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My online base of operations where I share the things I create and the things that go into the creations. Paintings, softies, photograpy, and whatever else I'm making at the moment.
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peep, peep
2008-06-01 15:17:00
little bleats from absolutely small20:04 While Dan kills wasps, I craft tiny Chickenpants lightsabers. Another exciting Saturday night!follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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peep, peep
2008-05-31 15:27:00
little bleats from absolutely small14:59 4.21 for the cheapest gas in town. Oy vey! 17:13 It is so Friday right now.follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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How to craft your own time! Sort of.
2008-05-30 19:48:00
So there I was: bored to death with the 8.5 x 11 calendar I had printed up only a few months ago. Those tiny boxes, mocking me with their tinyness. No wonder I never got everything done in a day- look how small those boxes were! Black and white, black and white, and the occasional colored ink. So...dull...I longed for a great! big! wall calendar- something where I could see many months in advance, something colorful and fun. And I happened to have, if not technically the time, then at least many sheets of very large foam core, just sitting there...I think you know by now what had to be done.I broke out my ruler, pencil, calculator, and sharpies. Here's how I did it:First, I measured. (I do sometimes measure things, believe it or not, people close to me who may be amazed by this.) The sheets were 20" x 30"- 30" long breaks into 15 perfect 2" squares. I figured I needed 5 rows for a month. That makes 3 months to a sheet. And then 20" divided by seven turned into 2.85"...let's just s...
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peep, peep
2008-05-30 15:27:00
little bleats from absolutely small09:24 Do you ever have one of those weeks where you keep working and working and nothing seems to be getting done? I DO.follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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I want to say something sensational!
2008-05-29 18:44:00
Something dynamic and random and awesome! That will make people creep towards the edges of their seats in awe, clicking the appropriate RSS feed buttons, commenting...Yeah, but nothing comes to mind.What can I say? I'm feeling a bit rushed and blah these days. As I type this, I have several other windows open, and I'm replying to comments that have accrued over the past...week...or two. (I'm sorry! I love all your comments- I'm just a bad re-commenter!)The other day I was feeling both out of control and I made a GIANT calendar. GIANT, I tell you. Three pieces of 30 x 20 foam core. Boo-yah. My plan is to attach them to the wall in plain sight...but my hammer has gone missing. So perhaps photos of that will come next week. Let me know when we hit scintillating. Until then let me just make some thank yous:Reware: thanks for the lovely write-up!KillTaupe: thank you for using my plush as a bit of the inspiration for this cool print/book cover!(Head over to their blog...
peep, peep
2008-05-29 15:20:00
little bleats from absolutely small10:04 Food doesn't agree with me lately. Enjoy this important Twitter post!follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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peep, peep
2008-05-25 15:19:00
little bleats from absolutely small10:03 As seen in the makeup aisle: a woman & her young son, singing loudly: bah bah bah BAH BAH BAH- bah bah bah bah BAH BAH BAH BAH BAH!follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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Saturday Morning Cartoons
2008-05-24 20:48:00
In true Chickenpants fashion! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the fifth installment of the Chickenpants Adventure series: It's also up on Youtube: V_DGY9980I hope you like it. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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peep, peep
2008-05-24 15:24:00
little bleats from absolutely small11:32! Also: found the original, very hard to find Chickenpants fabric online. Hooray!follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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Treasure! And, ads!
2008-05-23 17:50:00
I have hunted all across the internet, in search of treasure: fluffy, fleecy treasure. The kind of fleece that was originally used to make Chickenpants. You may remember it: it had a bit of knappy-ness going, giving the illusion of, well, a fluffy chick. For example- here's a photo of one of the original Chickenpants:and his more modern contemporary:I recieved the precious bundle just yesterday- expect to see more Chickenpants in this wonderful fluffy stuff soon! Of course, I'll continue to make them in regular fleece as well. ALSO: If you'll direct your attention to the sidebar, you'll notice a new space. We're now accepting ads, via Project Wonderful. I don't know, it just seemed like a good thing to try. (Plus, I've been advertising on, and it's just a weird sort of ego boost for me. Maybe advertising here could give you a lift, too. Again, I don't know...after this cup of coffee wears off, this statement could seem utterly ridiculous.) Consider it anoth...
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peep, peep
2008-05-23 15:24:00
little bleats from absolutely small14:40 So guess what? My teeny tiny mountain town is on fire! And I can't figure out if we need to evac or not. No electricity. 15:02 Ok then. Fire is almost out. How do I know this? All from text messaging. Crazyness.follow me? Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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peep, peep
2008-05-21 15:21:00
little bleats from absolutely small09:49 The kitten got stuck up a tree. Again. How cliche! 16:59 Apparently, we're the sort of people who you can leave giant turtles with. Also: we have a new giant turtle friend.Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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The Daily Photo Project...DONE!
2008-05-19 19:48:00
I can't believe it...I stuck with something difficult for a whole year! Sure, I didn't do it perfectly. Out of the 365 photos I should have taken, I took 267. Whoops. And apropos of the whole year of photos, I'm posting this recap a bit late. I can't believe just how challenging this project was. It was kind of a burden, honestly. I think because I was already engaged in so many other creative outlets- this was kind of like the straw that weighed the camel down, if not broke her back.Anyway- here's the last photo: 5/8/08:(it's so grubby looking because it's a photo of the aftermath of a small kitchen fire)Daily Photo 05.08.08 - THE END!!! Originally uploaded by absolutely smallAnd the very first daily photo: 5/08/07:Tall wedges- 1st Daily Photo- 5.08.07 Originally uploaded by absolutely smallOn the other hand, I still think it's a great idea to take a photo a day. It's kind of neat to be able to actually look back at your year, day by day.Although I won't be doing this aga...
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peep, peep
2008-05-18 15:22:00
little bleats from absolutely small17:01 Chickenpants held in a chokehold by a luchador? Yes. 60/ 20:21 Dear Toys R Us: since when do you suck?Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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Just a quick post to say
2008-05-15 19:00:00
I just finished up a batch of Chickenpants Babies! There are 14 10 5 in the shop, waiting to be snatched up. ^-^
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Links and Lovin'
2008-05-14 17:33:00
Or something like that. First, I just have to share with you this amazing Wooliture that was made of Topanga!"Topanga" Pug Wooliture Originally uploaded by rosethistleartworksIt was made by the very talented Rose Thistle Artworks. It is even more adorable in person! The above photo is hers...I've been a little lax in the photo department as of late. (well, at least with my own personal photos. More on that later, hopefully!) She has a great talent of really capturing the personality of the individual creature in her sculptures. I just love my tiny Topanga sculpture!And I don't know how I managed to not mention this earlier, but one of the cool things that happened at Maker Faire was that I got to meet Ms. Plush You in person! She didn't forget to mention it, though, and you can see a geeky photo of me on her blog. Can I just say that she was super, super sweet in real life, too? Although somehow, in my mind I always pictured her as a glasses wearer, like myself...hmmm....
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Chickenpants Does Maker Faire Part Three: Everything Else
2008-05-13 18:39:00
OK- brace yourself for the blog post to end all blog posts. (Meaning: it's going to be a long one) Best of all, towards the end, there's a photo of a luchador. Without any further ado, take it away, Pauline and G.Pete!Make: Chickenpants Originally uploaded by absolutely smallG.Pete: Hello, folks. You may be asking yourself: "why such a long pause between posts?" Well, it wasn't our fault. We were totally ready to go on this last week, but boss was all, ooooh, deadlines, leave me alone!Anyway: Let's start with the Diet Coke and Mentos fountains!Prepare the diet coke and mentos fountains! Originally uploaded by absolutely smallI, um, didn't get to see them go off. I had an appointment.Pauline: He was scared of potential loud noises, so he hid in the bushes.Nature? Originally uploaded by absolutely smallG.Pete: Thank you Pauline. That was not at all embarrassing. I'll have you know I was not afraid, but instead, urging this fellow chicken to get out of harm's way.Giant metal guy...
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peep, peep
2008-05-13 15:22:00
little bleats from absolutely small08:42 Maker Faire recap part two is up: 08:43 And actually has been up for days. Deadlines on *actual* *paying* *gigs* are keeping me from my beloved internets.Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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peep, peep
2008-05-12 15:22:00
little bleats from absolutely small09:47 Waiting in the car while Dan walks in the ditch, looking for a tortise he spotted from the road.Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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peep, peep
2008-05-10 15:17:00
little bleats from absolutely small17:16 I haven't had an energy drink since red bull was fashionable. Now, suddenly, the grocery cart is full of them. Deadlines loom at eye level.Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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peep, peep
2008-05-09 15:19:00
little bleats from absolutely small17:28 A watched pot never boils, but an unwatched pot will totally explode in balls of flame. PS: I almost burned down the kitchen.Automatically shipped by
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peep, peep
2008-05-08 15:21:00
little bleats from absolutely small08:49 Part one of the Maker Faire Chickenpants Extravaganza is up! Crafters! Artists! Photos! Chickenpants!Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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Chickenpants Does Maker Faire- Part Two: And Then There Was Steampunk
2008-05-07 20:41:00
One of my favorite parts of Maker Faire was the amazing people watching. And probably my favorite part of the people watching was the Steampunk s! (Although I really did love seeing all the Think Geek, Cute Overload, and Strongbad t-shirts go by!)What is Steampunk? I'll let my own personal Chickenpants, Pauline and G.Pete tell you:Pauline: I looked on Wikipedia. This is what is says:"The term denotes works set in an era or world where steam power is still widely used—usually the 19th century, and often set in Victorian era England—but with prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy, such as fictional technological inventions like those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or real technological developments like the computer occurring at an earlier date. Other examples of steampunk contain alternate history-style presentations of "the path not taken" of such technology as dirigibles or analog computers; these frequently are presented in an idealized lig...
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Chickenpants Does Maker Faire Part One: Crafty Like Ice is Cold
2008-05-06 20:53:00
I hardly know where to begin! Maker Faire was so amazing. There was a staggering amount of things to see and do. The people watching was utterly fantastic. Even better, I got to meet a whole bunch of really awesome artists and crafters. So that's where we'll start: Crafty People! Pauline and G. Pete Chickenpants, take it away!Getting ready for Maker Faire 2008 was a snap for us! We like to travel light.And of course the Chickenpants are ready to go too. Originally uploaded by absolutely smallOur boss, however, was a bit stressed out.Daily photo 5.2.08 Originally uploaded by absolutely smallFortunately, she got over it in a, again Originally uploaded by absolutely smallWhile she manned the table, we went out to meet people. First up were the awesome folks of Spicy Brown. They manned the table directly across from ours. They had really great t-shirts and robots...alas, none in Chickenpants sizes.Spicy Brown & Chickenpants Originally uploaded by absolutely smallEmiko o...
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peep, peep
2008-05-06 15:22:00
little bleats from absolutely small18:21 I am saving up SUCH a blog post about Maker Faire. But first, there's a pressing need to play the new Mario Kart for Wii.Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter
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2008-02-09 03:10:00
Here's a new little creature:Every so often comes a creature from the Absolutely Small labs that is so pure, so innocent, so tooth-achingly cute, that they eschew all formal given names and instead take on endearments, and at the same time they form tremendous run on sentences, for the artist simply cannot bring herself to end this indulgent sentence. There we go.This is one of those creatures.It's name: Oh Sweet ie. It's in the shop, gathering awesomeness as we speak.In other sweet news, Absolutely Small was mentioned on both Cuteable(today) and Softies Central(yesterday).And in other, other sweet news- it hasn't rained all week! And the sunlight is infecting my heart. (In a good way!) So I bought my very first tree ever! It's a peach tree, and I have named it Willy-Nilly. ('cause that's the way I bought it.) Oh, false spring- I fall for you every year, willy-nilly, head over heels. Have a great, and hopefully sunny, weekend, everyone!
Drawing, drawing, drawing. Drawing. Draaaawing...
2008-02-06 22:21:00
If I had more time to draw, I would love to make comics. Not superhero comics, but comics that deal with the little things in life. And probably, they would star chickens. Here's a few pages from my sketchbook- I know they're just about impossible to see, but if you click on them, they get larger, and then they are almost possible to see.Special thanks to Dan for saying "Families love cake". He's always saying things that strike me as funny in a dada-ist sense. Another classic Dan random expression: "I remember no bears." Oh, right: so- I'm trying to draw a lot more. I now actually have the time, I just have to give it to myself.A new obstacle to drawing: a certain little brother happens to have left a giant keyboard on my kitchen table. And it can make drumrolls and other fabulous sound effects. ba-dump-cha!
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Chickenpants Limited for February
2008-02-04 21:28:00
I am happy to release the next print in the Chickenpants Limited series- Kitchen Invasion! They all crept into the warm kitchen to escape the cold outside. "Hey, a chicken could get used to this..." It's up in the shop as we speak.Thank you everyone for making the first Chickenpants Limited print such a success! There are only a few left, so if you'd fancy owning one of your own, do pop over to the
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This dog would like you to eat some soup.
2008-02-01 00:25:00
Here's my latest. This dog's name is Wanda.Wanda wants to know what you are up to. She also wants to know things like: "What is that thing you are holding? Is it edible? Can we go on a walk now? Will you scratch my belly? Hey, is that a squirrel?"Anyway, on to the soup! The husband and I have been pretty much living off of this and a few other soups this winter. This one in particular is a winner because it is fast. Oh, and it's good, too. I started this current obsession with a recipe from Lauren's blog. Here's my particular take on it. Tortilla Soup (Absolutely Small style!)2 Tab. olive oil3 cloves garlic2 jalapeños, seeded and minced6 c veg. broth (I've tried a bunch of different ones, and the Swanson Organic Veg. broth seems to turn out the best.)2 or so tsp. cuminA few solid shakes of that chile-lime seasoning stuff that is supposed to go on fruit (my bottle says "Tajin fruit seasoning") {Trust me on this one, it makes the soup}1/2 small bag frozen corn1 can black beans,...
Illustration Friday- Tales and Legends
2008-01-30 00:16:00
Finally got a change to do Illustration Friday again! When I think "tales and legends", naturally the Legend of Zelda comes up. I had to give it a chickeny twist, of
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