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Making Better Movies
Tips, Tricks, and Film News from a budding filmmaker in Hollywood.


Do It Yourself Sound, New Composer on Film
2007-07-12 11:20:00
It seems that I had another change of plans for my short film, "The Pet". I handed it off to numerous composers and sound engineers just to have them either disappoint or disappear. After waiting a few weeks, I feel that I should just push harder to get this short film finished. The new game plan is for me to finish the post-sound and hand the music off to another composer. This is a great
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Rotoscoping Video Is For Dummies
2007-07-01 15:24:00
After shooting another short while waiting for the post-sound and music for "The Pet", I've come to this logical conclusion: Never think that rotoscoping is a reasonable alternative to chromakeying! During this arduous journey through the post on "Little Man", I'll put up a comprehensive tutorial on how to rotoscope a mask to lift elements from a shot. Before doing so, I do want my readers to
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Climbing Up Jacob's Ladder Again
2007-06-29 12:47:00
News rose today that "Jacob 's Ladder" was being remade. While my opinion of remakes in general is unfavorable and I quickly try to forget, this one really made me think. "The Sixth Sense" seemed to be more than inspired by Jacob's Ladder. This would take any sting from the "he was dead all along" twist of the film. Supernatural films are flooding the market. By the time Jacob's Ladder is
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New Crispin Glover Interview
2007-06-27 10:54:00
Today I stumbled upon a rather intensive interview of Cris pin Glover . It covers an eclectic stretch of Crispin 's life from his acting methods, to his books, and to his reflections of many of his past movies. I do have to warn you though: Each question asked has its own video, so prepare for a lot of page loads. Check it out.
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Edit Is Done, Waiting For Music
2007-06-26 08:31:00
The rough cut of my short film, “The Pet”, has just been finished. The responses from cast and crew are pretty positive, which is a relief. I'm pretty anxious to finish this film, but I'm awaiting the post-sound effects and music. Without those, this film would certainly not be as robust. As I wait, I'm going to be working on the trailer and the website. Meanwhile, check out the website
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How I'm Editing "The Pet"
2007-06-21 08:17:00
I'm currently editing my short, called “The Pet”, using Adobe Premiere Pro. I haven't been taught the methods I use, nor do I say they are the best way to edit a film, but if you are having trouble editing they might help you from getting in a tight bind. I use the layering ability of Adobe Premiere Pro to my advantage. After importing my film clips, i slice them up into setups and arrange
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"Making Better Movies" Now on Technorati
2007-06-21 00:50:00
Hey everybody. Now this blog is on Technorati ! Technorati Profile
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Hostel II Tanks, Eli Responds... and then Un-Responds
2007-06-20 03:05:00
Eli Roth (director of Cabin Fever, Hostel , and Hostel Part II) took time to write a very loathsome blog about how his latest endeavor failed in the box-office because of piracy. After what I would presume would be a unfavorable response, Eli Roth's blog post has mysteriously disappeared. But thankfully it was still available in articles and cache.Hey Everyone, I'm in Paris, doing press for the
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