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Home and Garden Decorating Ideas and Tips. Ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden
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Gardening A Pastime Continued For Centuries
2008-06-09 04:50:00
Plants were here long before people or animals were. While earliest man supplemented his staple diet of animal meat with gathered nuts and berries, people of later ages learned to cultivate crops to feed more people more reliably, leading to the more diverse diet we enjoy today. Because man’s new knowledge of plant propagation freed a great deal of time he had previously used for survival, he began to find many more uses for plants. One of those uses, gardening, filled the need both for decoration and recreation. A prime example of this pursuit is seen in one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Gardening as a pastime continued throughout the centuries. Asian cultures spent hundreds of years developing plant-based cures for diseases. Plants and herbs formed the entire basis for Chinese medicine. In addition to utilizing plants for their curative properties, Asian cultures revered them for their beauty, as well. Both peonies and maples, found...
Choosing the Perfect Garden for You
2008-06-09 04:46:00
If you're thinking about starting a garden, the first thing you need to consider is the type of garden you want and how much work you want to put into it. There are several choices to choose from depending on your preference. Do you like Flowers, or would you rather be able to eat what you grow. By narrowing it down, your gardening experience will be easier on yourself and the plants. If all your plants are similar, then it shouldn't be very hard to care for them all. So here are some garden ideas for you to choose from. Flower gardens are nice to look at in your yard, they don't take much time or care to maintain. Perennial flowers usually stay pretty healthy year round. They are basically weeds because of their hardiness, only much more beautiful to look at than the weeds. Perennials are different in different areas and climates of the world. To find out what grows best in your area you can do a quick search on the internet for your area and get a list of flowers that will do g...
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The Benefits of Solar Greenhouses
2008-06-09 04:44:00
Many individuals are starting to recognize the benefits of solar greenhouses. A greenhouse is a structure that is composed of either a plastic type material or glass. Generally, the sides of this structure implement the use of the same type of material. A standard greenhouse will pull in the sunlight so that the plants may be kept warm. A solar greenhouse is a bit different in that it actually pulls in the sunlight and the heat to keep growing conditions at a regulative temperature - even when the sun is not shining, but when the sky is cloudy and overcast. These agriculture structures are designed to grow plants all year long. Here, you will learn the various benefits associated with greenhouses that are considered to be "solar". As you explore the solar greenhouses, you will notice that there are some distinct characteristics that make them stand apart. First, the solar type of greenhouse is insulated heavily to ensure that all of the heat that enters the structure is maintained ...
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Why Drip irrigation Is The Best Way Of Watering Your Garden Plants
2008-06-08 12:13:00
While automatic sprinkler systems are the most effective way of watering a lawn, drip irrigation, some drawbacks notwithstanding, is the preferred method for the rest of the garden plants. The essential difference between the two is that sprinklers throw water indiscriminately over the area they cover, as opposed to drippers that emit water in designated spots. Judging by the fact that sprinklers are still widely used for watering flowerbeds, trees and shrubs, it seems that the advantages of drip irrigation are not sufficiently clear to many gardeners. Before dealing with these, let’s outline first the disadvantages involved with drippers. *Installing a drip irrigation system is more expensive than a sprinkler system in terms of materials and labor. Furthermore, the life span of the dripper lines is limited to about 10 - 15 years - sometimes a lot less if periodic flushing is not carried out. While it’s necessary to replace the actual sprinkler heads now and again, the undergrou...
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Plants For Landscaping - Three Important Considerations For A Great Design
2008-06-08 04:54:00
Where does one begin when selecting plants for landscaping? There are a few main factors that should be considered to not only attain a beautiful planting design, but also one that has plant material that will flourish over time. Here are some important things to consider: Sun and Shade Conditions I list this first, because a plant must be located in an area where it receives the required amount of sun or shade. If not, at the least it won't perform well and at the worst, it won't survive at all. We have all seen plants that look dried out and even burnt as well as those that are spindly looking and weak. When a plant's requirement states that it needs sun, typically that means four hours or more. If a plant is a shade lover, then it should get no more than four hours of shade. The amount of hours of sun or shade does not have to be continuous; it can be filtered throughout the day. Plant Sizes Understand and know how tall and wide a landscape plant will get. That lovely plant th...
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Rose Cuttings – The Art Of Cutting And Preparing Them For Propagation
2008-06-08 04:54:00
Since the Victorian Era, rose cuttings have been used to propagate roses, and even pioneers who journeyed west to find a new life would use this art as well. They would take along various cuttings from their gardens in the east, putting them in mason jars and carting them across the land until they found the right place to plant. If you want a garden project that is easy and fun propagating new roses by using rose cuttings can be done quite simply. This is a great way to start your own rose garden for cheap. While there is not set way you have to prepare your cuttings, just about everyone seems to have their own special way of doing it. However, here are a few things that will help you out as you get started in the art of preparing your cuttings and then planting them. Consider doing some experimenting to find out which method works the best for you. Mason Jar Method This is a fairly simple way of using rose cuttings for propagation. You’ll first want to cut a stem from the rose b...
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Is Urban Roof Garden Possible?
2008-06-08 04:53:00
A roof garden is any garden situated on the roof a building. A flat or gently sloped roof transformed into a landscape environment. These are grown plants atop structure that started during ancient times, about 2,500-3,000 years ago in Rome and Mesopotamia. It became popular in the 19th century. Here are some benefits of Roof Garden : • Very attractive & decorative• It can provide food & other useful plants• It helps in controlling environment temperature (reduce heat loss during winter & heat gain in summer)• It is considered as architectural enhancement and• For recreational opportunities• It promotes biodiversity; valuable inner city habitat and feeding stations especially for insects and birds.• It controls flood• It creates usable space for people Hydroponics, the use nutrients solution in growing plants instead of soil and other alternative means can expand roof gardening. Wanting a roof garden for less space, square foot and living walls gardening a...
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Tea Roses – Tips To Help You Make The Best Choice
2008-06-07 05:42:00
When many people think of rose beauty, they think of tea roses. They usually come with fragrant large blooms that are simply elegant, vibrant in color, and with velvet petals. If you want to add tea roses to your rose garden, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with all the different varieties to choose from. In fact, there are actually hundreds of tea roses to choose from. You’ll find them in various colors, sizes, and shapes. So, here are a few tips that will help make your choice a bit simpler for you as you pick the perfect tea rose for your garden. Tip #1 – Make Sure it Will Do Well in Your Climate – One of the most important things to keep in mind when picking out tea roses is to make sure the one you pick will do well in the climate that you live in. If you live in an area that is quite warm, make sure that your tea rose can stand the heat. Live in a humid area? Then make sure the tea rose can resist various fungal diseases. Also, make sure that your rose is hardy during t...
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The Thorny Side Of Things- Removing Thorns From Roses Properly
2008-06-07 05:41:00
Who has not heard the saying: Every rose has its thorns? To many people the thorn on a rose has symbolism, whether it is spiritual or otherwise. The thorn seems to state that even the most beautiful things in life have a little bad to them. You could even say that the thorn is there to say "hey, you got to take the bad with the good." No matter how you think of it there is some kind of meaning to it for most people. In Roman mythology it is said that the thorns are there because Cupid was stung by a bee and started shooting arrows every where. Some arrows hit roses and because of the sting in the arrows the thorns took root and have been there ever since. Whether this is true or we will never know but if you are having trouble with thorns you should not be in despair. All you need is a little care and patience and you can remove these pesky daggers safely for a smooth stem. When removing thorns from roses you have to be careful, the thorns are actually there to help the rose drink ...
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How To Properly Water Your Lawn
2008-06-07 05:40:00
Lush green lawns are simply gorgeous-but it can take plenty of work to achieve that stunning emerald look. Water ing your lawn correctly is absolutely vital to keeping your lawn healthy and green in any climate. Proper watering of your lawn can even help preserve water, as you'll be using it more efficiently, with less waste. When and How to Water You don't necessarily need to start watering your lawn as soon as the first few warm summer days appear. You'll actually achieve a healthier lawn, with a more extensive and deep root system, if you hold off watering until your lawn begins to enter a mild state of drought. When your lawn begins to enter this state, the grass will turn a darker shade of green, and footprints made when you walk across the lawn will remain imprinted, instead of the blades quickly bouncing back up. If you're able to, watering your lawn early in the day is best. Midday watering is inefficient and may be detrimental to your lawn, as moisture will evaporate qui...
Growing Indoors: How to Help House Plants Thrive
2008-06-06 03:49:00
If you decide to take care of plants inside the comforts of your own home, you have to be very particular about its needs. House plants require more attention than regular plants, as these plants are not exposed to the direct sunlight and may not be getting the necessary nutrition from its environment. Here are the things you have to always check if and when you decide to put plants inside your home: 1. Plants need light. In the absence of 12 hours worth of sunlight, adequate lighting should be somewhat sufficient. Plants that are always in a dark environment are not likely to grow as lavishly as you hoped it would be. The stronger the light is, the healthier their leaves will seem be. You have to put your plants outside, in the balcony or the patio, whenever you can. And in times that they have to be kept inside the house, make sure that the room it is in is well lit and ventilated. 2. Temperature Generally speaking, plants thrive in hot environments. During the day, plants need a t...
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Bromeliad Plants Basics
2008-06-06 03:48:00
The Bromeliad plant has a cycle of life that provides beautiful foliage, a dramatic bloom, and efficient reproduction. Bromeliads are native to American Tropics. The well-known pineapple is the fruit of a plant in the Bromeliad family. This plant is adaptable to indoor and outdoor environments and is related to Spanish moss. When Bromeliads are in their native environment they get their nutrients from the air and rain. These Bromeliad plants develop a special root structure so that it can attach itself to tree trunks, branches, and even rocks. These Bromeliads are known as saxicolous. Many types of Bromeliads are terrestrial and grow in the ground like most plants do. Surprisingly each type of Bromeliad can switch places and adapt to its new environment! Bromeliads can provide beautiful blooms. Mostly they are cultivated for indoors but grow well out doors in warm and humid environments. The plant only blooms once in its lifetime, but with the variation in leaves, the Bromeliad is s...
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What Do Yellow Roses Represent?
2008-06-06 03:46:00
What do yellow roses represent is a question asked by people interested in yellow roses and before purchasing these beautiful roses. Yellow roses were found growing in the Middle East around the 18th century. Wild roses from Afghanistan and Southwest Asia bloomed in pale yellow and a deep sulfur color. They were immediately renounced and grew quickly in popularity. The yellow rose at that time had no fragrant and although extremely beautiful this was a drawback. Also about this time techniques were being introduced in the field of rose cross-breeding and hybridization. As these techniques evolved they were able to add a pleasant aroma to the yellow rose. In the beginning the yellow rose was associated two ways. The first was a negative connotation as a symbol of jealously and dying love. The positive symbolism was associated more with the color. The color yellow is related to the sun. The sun is known as a source of light and warmth an integral to life on Earth. As time passed the y...
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Five Things you can do to get your Lawn Ready for Summer
2008-06-05 12:12:00
In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love, or so Alfred, Lord Tennyson once wrote. For some of us, our thoughts tend to turn to more mundane issues, such as the color of our lawns. Getting a gorgeous green lawn requires a bit of work, and the owners of the best lawns know that work starts well before summer hits. Raking and Thatch Removal Raking and thatch removal are probably the first couple of things you'll do in the spring. In fact, this actually starts in the fall, because ideally you'd have raked your lawn then as well. Raking isn't just about removing leaves and surface mess from your lawn-it's also one of the best ways to control thatch (the build-up of lawn clippings and other solid waste that collects on top of the soil). For this reason, raking thoroughly and deeply is very important both in the fall and the spring, to help get your lawn ready for summer growth. In general, a thatch of half an inch or more will need raking. If the thatch o...
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5 Things To Remember When Moving To A New Home
2008-06-05 05:33:00
Even in the best cases, moving yourself, your family, and everyone’s possessions into a new home can be a hectic process. Organizing the items and compiling lists of where everything is and what needs to be done can go a long way towards ensuring that the moving process will go smoothly, but there are several items that many families forget to take into consideration when moving to a new home. Here are the most commonly forgotten items in the moving process for most families in America. 1. Know what your new address will be before you move. Many individuals will begin to cancel old services and enroll in new services before moving to the new home and will need the new home’s address so that service providers will know what home requires the services. Having to look for the address during each conversation will become very frustrating very quickly, so it is best to commit the new address to memory as soon as possible. 2. Place important records in a secure place for the duration ...
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Tips for creating your first organic garden.
2008-06-05 05:31:00
Creating your first organic garden can be a little work, but it is well worth it! Not only do you benefit from the better tasting fruits and veggies you can grow, but you get exercise too. Growing a garden with children around can be a wonderful family experience. Of course, there are a few things you should think of before you start. First, your garden needs to be in a spot that gets at least 2/3 of a day sun. The more sun you can provide it the better. Check to make sure your spot is close to water, since you don't want to be lugging a watering can to it all the time. A slight slope in your site will help with drainage of excess water. Make sure to check closely that you have removed any grass or weeds before you start to plant and you will be one step ahead of them growing back. Next, your site needs to be fed so it can in turn feed your plants. Buying or creating organic compost is the best way to do this. Dry leaves, grass clippings, kitchen scraps (such as coffee grounds, ...
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How Does an Outdoor Fountain Work
2008-06-05 05:31:00
Finally, your dream house is complete. After years of working hard, earning and saving enough money and actually supervising the building of your two-storey brand-new house, you are now ready to occupy it. You have a spacious living room or lounge area capable of comfortably accommodating 50 people. You also have a dining room suitable for banquet which is ready for any feast or celebration. You imagine anytime now, sumptuous main courses and desserts are ready to parade before your eyes. Your master bedroom is completed with the on-time delivery of your wide screen TV. Your garage houses a sleek, black, top of the line SUV speedster. Your wife says the kitchen is perfect with all the baking utensils and stove on display ready for use anytime. You say to yourself, “Wow, this is life!” But wait, as you look outside your lush garden you noticed something is missing. Your children are there outside safely playing but still there is that inner turmoil that makes you uncomfortable. Y...
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Propagation, When Is The Best Time To Do It?
2008-06-04 05:26:00
If you are a beginner at rose gardening you have probably heard the phrase rose propagation and you are quite sure what it is and how to do it. Propagation is a term used to describe reproduction in the plant world. You can propagate you roses by using seeds or taking a cutting from your existing rose plant. There is a long and rich history to Rose propagation. Not much has changed as far as the terms used in Rose propagation since the early 19th century. This is when American settlers rose stems with them into the West. Some may even remember their mothers or grandmothers taking a rose stem and putting it in the ground with a plastic jar over top to make it grow. The use of a cutting from a rose plant is the most common method of rose propagation. They main people who use seeds in rose propagation are commercial growers and horticulturalists. By using a seed you are never guaranteed that you will get the exact replica of the original rose bush. It is possible that the pollen that w...
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Let It Rot: Five Guidelines For Composting
2008-06-04 05:25:00
Compost is what is left over when organic matter decomposes. Organic matter can be things like vegetable scraps, leaves, mown grass and any other garden waste. This material will decompose without any assistance at all, though you can help it along and enjoy the benefits of compost faster if you wish. Because it doesn't contain a high level of essential nutrients, compost is not considered an actual fertilizer. Instead, it is treated as a soil conditioner or amendment. Compost does supply many good things to the soil. It attracts beneficial creatures like earthworms and it improves the soil composition. Cold composting is basically just making a pile and letting it sit in the bin. This takes longer than hot composting. Hot composting is when you take a shovel and turn your pile every few days to supply more oxygen to the microorganisms in your compost pile. Location First, decide where you will put your compost pile. Check for city ordinances that may regulate where you can put a c...
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How to Plan a Lawn Maintenance Schedule
2008-06-03 12:11:00
One of the reasons people don't bother to maintain their lawn (or have difficulty doing so) is that they believe there's too much work involved. They might simply have a problem with figuring out how often to do each of the necessary tasks, when to do them, and when not to do them. Like most lawn care issues, solving this problem is easy, once you know how: simply create a schedule takes all the guess-work out of maintaining the lawn, and allows you to follow a set routine that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. How to Start The first step in creating a lawn maintenance schedule is writing down every lawn care task that you will need to do in a single year. That includes frequent tasks such as watering and mowing, semi-frequent tasks such as fertilizing, and those you'll only do once or twice a year, such as de-thatching and aerating. Once you've got your list, categorize them according to how often they need to be done. For example, create different categories for ...
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The Rose Garden's Ten Most Wanted List
2008-06-03 05:33:00
The following insects have made it to the Rose Garden's Ten Most Wanted list. Read carefully so you can identify them and eradicate them from your garden. 1. Aphids Aphids top this list because they are the most frequent rose pest. They love to nestle into the buds and shoots of rose bushes. While low to moderate levels of aphids will not do much harm to your roses, you need to keep an eye on how they spread. High numbers of aphids will produce a lot of honeydew. This substance encourages mold growth and will eventually cause your rose leaves to blacken. You may notice that your flowers shrink in size and the buds may even be killed. Lady beetles and syrphid flies are the natural enemies to aphids and will keep the population under control. You can also spray the plant with water or insecticidal soap. Aphids are usually a problem during spring and early summer. Unless you have a really heavy infestation, it is uncommon to have to use insecticides against them. 2. Spider Mites If yo...
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The Five Best Hybrid Roses
2008-06-03 05:32:00
Do you enjoy roses and their pure elegance? Do you like getting roses for a special occasion? Do you wish you could have a garden full of roses each year? Many people enjoy all of these things; however, some of us are not born with green thumbs, and some of us never seem to obtain that green thumb. If you are completely new with gardening or you seem to kill even the easiest to take care of indoor plants, don’t fret. With the vast variety of roses, there are many hearty roses that do not require a lot of work. Whether you’re a new gardener, you don’t have time to take care of a rose garden, or you don’t have a green thumb, a hybrid rose bush might be your best option. 1. One of the best roses around is the Betty Prior Rose. This bush blooms during growing season, and the blooms never seem to end! The roses that this plant produces are breathtaking. The buds start off pink and blossom into a beautiful white rose. These roses are perfect for a gift or to keep around the house!...
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Some Tips On Getting And Keeping A Lush Green Lawn
2008-06-03 05:31:00
You’ve just pulled into your host’s driveway and as you get out of the car you notice how beautiful the lawn looks and wonder why you can’t get yours to look the same. You water, feed and spray for pests, yet your lawn looks more like Charlie Brown’s lawn, instead of the lawn you’re looking at right now. Well, I am here to tell you that you can definitely upgrade the appearance of your lawn. If you just follow a few simple steps and keep on treating your lawn with the same care you are now, then in a few weeks time, people will be looking at your lawn and wondering how you did it! 1. The most important and most overlooked step is to make sure your soil is in good shape. Once a year test the ph of your soil and make sure it falls between 6.5 and 7.0, because it has been determined that grass grown in slightly acidic soil is best able to absorb nutrients. (Soil that is too acidic can be "sweetened" with lime; soil that's not acid enough can be made more "sour" by adding sul...
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unnel Your Gardens Through the System
2008-05-31 04:53:00
Many people are able to appreciate a beautiful garden and if you are looking to make your garden just as beautiful as everyone else's then you should definitely do yourself a favor and find out as much as you can about a number of different things. You need to know about what grows in your area and what diseases are an what works in your area and what does not. You also need to figure out where the sun falls in relation to your home and how to maximize the space you want to use for your garden or if you should move yours gardening space to another area of your yard. Plants In A Container Is A Start While many times people will begin their garden in their own yard and just try to grow things from their own seeds, oftentimes one of the better things people can do is to use containers. If you introduce your front yard to plants from a container that you are able to plant and which have already sprouted up this may cut out a season or two in your gardening trajectory. You need to have ...
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Managing Chinch Bugs in Your Lawn
2008-05-30 17:31:00
All lawns go through many different stages with the changing seasons. The month of May for your lawns is a time to reflect on the spring activity that you have accomplished in prior months, such as putting in a new turf or planting new plants or flowers, which should now be in bloom. The difficult part now is to maintain what you have cultivated throughout these past few months and make sure your lawn is disease-free and protected from harmful insects or conditions. This month, after April showers, you may be facing drier conditions, which can give rise to more than just annoying pests in your lawn. Large, growing, irregular patches of dead or stunted grass surrounded by yellowing halos of dying grass can indicate the first signs of the harmful chinch bugs. As these insects grow in numbers, so do the area of dying grass. Chinch bug damage can be sized up by detecting a significant number of them present in the affected grass area. Be sure not to confuse the damages on your lawn caus...
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Enhance Your Dcor With Centerpieces
2008-05-30 17:30:00
Tabletop centerpieces can serve many purposes as a part of your décor. They add character and interest to the décor. They can be used to convey a certain theme. Centerpieces can even be used to add a little elegance to your home. Most importantly, table centerpieces can be used as a reflection of yourself – your personality, your heritage, your interests, and your lifestyle. Table centerpieces utilize the following elements of design: space, line, form, light, scale, proportion, texture, color, texture, balance, rhythm, ornament, emphasis, symmetry or asymmetry, and harmony. Creating your own centerpieces is something that can be quite enjoyable and allows you to add a bit of your own personality and mood to the décor of the room. In order to learn how to use the elements above to create magical displays for any occasion or event, experiment with your ideas. Pay attention to the colors, shapes, and textures and learn what works best together to create the mood you are trying to...
A Scent For All Seasons
2008-05-30 17:28:00
Seasonal candles emulate the scents of hazy Summers past, spicy Fall, cozy Winter and fresh Springtime. No matter where you are or what the weather is like outside, choose your season, light the candle, and reminisce from the comfort of your own home. You can even choose a candle to compliment the current season to enhance your home and mood. April Showers Bring May Flowers Don’t you just love the Springtime? Flowers are blooming, the sun starts to peek out, and everybody seems to emerge fresh from their Winter cocoons. Spring is a time of revitalization, and what better way to compliment the décor of your home than to freshen it up with a tangy citrus or orange blossom candle. Perhaps make a bright and breezy start to your Spring cleaning with some nature-inspired scented votive candles in buttercup, apple orchard or ocean breeze. Why not shake off those sheets by lighting up a pure cotton candle that smells like freshly washed linen? Spring is also the time for light floral ton...
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Tips for growing chillies
2008-05-29 04:52:00
Growing chillies is fantastic fun but results often depend on the climate where you live. However, there are things you can do to grow excellent quality and quantities of chillies in most climates. I live in an area where chillies do not grow very well outdoors so I grow them in a greenhouse but what I am going to talk about here can be used when growing outdoors. The first thing to think about is seed. You can walk into a supermarket, buy a chilli and use the seeds from the chilli you cook with. Not after you have cooked them though. It is better to buy from a specialist seed company though as these seeds will be from chillies which have been specially grown for their seeds. You can buy these from supermarkets, DIY stores or major seed supply companies. However, I like to buy my chilli seeds from specialist chilli growers. They are easy enough to find now that the internet has been developed but my Grandfather never had the internet yet he found a specialist company many years ago ...
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Solar Powered Garden Fountains
2008-05-26 04:51:00
The sun can do much more than make your flowers and plants grow in your garden. It can also provide power to a fountain that will look great and will add beauty to your garden. There are many solar garden fountains to choose from and you're sure to find one that will provide utmost charm and elegance to your garden. These solar garden fountains operate from the suns power and require no electricity. No power lines and cables make them safer for the kids and pets. They are also completely self sufficient and require very little installation efforts. Solar garden fountains are far from conventional but are definitely gaining in popularity due to their ease and self sufficiency. The style and elegance of the solar garden fountains are surprising to most and definitely can add a lot to your garden without the high price of installing a contemporary water fountain. There has also been a drastic improvement in the pumping technology which has really optimized the solar garden fountains....
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Three Cactus Cutting Fundamentals
2008-05-24 04:50:00
Cactus cutting is a great way to increase your number of cactus quickly and cheaply. It's free which is much cheaper than buying another cactus. When cutting your cactus there are three things you need to know. These three things you need to know when cutting cactus are how to take a cutting, how to plant, and how to water your new cactus cutting. If you follow these three fundamentals part of your own cactus should make you a brand new one. Why says that you can't get something for nothing? First of all we must cut the cactus correctly in order to have a healthy new cactus. It is important to use a clean, sharp knife when making our cut. Most importantly we have to make sure that the cactus we are cutting is in very good health if it's not a cutting could kill your original cactus which would defeat the whole point of trying to make another one. When making our cut it's important to cut at a segment. Also if we are making several cuttings out of one cactus stem we have to make ...
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