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NYC 2123 - free PSP comic
2007-08-27 23:00:00
Free PSP-optimized comic licensed under Creative Commons NYC2123 is a free black & white graphic novel optimized for the Play Station Portable. Beside this, you may also view the comic on a ordinary PC (or any machine that can handle JPEG - images ;)). There are 5 issues (partly multilingual) and every one is not only ...
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Guy Ritchie?s Gamekeeper #1 - free widescreen comic
2007-07-22 10:01:00
Free online version of the first issue of Gamekeeper, a graphic novel created by Guy Ritchie . Gamekeeper is a miniseries published by Director’s Cut, a imprint of Virgin Comic s. The free online comic version of Gamekeeper #1 is optimized for online-viewing: Virgin Comics offers us a nice Flash viewer including a widescreen mode, so also readers ...
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2007-07-21 08:25:00
I found an interessting announcement on the Virgin Comics Blog: Virgin Comics and Myspace join forces to create a special (unique?) comic book platform: Virgin Comics and MySpace have teamed up to launch Coalition Comix (, a new online comic book platform, allowing thousands of participants to work with leading comic book creators in the development ...
KU-2 - 5 free comic issues online
2007-07-21 00:35:00
Funky comic novel (5 issues) by Logan DeAngelis / PV Comic s PV-Comics ( hosts a lot of great comics, one of my favorite will be introduced here firstly: KU-2. In the first issue of the comic, the main character of the novel, Joe (aka “El Quatro”), meets a kind of “special” new friend from above and ...
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2007-07-20 23:54:00
While searching for informations about other sources for free comic downloads, I found this nice idea to build up some linklove. So let me give it a try. If you want to be a part of this little network, just follow the instructions below. copy and paste the Viralink and instructions below ...
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Transmetropolitan #1 - by Vertigo
2007-07-02 08:32:00
Download the first issue of this great graphic novel / comic book series for free! I already wrote something about this series within a post about free graphic nocvells from Artbomb, now here is a link to the first issue of Tran smetropolitan, a 60 issue comic book series created by Warren Ellis. Transmetropolitan was published beetween ...
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Monkey Island 1 - The Comic
2007-07-01 22:46:00
The Secret of Monkey Island - the great adventure around Guybrush Threpwood as 49 paged comic book adaption. “Do you remember the time …” Monkey Island 1 was the first game I bought for my new AMIGA 500+ in the early 90s … a 32 colour adventure game that no one will ever forget who played ...
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City of Heroes - 12 free comic issues - by Blue King Studios
2007-06-26 03:10:00
City of Heroes - a 12 Issue comic book series for free (PDF) The City of Heroes comic book series is an adaption of the homonymous Massively Multiplayer RPG “City of Heroes” produced by NCSoft / Cryptic Studios. The creators of City of Hereos on the game: “Welcome to City of Heroes, the online world that’s ...
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?52? comic maxiseries - five issues free online - by DC Comics
2007-06-20 11:58:00
Read the first five issues (of totally 52) of the comic maxiseries ‘52′ free online. DC offers us a “snapshot” to the beginning of the maxiseries ‘52′. 52 is a 52 issue maxiseries, where each issue describes one week of the so called “Missing Year” (or “Lost Year”) in the DC universe. Superman, Batman and ...
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5 free graphic novels online @
2007-06-18 13:43:00
This time, I want to post a link to 5 free graphics novels instead of putting each comic into one post. These are free available at, the home of Artbomb: Artbomb’s mission is to promote diverse and sophisticated graphic novels. A more impressive array of graphic novels has never before been available for English ...
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Deus Ex Machina - Book 02 - by
2007-06-14 14:34:00
Deus Ex Mach ina - Book 2 - free experimental online comic by Gareth Hinds. The second book of the 3 issue comic story around the character Cam. Again, Gareth Hinds uses a lot of different styles in this free comic book, trying out different drawing techniques and page designs to emphase the situations in this graphic ...
Deus Ex Machina - Book 01 - by
2007-06-12 08:24:00
Deus Ex Mach ina - Book 1 - free experimental online comic by Gareth Hinds. This is the first book (3 a.t.m.) of a mythological story. The autor uses different styles in his books, as he tries out different drawing techniques. The Story of Deus Ex Machina: “Deus is an essentially mythological story. It posits a number ...
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider #1 - by Top Cow
2007-06-11 23:00:00
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider - Issue 01 by Top Cow Productions “The Medusa Mask” The first issue of the comic book adaption of famous video game character Lara Croft. Free online comic via Top-Cows online reader. Top Cow on the Tomb Raider comics: “Sexy, young, and adventurous Lara Croft travels the globe in search of the ...
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Faker - Issue 01 Sneak Peak - by Vertigo
2007-06-11 17:48:00
Faker Issue 01 - free sneak peak of the new miniseries “Faker” by Vert igo (DC Comics) Sneak Peak (8 out of 32 pages) of the first issue of Faker, a 6 issue series by Mike Carey: “Chock full of ruthless characters with hidden agendas, FAKER takes place during freshman year in college; the ultimate time of ...
Silverfish - Sneak Peak - by Vertigo
2007-06-11 17:22:00
Silverfish - free sneak peak of a graphic novel by Vert igo (DC Comics) Sneak Peak (28 out of 160 pages) of the new graphic novel by award winning David Lapham: “David Lapham […] brings his unique brand of stark crime noir and dark, gritty realism to SILVERFISH, an original hardcover graphic novel replete with betrayal, double ...
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