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Jigsaw puzzles have been entertaining children and adults for centuries. Wooden puzzles were originally created by painting a picture onto a flat piece of wood, then using a jigsaw to cut out the pieces.
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Sudoku Game Information Extended
2008-02-14 05:53:00
An Introduction To Sudoku And Sudoku Game Information Extended While many Sudoku game players do not know this, the game has actually been around for well over a thousand years, although the exact date has not been verified. It is speculated that Sudoku originated in Rome, as there are a number of remains from ancient cities containing Latin numbers on squares. These remains served as the antecedent for later Sudoku like creations. The next to pick up on this game, as far as evidence dictates, were the 10th century Arabs, who created a highly similar game which was played in the same way. Shortly after, however, (as the story of Sudoku seems to be) the game was lost to history once again; and was not picked up until a Swiss mathematician named Leonhard Euler reinvented it in the 18th century once again. Even so, the Sudoku game died off once again and was not revived until the early 1980s in the United States. Again, while many Sudoku game players might not know this, the name is on...
Varieties Of Sudoku
2008-02-14 05:40:00
Varieties Of Sudoku – The Craze Just Got Crazier Do you remember when there was only one type of sudoku puzzle? It was a simple (or sometimes not so simple) 3×3 grid using only the numbers 1 to 9. Now, as the sudoku craze is sweeping the world, new sudoku varieties are coming out of the woodwork. There are now so many variations on the original sudoku game, that newbies just don’t know where to start. Here is a quick guide to some of the newer sudoku variations with basic rules. Standard Sudoku: This is the original sudoku game (also called Number Place). It is also referred to as a 3×3 (3 mini-grids across, 3 mini-grids down). Each mini-grid, row, and column must contain the numbers 1 through 9. There can be no duplicates in any row, column, or min-grid. Sudoku 4×4 and 5×5: This is similar to a standard sudoku, but there are either 4 mini-grids across and down, or 5 mini-grids across and down. The 4×4 variation usually uses the numbers 1 through 16...
Playing The Game: Sudoku
2007-12-25 05:40:00
Playing The Game : Sudoku Modern Sudoku was anonymously revived by a retired Hong Kong Judge Wayne Gould, as a logical game disguised as a numbers game. Most people do look at it as a numbers game but if you would see the way the solutions are derived, logic would surely be the key. It has caught on like wildfire and transcends the boundaries of countries with challenging puzzles in every form and style. Sudoku is not restricted to numbers for one can use colors or objects to represent the grid contents that work on the same basic principle without need of modification of the basic rules. It is unique among the games currently published in either print or on the internet in the sense that it is different and unusual from other usually boring puzzles that we are attracted to when we are waiting in queue or waiting for our number to be called to be served. Most puzzles found in newspapers are simply word games in disguise that have lost appeal with most readers. Sudoku on the other han...
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Even Addictive Games Promote Family Values
2007-12-25 05:37:00
Even Addictive Games Promote Family Values There’s been much debate about the effect that video games and online games have in the development of our children and even in the socialization of adults. Reams have been written about the ways in which video games isolate youngsters and encourage a sedentary lifestyle. Some argue that, when adults play video games and online games to the exclusion of other activities, they effectively distance themselves from others and put up emotional barriers. While moderation and self-control may be important considerations when playing video games and online games, I believe a case can be made that some addictive games promote family values. Some people grow up in “game” families, and others do not. I’m from a family of avid gamers - and this was long before the advent of video games and online games. Some of my first memories are of going with my parents to their friends’ houses and sitting quietly while they played br...
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Playing Online Puzzle Sudoku
2007-12-09 07:18:00
Finding And Playing Online Puzzle Sudoku Sudoku puzzle game is sweeping America and the rest of the world, similar to the type of hold which crossword puzzles had thirty years ago, only faster. You would have probably seen it on advertisements in newspapers, on magazines and newspaper stands or may be your friends and family members are playing it. Even if you do not really understand the name, Sudoku in relation to anything else in the concrete world, yet when you see the playing board, understanding comes pummeling in. Sudoku puzzle is an intellectually challenging game. It gives the players a sense of satisfaction when they solved the puzzle. This is one of the main reasons why millions of people of all ages around the world are positively addicted to playing Sudoku. It is one of the easiest distractions in life to help us forget the lows of everyday life. Finding and playing online puzzle Sudoku has been almost a god send for many people, who really enjoy this game of skill and ...
Disabilities Participate In Games
2007-12-09 06:56:00
How-to-help-people-with-disabilities-part icipate-in-games The golden rule is a guide to most situations in life, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is not always easy to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and try to understand how we would feel if we were them. However, it is important to do in order to be able to adapt activities to allow for our friends or family with disabilities to participate with us. Naturally humans are social beings, regardless of physical limitation, and even many mental disabilities. Because it can be difficult for others to know how to effectively involve those who have disabilities into regular activities, here are some tips to help get started. Adapting the game At first evaluation it may not seem that someone can participate in the activity who has a mental or physical disability. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to help adapt the game or puzzle to fit the needs of individuals playing. On...
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Kakuro Puzzles
2007-11-23 03:56:00
Kakuro Puzzles By Mastersoft Can’t get enough of Japanese puzzles? Well, seems like Mastersoft is hooked, too. Only months after the release of Mastersoft Sudoku, Mastersoft releases the new Mastersoft Kakuro. The object of the game is still the same as with the traditional kakuro puzzles, only this time, players solve the puzzles on a cooler interface. Mastersoft designed the game for Microsoft-equipped mobile phones such as the Windows Mobile and Pocket PC. A desktop version of the interactive kakuro puzzles are also released. This is quite a bonus for kakuro fans who own the mobile versions; they simply have to select the “Upgrade” option and download the program on their desktop. Mastersoft Kakuro offers six levels. Each level features kakuro puzzles from “simple” to “master”. The simple puzzles are, obviously, the easiest to do and complete. They usually come in smaller boxes. Master-level puzzles are very difficult which take hours to ...
Sudoku On The Go
2007-11-23 03:54:00
Sudoku On The G o Sudoku puzzles are proving to be highly addictive games requiring the most basic of skills: logic. People of all ages, sizes, gender, color, and shapes are finding the puzzles to be challenging and mentally stimulating. As proof, books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials featuring sudoku puzzles enjoy steady sales. The popularity of the game continues to push for new frontiers while expanding the puzzles’ market. Speaking of new frontiers, Nintendo is releasing its new offering for Nintendo DS. Primarily targeting the gamers’ market and traveling enthusiasts, Nintendo launches Sudoku Gridmaster today, June 26th. In lieu of its launch, Nintendo tries to sustain the popularity of sudoku puzzles by declaring the summer of 2006 as the “summer of sudoku”. Busy summer and holiday travel season is the inspiration behind the creation of Sudoku Gridmaster. Stocking up on puzzles, crosswords, and other printed games seems to be traditio...
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Free Online Jigsaw Puzzle
2007-11-05 03:26:00
Fun With Photo Jigsaw Puzzle It is interesting, it is fun and it also deals with your brains. Jigsaw picture puzzle or photo jigsaw puzzles can be on any theme that has an interesting side. It can be a wonderful gift for kids in the age group of 7-14 and for a little older to them, this can be a good game for time pass. Normally the jigsaw puzzles are designed on hard-bound cardboards and mount boards with fine acrylic sheet covering. The layout is printed on photographic paper. The graphic designer makes the best possible thematic blend on that piece of board and also calculates how the division will be made to create the puzzle game. The designing is indeed colorful to make the puzzle more attractive and motivating for the young players. The thematic dimension shapes new ideas Think of a composition with a flower and a honeybee. In the background there may be a tree and a distant sky. This actually is a form of complete scenery. Now making a jigsaw puzzle from it has to be sketche...
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Usa Today Puzzle
2007-11-05 03:22:00
Improving Spelling With Games You got it! You can do just about any type of learning for achild or an individual learning a second language through theuse of various computer games. You are sure to find somethingthat will fit with their needs. You are also able to find a gamethat will keep them interested. Let’s take spelling as anexample. Many kids struggle each and every year at school with thatdreaded Friday spelling test. It doesn’t get any easier becausechances are good that the words just keep getting harder. Formany parents, spelling is often a challenge to teach as well.The English language is nothing simple. But, what if you couldteach them through the use of a PC game? That would beexcellent, wouldn’t it? Think about this. The next time your child comes home with thatawful list of twenty words they just have to know, you caneasily say to them, “Why not go play a game on the computer.”Yes, you can do this! There are a number of games that are j...
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Easy Free Printable Puzzle Sudoku
2007-10-25 05:23:00
Wooden Childrens Toys - Types Of Toys Available, Part 1 While many of the toys of today have become high tech and many are made of plastic, there are still a variety of wooden children’s toys that are made. Wooden toys have been around for many years, and they are still quite popular today in spite of other toys that have been developed with today’s technology. Many times, wooden toys have proven to be much safer and cheaper as well. There are many different kinds of wooden toys that your children may enjoy playing with, and there is a good chance that mom and dad might enjoy playing with some of these toys as well. Wooden Puzzle s Wooden puzzles are wooden toys that are made for children of a variety of ages. Some of these puzzles have pieces that are quite large and are suitable for young children, while other wooden puzzles have smaller pieces that are meant for older children. These puzzles are extremely fun to put together and teach children hand-eye coordination and how to ...
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Making Crossword Puzzle
2007-10-25 05:14:00
Play And Learn With Educational Jigsaw Puzzle s! Jigsaw puzzles have been entertaining children and adults for centuries. Wooden puzzles were originally created by painting a picture onto a flat piece of wood, then using a jigsaw to cut out the pieces. A man named John Spilsbury is credited with making the first commercial jigsaw puzzle around 1760. His educational puzzles were of maps, and were used to aid in teaching young children geography. As the children put the pieces of the puzzle together, they were able to learn where different countries and regions were. Because of ease of mass production, many modern jigsaw puzzles are made from cardboard. Puzzles for younger children may also be made of brightly colored plastic or foam. These puzzles have larger pieces, which are easier for young hands to manipulate. Simple wooden puzzles, often three dimensional, are also common. These puzzles have large, easy to manipulate pieces and often form animal or human shapes. Jigsaw puzzles ca...
Life Picture Puzzle
2007-10-08 04:38:00
Play Sudoku The Easy Way People have always been fascinated with puzzles. Deciphering codes, solving clues and finding answers are some of our favorite pastimes. If you enjoy crosswords, jigsaws or tackling a Rubik’s Cube, you should try Sudoku. Sudoku is the puzzle that’s taken the world by storm. It’s a relatively simple but extremely addictive mathematical puzzle that will test your patience and bend your brain. These days, Sudoku can be played on the Internet, and puzzles are easily found in magazines, newspapers and textbooks. A Sudoku puzzle is based on a series of grids. There is generally one large 9×9 grid that holds nine smaller 3×3 grids. The main objective of Sudoku is to put the numbers 1 to 9 into each of the grid units. While it is a numerical puzzle, there are no equations involved. Nothing is added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. Sound simple? Here are the basic rules: However, there are three rules that must be strictly followed. A...
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Word Puzzle
2007-10-08 04:34:00
Exercise Your Brain And Improve Your Memory Everyone knows that the key to a healthy body is diet and exercise. Many people obsessively work out every day to keep in tip top shape. So, if we’re so concerned with exercising our bodies, why do we often neglect to exercise our minds? Our brains are just like our muscles: use it or lose it. If we don’t do daily activities to help keep our brain in top order, we lose important skills; particularly the skill of remembering. So if you want to remember your mother’s phone number, your grocery list, or where you left your keys; start exercising your brain. So, how exactly do you exercise your brain? There’s no brain gym you can get a membership to with “memory classes”, but there are things you can do on your own. Here are some things you can try to keep your neurons limber. * Open a newspaper. Sure, reading the paper might expand your knowledge, but if you really want to get your brain in shape, turn to t...
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Puzzle Box
2007-10-02 04:51:00
The crossword is the most common variety of word puzzle in the world. Modern crosswords normally take the form of a square grid of black and white squares; the aim is to fill the white squares with letters, forming words (or word phrases) reading across and down, by solving clues which yield the words. The black squares are used to separate words. Squares in which answers begin are usually numbered; the clues are then referred to by these numbers and a direction – for example, “1-Across” or “17-Down”; at the end of the clue the total number of letters is sometimes given for the convenience of the solver, dependent on the style of puzzle and country of publication. Terminology The creating of crosswords is called ‘cruciverbalism’ among its practitioners, who are likewise referred to as ‘cruciverbalists’; the terms derive from the Latin for ‘cross’ and ‘word’. Although the terms have existed for over a decade, n...
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Child Puzzle
2007-10-02 04:44:00
Enter The Kakuro Puzzle s Kakuro Puzzles are one of the newest craze to hit the international community that has always been enticed by brainteasers and other mind-boggling activities like the Crossword puzzle. In its early day, what used to be known as the Cross Sums, was subsequently renamed Kakuro Puzzles. The history of Cross Sums is very similar to that of the Sudoku Puzzle. During the 1980s, what was Cross Sums then was taken into Japan by renowned puzzle enthusiast Maki Kaji, who was then the president of the popular Nikoli puzzles. The game was then renamed with its modern day title Kakuro Puzzles. The new name was actually derived from the Japanese word “kasan,” which literally means “addition.” It was combined with the incorrect pronunciation by the Japanese of the english word “cross,” which was “kurosu.” Hence, it was first renamed Kasan Kurosu. However, since it was fairly common in Japanese culture to abbreviate words, it ...
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Photo Puzzle
2007-09-24 07:26:00
Kakuro Puzzle s In The Modern Setting By Earl Talbot Kakuro puzzles are considered by some as the harder version of its more famous partner, the Sudoku puzzles. Kakuro puzzles are also considered by puzzles enthusiasts as modified versions of crossword puzzles, where numbers, instead of words, are used. Actually, Kakuro puzzles have several similarities to the typical crossword puzzle. For one, the grid in a Kakuro very much resembles the grid used in American crossword puzzle. Also, in a crossword game, a clue is provided but its correct answer is limited to the number of squares provided by the game as well as by the intersecting answers. This is very much the same thing with Kakuro, where a player must find the two single digits that will add up to a specific value but must be limited to the number of squares provided as well as on the intersecting sums. Note must also be given to the fact that in a Kakuro game, no sum should contain the same digit twice. Kakuro puzzles, more comm...
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Online Puzzle Sudoku
2007-09-24 07:21:00
The Puzzling World Of Sudoku Puzzle s By Terry Solomon Sudoku puzzles are the newest puzzle craze currently sweeping across many parts of the United States. The game has only one basic rule, that is, every row and every column on a 3 by 3 box of Sudoku puzzles has to contain the numbers 1 through 9, but only once with no one digit repeating itself. Sudoku puzzles, also referred to as Number Place in the United States, are said to be deceptively simple, since a player can start the game quite easily only to find himself later on getting stuck in the middle of the game with no clear puzzle solution in sight. Good Sudoku puzzles ideally should ultimately have only one solution, using only one’s logic skills, meaning guesswork is not an effective method in solving the puzzle. However, solving Sudoku puzzles on pure logic alone can prove to be a difficult task. For logic to be effective, a puzzle should be able to move progressively. This simply means that at every stage in the solu...
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Make Your Own Crossword Puzzle
2007-09-18 04:31:00
Online Sudoku Puzzle s By Cade Sudoku puzzles are an educational and a fun way to get a daily math or logic tutorial. It was also known as Su Doku or Number Place. They are easy to learn, fun to play but not necessarily easy to solve. It is mandatory that every row, every column and every 3×3 box must contain the numbers 1 to 9. No number should be repeated more than once. One thing is for sure that the puzzles are always solvable with pure logic although the difficulty varies greatly from mild to extremely difficult with each level. Sudoku is good exercise for your brain and it appeals to strategy game, brainteaser, crossword and etc. Such games are really very challenging for the players. Playing Sudoku puzzles is easy. Tab key is use to select the level. Next to enter numbers, type the number after clicking on the appropriate cell in the grid. If you are unable to think then the online solver can give you a hint, by showing you the next step. Thus it will become easy for you...
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Crossword Puzzle Answer
2007-09-18 04:27:00
The Easiest Way To Play The Easy Sudoku By Dwayne Playing a puzzle is one of the most popular pastimes in all parts of the world. During breaks or idle hours you can oftentimes see a person busy solving puzzles from newspapers, magazine or books. These are personal moments that can help idle time away and sharpen ones mind. One of the best played puzzles is the Sudoku. It is an addictive number puzzle game that is taking the United States and the whole world by storm. It has become one of the most famous puzzle games ever created. It is played using a 9 x 9 grid that is divided into nine equal squares. The objective of the puzzle is to place the numbers from 1 to 9. Each number must appear only once in every row, column and in 3 x 3 squares. A Sudoku puzzle game usually begins with a set of numbers already given in the puzzle. Depending on the given numbers and the placement of the numbers, this determines the complexity level of this puzzle. The puzzle normally differs from the sim...
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Puzzle Express
2007-09-13 06:23:00
Team Work And Jigsaw Puzzle s By cdmohatta All of us talk of team work. Sports thrive on teams. Every business wants to develop winning teams. Every president or prime minister brings his own team. What is there in teams? A team is needed because a lone person can not handle all the work. So one gathers different experts, creates a team, sits back and hopes that the team will bring in great results in a short time. But many times, the team proves to be a dismal failure. Why? Let us talk of human psychology for a moment. Ego, that is the first to kill the team spirit. Why should I work under him/her? Why should I give in and accept what you say. What I say is correct and all of you are out of your senses! Ego. This is the first danger in a good team. You must have played with jigsaw puzzles. Unless, every piece fits in, you will never get the whole picture. Whether the piece is small or big, whether it looks good or bad, it has its place in the picture and you must fit that ugly looki...
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Daily Jigsaw Puzzle
2007-09-13 06:05:00
Online Free Sudoku Puzzle s Are A Great Way To Pass The Time At Home Or On The Go By Mary Murtha Without a doubt, Sudoku has become an increasingly popular pastime over the past few years. Emerging from simply a cult style game, it has since usurped the crossword puzzle as one of the most popular pen and paper games of all time. Most commonly you can find a daily Sudoku puzzle in your local newspaper, but thanks to the internet, you can now enjoy online free Sudoku challenges from the comfort of your computer. Many popular online free Sudoku websites offer excellent puzzles that range in both size and difficulty so that anyone from a beginner to an expert can pass the time with an enjoyable puzzle. One very excellent online free Sudoku resource is Fingertime. Their website offers a daily free Sudoku game of average difficulty. Their high tech Flash based puzzles are suitable for anyone and relieve you of the hassle of having to scramble back and forth between using the mouse and the ...
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New York Times Crossword Puzzle
2007-09-11 04:28:00
The History Of Sudoku By Andy Hope Hailed as the Rubik’s Cube of the 21st century, Sudoku is the current rage among number puzzles. It may sound surreal but at an age where bubblegum pop music has successfully reinvented itself as punk rock through the likes of Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan, a puzzle and a number puzzle at that is able to establish itself as a global phenomenon. Sudoku, which is sometimes spelled as Su Doku, is pronounced as soo-doe-koo. It is an abbreviation of the Japanese phrase suuji wa dokushin ni kagiru which means the digits must remain single. Most people are under the wrong impression that sudoku is of Japanese origin when the only thing Japanese about sudoku is the word sudoku. Nikoli Publishing House Nikoli is the publisher of the leading Japanese puzzle publication Monthly Nikolist. The think tanks of Nikoli noticed an interesting number puzzle called The Number Place published by their American counterparts, Dell Puzzle Magazines. Sudoku made its debu...
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Crossword Puzzle Book
2007-09-11 04:25:00
Easy And Difficult Ways In Solving Sudoku By Dwayne Garrett Sudoku is an addicting number puzzle game that is played in all parts of the world. It is a very thrilling and exciting game. However, the Sudoku can be very difficult and tricky. The rule for this game is to place all the numbers from 1 to 9 in each cell in the grid. The limitation is that the numbers should not be repeated in each row, column and 3 x 3 block. Now, how will you start solving the Sudoku? The following are steps from easy to difficult Sudoku, which can be very helpful to each player of the game. • Easy Sudoku 1. You should use careful thought in solving the puzzle. Since you already know that duplication of the numbers is not allowed in the game, you can already use that as a hint to consider other numbers. Remember, the more difficult the Sudoku, the harder it is to start the puzzle. 2. In solving an easy Sudoku, you must first prioritize the search for possibilities. These possibilities are the numbers t...
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Free Jigsaw Online Play Puzzle
2007-09-07 05:25:00
Come And Get The Best Free Sudoku Download Online By Dwayne Garrett People decades ago would be content in spending their time reading, playing games and not rely on new-fangled past times just to pass and while the time away. They were contented in simple things that keep their minds active. Not like now, where people are so reliant to the things that the new technologies could offer such as television, washing machines, radios, refrigerator and a lot more. Modern technology has allowed people to slack off. We are now very reliant to modern technology with every aspect of our lives. Many people have fallen deep into this trap and have neglected to spend worthwhile idle time to expand their mental horizons. But there is still hope yet, technology and mind exercises can be combined to keep ourselves sharp all the time. Well maybe this is your first time to encounter the word sudoku. This is a Japanese word that means “the digits must remain single”. Digits or numbers are ...
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Printable Puzzle Sudoku
2007-09-07 05:19:00
Kakuro Blocks By Earl Talbot - There is no straight up, easy way in solving kakuro puzzles. You either sweat it out, thinking of possible combinations, or do the tedious paper and pencil method. Usually, people spend more time trying to think of combinations than actually filling in the puzzles. You know the buzz people get after solving kakuro puzzles? It usually comes after a person boasts of solving his puzzle just as his friends pointed out that he got double 8’s in a single block. But there is a way to stop and prevent this kind of frustration. This is not about a miracle kakuro trick; rather, this is an age-old stand-by that few people take care to know. There are numbers in kakuro puzzles that only have a single valid combination and possibly, a limited number of cells. These number combinations and cells are called kakuro blocks. Accordingly, there are people who swear by using kakuro blocks to make puzzle-solving easier. This is not surprising since kakuro blocks shor...
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Wooden Puzzle
2007-09-05 05:17:00
Valentine’s Far From Home By Stephanie Olsen, Fri Dec 9th “What shall we make grandma and grandpa for Valentine’s Day?” This is an oft-repeated question as February 14th draws near;and despite being another highly commercialized holiday, it isstill a nice way for geographically separated families to touchbase. Although e-mail is invaluable, homemade cards from grandchildren- gluey, misspelt and smudged, delivered in crumpled envelopeswith upsidedown stamps - are the wishes that will be caressed bygentle hands, hung on the fridge under hatted cow magnets, andproudly shown to passers-by. My own daughter knows that her grandma is a jigsaw puzzleexpert, so she glued a teddy bear picture to a red constructionpaper heart, with little messages of love written around theperiphery. With great care, tongue tip protruding to steady herhand, she then cut the artwork into several large pieces.Proudly, dumping her homemade puzzle into an envelope, we wentto the post office...
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Free Print Puzzle Sudoku
2007-09-05 05:07:00
Addictions – They Seem To Fit Together Like Pieces In A Puzzle By tkugler I’m a person who walked away from both drinking and smoking, after engaging in both activities for more than 15 years, and I’ve always been perplexed at how so called “addictions” seem to fit together. Smoking cigarettes and drinking go together like Peas and carrots. It was always amazing to me how one seemed to go with the other. Smoking was never quite as satisfying as when alcohol was being consumed. And so to, alcohol seemed to elicit the need to spark up a heater. The amount of cigarettes I could choke down while drinking a lot of alcohol was obnoxious! The two activities, or addictions as it were, just seemed to fit together so perfectly. It’s also interesting how the beginning of both practices coincide so perfectly. It wasn’t too long after I had my first alcoholic beverage that the stinky lung darts wound up in my mouth. That must be why that I told people for a...
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Puzzle Book
2007-09-03 05:06:00
Crossword Puzzle s Are Still As Popular As Ever By Gregg I’m a crossword puzzle junkie, descended from a long line of family members with the same addiction. My parents would spend Sunday mornings, doing ones in various newspapers and my dad bought me my first crossword puzzle book when I was in the first grade. Recently, some buddies and I decided to take a trip to Miami, Florida. Our intentions were to get some sun and hopefully attract the attention of beautiful women lying on the beach. As we boarded the plane, some of my companions had bought their laptops, while others had bought music to listen to. I was armed with a bunch of crossword puzzle books. As we settled into our seats, one of my friends started looking decidedly nervous. I asked him what was wrong and he confessed that he had a fear of flying. Naturally some of our friends suggested drinking heavily. I told him that this was a bad idea, since a nervous attitude can equal a nervous stomach. The last thing he nee...
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Puzzle Ring
2007-09-03 05:00:00
How-to-help-people-with-disabilities-part icipate-in-games By Emma-Snow The golden rule is a guide to most situations in life, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is not always easy to put ourselves in another person’s shoes and try to understand how we would feel if we were them. However, it is important to do in order to be able to adapt activities to allow for our friends or family with disabilities to participate with us. Naturally humans are social beings, regardless of physical limitation, and even many mental disabilities. Because it can be difficult for others to know how to effectively involve those who have disabilities into regular activities, here are some tips to help get started. Adapting the game At first evaluation it may not seem that someone can participate in the activity who has a mental or physical disability. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to help adapt the game or puzzle to fit the needs of individual...
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