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2008-06-09 01:35:00
Many ideas and hardly any concrete plans for the week, besides working.On tuesday I will be doing some kind of seminar as a professional preparation of my life as a freelancer.On wednesday I might be attending the zero'' Party at KILLEKILL but may be in bed early in order to be well rested for my trip to Hamburg on thursday.I most certainly will be at the Gillian Morris Gallery on Friday for the opening reception of an exhibition my friend Sabinah will be part of.Other plans for the week are: Watching the SATC movie (yeah I still haven't done that!), trying to visit the Boros Collection (which is open to the public since last saturday) and starting to prepare my trip to NYC aswell as my contribution to the symposium in Hamburg at the end of June (which litteraly means - READING A LOT OF BOOKS AND ESSAYS).FUN:
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2008-06-09 00:01:00
via: popmashaNINA DONIS
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2008-06-08 20:39:00
Watching Germany's first match (against Poland in Klagenfurt) with one eye I use the other one to flip through Gala's current issue. There I discoverred a fashionable footballers ranking. Ha don't we all want to be a footballer's wife? No we don't actually! Unfortunately we won't be able to see Poshy (what a shame...). So here we go:1. Fredrik Ljungberg (no discussion!)2. Thierry Henry (could have been No.1 aswell!)3. Christoph Metzelder (most certainly looks better than this right second!)4. Christiano Ronaldo (I HATE HATE HATE this SUPER arrogant ...)5. Fabio Cannavaro (totally indifferet)credit: GalaUpdate: J just send me this link. If you are into "hot" italian football players you should definitely check this out. Did I mention that I am in love with Jens Lehmann - not hot at all huh? Well at least compared to those italian stallions? But hey guys I am far beyond 20!
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2008-06-08 12:17:00
thanks to n.AND: Yves Saint Laurent in German art magazine monopol some months ago. Please read more about it here
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BASEL, baby!
2008-06-07 23:33:00
I am back to Berlin. And happy to had the chance to meet some other bloggers (well, I haven't been the only one who got invited by Cartier). Julia of eslux, Brian of blographic and Helen of the lux chronicles were there aswell. It's always nice to meet other nerdy blogger people (and see that they aren't that nerdy after all...). Where will we be in 10 years from now?Update: Probably the ugliest part of beautiful Basel right next to the fair. But hey, can't you see us smiling?
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2008-06-07 13:28:00
What I like most about art basel are the littel things that happen besides the fair. For example all the other tiny art fairs like liste, volta or scope (I didn't visit any of those this year) or the programme art basel has to offer. Yesterday me and some friends went to the cinema to watch Daft Punk's Electroma . Find a summary version below (two robots who try to be human...):by the way: The leather outfits were designed by Hedi Slimane...
2008-06-07 11:58:00
Still from "Sleepwalkers" credit: doug aitkenYou might remember Doug Aitken's New York exhibition "Sleepwalkers" from 2007 (trailer, documantary and essay)!? Five interlocking vignettes shown through eight projections were displayed upon the exterior walls of the MoMa so as to be visible from the street. During a live piece the projections were shown on the walls at the same time as live drummers and auctioneers chants. The monumental project stared actors Donald Sutherland and Tilda Swinton, musicians Seu Jorge and Cat Power, and actor/street drummer Ryan Donowho. "Doug Aitken's sleepwalkers is a continuation of Aitken?s exploration into the evolving ways people experience their daily environment. He aims to visualize their perceptions, connect personally private and socially shared experiences and relate them to fast-paced urban environments ... In structuring his work to slip into viewers? media-saturated cultural unconscious, he seeks to allow them to experience cinematic im...
2008-06-06 13:54:00
credit: Jean Baptiste MondinoThe actual reason why I am now sitting in Art Basel's Media center is the fact that I got invited by Cartier to a private little concert by Patti Smith , which took part yesterday evening at Basel's St. Elisabeth church. As you may know there currently is an exhibition of Patti Smith 's photographs at La Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in Paris. And since Patti not only writes poems and takes nice pictures Cartier thought it might be nice to let her sing in front of some assorted guests. I have to admit though that I didn't really know here before - well of course the name, some stories bla bla... but to be honest, she really is somewhere out of my orbit - I am too young, she is too old... whatever. The concert was quite good though and I happy to hear her perform my all time favourite Nirvana's Smells like teen spirit in a much more relaxed version. If you want to get an idea about how the concert actually was like, please look at her pe...
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2008-06-05 13:05:00
Berlin 30°C Summer, Sun, FunZürich 15°C Cold, Rain, Fun
2008-06-04 21:52:00
and it's got to do something with this:more later...
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2008-06-02 15:20:00
sorry only in German but VERY interessting if you are interessted in fashion and photography. Click the image above for more detailed information. And well of course if you want to see me talk about fashion blogs you should take the trip to Hamburg at the end of June.
2008-06-02 00:31:00
This week: Work work work. AND Basel and Zürich to visit a concert by Patti Smith - her photographs are currently shown at Fondation Cartier in Paris. In Basel I might be visiting Volta 4, liste and scope aswell... Expect many many pictures of works by many many young and upcoming artists 0_0And a TV advice for those of you interessted in Berlin's art scene. Please watch Berlin - arm aber sexy on thursday right after Germany's Next Topmodel's Finale (which I will be watching online on sunday) on arte.(Well and then there is the Euro 2008 starting on saturday in WOHOO Basel - I will be on the plane back to Berlin by then...).Update: The guys from ilikemystyle are looking for an assistant curator based in Karlsruhe to help them with their upcoming exhibition participation at the ZKM. Please contact contact[at]
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2008-06-01 23:02:00
Opening this July. Unfortunately I won't be able to see it any soon, because I will have left by then. Have I told you before? I will be in New York City between June 18th and 24th...
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2008-05-31 16:46:00
credit: fdib... too beautiful, too strange... Whatever comes to your mind when you think about models, those creatures not of this world, you?ll have to admit that they have a certain fascination drawn from their out-of-space-like-ness. People like Douglas Perrett make no secret out of their obsession but rather share it frankly with us sceptical admirers.In their current issue Qvest Magazine dedicates a whole spread to the girls of fashion does it better. While most of the German fashion blogs still enhance the personal more or less beauty, Maud Lemoine and Pénelopé Heim look out for captivating looks out there. They both living in Straßbourg as well in Paris started their blog as a database with scans from fashion magazines and newspapers as inspiration for their work as illustrators. They soon realised ?there is nothing more exciting than the discovery of a new girl? and broadened their online notebook into something that has become one of the most essential sources for scouts, c...
2008-05-31 16:37:00
credit: karl grandinSwedish graphic designer who aswell designed Cheap Monday's famous skullMORE
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2008-05-30 01:41:00
The Facehunter Show Mexico City - Episode 1, Part 1 of 2I really love the theme music and Yvan le terrible facehunter
2008-05-29 00:09:00
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2008-05-28 20:36:00
The third festival for fashion & photography, initiated and organized by Unit F büro für mode, will take place from 28 May to 6 June 2008. For the past eight years, Unit F has been accompanying Austrian fashion designers on their way toward greater professionalism and internationalization. What started out as a small ceremony for presenting the Austrian Fashion Awards has with time evolved into a self-confident celebration of the Austrian fashion scene.The festival's two core themes of fashion & photography come together to form a symbiotic unit in the annual image campaign. Photography makes a congenial partner for fashion, capturing it in compelling pictures and thus creating the very image on which it thrives.The theme of this year's image campaign - Colours - revolves around the abundance of facets awaiting discovery on the Austrian fashion scene. Conceived by Unit F, the campaign is being realized by a creative team headed by renowned German photographer Joachim Balda...
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2008-05-27 17:29:00
Yesterday was a pure working day with lots of stuff to write and hardly any time spent outside (except for the dogwalks). Tonight I will be at the Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst to attend a lecture on strike by the Viennesse female artists group GirlsonHorses.Tomorrow night there is a pretty huge socialising thing at the KaDeWe: Lacoste's 75th anniversary. I might be attending this at least for the good food and free drinks. Apparat fans shouldn't miss this. I still am undetermined...On Thursday there's Mary's Birthday (don't forget to send lots of presents) and friday is dedicated to my dog which I will take somewhere outside Berlin for a HUGE VERY UNFASHIONABLE walk.The weekend is going to be superhot (not only outside!) At first there is an event called "33 DJs - 33 Favourite Records" hosted by de:bug magazine. Which literally means that there will be 33 DJs playing their favourite tunes. After that Jan of Knicken will be having a party at ZPYZClub, Reichenberger Str...
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2008-05-26 22:02:00
What's the point of waitingFor life to comeI could go furtherAnd no one's surprisedYour plans collapse, run off or fall apart...
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2008-05-22 13:30:00
Florian Horwarth and Jan JoswigLast week I went to Schöneberg with Jan from de:bug to do some interviews and photos for the de:bug summer issue. I was happy to meet the Austrian Florian Horwarth who is a songwriter/singer and a fashion designer aswell with superb style and love for interessting details. We talked about his style past/present/future (he was wearing beloved Frank Leder, Helmut Lang - from the times Helmut Lang still was Helmut Lang himself - and a Blazer by the Austrian we should all keep our eyes on Wilfried Mayer).If you are into sneakers (and especially rare ones) you should definitely check out solebox (aswell in Mitte as in Schöneberg) next time you are in Berlin. Hikmet (although he avoids going to Mitte) is such a nice guy and is definitely going to wear fantastic sneakers and baggy jeans for the rest of his life... (very likable!).More nice pictures in the upcoming de:bug issue!!!Hikmet Sugoer
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2008-05-20 11:04:00
credit: osklen
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2008-05-19 23:01:00
f&art has got a slightly new design and will from now on feature one song every week. People who contemplate this blog in a reader should make the effort to visit the original page at least once a week if they are interessted in listening to parts of my soundtrack (will be located as youtube video in the right hand sidebar). Bloc party's "Pioneers" will make the start.My plans for the week are finish reading The Fashioned Body and start reading Body Dressing in order to finish a text on fashion, body and their relationship with art. This week you should look out for the FAZ's Feuilleton to find an article on the Hyères festival written by me. On wednesday I will be attending the opening of the cvg showroom and the vernissage of the Last Then Shots exhibition.On friday I will most likely be at the bless shop, looking at the car cover they made for intersection magazine. Last but not least I hope to see some friends in town and might be attending Klaus's birthday party at the...
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2008-05-18 16:42:00
credit: pposti.comI am currently working on a nice text which I will tell you more about later. Barcelona based illustrator Pietari Posti will do the graphics for it, which I am quite excited about :)credit:
2008-05-15 04:08:00
via girlinthegreendress
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2008-05-13 12:36:00
Alle sitzen sie mittendrin und warten darauf, dass es passiert - Sehnsüchtig, ehrfürchtig, erregt. Wann wird es soweit sein, wird es jemals soweit sein? Was wird danach kommen? Fragen, mehr Fragen - immer wieder. Spielt es denn überhaupt eine Rolle? Lass uns doch einfach bleiben, hier im Jetzt - Noch etwas Koks? -- oder was haben wir noch so da? ...TAZ (vom 10.05.08)
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2008-05-11 12:24:00
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2008-05-11 11:53:00
credit: a-magazineAfter beloved Veronique Branquinho Kris van Assche is in charge of A Magazine 's latest edition. Can't wait to get my hands on it... I take this oppurtunity to show you my womenswear Spring/Summer 08 favourites: credit: kararoku.comINTERVIEW (Zoomagazine)MORE PICTURES (Kararoku)
2008-05-09 16:08:00
Kürzlich erreichte mich eine Email von einem Betreiber "I like my style"s, der ultimativen Plattform aller supereitler Fäschnpeople. Es versteht sich von selbst, dass auch ich dort ein (allerdings nur dürftig gepflegtes...) Profil habe. Juhu mein Fahrradbild gehört noch immer zu den am meisten betrachteten und erinnert mich mal wieder daran, wie sehr ich mein Fahrrad vermisse (kann man ein Fahrrad so richtig vermissen? Wohl schon und erstrecht bei DEM Berliner Frühling)...
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2008-05-06 13:10:00
credit: felipeoliveirabaptistaJeder, der mich auch nur ein wenig kennt, weiß, dass ich irgendwie ein verkappter Junge bin. Ich stehe auf schöne Autos, Playstation, Technikkram , Bier, lange Beine, hohe Schuhe und kurze Röcke (letzteres hauptsächlich an mir selbst). Da ist es umso weniger verwunderlich, dass ich Freund des portugiesischen Designers Felipe Oliveira Baptista bin, der es irgendwie schafft, das alles in seinen Kollektionen zu vereinen und es gleichzeitig hinbekommt das auch noch gut aussehen zu lassen. Seine Spring/Sommer Bekleidungsvorschläge, über welche ich an anderer Stelle schon einmal berichtete, ist Wrestling (oder auch Catching) inspiriert. Und das - ist das etwas, auf das man stolz sein kann? Oh je! - war meine erste Assoziation als ich die Sachen zum ersten mal sah. Kommenden Winter ist es ein wenig verzwickter. Da geht es nämlich um Autos, genauer gesagt um Lamborghini, noch genauer gesagt um die Flügeltüren, die es Felipe besonders angetan zu haben scheinen. ...
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