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David Munro - International Artist

David Munro - International Artist
David Munro, an english sculptor living in france. The artist sculpts in plaster, clay, draws and creates ditigal sculptures. The dual language english - french website is regularly updated with new works, work in progress and musings on art. Feature


Salon International de l?Art Contemporain - Marseille
2008-01-08 18:42:00
I will be exhibiting in marseille at SIAC this march. This international art fair runs from the 7th to the 10th of march at parc chanot. More information can be obtained here.
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Amis des Arts
2008-01-06 18:46:00
I am currently exhibiting at the gallery Les Amis des Arts , 26 Cours Mirabeau, Aix en Provence. The exhibition is open every day from 10am till 7pm and runs untill the 24th of January. View Larger Map I am exhibiting along-side Benoit David, Geno (Genevieve Koenig-Durieux), David Coquet, Catherine Ferrer and Mercedes Campos.
Inner Light
2007-09-04 12:29:00
The latest sculpture in the series “Libertés et Contraintes”. The title of the work is “Inner Light ” I hope that it is fairly self explanatorily.
2007-09-04 12:06:00
A couple of new figurative sculptures, Alexandria I and II.
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2007-08-25 20:32:00
Staying with the concept of ‘Freedom and Constraints”, this abstract sculpture explores tension and determination on the uphill journey. The sculpture is made of plaster, around 60cm high and is covered in small pencil markings which lend the piece a feeling of a larger scale.
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Exhibition - Collias 2007
2007-07-19 15:57:00
I am exhibiting some work in Coll ias in august. I’ll be exhibiting with artists from the area and expect it to be a good experience. Collias 2007 exposition de peinture et créations It runs from the 3-15 August and is being held at: Salle A Clemént Place du marché 30210 Collias
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Musings on ?Living Sculpture, Peaks and Valleys?
2007-07-18 14:56:00
What gives art life? There is an incredible amount of art in the world but a relatively small amount of it is alive to me. When sculpting a portrait I find that the sculpture can in some cases be more alive in the early stages than when finished. Is it then the imagination of the ...
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LibertÚs et Contraintes - Drawings
2007-07-18 14:52:00
Here are a few drawings from the exhibition. Caché I and II correspond to the sculpture ‘Caché’. Support I and II are drawings from the sculpture ‘Support’. I generally (but not always) draw and sculpt at the same time, working the two mediums up simultaneously. I find it helps me to step back ...
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Musings on the use of the figure in sculpture
2007-07-17 16:08:00
My recent sculptural experience has thrown up a few interesting questions. I have been experimenting with various forms of sculpture trying to find the best way of getting my ideas across. At the time I didn?t think ?Today I?ll try some abstract work, today some figurative, today conceptual?. It was rather I worked in a ...
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2007-07-17 16:05:00
Generally I like to keep things as simple as possible in my sculptures, this piece is a little more complex. I am exploring the idea of various aspects of a personality in search of freedom. The three figures could be the facets of one person’s experience with the attaining of freedom. Support ing, constraining, ...
LibertÚs et Contraintes - Exhibition open
2007-07-13 12:26:00
My first exhibition in france is going well, a real learning experience. The exhibition will be open till sunday the 22nd of july.
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Saatchi Showdown, Paint-brushes at dawn!
2007-06-11 10:03:00
I have entered Seeking Focus into Saatchi -gallery’s Showdown, where I am going head to head with other artists for visitor votes. Those of you that do not know about the Saatchi-gallery website, take a look, it seems to be a great thing for contemporary artists. They provide an online gallery space for your work, you can ...
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Exhibition - LibertÚs et Contraintes
2007-06-07 13:23:00
You are all very warmly invited to my next show ‘Libertés et Contraintes‘, you can find all relevant details on the invitation below. If you need any information regarding travel, etc, send an email to and I will do my best to provide it for you.
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Shop now open!
2007-06-06 12:56:00
Due to popular demand, I have added an online store to the website. You can now purchase a range of high quality limited edition prints. In the very near future you will also be able to buy both sculptures and drawings. You will find the shop by following the links on the left of the page.
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2007-06-06 10:52:00
Ok, so I have changed the address of the website. It is now here at . Much easier to remember and seeing as I am not based in London any more, a address is no longer practical. You can choose to view the site in English or French by clicking on the appropriate link ...
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