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This is a Blog dedicated to exploring my original art work in oils, oil pastels, and acrylics. I also share my musings on the life of an artist. As a Singer, Actress, Published Writer and now Professional Artist living and working in Virginia, I hav


NEW beginnings... developing a new art line
2007-10-01 12:07:00
Silk Scarf - Twilight Blues100% quality silk, 8mm Hand painted using traditional French Silk Painting Techniques and permanent silk dyes. Color graduates from a deep teal to light sky blue with moon and clouds in background. Tree silhouettes on one end only. May be hung ad wall hanging or worn as wearable art scarf22 x 90" $ I've begun developing a new series of wearable fine art. I am creating one of a kind unique hand painted silk scarves, handkerchiefs, and Silk Kimono Jackets. Each piece is hand-dyed and painted using a resist method to created designs with complex colors and layers. Each piece is 100% imported china silk of the finest quality and hand hemmed. Colors and designs are permanent and the garment can be dry-cleaned or hand washed. This scarf is using my trademark images of "Twilight Series" (TM) usual gradually darkening color and lightening toward the skyline which includes moon, clouds, and tree silhouettes in the foreground. I ...
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The unpredictable series. Life as an artist...
2007-09-19 13:46:00
Painting a day - A Gaggle of Goddesses No. 48 Goddess series No. 39 9x12" Acrylic on Masonite Card 7x5" Acrylic on recycled Paper$45.00 $6.25 each I usually think I am a good judge of human nature. But when it comes to art there is no way to know how people will respond. I guess sometimes it surprises me that I really can't predict what people are going to be attracted to. The Goddess grew out of my grieving for the death of my dear friend and mentor Ann Aves Martin. Ann was a larger than life woman who for most of her life lived basically as a recluse from health and emotional reasons. Still she encouraged me to explore my world and to first develop my talents as a musician and singing actress, and later to enjoy the process of exploring communicating through art.Ann died last April. But her spirit is always with me still. It was her images that began the Goddesses. I always thought that, like the Venus of Willendorf, there was something powerful and empowering about this style of...
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A new horizon ( line)
2007-09-18 14:26:00
Card Series Each 5x7" Card is hand painted on recycled paperAvailable individually, $6.25 or in Mixed sets of 4, $22.00 or 8 $ So... it's true that I have spent the last year of my life learning my craft, exploring every day new ways to communicate what I see in my minds eye, and honing my skills with color and different media. So Monday I took my first ever painting class; a landscape class with a wonderful artist named Rick Weaver, who is based in Charlottesville, VA. I have to admit I was petrified. I have been an over-achiever all my life and many things have come easily to me. Art is instinctual to me, but having had no formal training I felt very inadequate taking a class with a group of artists who have painted most of their lives. I had a great time and I appreciate Rick's approach to basics first. We started with very basic value studies of dark and light. I recognized that I have a skill for breaking things down to the lowest commo...
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10 steps to Market your Art to the World
2007-09-15 21:18:00
Painting-a-day Solitude 16x20" Oil on Masonite Panel$325.00 People tell me I am amazing at marketing and getting coverage for my work. Personally I think there is still SO much I need to learn in order move to the level of a national competitor for recognition in the art world (and for sales) that I wish to be. That means mostly putting my regular daily work into over drive and making sure everyday I do at lease one of the following 10 steps to get my work out there and sell it. 1.) PAINT - unless I work every day to have a product that is of quality and that is desirable, all the marketing in the world is not going to make me recognized as a collectible artist. 2.) KEEP RECORDS - without sound pictorial references, book-keeping AND up dated list of works and their where abouts there is no way to manage a career. 3.) UDPATE MY PORTFOLIO - When I create new works my collectors and prospective galleries need to now about them. Likewise when a work has ...
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New Works
2007-09-13 21:26:00
Painting a day - Nebula Series No. 2 11x14" Oil$325.00 www.wynncreasyfineart.comI am loving working in silk painting these days. I have always been fascinated by skies, both the cloud formations of the Virginia Sky, and the intersteller atmosphpere. Recently I was exposed ( no pun intended) to the incredible light show that has recently been brought back to earth through the Hubble Telescope photos. I am using those images as a starting place for a series of abstracted sky-scapes paintings on silk scarves and wall hangings. I will be at The Western Market in Adams Morgan this Saturday. I will be at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill this Sunday.I wish I had hundreds of hours to paint every day! Until next time Create Beauty and fill the world with Love.Wynn
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The silly things that an artist deals with
2007-09-12 15:11:00
Painting a day - Twilight Series No. 4000 24 x 36" Hand Dyed Silk$195.00Sometimes in the rush to create there are little things I over look. Yesterday, after months of discussing and planning I started on a new venture: Silk Painting. I've dreamed of the scarves and clothing I will make using my trademark Twilight Series of paintings. I've read dozens of books on techniques. Scoured on-line sites for hints, do's and dont's. I invested an amount of money on some quality silk and painting supplies. Finally I blocked out a period of time that I knew I could work undisturbed. I loved it. The paints flow with the fabric and I am able to create beautiful skies landscapes in fabric that is both hang-able and wearable art. There was one little bit of information I seemed to have over looked. It seems the French imported dyes I am using which are brilliant colored and fluid... are also semi-permanent in skin. I missed the note that one should wear gloves while working with this med...
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Silk, canvas, art goddesses, back to the joy of work!
2007-09-11 15:08:00
Goddesses No. 13 14 x 11" Acrylic on Masonite Panel FramedSoldThis was a wonderful and successful weekend of art sharing and meeting some great new people! I exhibited for the first time in public my Goddesses and people went wild over them. The cards series was immensely popular and the paintings were gone in a flash. There is something very organic and earthy about them, at the same time the bright colors and clarity of them speaks to many people. ..I was surprised at the number of expectant mothers who were taken by them. Many expressed how the Goddesses affirmed to them that they were still beautiful and attractive in their current state. I am so glad that they get it! That its about all women in all shapes and sizes are beautiful and desirable and perfect as we are!I am working hard this week on developing this series even more and also on expanding it into silk wraps and clothing. I have long been fascinated by the techniques of silk painting, and I think that my silhouetted "...
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Art festivals this weekend to meet and greet and buy!
2007-09-07 17:34:00
This Saturday September 8 you can find me at the Bethesda Artists Market ( located at Bethesda Place Plaza - the corner of Old Georgetown Rd and Woodmont Ave in Bethesda, MD. The Market runs from 10 am til 5 pm. and will feature the work of various fine artists and crafts-persons. Come early to get the best selection. Sunday September 9 I'll be part of the exciting Adams Morgan Day Celebration - Arts on Belmont. Located at Belmont and 19th Street in historic Adams Morgan DC. the all day street and art festival celebrates the creativity and the diversity of this DC neighborhood. Parking can be difficult so get there early and enjoy Arts on Belmont and make your selections before the crowds arrive. I'll be introducing a new line of hand painted cards and the "Goddesses" seen in the picture above. Until next timeCreate Beauty and fill the world with LoveWynn
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The struggle for balance - Art VS life VS sanity
2007-09-05 14:19:00
Painting-a- Day Japanese Screen No. 6 Marguerites 24 x 9" Oil Pastel $375.00 The life long image that I grew up with of artists as unstable, unsocial, and irresponsible is often at war with the person I see myself as inside. I have worked very hard to be good at what I do. I have worked my whole life. I have put myself through 3 college degrees in the performing art field. I have always supported myself and been fairly good at keeping a roof over my head. While it is true that I chose not to have a serious relationship for many years in my life I didn't see that as being irresponsible; rather as be responsible to my art and craft. I know that simply keeping a roof over my own head and making the time to be a good professional musician, then teacher, and now visual artist required so much of my time and energy that I wouldn't really have the time to have and care for children or commit to a full time relationship. I have had hundreds of ...
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Running on empty
2007-09-01 17:30:00
Painting a day - Wall Blocks Twilight Series No. 106 ad 107 each 4 x 4" Wrap Canvas$25.00 for set am running on empty today. Fortunately I have finally gotten almost everything ready for the coming month. Still have about 5 pieces to frame this weekend but then I'm ready for the upcoming shows.Find me next Saturday at the Bethesda Artists Market downtown Bethesda Md.Sunday I will be at Adams Morgan Day as part of Arts on Belmont.Stop and introduce yourself!Until next timeCreate Beauty and fill the world with Love!Wynn
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Working the work - Art as life and livelihood
2007-08-30 20:57:00
Not Quite Night - Diptych 2 panels each 24 x 9" Oil SOLD I spend a lot of time painting. I also spend a lot of time thinking about painting. I spend a lot of time marketing, and I spend even more time thinking about marketing. I feel very lucky that I am blessed with a few gifts. Even more that I have been able to develop them in to skills to produce art that people enjoy. I know I probably would have flunked out of art school. Ive been told (a lot recently) that I am too out-spoken and opinionated. I know from experience (ask my BF and business partner) that I to independent and focused to play the game. I at times rub the powers that be, or that think they are, the wrong way. I suppose in part that comes from being a survivor. All my life I have had to depend on myself to provide for me. Going with the flow and just praying for rent or food or clothing or love did not ever seem to work for me. As an abused child I tried early to hide and not draw attention to myself - ...
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Painting a day.... why?
2007-08-28 17:29:00
Painting a day - Appalachian Train No. 9 5x7" Acrylic on Masonite$150.00 Matted and framed I am often asked with amazement why I would do a painting a day? Even other artists tell me that admitting I can paint fast takes the magic and the mystery out of being an artist for the masses. It seems to many people the fact that someone can paint at ALL is a miracle, and it should be presented as a struggle, a mystery, divine inspiration and sweat and toil that makes a work of art worth the price of purchase. But I really do have to disagree. that seems a lot like the priests of old keeping the "mysteries" of the church to themselves in order to retain control over the masses. My ex-husband got paid what I considered an exorbitant amount of money to sit on his butt and look at a computer screen and fidget with a few symbols every day. He works when he feels like it. He is paid for his skills and his expertise at what he does, NOT for the hours he sits...
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The world of e-commerce.
2007-08-27 15:18:00
Painting a day - "In the Beginning" 24x18" Oil on Paper$490.00 I am more and more convinced the way of art marketing and sales, and to real exposure and acceptance as an artist, is through embracing the Web for the benefits it has to offer. Of course the retail market-place has already acknowledged that. Numerous businesses have already done away with store fronts and fancy retail outlets in order to focus on on-line catalogs and sales. They can reach thousands more clients, be available to process orders and ship 24 hours a day, and cut the over head costs tremendously. Galleries are getting on the band wagon by posting images of their represented artists work and updating as new art work becomes available. We as individual artists can provide instant images of our new works and make them available to a world wide network of collectors. More and more collectors and shoppers are relying on the web as a marketplace. Buyers can see products,...
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Branching Out
2007-08-26 15:46:00
Painting a Day Twilight Series No. 2000 12x9" acrylic on Masonite Panel$75.00 g out - no pun intended. I love to paint. It seems my soul is drawn to trees more than anything. They are symbolic to me of both being rooted and belonging somewhere and at the same time reaching towards heaven. So many factors can affect the twists and turns and directions that a tree will grow into - The constant winds from a particular direction. Being in the shadow of a larger neighbor or parent tree. An accident that cripples it or stunts it growth . Lack of nourishment. Not enough room for growth, Not enough light.Just like humans. We are often bent and shaped by the people and events around us, whether they are nurturing or stifling. When we are given the support we need and the freedom to branch out we grow and we become our unique and individual selves. When our friends, family and people in our industry treat us with respect and with encouragement, when th...
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Saturday a day of rest...
2007-08-25 17:48:00
Painting a day The Knoll No.3 24x18" Oil on Paper $490.00 Actually it's not a day of rest. I'm in the frame shop all day getting ready for September. More later! Until next timeCreate beauty and fill the world with love.Wynn
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The round about world of an artist.
2007-08-24 15:51:00
Painting a day Autumn Orchard 5x7" acrylic on Masonite$75.00 To those loyal readers, sorry I missed an entry yesterday. I had a migraine that kept me in the bed all day and I couldn't think of looking at a screen or bear the clicking of the keyboard. Back to semi-normal today and hitting the ground running a usual. I have one week before September, (where did the summer go?) and 3 solo shows and numerous weekend art shows and fairs to prepare for. While I have been working like a fiend all summer, there never seems to be enough hours or enough income to get everything where I want it and framed and matted and presented as professionally as I require. I still have post-cards to create, new brochures and catalogues to get ready along with price lists, arrange shipping and insurance, schedule pick-ups and hire a hanging crew. Oh and I am developing two new product lines for wholesale at the same time. What am I crazy! Anyway I just wanted to ...
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"Shut Up and Dance" .... musings on an artist at work
2007-08-22 13:57:00
Painting a Day - series Twilight No. 102, 103, 104 each 4 x 4" acrylic on canvas, wall mount.$ 45.00 set I no longer own a television set ( an idea that the Comcast people just can't grasp as they insist on telemarketing to me every night at dinner time just how much I need cable TV.) I long ago grew up without one and the few times in my life (my marriage to my ex) when there was on in the house I rarely found anything worth the hours lost in front of it. That being said however: Once years ago (1996) I saw a program called "Inside the Actors Studio with James Lipton" on which the brilliant character actor Christopher Walken was being interviewed. Studio/guest/Christopher_Walken Mr. Walken spoke of his life in the theatre and how he started out being a song and dance man but turned to straight acting when he got his first role (at 15). One of the moments I remember most about his interview was his mention o...
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The Virginia Landscape in Oil Pastels
2007-08-21 15:14:00
Painting a day "Birds and Fences" 18x24" Oil PastelSOLD I am often asked "What are Oil Pastels"? It always surprises me. Oil Pastels were my introduction to art and to oil painting. They are still the perfect medium for so many styles of painting - from realism to abstract and everything in between. They were a favorite of Picasso, and recently Wolf Kahn has beena champion of them, along with other artists. In my Virginia landscapes I am particularly enamoured of the changing skies, especially around the Blue Ridge Mountains. With Oil pastels I can capture the light and the cloud formations quickly and easily on location and the have wonderful color studies to create larger works in the studio in Oil , Oil Pastels, and Acrylics.Here is a link to the short history of Oil Pastels for those interested. I have always loved Oil Pastels for the ease they afford me to switch between drawing and painting. If my landscape demands a lot of detail ( gras...
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To be or not to be... The Artist's Dilemma
2007-08-20 13:38:00
Painting a day - Thistles Diptych 2 panels each 24" x 9" Oil on Paper$725.00/ Set I admit it. I am a mess when it comes to balancing life with work with art with romance. I have a wonderful partner with whom I enjoy sharing my life and my art business. He is my strength and my back bone and is great at keeping me focused on the next thing on the list. My partner is great at creating brochures and marketing materials. (You have no idea how many other artist have asked to borrow him! Thank goodness I have first dibs!) He is the practical one. He is more conscious of the business world and of politics. He reminds me often that I can be brash and outspoken, and at times step on people's toes and perhaps cut off my nose to spite my face. We rarely disagree on what needs to be done, but we often disagree on how to do it. When it comes to publicity and marketing, press coverage is important. So is having the materials at hand to sell yourself and make it...
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2007-08-19 16:29:00
Painting a day - Expanse 12x9" Oil pastel on Paper $125.00 Today is about expanding my horizons. I am an intellect by birth and an introvert by nature. I am completely happy spending days and weeks alone in my home and studio reading, writing my own thoughts, exploring others writings, teachings, and art. My need for outside stimulus is minimal. Yes, I have at times contemplated life in a nunnery or Buddhist temple. The idea of my days spent studying and creating, hours of meditation. A simple life is very very attractive to me. But the part of me that wishes to use all the skills available to me to create a rich full and prosperous life for myself demands that I balance out my introvert with a personality that can be very public. In order to teach, to perform, to reach out and sell my art work and make sure it is seen but the public, I have to work at communicating with others. I have to be open to all possibilities. I have to look ...
The art of the impossible
2007-08-18 15:44:00
Painting a day "Nothing but Blue Skies" 24 x18" Oil Pastel on Paper$490.00 that I wake up and think of painting for a living it seems like an impossible challenge.I know so many would be artists who constantly talk about the lack of respect, the lack of venues, the lack of ideas, the lack of money, the competition, and I think how can I be stupid enough to even try to do this. But then what I realize is that so many artists (myself included) gladly spend a lot more time talking about art and the business of art than they do creating it and marketing it. So of course it seems like a loosing business. As soon as I can put it in the perspective of a BUSINESS though I begin to grasp that making art and making a living from art are really not that different. Both require that I show up on a regular schedule, and that I DO the work. I trust that my research, my skills, my techniques will continue to grow, and that I can tap into the market for...
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On the Nature and Advantage of an Artist working in a Series...
2007-08-17 17:39:00
Paintings-a-day Midnight Twilight Serie s No. 67 Twilight Series No. 68 Twilight Series No. 69Acrylic on Masonite each 5x7" matted and framed$150. 00 each or series of three for $ WE artists are often a strange lot. We try so hard to be individual. To show off our uniqueness. to not be one of the pack. That often includes for young and emerging artists the need to constantly produce "One-of-a- kind works of art. That urge to never repeat ones-self is admirable, but I find that as I mature and had the need to create a larger and larger body of art because of the numerous shows I am doing that I grow exponentially when I work in a series of paintings on a single subject. As primarily a landscape artist who specialises in my vision of the Virginia Landscape of my child hood - The Blue Ridge Mountains area of Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley - I never really grow tired of re exploring simple s...
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And now - for paintings TOTALLY Different - Figure studies
2007-08-15 14:29:00
Painting-a -day Goddess Series No. 11 Acrylic on gessoed paper 6x4" $35.00 usual subject matter of course is Landscapes. But every once in a while for a good reason we need to break out of the boxes we paint ourselves into.. no pun intended! I started the Goddess series in response to the recent death of my dear friend and fellow artist Ann Aves Martin. As full figured women who struggled with weight issues all our lives, she and I often referred to the fertility goddess figures of other cultures and the images of beauty held by other cultures as opposed to the movie star driven/ magazine/ runway anorexic culture most of America has been force fed. My images are not created to insist that I am more beautiful because of having some meat on my bones... but instead to encourage each of us to be who and what and how we are and find the beauty in ourselves. Bodies are NOT perfect often. But that makes them no less miraculous.Last year I took a class ca...
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Simplify... Simplify... Simplify - The Landscapes of my Heart
2007-08-14 15:37:00
Painting a day - "Country Road" 9 x 12" Oil on Paper$325.00 www.wynncreasyfineart.comThis painting again taught me how easy it is for me to complicate my life and my painting. It started out a simple scene of morning sunlight coming from behind a curve in the road. I was happy with the hazy simple sky that fell into place easily. I was content with the distant misty trees and the tree line as I progressed forward into the painting. But then suddenly my intellect took over, and I was obsessed with the need to add more and more realistic detail. Before long this small painting was too complex. It has lost the joie de vivre I had felt in the morning light and had become dark and oppressive to me. I was about to throw it away.As I moved to unfasten the page though, I spilled a splash of orange across the dark shadowed green of the forefront which I had spent long hours brushing in individual blades of grass. As if by magic the contrasting of the oranges let me see the shadows I ha...
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Painting a Day - Shadow and Light
2007-08-13 15:51:00
Painting a day - "Shadow land" 11x14" Oil Pastel on Paper$325.00 every day is a balm to my soul. And yes, some people really do still talk that way!I paint because I can't NOT. I am always learning by observing the world around me. One of the great joys of surrounding oneself with creative people is that I realize that no two of us see the world the same way. Each of us observe colors differently. Each of us hears sound differently. Each of us brings to every act and thought we have our own unique personality, flaws, strengths, fears.I used to feel inadequate attempting to be a professional artist because I don't have any formal training in the art world. But then neither did Grandma Moses. And numerous artists I admire from the impressionists through Wolf Kahn and beyond gained their knowledge, honed their crafts, by observing and painting both with others and alone. We can learn technique from professors and working artists, but to develo...
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