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The Adventures of MYK JONES
Artwork and Design Blog, showcasing most of my work as well as others. Feel free to contribute your ideas. News stories on art related interests. As well as free design giveaways!


2008-06-05 23:04:00
This intrigues me and scares me all at the same time. Who remembers Jude Law (sex robot) in AI. or the schwarzenegger 6th sense scene with the holograph girlfriend. Oh my the future holds great possibilities! But then the thoughts of terminator and skynet have me buggin!! can't see the video check out: http://www.perfect-woman.comType rest of the post here.Perfect WomanAndroid Robot Robot Sex Doll
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Trim that mustache!!
2008-05-29 04:02:00
Cause i like funny sh*t!!Type rest of the post here.[tagname tagname]
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I'm Back!!
2007-12-27 16:13:00
After a short Hiatus filled with fun times at work!! (ugh) I'm making a move back to my blog. Gonna switch the format around a bit and focus more on loading new psd's every week! stay tuned...
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2007 ExtravaGangsta Radio Platinum Party Highlights!
2007-09-13 21:45:00
check out some performance clips at the 2007 ExtravaGangsta Radio Platinum party hosted by your boy MykJones, Ras & the rest of the staff at ExtravaGangsta Radio. Editing & Graphics done by me, hit the comment button and let me know your thoughts.Type rest of the post here.Extravagangstahiphoprap950 Plus
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Graffiti goes six-figure legit
2007-08-09 15:10:00
As savvy collectors line up to pay big bucks for an art form that was once both reviled and free, graffiti artists are making the move from dimly lit alleyways into the bright halogen light of top-flight galleries - and even onto the auction block at Sotheby's. Joshua Knelman reports from Montreal, Canada's ground zero of street art gone glamClick here to read full post!It's good to see the artform moving up to greater heights.Graffiti Street Art Gallery Sotheby's Art
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How much should I charge for design?
2007-08-08 06:54:00
An interesting article i read, hope it give you a basic or a better understanding of pricing in todays marketRead More Here!Freelance PricingDesign FeesGraphic Design PricingArtwork Printing
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Top five tips for increasing client satisfaction in design.
2007-08-07 15:38:00
Issued by: QuickOnline Website layout and design isn't rocket science... if you know how. It is intricate work though and requires the creativity and skills of a professional design studio. More importantly perhaps, but often an oversight, is the assistance of a specialist online presence consultant to maintain the balance of both form and function ? fundamental elements in effectively communicating the client's message in an interactive and engaging manner.Francois Botha, managing director of Quick Online, a group of digital presence consultants, says, ?While creating expressive web interfaces and capturing the client's image and business personality, it's not always easy for graphic designers to find that niche between functionality and design. Digital presence consultants critically analyse the elements of the design blueprint, adding value to the service the design studio renders.?As a specialist in the digital and online fields, Botha provides us with his top five tips for ...
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Graffiti or art? Park cleanup renews debate
2007-08-06 02:18:00
Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer As a city volunteer rolled dark green paint over a bright jumble of scrawlings and imagery on a fence at Warm Water Cove Park on Saturday, Paul Barron stood alongside holding a yellow sign with an ornately lettered message: "Celebrate Graffiti !" "Painting over artwork isn't gonna prevent any crime," Barron, who described himself as a professional muralist and graffiti artist, told reporters who had come to witness a culture clash on a balmy morning at San Francisco's southern waterfront. "They're taking away our voice ... killing the only pure form of art." One of the cleanup volunteers had a retort."I do artwork. This isn't art," said the 57-year-old man, a nearby resident who asked to be identified only as Gary N. because he feared retaliation. Defining art, and deciding where it belonged, shouldn't be left up to "punks, thugs and vandals," he said. Mohammed Nuru, deputy director of the city's Department of Public Works, w...
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The Takeover!!
2007-08-03 17:33:00
Well for those who know and those who are just getting here, on the side i am also the co-half of ExtravaGangsta Radio (click that link!). It is one of the top podcasts for hiphop & latin urban music in the world!! (we have stats!). So today i have the wonderful & nerve racking pleasure of running this show ON MY OWN!! (well not entirely i will have our usual cohorts to help in the house). My partner who is the epitome of a workaholic (love ya dog!) is finally taking some time out for himself (what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!) & his wife. If you guys get a chance come give it a listen. We have great music talk about the music industry and just have a good time.
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US design salaries down, but trend is steady
2007-08-02 16:17:00
Originally posted by Graphic designers are generally inspired by more than just money. But that doesn't mean that a good salary isn't important to us. At the very least it is important that we are seen to be valued in our jobs. But without having anything to compare against, it can be difficult for designers to know whether the wage they are being paid is in line with the rest of the market. For graphic designers in America, this is where the yearly AIGA/Aquent graphic design salaries survey comes in. Last year the design salaries survey reported an upward trend in graphic designers earnings. For 2006 salaries were slightly down, but the trend is still looking good from a workload point of view. According to the survey; "margins are tighter and clients are contracting for work against smaller budgets". But, according to the report, the overall trend is still positive, with signs that American businesses are recognizing the value of innovative...
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Microsoft?s HD Photo Technology Considered for Standardization by JPEG
2007-08-01 16:03:00
PRESS RELEASEMicrosoft Corp. welcomed the decision, announced today by the Joint Photo graphic Expert Group (JPEG), to introduce a new work item for the standardization of Microsoft?s® HD Photo file format. Formal balloting of this work item is being submitted to the JPEG national delegations for approval. Standardization of HD Photo, tentatively titled, ?JPEG XR,? will ensure that camera, printer, display and software companies will be able to develop products with the confidence of a consistent scheme that ensures interoperability across their properties.The HD Photo image-coding technology, incubated in Microsoft Research and developed by Microsoft?s Core Media Processing team, offers a host of new features and benefits focusing on the current and emerging needs of digital photography. The technology, which shipped in Windows Vista®, is a new file format for end-to-end digital photography that offers better image fidelity, higher image-compression efficiency and flexible editing f...
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Hard-Fi's declare No Cover Art!
2007-07-31 18:49:00
By: News Desk Hard -Fi have previewed the artwork for second album Once Upon A Time In The West, and it's set to be one of the most striking of the year.Eschewing the bold graphic of their debut Stars of CCTV, the band have reunited with designers S&T to deliver an album cover that simply declares 'NO COVER ART' along with the title.Lead singer and songwriter Richard Archer said in a statement to press?Just like we did with our debut album, we wanted to break the rules. The significance of album covers in general is becoming little more than a centimetre square on an i-pod screen, or at best a 10cm CD. We don?t need some airbrushed band shot just because it might be expected. F*ck that. This is about the music.?Acclaimed designer Peter Saville, responsible for many of Factory Records iconic sleeve designs, told The Times?The concept is an artwork in itself. This is a ?White Album? for the digital culture.?Once Upon A Time In The West is released on September 3rd, whi...
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The Purple Haze
2007-07-30 08:05:00
Here's a simple background i made a few months ago. Inside each psd are several other layers of different items. I used this for a tent card i made. Feel free to hit me up with ideas or suggestions. Thanks!!You can get it Here
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