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2007-12-12 18:30:00
i got 88 per cent in my first assisgnment for the open university course on writing plays. very pleased with that, but conscious of there being so much to learn. the whole process of putting a play together is so...
writing a play - 3
2007-12-09 19:05:00
ok - we're getting nearer to crunch point in my open university course. i now have to come up with a theme for a play, no more than four characters, and write seven minutes worth of it. this will be...
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fable or fairy tale
2007-11-20 17:20:00
do you know the difference? take a look at this i don't know about you, but i find them enjoyable as well as thought provoking to read. it would be fun to rewrite one or two for the modern era....
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2007-11-08 15:23:00
now coming up to the end of my second week of my open university course on writing plays. this phase came to a close with a really interesting exercise...i had to write a scene and ten lines of dialogue between...
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new short story
2007-11-04 00:17:00
i've been trying to discipline myself to write to a word limit, and have just completed my latest challenge...a 2000 word story about something i know nothing about... it's called Mrs Bale's Diary (which UK readers may register as a...
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writing a play - 2
2007-10-26 19:28:00
tomorrow sees the official beginning of a new chapter for me (or should i say, act). that's when i begin my first ever open university course, and it's on how to write plays. my first bit of reading - ok,...
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brick wall
2007-10-08 19:32:00
i've hit the wall. just cannot make any progress with a new short story i'm trying to put together. it's promising, too. but i've ground to a halt after about a thousand words. does this ever happen to anyone else?...
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i won...i lost
2007-10-01 12:25:00
i won...the flash fiction contest i mentioned a few posts ago. gave me such a lift. shows the value to morale of giving it a go occasionally. my reward is to have my work published on a website for two...
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a novel way to spend six months!
2007-09-23 20:10:00
try this out if want to produce a novel in realistic timescale... i'm doing it.hope to meet you there. go for it!
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a novel way to spend a month
2007-09-21 19:23:00
i'm not sure how to react to the idea of having a national novel writing month... apparently, we're all encouraged to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. if you're keen, you can sign up from 1 october,...
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still waiting...
2007-09-17 19:46:00
sent my synopsis, enthusiastic letter, and first three chapters...oh....about two months ago.does that mean the agency is printing multiple copies so they can have a board meeting about signing me up for a large suitcase full of cash - just...
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flash fiction...2
2007-09-13 20:49:00
ok, i've done my best - producing a gob smacking work of fiction in less than 300 words.are we all shooting ourselves in the foot by joining in with this?will books be replaced by A5 sheets (printed both sides,of course)....
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flash fiction
2007-09-10 11:40:00
this is a new area for me and i'm not sure if i want to go there.i suppose it's a natural progression from the literary beauty of a charles dickens, to a 500 word piece of flash fiction written for...
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2007-09-02 19:07:00
i'm amazed at how many fiction competitions there are.i signed up to a writers website and now get two or three messages a day telling me about new contests, mainly for short story writing.i suppose it could be a waste...
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Learning curve
2007-08-30 20:17:00
completed my first ever short story today, and was quietly pleased with it.i actually enjoyed the process of distilling words down to the minimum while maintaining a decent pace.the hard part now is being honest with myself...have i really told...
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My hero
2007-08-27 17:01:00
...nicholas monsarratt strikes again.just reading yet another of his books - Nylon Pirates.the man is such a genius.he seems able to adopt such a range of different formula writing for him.nylon pirates is a comedy, almost a farce, set...
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Fiction competition
2007-08-23 21:01:00
i've always been a huge fan of the sherlock holmes stories, so when i discovered that portsmouth council is running a detective fiction short story competition, i just had to throw my hat in the ringi've got about a month...
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2007-08-22 20:17:00
it pays to be took a month, but i finally got a reply to an email i sent to a literary agent confirming that, yes, they are accepting submissions. so...never give up!
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further education...
2007-08-12 12:09:00
well i've finally plucked up the courage to sign up for an open university course in how to write a play.i've already written one, so it may be a strange thing to do.but actually, it might work out perfectly in...
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great story writing
2007-08-10 20:19:00
for me, there are few writers who can beat nicholas monsarrat.i've just read yet another of his books, 'something to hide'.this is a quirky story that lulls you into a way of thinking,then shouts in your ear and jolts you...
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Into the void...
2007-08-07 20:43:00
so here i am....first crime novel completed; first stage play written.... er....what now? do i now concentrate on marketing myself, or do i go all poetic and tragic and just get back to work in splendid isolation to produce another...
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Just finished...
2007-08-02 14:16:00
...the first draft of my play, working title...'beached'.four couples on day one of their beach holiday.the story is based on the simple phrase that 'nothing lasts'...and i try to communicate that through their interactions with each other, and with their...
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Writing a play
2007-07-26 19:39:00
Part of my 'further education' is to make myself a better writer, though i don't suppose any writer ever stops wanting to be better.i'm pushing myself a bit harder at the moment, pushing ideas around for a play which combines...
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The isle of light
2007-07-23 14:01:00
Link: Untitled Web Journal - Page 1. This takes you to the beginning of my photo album collection of images of my home island, with the sort of pictures that inspire me to write - and make me happy!...
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The writer, and the child, within
2007-07-23 11:49:00
i sorted through some old photos and came across a grainy black and white image of me, as a young boy.i remember doing the poetry thing in my early teens, full of angry thoughts and emotions that needed an outlet,...
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Other worldly
2007-07-19 10:58:00
i started reading 'Storm Front' by Jim's the first in a series about the only male witch in chicago who helps solve crimes.nice it happened i lost interest after the first hundred pages or so but it was...
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2007-07-17 20:16:00
...for inspiration, mainly.where does it come from, i wonder? what process takes place within us that secures its outlet through fast moving fingers that tap a keyboard and fill a white space with words.... i'm doing it now, i realise,...
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Writing blogs - 2
2007-07-13 16:34:00
Link: Confident Writing . Found this blog today...i will be browsing at my leisure, later!...
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Writing blogs - 1
2007-07-13 16:28:00
Link: Manage Your Writing : Write for diagonal readers. Found this interesting blog today....
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Writing about death
2007-07-12 10:51:00
My book begins with a death and I try to describe briefly what the sensation is like.The victim is suddenly hit on the head.It's so hard to know whether I'm using the right words.This is how it looks at the...
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