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The Truth Is Not In a Book by Louis Evan Palmer
2012-04-11 16:15:00
How can the truth be in a book?  It would mean that the truth is in an abstraction and not in reality. It would mean the truth was tied to a language and not freely available. It would mean that the truth is tied to a time, the time the book was written in. It would mean the truth was tied to a place, the place the truth was written in. It would mean the truth is tied to writing and recording and reading and remembering. It would mean the truth was tied to interpreters and reciters.How can the truth be in a place? It would mean the truth can be divided and measured and located. Power can be in a place but not truth.How can truth be in any construct, any thought or word or place or thing? The truth is uncreated, boundless and timeless. Approximations and indications must not be confused with reality itself. At the end of an infinite string of "Not this" and "Not that" lies truth: there, before a single word is spoken, before a single thought or movement or feeling or image or so...
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Pretending a World by Louis Evan Palmer
2012-04-10 16:12:00
In the future if it's "good", we may have all our basic, and even secondary, needs provided for. We may be able to do whatever we legally want. Legal may be expanded over what it is today. It could easily be a world where all people are doing something related to a portrayal or an artistic creation: that is, you are either watching a production or event of some kind - sports, entertainment, education; or, performing in an event or production; or you're communicating about a production or event.It would highlight "real" versus "contrived" but it might, in fact, highlight that the real life we're leading is more fiction (i.e. made up) than fact. Or, that there is no essential difference between acting something or supposedly "being" something if real life is actually a script like any other. It may be a script that's embedded and somewhat unconscious but nonetheless, it's created in an interaction between people and individuals and the surrounding world; it's a series of ch...
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The Tenuousness of History by Louis Evan Palmer
2012-04-09 22:02:00
Probably the most famous saying to do with the unreliability of historical accounts is "History is written by the victors" attributed to Winston Churchill who as the author of six volumes on World War II would have had extensive first-hand experience of the accuracy of that observation.When we see how important a role propaganda plays in any conflict and the fact that most history revolves around conflict, we can see that many of the strands in any given historical story are comprised of deliberate, and often insidiously inserted, "facts" that further a given purpose although sometimes the "facts" are blatant and crude. The mix of crude and sly are construed for maximum effect.The curtains of secrets that descend in any conflict is another way that the historical truth of anything becomes tainted and and its deciphering gets deferred to an indeterminate future. Secrets large and small, trivial and monumental, diminish and twist the historical record for the duration of the "hold" pe...
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The Era of the Three Thousand Countries by Evan Palmer
2012-03-18 18:41:00
In the future, probably distant, something has occurred, likely violent, that has caused countries to split apart into much smaller entities akin to provinces or counties. If it proceeds in a good way, there will be rules and laws that mandate the maximum parameters of a country - geographic extent, population, wealth. It would look something like 2 or 3 hundred countries replacing the former USA, possibly, a hundred in the former Canada and another hundred replacing the former Mexico. And, this would be global. The former Russia is now perhaps 4 hundred countries and China and India perhaps 2 hundred countries each. And so on throughout the globe. No hegemony. No massive armies. No stratospheric military budgets. Lots of standardization and harmonization regarding things that are in common but also lots of differences and nuances. This is the opposite of empire-building or imperialism. It is a peaceful individualization, a beneficial shrinking, an anti-inflammatory, a way towards p...
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The 7 Days of Valentine's by Evan Palmer
2012-03-18 17:00:00
One day is not enough and is fraught with going from ordinary to extraordinary in a relative flash. Everyone knows that a build-up and a denouement are natural and expected. It could be three days but again, it hardly seems enough. The twelve days of Christmas seems like too many, and, it's already being done. We want a length that not been done, that's not too long, and not too short, and, ideally, that has some cachet. One of the magical numbers - which lands us at seven. The twist I would propose is not to have all the days precede the event itself but to have Valentine's day as the apex with a natural and enjoyable build-up and a denouement. Three days before, Valentine's Day itself, and three days after. Three roses, two chocolates, one poem. Something mysterious and thoughtful for Valentine's Day. And then, one bottle of perfume, two candies, and three bars of fancy soap. The seven days of Valentine's. Any and all variations for the presents or love votive.Let's try it ...
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Transactional Being by Evan Palmer
2012-02-19 16:03:00
The Buddhist masters say that there is a chain of interdependence and no one solid being, only the illusion of one. That the person we think we are is what we see and recall of sets or series of transactions that occur between other dependent processes. An illusory being that seems enduring and distinct but, in fact, springs into and out of existence with each transaction that occurs - a thought,a word, a movement; each a little stitch but not in a single garment of our self; rather, in the fabric of it all. The consciousness like a flashlight in a dark room, illuminating the small spot of the moment then a necklace of moments.If a computer program or robot did all those things we wouldn't think it was a bona fide person. But we do for ourselves. We think that partly because we have a body, and thus, we seem to have a "being". Yet science keeps discovering more about our bodies and minds and what it indicates is more complexity and other things besides "ourselves" proper. Like non-...
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If the Universe was a Sudoku puzzle by Evan Palmer
2012-01-28 00:52:00
The object of Sudoku is to discover the numbers from 1 to 9 that align along each row, column and 3x3 box such that no number is repeated in any of the 3 constructs (row, column, 3x3 box). What if instead we had looked at a completed Suduko and realised that the above was true. We uncover an order in what appears to be a jumble of numbers. Bliss equals hidden order manifested.What if our universe or multi-verse is created in such a way that it is in fact an unimaginably immense sudoku where "something" always adds up the same way no matter how you add it. You add up your lives across time and space. You add up all the connected lives you interact with in this life. You "add" up the entire planet. You add up our Solar System, our galaxy, other galaxies. Always the same total. What is it that adds up the same across all significant parameters? It is not something mutable. It is not something bound in time. It is not some "thing" at all. That's why it's all alright. Always. Everywher...
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Year Zero - Starting Over - The Way out of Economic Collapse by Evan Palmer
2012-01-08 17:16:00
This may seem naive or ignorant but it seems to be clear that an almost complete government intervention would be needed if a full-scale economic collapse occurs. Do governments have plans in place? And not just plans to control, incarcerate and pacify the general population. Plans to help people and right the economy.Plans that control all financial and related transactions and seal all borders - physical and electronic. Plans that freeze all current financial obligations and do not permit closures, seizures or foreclosures by anyone except the federal government.The next step is to issue a new currency. All assets will have to converted into the new currency, They would be tabulated and scrutinized as to propriety and legality. The new currency would be based on the size of the economy, number of consumers, and other relevant factors.All financial institutions would come under supervision and, potentially, governement control to ensure that accounts are kept open and that credit i...
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Super Rich have excessive power by Evan Palmer
2012-01-06 20:56:00
On December 5th, 2012, the Globe and Mail ran a story called "Seven Millionaire Myths" by Claire Bradley of Investopedia.comhttp://www.theglobeandmai sehold-finances/seven-millionaire-myths/a rticle2263181/It is basically an apology for millionaires and seeks to cast them as ordinary and like us in that they pay taxes and work for their money. But millionaires are really a red herring in this case as a million in assets is not that much. The real message of this Globe and Mail propaganda piece is to agglomerate the super rich in with the ordinary millionaires so as to be able to include them in the statements that the "rich" are being unfairly characterized in the media and we should accept the assertions in this article and applaud them and their economic contributions. Among other things, this is a roundabout way of denigrating the Occupy movement and other similar organizations or persons who call out the massive economic distortions and tar...
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Blessed Be - Air by Evan Palmer
2011-12-27 22:32:00
Blessed Be the air that flows around us,that ripples the grass and bows the flowers.The air that lifts the birds towards the sun and pushes theclouds in the sky and fills our lungs. The wind that fills the sails and turns the mills and furls the waves and fuels our life. Blessed Be.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Support his art, ideas and worldview, Order books by Evan Palmer : the novel "Oaklane Woods"; short stories "Tales Told to a Tree"; poems "40 Poem Fragments". Order via Kindle link at right of screenCopyright 2011 Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications. c/ping
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PROMOTION - free kindle book tomorrow - Tales Told To A Tree by Evan Palmer
2011-12-18 16:17:00
P R O M O T I O N !Tomorrow - the book of short stories TALES TOLD TO A TREE will be * free * on KINDLEclick on link at the right for "BUY BOOKS BY EVAN PALMER"---------------------------------- -------------------------OAKLANE WOODS - Amazon Kindle Book TALES TOLD TO A TREE - Amazon Kindle Book40 POEM FRAGMENTS - Amazon Kindle Book=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Support his art, ideas and worldview, Order books by Evan Palmer: the novel "Oaklane Woods"; short stories "Tales Told to a Tree"; poems "40 Poem Fragments". Order via Kindle link at right of screenCopyright 2011 Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His short stories have appeared in numerous publications. c/ping
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RIM executives drugged? War on RIM continues by Evan Palmer
2011-12-11 16:34:00
It's the excess of it that triggers suspicion. Like the 911 attacks, 3 buildings in New York not one or even two but three including one that wasn't even hit. And then another one in Washington. And then another plane downed in Pennsylvania. It's the excess of someone catering to an audience whose attention is very difficult to get and maintain. This RIM stuff is much smaller in scale in terms of violence but it is the same mindset that veers to excess. It has the potential of affecting tens of thousands of people and billions of dollars worth of assets and patents and destroying a competitor and buying its assets at firesale prices. Like Nortel.The latest RIM story is that two executives went beserk on an Air Canada flight, attacking crew members, being restrained, gnawing through their restraints and forcing the pilot to divert and land at Vancouver. How incredibly coincidental that both men would go beserk, both had to be restrained, both gnawed through their restraints. It's...
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St Augustine's God & The Problem of Evil by Evan Palmer
2011-12-10 21:01:00
There is a simultaneity about everything that is both mystifying and satisfying. Matter is Energy. Energy is Matter. Matter & Energy exist as both particles and waves. God exists both in Time and outside of Time. Augustine of Hippo devoted a great deal of effort to the problem of evil and at the risk of over-simplifying, his argument can be summarized as "All's Well That Ends Well"; that God, being outside of time, can see all of it at once and can see and know that today's evil is righted by tomorrow's good; that a future joy and contentment can atone for the present suffering and anxiety - more, that it was necessary, that one could not have followed without the other.Can evil be viewed as the fire in the forge? That the sword of our life depends on evil for its edge and its purpose? One of our problems is that it's difficult for us to tell the difference between normal adversity and abnormal evil or that when we find ourselves in times where evil is normal, it's a direct...
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H5N1 - Five Easy Mutations by Evan Palmer
2011-12-04 00:05:00
There's something rotten in the Netherlands and something seriously wrong with a system that funds and encourages scientists to develop MORE contagious versions of viruses. Other labs have tried to make the H5N1 virus more contagious - it already is virulent, killing up to 60% on those infected. They failed but Ron Fouchier of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and his team in the Netherlands succeeded.Normally, this would be hailed as a tremendous thing but this is not a cure for anything or something that will advance the human condition. In fact, now we have the most powerful weapon in the world in some lab in western Europe. Even worse, these scientists are so selfish and inward-thinking that they want to publish their research which will allow other countries and groups including corporations to more easily develop their own world-killing viruses. Dr. Thomas Inglesby, the director and CEO of the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh was quoted as saying:...
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The Way Out of Shadow Banks by Evan Palmer
2011-11-05 23:12:00
Various individuals in various financial institutions decided they wanted to make a lot of money and that the traditional means of doing that in banking, for example by taking deposits and making loans, was not good enough. So they stepped out of the normal regulated banking system and setup their own unregulated shadow banking system. This presented society with a rigged system in that we have ineffective governance over an increasingly large segment of financial transactions and the associated dollar value. It seems that the biggest thing going on was selling an asset (like a house) a number of times. It might have looked different but it was the same house, or fraction of that house, being sold and resold. Some of the purchasers might have thought their piece of paper or electronic entry in a broker's system was an asset but they found out differently when the house of cards started to collapse. It was revealed to be nothing more than a chain of liens where only the lien that ha...
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The Diefenbaker Sanction by Evan Palmer
2011-10-29 23:14:00
The federal Conservative Party of Canada displays a dangerously dogmatic, even zealous, streak in dealing with people and programs with which it does not agree. Its tack is not only to deal with it in the here and now but to eliminate it from any potential future as well. Let's call it the Diefenbaker Sanction after the notorious 1958 cancellation of the Avro Arrow project. Not only was the project cancelled but the prototypes, production plane and line were destroyed along with the blueprints and technical data. There was such a rush to destroy the program that some workers almost risked injury or death applying acetylene torches to the planes. They quickly reassessed their approach and the planes were sawn apart. However, the production lines were cut apart with the acetylene torches. The Conservatives of the day denied it later but here we are again in 2011 with the Long Gun Registry and they are not only stopping the program but destroying all the data. Doesn't it smack of the...
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OCCUPY - This is only the beginning! by Evan Palmer
2011-10-15 18:05:00
Pendulums swing and injustice occurs at each extreme of those swings. The OCCUPY crescendo that is building around the world is the result of everything evil that's happened and is still in the world over the last few decades. The evil deeds and the cover ups; the lies and the deliberate obfuscation; the thefts and killings and wars. People have been getting sicker of it every year and now the vast financial boondoggles in the guise of unrelenting crises has set it afire. People are burning with indignation and rage. We are facing a society and world where the practice and furtherance of fundamental liberties and freedoms is under threat when anything substantial is involved - anything beyond fluff and celebrity gossip or the party line. People don't want change, they want justice in all spheres and regions. Where justice is doing the right thing: Social justice. Financial & Fiscal justice. Criminal & Corporate justice. Environmental justice.People are sick of it all: sick...
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Corporate Welfare Bums, Fascism and Public Indebtedness by Evan Palmer
2011-08-01 18:53:00
Fascism gets its legitimacy from the few corporations that are well-run for a period of time. These shining examples of competence and societal benefit are used to bolster arguments that companies should be allowed to run everything; that everything would be better if only. Corporations demand loyalty yet give none in return. They are permitted, and typically assisted, in growing and hiring up to a point when they are considered successful and then greed and so-called competition "forces" them to outsource. Mainly, they are "forced" into outsourcing by a government of ex-and-wannabee-CEOs and confederates where if you allow one then you force the rest. The public shares the blame in indescrimately buying cheaper even if it hurts your own country, state and neighbourhood. Once you board the roller-coaster, you can't get off until it's over. The truth, however, learned over and over again, seemingly lost to memory each time: you can't feed your face while chopping off your limbs.Th...
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The Royals - Much Ado about Nothing by Evan Palmer
2011-07-24 18:47:00
There was a time long ago when a royal was a royal for a reason - some achievement requiring courage and guile, some extraordinary skill ... something other than being born to so-and-so. And even for those who were just born into it, there was an expectation that they would be contributing and leading as soon as practical. They would be performing important government functions (qualified or not) or missions or leading actual armies or navies into battle. And it was a vastly different world. Nowadays, royalty is merely ceremonial and a ceremonial position that depends solely on birth is nothing but a parasitic position.The latest "Will & Kate" wedding and recent trip to Canada highlight this emptycharade. Neither of them has achieved anything of note. Nor has the Queen or any of the so-called royal family. "Being" a so-called royal is the sole criteria and then for Kate being selected to join this high-profile social and occasional short-term "work" club. This is leadership dist...
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What Chemistry can teach us about Relationships by Evan Palmer
2011-07-01 03:17:00
People crave analogies and like magic, they find them everywhere. Most adequate or even instructive; however, some analogies are so compelling that we base our life on them.Our tireless search for answers never stops, whether the questions are valid or not, because we have convinced ourselves that we are on a search for illumination. We turn here and there, this way and that. And now, let us turn to chemistry for guidance - turning to our understanding of the physical world as manifested in its chemistry.The key underlying principle of these bonds, both personal and chemical - is that they are powerful over short distances but weak or non-existent over longer distances. In the personal realm, various technologies can be employed to reduce the perceived or effective distance. Communication technologies are one of the important ways of reducing the perceived distance between people. Memory is another means of diminishing distance by increasing presence. This seems to show that the per...
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Nortel all over again! Economic Warfare now directed at RIM by Evan Palme
2011-06-23 03:05:00
Objectivity and independence are incidental bystanders in this war while deliberate campaigns of espionage, propaganda and financial maneuvering are the constant companions. Canada had better wake up to the fact that warfare, especially economic, is being waged against it and its companies. There is no way that what happened to Nortel was natural just as there's no way that what's happening to RIM is natural. RIM was sued by an American filing cabinet company known as NTP. This tied RIM up in expensive litigation for years and resulted in an assessment of $450 million dollars in damages. This was pure out-and-out piracy and economic harassment. Then Dolby decided to try it as well. These were patent infringement suits. A so-called investors suit went public in May of this year, Who started it? Who really started it?Anyone who has a smidgen of awareness of how intelligence agencies work will recognize the mark of the economic hit men. The CIA, NSA and other of the Amercian alpha...
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The Coming Radicalism by Evan Palmer
2011-06-12 17:36:00
The coming radicalism will issue from the approximately half-billion baby boomers globally but especially from those in the so-called advanced world - Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The counter-culture will re-emerge and a new disengagement philosophy will take hold based on an eco self-realization approach and new and emerging technologies that will support a vast decentralization and "groupization" - the creation, destruction, and modification of groupings for specific or broad purposes - which will start to replace parlimentary democracy with direct democracy and the allegedly free markets with truly voluntary currency and economic and exchange systems. Although police and intelligence agencies like to define radicalism as associated with violence, it is not necessarily so, and in the early phases, definitely not. In addition, the progression, if there is one, varies among peoples, subgroups and cultures. In most instances, there is no progression. Th...
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War as Theft by Evan Palmer
2011-05-29 20:46:00
It is instructive and eye-opening to view war as theft. That is, to consider that theft is its main purpose. War being more than a few armed skirmishes but not necessarily on a massive scale. As Gwyn Dyer pointed out in his book "War", long-duration low-intensity attacks can tally up to substantial losses over long spans of time like 10-20+ years. In some cases, almost permanent war. The acquisitive side of war manifests itself in things done to avoid it like the paying of tribute or taxes or the giving of gifts or hostages or slaves or goods. It can appear as the right of passage through territory or across a river or over a mountain pass. It might seem like less than what a war victory might deliver but it would be quicker and cheaper than war and given the potential destruction of goods and people in a serious war, it's likely that there would be more wealth and property to apportion as well.So, if we see or pursue policies that impoverish our neighbours, we should also see that...
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Harper Lies Because He Must by Evan Palmer
2011-04-22 23:54:00
Harper lies because he must. If he told the truth, the unvarnished reform-national-citizens-coalition truth, he wouldn't get elected to anything. The websites below enumerate the many falsehoods uttered by Stephen Harper and his associated Harperites and useful idiots.www.100reasons.caharperlies.blogsp ot.com DemocratBlogs/LIES_THAT_STEPHEN_HARPER_TO LD_US-1/www.harperlied.comDoes anyone care? Has it come down to fluff and puff, kissing-up to the powerful, and making examples and scapegoats of the unfortunate? Does it exhaust all our focus and intellect just to deal with miscreants? Is dealing with miscreants the sum total of our action plan? Tough on bad guys. Stephen Harper - He lies because he must, Evan Palmer , The Way It Can Be, http:/ ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Copyright 2011 Evan Palmer lives in Ontario Canada. His ...
2011-04-03 21:23:00
Harper Government is lying again. In 2004, Stephen Harper clearly asked for a chance at a coalition government led by himself. The letter he and his coalition sent is shown below and is on the public record. "As leaders of the opposition parties, we are well aware that, given the Liberal minority government, you could be asked by the Prime Minister to dissolve the 38th Parliament at any time should the House of Commons fail to support some part of the government?s program. We respectfully point out that the opposition parties, who together constitute a majority in the House, have been in close consultation. We believe that, should a request for dissolution arise this should give you cause, as constitutional practice has determined, to consult the opposition leaders and consider all of your options before exercising your constitutional authority. Your attention to this matter is appreciated."-From a letter to then-Governor General Adrienne Clarkson signed by all three opposition lead...
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HARPER GOVERNMENT - Fascism Lite by Evan Palmer
2011-03-26 22:15:00
"Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy." - wikipedia The relentless Harper-led assault on democratic values continues. It is both a drip-drip torture in things like election funding illegalities and a full-bore frontal attack with outright lying, forgery and illegal secrecy. Appropriately, the Harper government is a one-man show with its select stable of designated hitters and spitters and attack-dog yes-men. John Baird leaps to mind. It is a government that while appearing puritanical seems to have a suppressed attraction for corruptibles either as senators like Patrick Brazeau, former chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples or as advisors like Mr-Fixit Bruce Carson, a former bankrupt and disbarred lawyer. Harper Government has accumulated enough mini-scandals and ethical affronts that one would assume that we were looking at the decaying malodorous carcass of a 15 or 20 y...
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North, South, East, West: What's in a Name? by Evan Palmer
2011-02-20 22:51:00
There are descriptors added to place names or country names that function like the tip of an iceberg in alerting individuals to a substantial submerged, typically negative, situation. These exist at the national level witrh such nations as North Korea and South Korea or the former West Timor and East Timor while others appear within a given country or region like Virginia and West Virginia or North and South Dakota within the United States. They is usually one evil twin in these twosomes. We can argue that most instances of North/South East/West land segments ? the names of jurisdictions that clearly represent an area (region, state, country); that is, in an explicit relationship with another area (region, state, country) - are frought with unresolved tensions and potential future discord. This would apply to areas where people live in both of the direction-named land areas versus purely geographic entities like the North and South Atlantic oceans. Yet even then it denotes a close...
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Seeing Trees by Evan Palmer
2009-02-16 23:04:00
In this article, the trees are virtues and the forest is the whole from which they emerge.Generally, a virtue is good, and a vice, which is opposed to a virtue, is bad. We, typically, don't see them existing on their own without relationships or connections or contexts. For example, seeing courage and loyalty as ideal independent virtues similar to Plato's ideal solids.Because virtues are personal attributes, the sire of any virtue is the sense of self. A person, or personhood, manifests a virtue.Sense of self, in turn, needs memory. The traditional memory but also tendencies, instinct & other innateness, each with their own memories possibly connected to the main traditional memory or other memories, possibly isolated. All enmeshed in a reality, an enormous web of relationships and laws transfixed by time and cravings. This idea of memory is anchored in an uncharted ocean of speculation and ambiguous experimental results. There are persons with almost no physical brains yet...
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How to Hide Anything by Evan Palmer
2009-02-09 00:00:00
Hiding, covering, and obscuring comes easily to us. We do it, consciously & unconsciously, for greater and lesser ends. It becomes a cause for serious concern when it gets elevated in its scope and takes on the mantle of the state. Then it jumps itself up and assumes dangerous forms like militarism and propaganda. What does militarism hide? Theft. What does propaganda hide? Truth.But it's more than just a person hiding some thing. It's also about choice - choosing to perform actions in a way and at a time and involving things that will not attract notice. One can more easily hide when involving one self with persons or things that have no voice or when attacks are made on someone or something that has no voice or has been muted. And we in turn mute own voices. How can it be wrong if no-one objects? Paradoxically, the worst offenses engender a debilitating silence that envelopes and chokes those who come into contact with it.It also involves a choice when interacting with perso...
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Stephen Harper Outsmarts His-self - Lies & Anger from a Would-be Autocrat b
2008-12-08 03:43:00
Stephen is angry. He didn't get his way. Worse, he made get sidelined. Now he's really mad. Now he may even subvert parliament to get his way.It's a peek-a-boo routine worthy of old-school burlesque - first the anger, then the lies. Sometimes seamlessly interwoven but always both there. As a former professor of economics, Harper would be expected to know more about what's needed to deal with a full-blown international financial crisis than merely attacking various "enemies" with a parochial, head-in-the-sand economic statement. But then again, Harper is a also a former president of the Ayn-Rand-ist National Citizens Coalition (guess he didn't have a problem with coalitions then) who are against a lot of things including our national health-care system. Presumably, Harper was also against our national health-care system for his entire NCC tenure and likely some time before assuming their leadership position. Is he really for it or against it? Hard to tell with Stephen as he has ...
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