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Burberry introduced an exclusive collection bags
2007-09-30 19:30:00
The company Burberry introduced a new exclusive collection bags designed for critical customer mark. The designer Christopher Bailey (Christopher Bailey) reshaped the top brand models, including Knight, “” Manor “,” Beaton, Bromley, Bloomsbury and Ashcombe “using a variety of exotic skins and bright colors. Inside each bag will be placed brass plate with initials owner and ...
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Prada again offer Milan
2007-09-30 11:30:00
Miuchu Prada called “thinker fashion.” But It is not only powerful intellect, but her striking ability of others to create their own worlds. This was shown in Milan spring Prada collection. In raspisannom graffiti-round space with screens, three-dimensional images broadcast, mertsala Prada collection, as if out of fashion, in their own terms. Other designers shepchutsya broadcasting wife ...
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Miss Italia 2007
2007-09-30 01:30:00
Jury Miss Italy beauty contest this year required to make new rules, the newspaper El Pais. ” According to connoisseurs of beauty now smile, beautiful eyes and long legs are not enough. To select Miss Italy 2007, the jury decided to evaluate another option participating … pop. Around this proposal immediately raised much controversy, but ...
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Twiggy will line of clothing
2007-09-29 14:30:00
Brand Marshall Ward hopes to raise its sales through cooperation with the legendary model Twiggy. Currently, Twiggy is a line of women’s clothing retailer Marks & Spencer, but in cooperation with Marshall Ward model will own clothing line, which is simply called Twiggy. Twiggy has created a collection of clothing for the Japanese market, but the ...
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Undress with taste
2007-09-29 08:30:00
Women’s Fashion Week started Milano Moda Donna. And if the past week earlier male models still dressed, the women on the benefits stripped. So spring-summer season 2008 promises to be very hot. Undress beautifully on the beach assist night with geometric figure, such as the Just Cavalli. Bright picture divert attention from the inadequacies of the ...
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Gucci provided the first television advertising
2007-09-29 06:44:00
Milan running Gucci collection spring-summer season of 2008 opened the world premiere of the first television spot advertising brand-new fragrance Gucci by Gucci. As a venue for Duke e IOC Hollywood rezhiss e r David Lynch (David Lynch), known to its surreal approach to the creation of films ( “Malholland- Drive,” “Blue Velvet”), chose the National ...
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Adidas and Nike fought for Bekham
2007-08-19 20:00:00
  David Beckham has long worked with Adidas , and has long been seen in promotional spots and posters sporting brand. For Art Informer  was very surprised that the famous football player decided not to renew a contract with Adidas. Most likely, instead, it will enter into a deal with Nike . Despite the $ 4 million proposed ...
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Vivienne Westwood prepares receivers
2007-08-19 18:01:00
The popular British designer Vivi enne Westwood chose Carolina Soler-Avila for a summer practice in the studio, estimating them to innovative thinking and designs. 27-year-old student at Newport School of Art, Media and Design always dreamed of this work and has long been a fan of creativity Westwood. “I am certainly pleased that received such a proposal, ...
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Paul Smith produces circles
2007-08-19 16:00:00
Designer Paul Smith , joined the team of classic English Wedgwood brand for a limited edition mugs cost $ 25 with original floral designs. All the proceeds from their sale will go to children’s charity NSPCC Parkside. “I wholeheartedly support the NSPCC, because they do a fantastic job. I always try to help and support projects related ...
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Ecological linen from Victoria Secret
2007-08-19 14:06:00
  Last December, the trendy brand lingerie Victoria ’s Secret announced its intention to make its products, as well as their production, more environmentally benign. This spring the company will go a little bit further. Core brand Victoria’s Secret, along with Victoria’s Secret Pink, a line of a youth bed, will present a mini-collection of eco-clothing. Key ...
More About: Fashion , Logic , Logical
Charity collection of jewellery Lola Rose
2007-08-19 12:00:00
All decorations of a magenta pink quartz and jade, including a necklace of pink hearts, the suspension also pendant in the form of hearts and bracelets. The cost ranges from the last 25 to 50 pounds, and the value of necklaces and trimmings starting from 65 pounds. Brand Lola Rose , established in 2000, boasts stellar ...
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Stephen King direction buyers
2007-08-19 10:00:00
Horror master Stephen King recently caused a stir in book shops in Sydney. The writer went there and found on the shelves of a novel, has decided to make its future readers little surprise in the form of autographs. He took the book and slowly distributed them. However, this behaviour has outraged one of the ...
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Tom Hanks, the Vice-President of the American Academy of Film
2007-08-19 08:00:00
  The American Academy of Film determining winners Academy Award, re to a third consecutive term of the current president Ganisa Side. Vice President of the Academy was actor and producer Tom Hanks . Ganis is a member of the Board of Directors of Academy Film already during 1921. He also sat on the board of the major ...
At auction will be posted on the Internet piano Elvis Presley
2007-08-19 06:00:00
30 years after the death of Elvis Presley in the Ebay online auction will be posted piano great singer conveys AOL. “The initial bid was $ 250 thousand, but we expect that it will be sold for about two million”, said the representative of the owner lots agency AFP. Music al instrument was purchased by the King of ...
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Bob Dylan was awarded a prestigious Spanish prize
2007-08-19 04:00:00
66-year-old American musician, singer and poet Bob Dylan was awarded Prince of Asturias Arts Award, one of the most prestigious Span ish prize, BBC News reported. Rewards will be given to the Executive in October 2007 in the city of Oviedo. “Dylan-live popular music legend, a beacon for generations, dreamed of changing the world,” said President Jose ...
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Germany and Poland Mozart manuscript contest
2007-08-19 01:59:00
The German authorities to return autograph 27 Mozart piano concerto, held in Cracow Jagiellonian Library. The valuable manuscript was in Poland during the Second World War, along with other important archival documents, including manuscripts Goethe, reported The Independent. When the Allies began to bomb Berlin, the Germans evacuated about 500 boxes of documents relating to music ...
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Independent musicians united against MySpace and YouTube
2007-08-18 21:50:00
According to the proponents of the project, in their immediate plans to raise the issue of the legality of media content services such as MySpace and YouTube, and they like. According to the organizers Project Merlin, services like MySpace and YouTube, severely affecting the young musicians, whose copyright has been violated through their video through various ...
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Woody Allen will set Puccini opera
2007-08-18 20:00:00
  The famous American film director Woody Allen will put opera, AP reported. This was announced on Thursday Placido Domingo, general director of the Los anzhelesskogo Opera House. According to Domingo, the opera premiere in getting Allen is scheduled for season 2008-2009. Cinema to take Puccini opera “Gianni Schicchi” ( “Gianni Schicchi”). “I still do not know ...
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Very high in Europe Buddha set in Elista
2007-08-18 18:11:00
  In Russia will be the highest in Europe statue of Buddha : nine sculpture begins Shakya- Muni to the European center of Buddhism in the capital of Kalmykia. The statue manufactured in Volgodonsk on plaster model group sculptor Vladimir Vaskina and cover opt gold. European Buddhism Center opens in Elista on December 26, 2005. Spring 2006 ...
More About: High , Sculpting , Rope
In Moscow, a rotating Skyscraper
2007-08-18 16:06:00
One of the largest construction corporation Mirax Group signed an agreement with architect David Fisher, the head of Dynamic Architecture , to build a skyscraper in Moscow rotating. The new building (the place for him is not chosen) will be over 60 floors, most of which will revolve around a central nucleus. And the floors should move ...
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The English village Newbiggin-by-the Sea of bronze couple
2007-08-18 14:06:00
  The English village Newbiggin-by-the Sea, located on the shores of the North Sea, shortly votes unusual work of art : a five - Cotta compositions, which will stand 350 metres from the beach. The Independent newspaper reported that “Para” (a statue of a man and a woman) made a sculptor Sean Henry. One couple made of ...
More About: Architecture , Couple , Bronze , Village
In Britain reunited two halves of a sculpture, which is 2500 years
2007-08-18 07:00:00
The Museum of Greek Art and Archaeology at the University of Newcastle to the exhibition include two reunited half-Clay sculpture lion head. The sculpture, which, according to scientists, was to decorate the Greek temple in Italy, 2,500 years. Allegedly, the head lions decorated drains in one of the temples Greeks living in southern Italy in ...
More About: Britain , Years , Sculpture , Reunited , Sculpting
Canadian gynecologist revealed secrets Stonehenge
2007-08-18 05:22:00
Researcher, University of British Columbia, studied Stonehenge for several years, finally realized that a standing stones passes Guardian Unlimited. According to Anthony Perksa, Stonehenge-giant fertility symbol in the form of female sexual organ. “In Neolithic times, it was about the Earth as a great bogine- mother,” explains Perks, gynecologist Education. Stonehenge-could provide an opening through which ...
More About: Architecture , Canadian , Secrets , Monuments
The Chanel logotype was created Chanel Vrubel?
2007-08-18 03:14:00
  Unknown work artist Mikhail Vrubel, 121 years prolezhavshaya stored Kiev Museum of Russian Art is a striking resemblance to a well-known trademark brand Coco Chan el . Sketch of Michael Vrubelya in two interlocking Horseshoe, dated from the year 1886, a house Chanel logo-stylized combination of the first letters of the name of his owner - Coco Chanel ...
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Found a faded painting of Taras Shevchenko
2007-08-18 01:09:00
Valuable, but quite mysterious discovery. Owners of a Tender homes Kiev claim that the author picture, which they found, Taras Shevchenko. Work on expert estimates that belongs to the lost pictures Kobzarya. In Taras Shevchenko National Museum of discovery to learn from our correspondents. Seeing the picture, the museum unanimously argue otherwise. This landscape is one ...
More About: Painting , Aras , Chen
Depeche Mode Singer will issue new solo album
2007-08-17 23:53:00
  New solo singers plate Depeche Mode David Gahan, sales on October 23, 2007, reports NME. Haan is a party Depeche Mode since the founding of the group in 1980. The debut solo plate Executive came only in 2003; The drive is called Paper Monsters. The new album is called Hourglass ( “Hourglass”). Haan is the author of ...
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Womans offended at the British writer Ian Rankin
2007-08-17 23:30:00
Ian Rankin, author Doko British detectives, was addressed to the hard response from konkurentki on writing assignments and open lesbian Vel Macdermid. Rankin, in an interview said that the most visible and savagely violence in the books depict women, especially lesbians. Many writers this observation led to severe irritation, and Macdermid aired during his speech ...
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Is rock opera ?Jesus Christ Superstar? on the adventures of Jesus in the mo
2007-08-17 21:48:00
The premiere of a new version of the famous American rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”, directed by British director Stephen Reyna will be held in September in Madrid. “This version of the musical tells of how that could happen to such people as Jesus, if it is in our time in the Middle East,” said ...
More About: Jesus Christ , Opera , Rock , Theatre
Sigur Ros released documentary film about Sigur Ros
2007-08-17 20:00:00
Icelandic group Sigur Ros produce documentary, which will include snippets of concert presentations team, NME said. Exit tape entitled Heima appointed to November 5, 2007. The filming took place during the speeches Sigur Ros Iceland in the summer of 2006. And in the movie were as fragments large and small clubs and concerts. Also on 5 November, ...
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Steve Wonder go in the first tour for 20 years
2007-08-17 18:25:00
Steve Wonder going to the first in more than 20 years, a full concert tour. The first concert tour in San Diego on Aug. 23, 2007, the last statement is scheduled for September 20 in Boston. Total Wander ride 13 U.S. cities, but the musician said that the existing list may be in addition new date. Steve ...
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