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A poem a day for kids

A poem a day for kids
Original poems written daily with lessons humor and fun.
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2008-05-02 22:23:00
I really, really like to eatuntil I feel some pain.Makes me think my stomach knowsa lot more than my brain.****Brought to you by*****
2008-03-16 13:15:00
Time flies awayAnd doesn't fly backTime runs outAnd doesn't bother to packTime waits for no oneIt just goes out of sightTime is preciousBut time has no priceSo spend your time wisely'cause you don't really knowWhen you'll ask yourself"Where did the time go?"****Brought to you by*****
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2008-02-18 19:19:00
If life is a box of chocolatesAnd you don't know what you getI plan on eating them all'cuz I don't want any regrets****Brought to you by*****
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Lighten up
2007-07-25 15:06:00
People can be proudPeople can be brashPeople can be unforgivingPeople can clashBut we're all going throughThe same basic livesThings make us laughThings make us cryI don't understand Why people can't forgiveMistakes are made in lifeSo live and help liveIf you are wrongedMake them feel rightIf they put you in darknessJust help them see lightPeople are peopleAnd we all can be wrongBut that doesn't meanWe can't all get along****Brought to you by*****
Canoe trip
2007-07-22 16:13:00
Water flowsAnd takes us on its armsWe look at its beautyWe laugh at its charmsThe river is quietYet extremely politeWe paddle all dayTo its utter delightBut the joy is all oursAs we spend a whole dayLetting the riverTake us its wayFrom here it keeps goingAlthough our trip is throughIt just keeps on flowingAs we dock our canoeWe stand in thanksFor our day in the sunFor the time we spentWith the river as one****Brought to you by*****
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2007-07-17 20:58:00
Excuse me, Owners? Please listen upI know I?m just a dog. Just a hound. Just a pup.But for two days, you left me here all aloneRan as fast as you could right out of our home.Didn?t you worry about giving me kibble?(The neighbors came over just to give me a nibble.)No one walked me around the block.I didn?t play with a ball or a rolled up sock.And even now, it?s like I don?t exist.Was I long forgotten, and then not even missed?And what?s that there that you?ve got in the blanket?Is it a big roast beef from a three-day-long banquet?No? What is it? C?mon, let me see.What?s causing no one to pay attention to me?Oh no! It can?t be! It?s another one of those!With ten little fingers and ten tiny toes.I could have been starving. I could?ve gotten rabies.You were out getting another one of those silly babies.****Brought to you by*****
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2007-07-17 02:54:00
My room is dirty.And I don?t care.My teeth aren?t brushed.Neither is my hair.My room is in shamblesMy chores aren?t done.I?d rather watch TVOr go have some funWho really cares,?cept little old me?If I just hang aroundAnd do what I please?Someone else will do it?Cause they always doIn fact my whole lifecould be completely up to youI?ll just sit and watchAnd play with joyAs you scurry aroundTo clean up my toys.Well, it?s thirty years laterAnd I?m sad to reportThat my plans didn?t workIn fact they fell well shortWell they worked for a timeYeah, it was fun for awhileUntil you got tiredOf cleaning my pilesSo here I sit,As still as a stoneNever learned to do a thingAnd now I?m alone.But I?ve learned one thingAnd I learned it real good.If you don?t take care of yourselfThen no one else should.****Brought to you by*****
The tree
2007-07-13 15:11:00
A tree spreads outAs it gets biggerReaching to heavenWith incredible vigorPeople, howeverTend to get disjointedAs we get hurtAnd disappointedWe close upAnd our dreams disappearWhen our hopes are lostAnd we're left with just fearWe could learn from that treeA thing or two or twentyAbout how life is goodAnd how God gives us plentyDon't let the badUndo all the greatSee all that's possibleAnd let love conquer hateSo stand in the sunshineLaugh in the rainAnd realize that joyIs greater than painStretch like the treeAnd don't have a careBecause heaven, my childIs both here and there****Brought to you by*****
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2007-07-12 22:43:00
If the world keeps spinningwhile we?re all so busyDoes that explainwhy we?re getting so dizzy?If the world keeps turningas we rush here and theredoes that explainwhy we?re going nowhere?If the world turns too fastwe?ll be throw into flight.So you?d better grab onto someoneand just hold on real tight.****Brought to you by*****
Between the lightning and the thunder
2007-07-09 14:32:00
Between the lightning and the thunder.Is where we all exist.Some cover their eyes and ears.Trying to resist.Others revel in the time between.Dancing, hugging,and following their dreams.Between the lightning and the thunder.Is the place where we?re all living.So marvel the lightning. Embrace the thunder.And treasure the time you?re given.****Brought to you by*****
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2007-07-07 16:50:00
My friend told me to use words that were longer.She said they?d make me sound smarter and stronger.But I found it all to be ostentatious(See what I mean, ain?t that word outrageous?)But I think there?s only one word I needIt?s one little syllable that helps me succeed.It makes people stop, it makes people smileIt makes them sit down and talk for awhileThere?s only one word that I need to live byAnd that teeny little wordis just simply?Hi.?****Brought to you by*****
Lost and found
2007-07-06 15:32:00
Wandering in the woodsOn a Saturday morningWe went off the trailAnd got lost without warningWe tried to find the sunBut there were just cloudsWe tried to hear voicesBut there were no crowdsWe climbed through rootsAnd through harsh terrainWe got cut by some thornsAnd it started to rainAfter hours upon hoursWe thought we were no whereWe had to learn how to copeAnd help and shareEventually we found the pathBut we were much strongerWe got to our placeIt just took a bit longerWe're glad we got lost(Although we were frightened)Because now we're found(And much more enlightened)So if you find yourself lostDon't stop and fearJust keep moving forwardAnd the path will appear****Brought to you by*****
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I, comma
2007-07-04 15:35:00
I?m always stuck in the middleI never finish my listsAnd I don?t have as much funas an asterisk.I try to hold it all togetherI?m constantly connectingAnd I interrupt thoughtsWhenever I?m reflectingI don?t start at the beginningI don?t end at the endAnd I look like a quote markWho just lost a friendI?m sorry about the fussI don?t mean to cause a drama(I?ve got it better than the colon)Guess I?m happy to be a comma.****Brought to you by*****
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2007-07-02 23:53:00
Why is there evil?So there can be goodWhy is there pain?So comfort's understoodWhy is there death?So we can appreciate lifeWhy is there dark?So we can see lightWhy is there poor?So there can be weathWhy is there sickness?So there may be healthYou see, these things existSo there can be the reverseSo thank God for the goodAnd don't fear the worstIt's simply a wayTo help you be gladThat life is a blessingOn good days and on bad****Brought to you by*****
The perfect toy
2007-07-01 20:43:00
It thinks for itselfIt goes everywhere with youIt knows every little thingThat you like to doIt can guess your futureIt can recall your pastIt can make itself upIt can change really fastIt knows what you?re thinkingIt responds to your needsIt can get you in troubleIt can help you succeedIt requires no batteriesIt goes all day longIt knows all your secretsAnd your favorite songsIt?s powered by everythingIt thinks learning is funIt?s built for a lifetimeAnd you?ll only need oneHow much does it cost?Where can you buy it?Is there simply a placeWhere you can go try it?Well, I?ll tell you this, childIt ain?t hard to findIt?s the thing between your ears.And this thing is called your mind.****Brought to you by*****
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Good boy
2007-06-29 15:58:00
My dog knows a lot of stuff.I asked him about sandpaper, and he said “ROUGH”But I think I found undeniable proof.When I pointed to my house, and he yelled “ROOF”Then I thought I was going deafWhen we watched football, and he said “REF”After that came the moment of truthWhen I asked the capital of Minnesota and he said “DULUTH”I know, I know. It’s St. Paul.Stupid dog.****Brought to you by*****
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Word play
2007-06-25 22:40:00
Ladies and Gentlemen,I am proud to announceThe first ever playThat you?ll need to pronounceYou see it?s a play of wordsPlay ed entirely by lettersMost of the 26,working togetherThe curtain drawsOut come ?H? and ?I?For an opening statementOf just simply ?HI?Then comes T and SApproaching each sideTo say just ?THIS?As they beam with pride?T? and ?H? exit stage leftLeaving ?IS? on displayThen out run O and N and EBut E tripped along the wayNow stood ?ON?And this wasn?t funTil the E stood upAnd spelled out ?ONE?The ?O? stayed on stageAs many letters scurriedSpelling out ?SHORT?After they dashed and hurriedThen all went offstageAs four letters walked inSpelling out ?YALP?Until they did a spinThe last word was ?PLAY?And that my friends is it"THIS IS ONE SHORT PLAY"We hope you enjoyed your visitThe curtains closedAnd the crowd clapped on cueBut they weren?t quite doneThere was one more thing to doBack came the ?O?And it was quite a placeOut came a ?W?And a ?b? that was lowercaseSeems the ?B?...
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New opposites
2007-06-25 20:46:00
The opposite of aha!Is ummmm?..The opposite of yuckIs yummmmm.The opposite of yea!Is awwww.The opposite of yupIs nawwww.The opposite of this poemIs greatBecause this little poemJust ain?t.****Brought to you by*****
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Back words
2007-06-24 18:35:00
Devil spelled backwards is Lived.Evil spelled backwards is Live.Seems if you?re the opposite of DoomTo God, a good Mood you?ll give.****Brought to you by*****
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Absurd bird
2007-06-21 00:26:00
Yesterday I saw a birdAnd he seemed a bit absurdHe said “hello”I said "huh? whoa”'Cause I couldn’t believe what I heard.He went on, “Good day, my friend”I couldn’t believe I heard it again.I found it abnormalThat he was so formalBut I decided an ear I would lendAnd then he politely asked for some foodI said “I’ll check”, ‘cause I hate to be rude.I thought long and hard.I looked ‘round the yard“Sorry, no” is what I had to conclude.“Well there’s a fishing store five blocks away”The bird said in a much less courteous way“They sell worms by the bunchWhich would be great for lunch.”So I begrudgingly said, “OK”Then I walked to the store, a good mile from there.“Just ask for a can”, that bird did declare.I walked into the storeIt was a dollar and four.“I’ll pay you back” he said, “I swear”When I opened the can, I thought the bird was quite cleverAnd started to think this was a daily endeavorWhen the store clerk screamed“Bird , you s...
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The difference
2007-06-20 22:54:00
Adults are complicatedKids are notAdults have infectionsKids have snotAdults have acquaintancesKids have buddiesAdults have workKids have studiesAdults have responsibilitiesKids have choresAdults have apneaKids just snoreAdults get emotionalKids get whinyAdults have a gluteusKids have hineysYou see, we're not that differentAdults just make it seem hardWe could use less stressAnd more playing in the yardSomething gets lostFrom age five to age thirtyWe stop noticing butterflies, planesand the little birdiesWe stop being sillyAnd start getting realWe simply stop dreamingGetting lost in the ordealIt all seems so strangeAnd a little bit crazyThose carefree daysSeem a little bit hazyPerhaps all adultsshould all make this pact:Yes we have to grow up,but we can always go back.****Brought to you by*****
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The voice
2007-06-20 14:02:00
There's a voice in your headThat whispers to youAbout all of the thingsYou're not good enough to doWell that little voiceIs not yours at allNo, that little voiceOnce took a great fallAnd now he's just bitterAnd wants you to failhe wants you to be frightenedAnd go no whereWhere there's great potentialhe'll give you a "don't"When there's great successhe'll say a "you won't"You see that little voiceWants you to stay right thereAnd wants you to worryAbout every small careBut something much greaterWants you to winSomething that can defeatThat tiny voice withinSo confront that voice dailyAnd make sure you take heedJust say "watch this, voice"And then wildly succeed****Brought to you by*****
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The monkey store
2007-06-19 02:35:00
A group of monkeysopened a store.And it was openfrom 10 to 4.They sold bananasto all of their friendsat a good, fair price,(so as not to offend.)Business was good,but upon further inspectionit was better if they wentin a different direction.They found other animalsthat they could they added itemsand expanded the market.Word got out,and the animals started buyingThe parrots, the hippos.Yes, even the lions.But when the monkeys earned enoughto keep happy and alivea second group opened a storefrom 9 to 5.The first store lost business,so this problem they fixedby expanding their hoursfrom 8 to 6.Success came backto their small operationso they decided to openseveral new locationsWhen the second monkeyscaught wind of all thisthey decided to tryan aggressive new twist.They opened huge stores,as big as the forestwhere they sold food, clothes -there was even a florist.They mowed down treesto make their new spacesit put money in their pocketsand smiles on their faces.But the first m...
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The ride
2007-06-18 13:57:00
The Earth rotates in exactly one dayAnd goes around the sun in precisely one yearHow does the Earth know what time it isAnd when to be there or here?The moon moves around EarthThe tides move the oceansMakes me stop and wonderHow they each got the notion.With every stormNew life is sprungFor everything that?s oldThere?s a new something youngThe days get longer and longerThen shorter and shorterEverything goes aroundIn beautifully perfect orderAll of this thinkingHas got me quite tiredToo much to questionAnd energy requiredSo instead of being anxiousAbout how it?s all guidedI think I?ll just relaxAnd enjoy the ride****Brought to you by*****
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One little thing
2007-06-17 17:57:00
One little thingCan change the whole EarthJust one little actBecomes more than it?s worthYou see child, to youIt?s just one little thingBut to the person you helpWho knows what it brings?And then that personMay return the favorTo someone elseWho?s in need of a saviorAnd so on and so forthAnd on and onUntil all in the worldAre touched uponJust do one little thingAnd then watch it all goCause it just takes one little thingTo make love overflow****Brought to you by*****
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Cockatoo much
2007-06-17 02:19:00
?I love you.??I love you.??You?re beautiful.??You?re beautiful.??Hello???Hello???Hey.??Hey.??S top that.??Stop that.??Quiet.??Quiet.??Enough.??Enough.?? I hate you.??I hate you.?A cockatoo is worth enjoyingEven though it can be annoying.?Cause it teaches a lesson that?s rather exact:What you give outis what you?ll get back.****Brought to you by*****
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The human race
2007-06-16 17:40:00
Perhaps instead of running a ninety-year dashYou should stop, look, listen, and enjoy the path.Life is a blessing, but you only get one.So make sure you slow down. And enjoy the run.****Brought to you by*****
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Imagine nation
2007-02-06 03:32:00
I?ve been to a placeWhere the zebras are yellow.Where people say ?aZOOga?Instead of just ?hello?Where kids can touch cloudsAnd dolphins speak German.Where everything?s simpleyet hard to determine.Where the birds can tap danceand the mountains can run.Where the sounds are backwardwhen there?s not ?nuf fun.It?s not on a mapbut you can always find it.It?s not in your eyesightbut it?s slightly behind it.If you can?t live thereat least take a vacationto the place we call the Imagine Nation .****Brought to you by*****
Poor 11
2007-02-06 03:15:00
One's always firsttwo is a cuddlethree is a crowdfour is a huddlefive is handsix sides on a diseven is good luckeight's two circles highnine is a sixturned on its headten is perfectionor so it is saidBut what is elevenbesides two little ones?when does elevenget all its fun?Eleven is nothingbut two straight lineslike two little twinsalways combinedOr worse than that,they're like two silly cousins(who are frankly a donutshort of a dozen.)****Brought to you by*****
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If and Did
2006-12-13 16:40:00
A man named If sat on a benchNear the end of his days.A man named Did was walking byAnd stopped for a moment along his way?Hello there sir?, Did did declare?Gotta run? he said, without a second to spare?Oh, hello? whispered If ?What?s the big hurry?Where are you going? Why do you scurry???There?s so much to do? said Did to If?Gotta go, gotta do. Gotta be, gotta live.??I?ve climbed mountains, I?ve sailed seasI?ve danced with Kings, I?ve cured diseaseI?ve done so much, but the years they are fewAnd there?s still so much, so much stuff left to doWhat about you, friend. Have you lived your life full?Have you seen the seven wonders? Have you run with the bulls??No? said If. in a voice that was low?I just sat on this bench and just watched the people goI quite often thought what life could?ve beenBut I just sat here much to my own chagrinI could?ve done much If only I would?veI could?ve been great, I guess maybe I should?veBut this seat was so comfy, so warm and so cozyI wanted to talk to...
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