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A Graduate's Blank
2007-07-26 07:52:00
Graduate’s Panic I’m not a panic person. But now that I’m a graduate, I don’t have any better words to describe my feeling I’m having right now.First of all, I have tried and tried, so hard, to imagine, to visualise the picture of myself ... working. It’s not just that I don’t know yet, after an “extra” long period of being a student in institutes after institute, what job suits me or what I really want to do. I know that this is a common feeling for every brand-new graduate. For me, it’s totally different. I’m not sure if my student life is over just yet. I’m not sure it is the right time for me, and just me, to step into a working life. Honestly, I really am looking for work to having a career and I know exactly what I want to do, but I just don’t see my future in my mind.When I do things or when I am going to do something, I always see myself doing it. I even see what it will turn out like. I always see my future. But this time, I don’t. And it scares...
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Internet III
2007-07-19 07:25:00
Internet:Cyber-RealityDo we consider everything seen on the internet real? If not (or not entirely), did we ever search for its credibility? At least, I didn’t.It is interesting, alluring yet confusing, that the cyber realm seems to have something in common with what happening on the outside in terms of its representations, contents, and habits. But what about the differences?The internet is not so much different from the media, I suppose. Because of the presence of all that content and the way information is manipulated by some “manipulators”, the internet as well as the media is the place where the “pure reality” is coloured. One example can be that facts are presented selectively. Not all of what happens are publicised, only what seem to be the issue are.So, where are we living at this point? Are we living the true reality? What is the true reality anyway? And the most important of all, WHO defines it? In search of definitions that are pure and naked from colourings, ar...
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Internet II
2007-07-19 07:18:00
Internet:On the InternetThere are more for me about the internet, though. It is the most desirable place for people to go play around on. It is the most doubtful place of its boundaries, quantitative and qualitative measurement, and of it existence. Yet this ambiguous identity of the internet makes it more and more exiting for people to go and surf on it. On the internet, the copyright is extremely exploited, yet the internet is continually studied academically as communication phenomena. On the internet, nothing seems to be taken as seriously, yet an access to the internet is taken more and more seriously. Organisations and institutions are now going “online”. And they count the internet as one of their official communication tools including official website, e-mail, e-marketing, online shopping, online store, polling, forum discussion, blogging, and many more.There are so many things to do about ONE thing on the internet.And the thing is it seems to be time consuming as well. ...
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INTERNET: the access to the world
2007-07-17 06:59:00
Internet: Access to the World (Wide Web) Up until now, I had never experienced this feeling before. How much can the World Wide Web affect our lives? Like many have said, you would never know how much something means to you unless you lost it. Having no internet access, even only for a short time, for me it’s like losing the whole world. Of course, it’s because I lose the access to the “world” (wide web). It’s like everyday that I can’t get to the internet were a prison cell and the “World” were out there. Why is it so important to us when we don’t even know of its actual existence? Then I manage to gain an access to the “world” by going to use the public internet at uni. Sitting there using the internet to explore the world is not such an easy and comfortable. I mean, be cause of the fact that you know what it’s like to not have the internet it makes you sit there not going anywhere. It forces you to get out there to the “world” without asking yourse...
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2007-07-14 06:10:00
It took a whilefor youto realise that the worldisn't flat but it might take longerfor youto accept that the worldisn’t round either
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2007-07-13 06:22:00
LimitationLimitation is what people always turn the blind eye to. Limitation is undesirable. It is something people don’t like because it represents, show, and assure human’s “inability”.All the time, human try to find ways to improve their ability in doing things. So what they will hate the most is the opposite side of doing so—limitation.
Academic Blog
2007-07-13 06:00:00
Academic Blog Blogs are written because, first of all, there are some things that people want to express. Blog is the solution of this expression in ways that in functions as a place or a space for expressions of and about things. What expressed in blog can be anything. From raw to defined. Impossibility to inexistence.The origin of blog apart from the content itself is composed of two elements mainly. First is the “free” virtual space called “world wide web” along with its immediate access giving the “power” of free expression to those in need of expression. Second is the unsure feeling of being refused by the set of “standards” required by “the other place” available for expression particular types of expression of particular groups of people.Therefore, not only does the blog function as a place for expression that is free of rules or tight standard to be fulfilled, also is it a place for an escape!
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2007-07-12 07:13:00
DIBRINIAN SHOWCASEIVThe Limitation " will recognize that the art of calculating lacks precision, since it presupposes that the motion of all the other planets can be measured by reference to the motion of the sun. Even the ordering of the heavens --with respect to whatever kind of place or with respect to the risings and settings of the constellations or to the elevation of a pole and to things having to do with these-- it is not precisely knowable. Since no two places agree precisely in time and setting, it is evident that judgments about the stars are, in their specificity, far from precise." [source] ----------------------------------------- ------END OF SHOWCASE IV
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The Featured Blank
2007-07-10 11:47:00
THE FEATURED BLANK A moment and a blank are not the same thing,yet no one can assure of their differences from each other somehow.Only one particular mind can tell which is that it is having at one particular moment,or blankness.More than just a hollow,I feel a blank is a moment of fused confusion.A place where occurs a choicelessness of facing so many choices on the table.The mind is one of those messy stuffy places.Yet a mind is often thought of as a kind of space rather than an essence.This should be another kind of blankness.
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2007-07-07 05:12:00
Blank There is no absolute emptiness and nothingness in this world; there is only a being of emptiness within which almost everything is possible. The fact that it is called “emptiness” or “nothing” is only another limitation of language which works as a guardian against fear and dreadful uncertainty. The easiest example for this would be that a “thing” is not an opposite word of “nothing”.
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Blank II
2007-07-07 05:01:00
DIBRINIAN BLANK IIWhat am I doing here? I’m not trying to define things around against “those” already defined. But all I see things that aren’t worth their limiting prejudiced judgements. And people around me are too creative to be kept in a frame of references of nothing but nonsense. Human brains are built to be used not to be ruined by themselves and what they have built. Trying to get into a comfort zone may be an essence of life but that only reduces the value that a life should have.
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2007-07-06 06:52:00
DIBRINIAN BLANKAre we in the middle of an era of questions?Some might say no to this because it seems that answers for our questions are everywhere and they are very easy to find. But why are we still wonder about things and why are still there things something that is beyond our knowledge? Because (and here is the answer) things vanish and emerge every minute. This is also the answer to why we are still wondering. Because when an answer comes out another question emerges at the same time. Nothing can assure us of the end. There is no end. There are only points in time—the line that has no beginning and no end. Time is not a circle either in case one might think it is. Time appears when we notice it and disappear when we forget its entity.
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History II
2007-07-06 06:39:00
HISTORY II:Parallel History Termed right at this moment by the Dibrinian concept, PARALLEL HISTORY is the two stories about the same event with different angles which can be totally opposite to each other.For example, the events in the history of one country may not be the same thing in the history of its neighbouring country. It can even be offensive to them in case of occurring conflicts, if any.The Parallel History is a good demonstration of interpretations, judgements, and prejudice involving in writing stories. This proves once again that history isn’t any more credible than those we have heard of.Another angle that Dibrini would like to think about the Parallel History is that when a story is a “history” to one group of people, it might be only a rumour or even a false story to other group of people. The world has its own history, the story of human races and animals and cultures and civilisations. On the other hand, human see the story about aliens and lives outside the ...
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2007-07-06 06:29:00
HISTORYThere are so many things in this word. Origin, development, directions, innovation, evolution, change, metamorphosis, power, race, gender, domination.First of all, not everyone gets to write the content of history. Only important persons get to write history; as the matter of fact, only what they think should be history are recorded as history. In the process of history formation (by those who get to write it), topics are “selected” out of many others that are “less” important. Here, there lies a considerable amount of judgement on what are more and less important than others that should be written as history. It is not only the judgement itself but the judgement of a group of people (not everyone involved in the content of history).It is fair to say then that history is only another kind of story like such things as bedtime story, ghost story, and rumours. It is not always true. It may be not true at all in some cases. Like all other stories, it is up to our own judg...
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2007-07-04 08:43:00
Dictionary Here is the place where things are defined with human language tools that has been built to ease the exchange of understanding. However, this purpose of this tool limits the understanding of the ultimate reality by building a perceptual wall against one. Therefore, dictionary based on the construction of language is the where the limitation of interpretation and understanding of reality and things in it is “clearly” defined. It frames what should be seen and what shouldn’t about things. There are so many examples around human activities of this Dibrinian claim. For example, human call the used meaning outside their dictionary of a word inside the dictionary “a slang”. Not long after that, they realise that they have to include that meaning in their dictionary for reason that they WANT the dictionary to be the place where everything is defined. Now the dictionary either gets fatter and fatter, or grows into many categories of dictionary such as scienti...
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Communication II
2007-07-04 08:38:00
Communication II: SUBCOMMUNICATIONBecause of at least one component of communication is uncontrollable, the whole communication is made uncontrollable. Dibrini would like to call this uncontrollable component SUBCOMMUNICATION.A Subcommunication can be the hidden message(s) within the main (obvious) message sent and received on the surface of communication. This is a level of robotic communication in human communication. However, another level of human communication is the Subcommunication in which there are several of messages floating to be detected by communicators’ ability of interpretation.Subcommunication is uncontrollable because, first of all, one cannot control others and, second, one does not seem to have a total control over oneself. This results in that the message and its hidden contents are not totally controlled by the sender, that how the message is sent is not controlled, and that the interpretation of the receivers cannot be controlled by...
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2007-07-04 08:26:00
COMMUNICATION The most recent exemplification of communicational behaviour of human is BIG BROTHER, the most intense communication scenario that can be thought of in all time. In BIG BROTHER, the contexts, environment, and habits of communication are captured and forced to perform in one intense circumstance in which all the “communicators” are not able to avoid these elements of their communication. This is because the nature of the game itself is that the one who communicates the best wins. Not only all the communicators have to communicate to one another, but have they also to communicate with the public who is watching on outside as well. Many communication games seen in the BIG BROTHER show includes groupthink syndrome, social loafing, majority vote, domination, resistance, game-playing, conflict resolution behaviour, being in or under the radar, and many more. The situation there in the show becomes intense because of the fact that everyone is aware of the communicatio...
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2007-07-01 06:35:00
DIBRINIAN SHOWCASE III DIBRINIAN TIME-OUT ----------------------------------------- ----END OF SHOWCASE III
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2007-06-26 14:35:00
ART Art is the not of the nature;art is only what created by human.And because the word ART is defined in the pleasant and praiseworthy term,ARTs therefore can only be things that are accepted and admiredby at least a group of human of the importance,the discourse,and the reality that ART possesses.
2007-06-26 14:24:00
Chaos“In mathematics and physics, chaos theory describes the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamical systems that under specific conditions exhibit dynamics that are sensitive to initial conditions (popularly referred to as the butterfly effect). As a result of this sensitivity, the behavior of chaotic systems appears to be random, because of an exponential growth of errors in the initial conditions. This happens even though these systems are deterministic in the sense that their future dynamics are well defined by their initial conditions, and there are no random elements involved. This behaviour is known as deterministic chaos, or simply chaos.” Earlier was the definition of the “chaos theory”. Now, for the practical part, it seems that what really obvious of the Chaos Theory in Human society has been those “post-” things as counter-actions against the things that come before them. This happens because the level of sensitivity toward one another and the way they react...
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2007-06-26 14:02:00
COMPLEXITYIt all starts from many different things having relationships to one another in forms of INTERCONNECTEDNESS. One thing works with the other generating the another thing, which works with another two things one of which is similar to the first thing that has generated the one it works with. This relation is then similar to another relation of another set of things in terms of its relation to one another in the reverse order, which create another thing that represents this view of relationship that looks opposite to the other thing that is similar to the thing that created it. And blahhhhh . . .These complex relationships between things together form up the complexity.Complexity in communication is seen as the realm in which beginnings and endings do not exist; rather, communication ALWAYS takes place unnoticeably upstage, downstage, middlestage.
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2007-06-24 15:19:00
          i           Most of Dibrinian audience may be looking for the so-called references of the material in the Dibrinian Showcase .       Dibrini doesn't take the copy right thing so seriously because that another standard set by others for which Dibrinian conscious doesn't have any concern due to the fact that there is no such thing as this kind of standard in the "wide-web world".       However, in case anyone seeking for one, simply click on the photos track back the URL by yourself.   Enjoy the DIBRINIAN SHOWCASE.        
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2007-06-23 06:09:00
DIBRINIAN SHOWCASE II There is no such thing as REALITY! ...The concept of this showcase is thatthe reality is not real.Reality does not exist.Reality is not an existence.It is not even a substance.There is no reality without an attachment of an adjective.Then it means, there is no reality pure from interpretation.Therefore,in this showcase,or any showcase or whatever presented to perception directly or indirectly,it is noteworthy that interpretation is the most comprehensive essence.... Human Reality has a lot in common with HISTORY. it takes into account the past, the present and the future which relate directly to human kind. Ambiguity is also the case which leads to the notion of human incomplete interpretation. Emotions always unconsciously attached to human interpretation. Then its concertive power comes to bias the perception of image of reality interpretation. The product of human emotions altering the image of reality: pleasant exp...
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2007-06-21 11:40:00
DIBRINIAN SHOWCASE IHistory of Human CreativityHere is the history of the development of human creativity.Creativity has been seen as a spark of new ideaswhich has been compared with a many symbolsthat are actually their own creative ideas.Those symbolic objects themselves work,within human routine,as GENERATORSof their new ideas;therefore, those symbolic objects represents human creativity.Creativity as a spark of light, human invention.And again creativity is a spark of light.Human keep wondering what creativity is because it is claimed to possess depth and msyteriousness of its dimensions and dynamisms.One substance of creativity is that it belongs to human, and human only.Explanation for creativity can be superstitious a lot of times.Human always have ways to express their creativity, which is often unacceptable in standards of creativity set by other human, but they express it anyway. An example of standard for creativity set by a group of human, which doesn't seem to work.---...
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2007-06-19 07:12:00
Beauty [II]: No BeautyTo prosecute the concept of BEAUTY, Dibrini quotes . . .Beauty is commonly defined as a characteristic present in a person, place, object or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning or satisfaction to the mind, arising from sensory manifestations such as a shape, color, personality, sound, design or rhythm. Beauty is studied as part of Aesthetics, Sociology, Social Psychology and Culture. Beauty, as a cultural creation, is also extremely commercialized. . . . The subjective experience of "beauty" often involves the interpretation of some entity as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is a common phrase attributed to this concept. . . .In its most profound sense, beauty may engender a salient experience of positive reflection about the meaning of one's own existence. An "object of beauty" is anything that reveals or resonates wit...
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Colinisation of Discourse
2007-06-18 06:08:00
Colonisation of Disc ourseMr Fairclough (some years ago) defines the Colonisation of Discourse as the event in which some particular discourses—topics of consideration—are paid attention to over other discourses for particular reasons other than the worthiness of those particular discourse themselves. Why? That’s simple! The one who speaks first wins. Because the one who speaks first gets heard first, and the thing spoken becomes the matter first. Likewise, for people around him, what heard first becomes the matter first and perceived the first priority for considerations. This is because the perception of human itself ARRANGES things in its own timeline and put forward different levels of importance to different positions in that timeline.Thereafter, the positions on the psychological timeline affect its surroundings in ways that, first of all, there comes juxtaposition of different positions of discourse which brings about appropriate reasons for being in different positions...
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