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Water in motion presents water fountains from around the world. Historical fountains, contemporary fountains, and personal fountain creations with photos and video are posted every day.


Should live or die?
2008-05-16 19:27:00
The domain name is up for renewal May 31, 2008. I hardly ever post new stuff here, as I’m just too busy. I do find a lot of links to when combing the internet and checking Google. Should live? Or should I roll everything into a little corner of, in the form of ...
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Downtown Champaign gets a Fountain
2008-05-07 19:01:00
According to the City of Champaign’s 2009 Capital Improvements Plan, the One Main Plaza in downtown Champaign will have a fountain in 2009. The original conceptual drawings of the site, from the top. You can see the round blue pool area at the bottom of the image. Here’s a 2005 aerial photo of One Main Plaza. You ...
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Rain barrels - Schmain barrels
2008-05-07 18:41:00
Check out this great post at, “RAINPOD?s Beautiful Water Harvesting System.” Here’s a borrowed photo and quote. Go read the full post now. Rain barrels, garbage cans, corrugated tanks? most water collection systems have a problem: they?ve got ugly written into their DNA. An unfortunate evolution, granted that rainwater storage has been practiced for more than ...
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Helios Fountain
2008-02-07 03:43:00
Every now and then, someone contributes some photos for the site. Super Mel sent me this photo of Helios Fountain from her alma mater, Anderson University, in Anderson, Indiana. Oddly, I couldn’t easily find other photos of this fountain on the internet, or much information on its construction. By the way, this actual Helios Fountain is not ...
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Peterhof 1: The Great Cascade
2008-02-05 04:20:00
I’m not well-traveled. Not yet, and maybe never. That explains why I’d never heard of this fabulous collection of Peterhof fountains in Russia. There are so many of them, I’m dividing the photos I find into several posts. I’ve “borrowed” the first several posts worth of photos from one website, Tickets of Russia. Overview of the ...
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Fountain Hills, Arizona
2008-02-01 23:14:00
Fountain Hills , Arizona is apparently the disputed home of the tallest fountain in the world. I’m not particularly impressed, as there isn’t much thought put into “how can we make this sucker shoot really high up thar?! Hee Har Haw.” As stolen from Wikipedia: The eponymous fountain was built in 1971 by Robert P. McCulloch, the same ...
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Four New York City fountains in the making
2008-01-17 17:57:00
Four East River waterfalls should begin operating in New York City this July, 2008. Photos here are computer renditions. Brooklyn Bridge The project will consist of four man-made waterfalls, ranging 90 to 120-foot tall, installed temporarily at four sites along the shores of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Governors Island: by the Brooklyn anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge, ...
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Rain Chains
2008-01-12 13:03:00
Here’s a pretty cool idea. You hang these “rain chains” (’kusari doi’ in Japanese) from your house guttering system where you would usually have a boring downspout. With our awesome Midwest thunderstorms, I’d be concerned about what happens when the wind gets to whipping around. Gutters are very important for getting water away from your house ...
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Virga: Rain that refuses to fall
2007-09-24 20:31:00
My sister lives in Idaho. Stop with the potato jokes, already! We were talking about the weather, and she mentioned “verga,” which I had never heard of, or neglected to remember learning about in climatology. Webster Dictionary online doesn’t know what verga is, so I don’t feel too bad. Look it up on Flickr and you’ll see ...
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Mysterious Centre Island Fountain de Liz
2007-09-22 18:24:00
I found this fountain photo in a recent blog post by Liz. The fountain is in Toronto, Canada, and that is Liz herself getting her feet wet. Recently I asked Liz in an email if she had any groovy water fountain photos, as she is a handy photographer and surely has seen many water fountains in ...
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Mysterious Centre Island Fountain de Liz
2007-08-23 18:24:00
I found this fountain photo in a recent blog post by Liz. I don’t know where the fountain is, or who is in front of it. For all I know, it could be Liz! Recently I asked Liz in an email if she had any groovy water fountain photos, as she is a handy photographer and ...
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Water is fun
2007-08-10 16:58:00
Credit: / There’s nothing quite like water to attract a kid. It could be a puddle, a pool, a stream in the woods — any number of water features. If it looks like there’s water that you can touch and play with, it is a kid magnet! Here, this kid plays with the stream of water from ...
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Great place for a water fountain
2007-07-28 20:54:00
Water fountains help soften the sights and sounds of an otherwise square-cornered, hard-lined urban area. Walking around downtown Champaign, Illinois today on lunch break, I realized there are certain areas that almost never have water fountains, but could really benefit from them. My first observation: Bank drive-through teller lanes are a great place for water fountains. ...
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Phallus Water Fountain
2007-07-27 14:36:00
Photo credit: / UPDATE! Despite the US flag in the background, this fountain is apparently in Amsterdam, in the Red Light district.
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Vaillancourt Fountain on the Embarcadero
2007-07-26 14:47:00
Photo credit: Click here to see many more photos and maybe some video of the Vaillancourt Fountain on The Armand Vaillancourt Fountain in the Justin Herman Plaza across from the Ferry Building at the base of Market Street in San Francisco. A stylistic reminder of the elevated freeway that used to shadow the area before ...
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Suet the Gnome in Battery Park
2007-07-25 14:47:00
Photo credit: res/ Suet the gnome visits a water fountain in Battery Park in New York City.
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A fountain for every wall?
2007-07-20 00:30:00
Classic Falls Triple wall fountain: $6,000 price tag. Indoor fountains and waterfalls haven’t appealed to me much to this point. The little tabletop fountains I have seen just seem to lack any unique appeal whatsoever. Large wall fountains, on the other hand, pique my interest. I just read that “ Study Concludes Indoor Water Fountain Cleans ...
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Ontario Science Centre Hydraulophone
2007-07-17 15:56:00
I’ve designed several fountains that are supposed to make their own music. In principle, they are similar to a player piano or a wind-up music box. They use the water’s behavior and natural sounds (splashes, trickles, flowing past fins, etc.) to make specific “notes.” One of these days, I’ll actually construct some of these. In the ...
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Gateway Geyser - World?s Tallest Fountain
2007-07-16 18:12:00
Yee haw. Let’s shoot some water straight up in the air as far as it will go. Good times. Forgive me if I don’t get excited. I suppose these types of fountains are pretty cool, as in “something you don’t see every day.” A bit crude for my taste, though. Personally, I enjoy more subtle ...
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Fountains at Bellagio
2007-07-15 20:36:00
Exciting? Spectacular? I guess, if that’s what floats your boat. I’ve never seen the Fountain s at Bellagio in person, and it isn’t high on my list. While it is a remarkable piece of engineering, it doesn’t seem to be much more than a glorified laser light show, only done with water. Sure, water is fascinating, but ...
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Fluid Dynamics: Pipes
2007-07-15 05:35:00
Click here for more photos, description, and credits on Fluid Dynamic s : Pipe s .
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Fluid Dynamics: Jumps
2007-07-14 05:33:00
Click here to see more photos, descriptions, and credits regarding Fluid Dynamic s : Jumps.
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Fluid Polygons and Polyhedra
2007-07-13 05:30:00
Click here for more photos, description, and credits regarding Fluid Poly gons and Polyhedra.
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Droplet pinch-off
2007-07-12 05:26:00
Click here to see more images, descriptions, and credits regarding Fluid Dynamics : Bones.
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