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The Drawing and Sketching Blog. We are a group of passion-driven artists. Art is not our profession but our passion. Art is our way of expression. And you can help drive our passion.
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Gone for a Walk
2008-01-31 05:27:00
We have gone for a walk. =)
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2007-12-26 13:40:00
Title: "Xmas " Artist: beat emotion This is for you. Nope, you didn't read wrongly, it's just for you. You who is viewing Skeward, in front of the monitor. Joyous Xmas!!
"D-Gray Man Fanart"
2007-12-06 17:08:00
Title: "D-Gray Man Fanart" Artist: Frost
"Gone for Exam Break"
2007-11-08 12:19:00
Title: "Gone for Exam Break " Artist: CropCircle Skeward is taking an exam break as of today. We will be back sometime end of November or early December! For those who are under exam stress, here's a bottle of essence of chicken lil' for you. All the best for your upcoming papers!!!
2007-11-04 16:00:00
Title: "Ulquirora" Artist: Frost
"Making My First Million by 30 and Giving it All Away to Charity"
2007-10-29 08:31:00
Title: "Making My First Million by 30 and Giving it All Away to Char ity " For: Junxiong Artist: CropCircle We've got a philanthropist here! Cheers to Junxiong! Just curious, which charity would you give it to? Best wishes to you! =) PS Thanks for waiting!
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"Leon 2"
2007-10-25 13:10:00
Title: "Leon 2" Artist: Frost
2007-10-22 15:31:00
Title: "Leon " Artist: Frost
"Eyes Sketches"
2007-10-18 15:23:00
Title: "Eyes Sketches " Artist: Frost
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"Research is Like Love"
2007-10-16 10:11:00
Title: "Research is Like Love " Specially For: Wallie Artist: beat emotion
"Ichigo Sketch"
2007-10-10 19:12:00
Title: "Ichigo Sketch " Artist: Frost Here's something for the Ichigo fans. Enjoy!
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"Darker than Black -- Hei 2"
2007-10-08 18:13:00
Title: "Darker than Black -- Hei 2" Artist: Frost
"Busou Renkin Fanart"
2007-10-01 10:04:00
Title: "Busou Renkin Fanart" Artist: Frost
2007-09-26 15:21:00
Title: "Angel " Artist: Frost
"Darker than Black -- Hei 1"
2007-09-22 11:55:00
Title: "Darker than Black -- Hei 1" Artist: Frost
"Grim Reaper"
2007-09-19 17:08:00
Title: "Grim Reaper " Artist: Frost Thanks to Grim Reaper, Frost is back in action!
"You say you were planning to call when I cool down. So when exactly is you
2007-09-08 15:20:00
Title: "You say you were planning to call when I cool down. So when exactly is your later?" For: heart Artist: CropCircle When planning doesn't work, action is the next best solution! Don't wait till the candle burns out.
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"Abundance of Life"
2007-09-03 13:59:00
Title: "Abundance of Life " For: 神琦 Artist: beat emotion In response to the abundance of human life (to be more specific... un-eco-friendly humans who mercilessly clear forests to construct industries), a drastic counter-measure is taken. It’s payback time!
Busy Little Bumble Bees
2007-08-29 17:01:00
You may have noticed the slight drop in the number of posts in Skeward recently. That is because most of the Skewarders have returned to school, now that the summer break is over. (T_T) Loads of administratives work and the need to switch one's mind back from the beach. From sketches we went on to thousands of words a day, we sometimes do wonder if school is really for us. But with all the
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"Eek Couple"
2007-08-23 04:34:00
Title: "Eek Couple " For: Kelynn Artist: Frost a.k.a 冰霜雪夜
"turn, slide, kick"
2007-08-21 03:14:00
P.S. This sketch requires you to follow through the actions. Follow the arrows! Title: "turn, slide, kick" For: LNN Artist: CropCircle Note: Sorry for taking so long. Inspiration doesn't come easy for this! Thanks to the Uncle on the train who "awed" (orrhhh no!!!) me. I guess you know what I mean. Thought maybe I should just include my entire sketchbook! This drawing is dedicated to you LNN,
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"Reference sketch of twinsies from joodlez@deviantart"
2007-08-18 16:12:00
Title: "Refer ence sketch of twinsies from joodlez@deviantart" Artist: Frost
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2007-08-16 15:35:00
Title: "Kurei" Artist: Frost a.k.a 冰霜雪夜
"A Piece of Summer"
2007-08-15 12:25:00
Title: "A Piece of Summer " For: Cheer Chen Qi Zhen 陈绮贞 Artist: beat emotion Note: Join me at her concert 29-Sep, i'm at 4th row from stage! A piece of summer. A piece of you.
2007-08-12 08:26:00
Title: Ugly For: Auntie Twink Artist: Reb
"World of Riches"
2007-08-10 05:48:00
Ever wondered why polymer Singapore dollar notes were introduced? Title: "World of Riches " For: Hitori Artist: CropCircle Besides cost effectiveness, it should be able to last till 2050. Whether you are wealthy or not, save our Earth now.
"Happy Birthday Singapore"
2007-08-09 02:09:00
Title: "Happy Birthday Singapore " Artist: CropCircle
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"What's that orange thing with two big round ears?"
2007-08-08 17:45:00
Title: "What's that orange thing with two big round ears?" For: Twink Artist: CropCircle Note: Can someone bring me on such a trip one day?
More About: Orange , Thing , Round , Ears
2007-08-07 05:43:00
before the Little Prince came, the fox stayed in his cave for many many many years. Title: "Enlightenment " For: Bryan Artist: Twink
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
2007-08-05 17:37:00
Title: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind For: hushie aka Peishan Artist: Reb
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