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?Pick up the soap!?
2007-08-20 17:08:00
Imagine this; you are in a room full of naked men, in a communal shower. You are a bit nervous seeing all of them, but you got to take a shower, so you screw up your courage and step in. Your hands shake a bit as you pick up the bar of soap, trying ...
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Can adding Vitamins & Minerals help sell more Coke?
2007-08-18 15:12:00
Wellness is one of the new and emerging trends. Everyone is going natural and organic and adding Vitamins to just about everything that you can add Vitamins to - including Shampoo and Skin Cream and Deodorants. Not to be left out of this craze, where consumers will blindly buy anything that has ‘less of ...
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Sexy drink or a sticky new eau de toilet?
2007-08-18 15:09:00
While there is something inherently wrong about being sprayed on by a can of soft-drink - let alone a Pepsi, this outdoor ad from France is strangely appealing. Headline reads : New Pepsi Light. Sexy Drink . I don’t see anything sexy about this drink unless it is a unintended symbology of spraying something onto the model’s ...
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Frequent massage of breats may help you live.
2007-08-18 15:07:00
You just got to wonder who this Chinese ad is supposed to attract. I can see this idea appealing to a certain demographic and it is not women who may be at risk of breast cancer. English Translation : Frequent massaging breasts enable you detect breast cancer before it strikes. The idea is good and it ...
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Will you pay 60 US$ to see ads in your favorite game?
2007-08-18 15:03:00
The next time you sit down to play your favorite your XBOX 360 or PC game, expect to see advertising - lots and lots of it, thanks to what some would describe as the unholy alliance between E.A (If it’s in the game) and Microsoft (The Wow starts now). The guys at ars are bummed ...
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Shining light out of a dog?s ass makes an award winning ad - twice.
2007-07-30 16:17:00
Why does shining a light through a dog so it comes out of it’s ass, make a great ad? You heard that right - light, coming out of a dog’s ass. Well these ads by JWT Australia won the Prestigious Lions award at the recent Cannes Award s, so someones at Canns must have thought they make ...
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Juvenile ads typecasts large people to sell Fiat cars.
2007-07-20 22:53:00
A month ago, I wrote an article Must we offend large women to sell them yogurt? But even before I can move on to another topic, I come across these ads for Fiat s. The headline reads “Fiat Stilo with Skywindow. The largest sun roof you have ever seen.” Nice, really nice. The ads do get the ...
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McDonald?s Ad attempt to stretch the bounds of reality and try to surprise
2007-07-13 16:19:00
How do you know when advertising is trying too hard? Consider; one of the roles of advertising is to convince consumers to buy something that they may not think of buying. Usually this involves making the product or service attractive and removing the barriers. Advertising agencies do that and some do it really well. Now bring in ...
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Movie Review : Live Free or Die Hard - a failed blast from the past.
2007-07-12 18:49:00
John McClane is back, but unfortunately most of his mojo has disappeared along with his hair. Die Hard 4.0 or Live Free or Die Hard is definitely a bigger and louder movie, but even the cool effects and frantic action could not get McClane back to where he was before with the original Die Hard.Bruce ...
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Movie Review : Transformers - a magical return to the 80s.
2007-07-09 20:00:00
Transformers is why we go see movies. All the hype aside, Transformers brings us back to the good old days of (mostly Spielberg) movies - Goonies, Gremlins, Raiders, Young Sherlock Holmes, ET - all the great movies of the 80s. I must admit that those are the movies that formed my opinion of what movies ought ...
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Movie Review : Pirates of the Caribbean : At World?s End
2007-06-22 19:18:00
I know it’s way late, but now that I finally got the chance to go see it, here is the review. There are two things you ought to know about this movie. One : It’s simply awesome. Two. It’s a butt and mind numbing 3 hour movie. I loved the Pirates Of The Caribbean : Dead Man’s ...
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Top 4+8 things I learned from watching LOST
2007-06-17 11:34:00
I think LOST is great, but after going through 3 seasons, these are the things I learned.. 1 .The miracle of water. No matter how serious the injury is, whether it is a gun shot wound or being pierced in the lungs with a sharp object or being attacked by a weird black cloud - water ...
More About: Lost , Cool , Things , Watching , Learned
Must we offend large women to sell them yogurt?
2007-06-16 10:53:00
This can almost be a companion piece to my previous article Do we really need skinny models in our advertising? Only this time it is the exact opposite. Here are a series of ads that use raunchy but well known movies to get the message across. The product is a Fat Free Yogurt . The ads are ...
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Do we really need skinny models in our advertising?
2007-06-16 10:37:00
There is a long running argument in the advertising industry. Does advertising reflect the values of the society that it is in or is society trying to mimic advertising? One point of view is that advertising portrays an ideal place of what we want our society to be. It?s all about fulfilling aspirations and dreams. Yes, ...
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Movie Review : Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer
2007-06-14 18:10:00
While I am still waiting for Tim Story to show us what is a Fantastic about this movie, it is a far better movie than the first one, which really didn’t have much of a plot and suffered from a rather limp climax. ahem.. This review is spoiler free - not that there are any major ...
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