone SOOOO fast! But today was the last day of the summer holidays. Cole and I went to visit the gorgeous baby Alice and took her (finally) the pink cardigan I knitted from my bargain Debbie Bliss yarn. It was lovely taking a walk through the park in Liverpool and hearing all of the familiar accents! I'm originally from there but now that I live in Manchester I get very nostalgic for the accent. We went to a lovely cafe and had a really relaxing afternoon eating luch, chatting, holding/feeding/burping Alice and discussing Doctor Who in depth with Cole! I've not really had time this week to post about our weekend away in the North East. It was so nice being away (I'm usually too disorganised to sort things out far enough in advance to get away very often, but we made the effort this time and I'm feel quite proud of myself!) The weather was lovely and the coastline even better than my childhood memories. We used to spend all of our summers up there when we were k...
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knitting for babies - pt 2
2007-08-26 11:54:00
Here are some more tips for knitting for babies 11.  Be careful to choose designs that will be easy to get on and off.  Babi es hate having anything pulled over their heads so make sure neck openings are large enough so that this can be done quickly and easily.  Many designs have buttons on the neck edges to make this easier. 12.  The days of having to knit in white or pastel green or yellow when awaiting the sex of the baby are long gone.  Go wild and experiment with bright colours – reds, yellows, greens or multi colored yarns are very fashionable – go wild and experiment! 13.  When knitting booties go for one’s with ribbing or ties – babies have very wriggly feet and anything too loose will just keep coming off! 14.  There are some fantastic natural yarns available but beware of using delicate yarns when knitting for babies.  Babies are messy!  They need changing a lot!  There’s nothing a new mom has LESS time ...
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knitting for babies - Part 1
2007-08-24 12:02:00
I love knitting for babies and tiny tots.  There's an almost instant gratification factor - you can see progress really quickly and for someone with the short attention span I have, that's a good thing! Here are some tips I've picked up about knitting for babies: 1.   Baby yarns tend to be very soft and stretchy - be aware of this when you're working as it can stretch out of shape pretty quickly if you're not careful!  2.  And because of this, you may also find that you have to knit at a tighter tension than you normally would.  A tip one of my knitting friends gave me was to knit into the back of the stitch on collars and cuffs - that way you'll get a nice tight finish. 3.  If you're knitting as a gift put the ball band in with the garment when you give it to the new Mum - that way they'll know the washing instructions. 4.  I find stockinette (stocking) stitch the best stitch to use when knitting baby garments as it washes bril...
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