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Emerge from nothing
2008-04-02 04:31:00
Oh how I love spring. However, I must admit, the weather right now in Los Angeles is very un-springish. It's more like blerrrrgghhh!! I got a website!! Right now it's in its preliminary stages but we're getting there... check it out at I hope to have some stuff added soon.Also take some time to browse through my playlist on the right top corner.. I try to keep it up-to-date with my favorite musicians. Currently it includes YELLE, Fischerspooner, Uffie, Sebastien Tellier, Hot Chip, HEARTSREVOLUTION, Feist, The Gossip, The Clientele, Spank Rock, Chromeo, The Presets, and of course, SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO. My blogger profile page (accessible through this link) also has a list of my favorite musical talents.*Don't hesitate to contact me in any way to talk about stuff...and advice/suggestions are appreciated. I'm down for conversations any time any day. Music, art, fashion, partying, advice, politics, you name it.. Let's converse. You can reach me through any of the...
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Cardinal Sin
2008-02-29 06:22:00
Heeeeellllllllooooooooo for the first time in many, many days. I sincerely apologize for the impromptu hiatus...But I've been swamped with stuff to do. But it's good to be back. Thanks to the faithful support, readers. You guys keep me going. Keep the love comin'! And check out all the songs on my music player...I hope to be a great source for both music and fashion in the coming months (:I wanted to talk about the Cory Kennedy + Ksubi + Cobrasnake shirt.I absolutely adore Cory and her style, know many people that know her and even hang out in the same places and with the same people she did before she became an internet star. However, I'd like to ask Miss Kennedy, what is this outrage? A t shirt with a picture of her and Paris Hilton for $100+ ?? I understand that these are limited edition and are a pretty big deal (seeing as they involve three of the most respected figures in culture), but I think they're a bit pricey. Cory isn't yet an internationally famous designer, nor a...
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lady di! lady di! renoir!
2008-01-13 02:07:00
Last night I watched one of my favorite movies of all time for like the millionth time. Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, or simply Amélie, stars Audrey Tatou as the main character and Matheiu Kassovitz as the object of her affection, Nino Quincompoix [he looks adorable in the movie by the way]. I watched it without subtitles because I didn't want anything to detract from the wonderful totalement francais mood [and to brush up on my French]. I love this movie because of its incredible feel-good ending and the amazing scenes of la vie parisienne. While watching it last night, I realized that a lot of the movie's feel came from how Amélie dressed. Below are some stills from the film. The places in this movie really make me want to move to Montmartre someday.Sans toi, les émotions d'aujourd'hui ne seraient que la peau morte des émotions d'autrefois.
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Best of 2007
2007-12-29 01:55:00
Hello, wow it's been forever since my last post! Things have been busy busy busy here in LA. Today I'd like to wrap up 2007 with a list of some of the best designers of the year!CHRIS BENZOh, how I love this man. He made his mark not too long ago with a collection full of vibrant colors, and varying textures and now his name's on everyone's lips... Stay tuned for more of Chris Benz!OHNE TITELHeaded by Alexa Adams and Flora Gill, readers of fashion fleur will remember one of my older posts that covered this scene duo.LORICKHow can I even begin to describe Lorick? A clash of old-age elegance and modern sophistication, designer Abigail Lorick delivers her best with stunning and eye-grabbing pieces.ROBERT GELLERRobert Geller may only tailor to men, but I couldn't resist but mention him because I would gladly help myself to his pieces. Refined and cool, it's possibly one of the best menswear labels out there.HEIMSTONEHeimstone is a true favorite of mine, perhaps because of the soft...
2007-11-17 05:00:00
Today's label of the day is Los Angeles-based Cavern. The child of creative designers Adam Tullie and Angeline Rivas, Cavern creates sweet yet funky tees and shirts that are geometric wonders.Determined to distinguish themselves from the rest, Tuille and Rivas set out to create something different than the others. With metallic shapes and mystic symbols, their main goal appears to be making everything as abstract as possible.Could they possibly be the next big thing? Only time will tell.Cavern is available in Los Angeles at Scout, 7920 West 3rd Street; 323-658-8684 and Fred Segal Man; 420 Broadway, Santa Monica,310-395-9792A.
shotgun city in the sunshine
2007-11-05 03:22:00
Saturday, took a trip to venice beach and had a blast. I ate in downtown LA first and then headed over to Santa Monica and drove to Venice from there. I stopped at Salt, which had a lot of great labels like Opening Ceremony which are hard to find. Had some desserts at Jin Patisserie which was amazing and visited some amazing gorgeous stores.I'm hyped for Paper Magazine's Los Angeles Project which starts tomorrow!! The Paper Mag LA project is when people from the magazine throw parties and stuff throughout the week and everyone just gets to have a great time.Finally, this picture from the Sartorialist, taken in a Dries Van Noten show. Couldn't resist.
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Snap happy
2007-10-31 09:15:00
It's late.Photos by yours truly.
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to infinity, and beyond
2007-10-21 21:48:00
Helllooooo. I was at Knott's Scary Farm yesterday, and yeah, it was scary.I want to start off by highlighting a couple of my personal favorite labels I can't live without. Click pictures for bigger size.First is... KAREN WALKER!Quirky, fun, yet classy, Karen Walker defines street chic. Her stuff can be worn on the street casually and also works at fancy places at night. From eyewear, clothing, to jewelry, Karen Walker immortalizes fashion with unbelievable style. Go Karen! These pictures are from her Fall 2007 ready-to-wear collection.My second favorite is the more obscure, KTZ, short for Kokon to Zai.Idolized by hipsters everywhere from London to Japan, KTZ sets the standard for avant-garde fashion. Graphics galore! Kokon to Zai is actually a chain of I believe two shops, one in London and another one in Paris. They carry brands such as Tsumori Chisato [love her!], Vivienne Westwood, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Raf Simmons, Gareth Pugh, Bernhard Willhelm, and others, as well as their...
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Sleep much?
2007-10-10 07:03:00
Im so tired. So many things to do. Please sign up on the form on the right side of the page to get special email updates on new posts!!!!!I'm really into minimalist clothing these days.. Like Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, Helmut Lang, Jil Sander, etc. One designer that really pulls off the minimalist look well is Ohne Titel. From all black, to a mix of colorful prints, this designer's approach to style is sure to sweep even the most adamant of skeptics off their feet!The collection consisting mostly of black was the Fall/Winter 2007 collection and the other two colorful looks were recently featured on the runway as the Spring/Summer 2008 collection.
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harder, better, faster, stronger
2007-09-25 00:58:00
Helllooow. Long time no post. I'm very very very busy these days. Since the last time I've posted, a lot of many interesting things have happened in the world of fashion. Like the New York and London fash weeks... Paris fashion week is coming up which will be amazing.. My friend Brian Lichtenberg, head designer and owner of label Brian Lichtenberg, seems to be esp. excited for Balenciaga on Oct. 2nd.So... this post will be like the last one, except it'll be some of my favorite shows from London fashion week. I don't have much time to elaborate on the details of each collection but here are the looks I think deserve a mention.JONATHAN SAUNDERSNATHAN JENDENERDEMCHRISTOPHER KANERICHARD NICOLLSINHA-STANICLOUISE GOLDINOverall trend report: We are seeing a lot of layering, a lot of bright colors like the ones on the Louise Goldin show, wild wild west looks, tailored jackets, bold prints, rhinestones and sparkles, racerbacks on the front, and quilt prints.Fall is here... more gorgeous ...
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New York Fashion Week: Part I
2007-09-10 01:00:00
New York Fashion Week is here! This year, there are more independent women's labels putting on shows then there ever has been before! Here are some of my personal favorite looks from shows so far! And please click on the pictures for a bigger version because the ones here are too small since they wouldn't fit otherwise... Enjoy!JOSH GOOTbasic colors, soft fabrics, flowy looks, what's there not to love?RACHEL COMEYsexy, edgy, and romantic, rachel comey dominated the runway with bright hues and prints.VENA CAVAone of my all-time favorites, vena cava had amazing looks that channeled the glamour of the past...YIGAL AZROUELfresh and simple, this season's looks from azrouel were chic yet classy, evoking casual elegance.KAREN WALKERanother one of my favorites, the looks were vintage-inspired, reminding me of that shabby chic look... gotta have 'em!JEREMY LAINGstructured, bold, and modern, jeremy laing's collection was architecture-inspired, evident from the shapes and construction of...
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Far too kind
2007-09-03 19:20:00
Thank you to ALEXA of for passing on to me the lovely Rockin' Girl Blogger Award! Now, to keep up with tradition, I must pass on this award to five other bloggers... I don't know if the blogs I've chosen have received this award yet, but here they are:1. I 2. KIRA FASHION3. WHIMSICAL DELIGHTS4. JE NE SAIS QUOI...5. DIARY OF A THIRD WORLD FASHIONISTACongrats to the blogs above and now you guys have to pick 5 other bloggers! And thanks to everyone for the support this blog has been getting! (:School starts tomorrow so I'll probably post less... But never fear, a great year of wonderful posts is coming!
Drawing to a Close...
2007-08-30 02:07:00
The end of summer is near! I had to go change my school schedule today and it took forever... I had to wait in the sun in a line for like three hours... But I got all the courses I wanted so atleast that worked out...My mom was gone the whole day with her best friend so I had to get rides from my friends. My mom went to Melrose to eat and shop with her friend. When she came back, I was relieved to see that she didn't forget me. She stopped by Marc by Marc Jacobs on Melrose Ave. and got me a some things from the 2007 limited edition special items. She got my sister a canvas tote with the Marc by Marc Jacobs logo on it. It's the one on the left in the picture below.As for me, I've been needing a wallet for a while, so she got me a metallic copper quilted wallet. She also got me two plastic bracelets with large circle beads, in orange and green.School is starting next week, but my mom promised me she would take me to Melrose before then... And I'm also attending the Neighborhood Mu...
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Almost Famous
2007-08-27 09:57:00
Hey everyoneplease go check out Penelope's latest post-charmed life! She interviewed me for it! Go read it and tell her and me what you think!Thanks for interviewing me, Penelope!So tell me guys.Do you hate me or love me?(;ciao, bella!
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I want rain.
2007-08-25 04:36:00
Tired and don't have much time so quick post.I went to the park today with my family. The weather was perfect- not too cold, not too warm.My outfit was this: [sorry for the pictures- i had to take them by myself so i couldn't take them wearing the clothes... won't happen again, i promise!]I went for the carefreeeeee look today, nothing polished or cinched, with the shorts high waisted and the loose tank tops.On the inside, I wore a red limited edition organic cotton tank top from Nike. On top of that, I wore a Dolce&Gabbana tank top that I wear as a dress and tucked it inside of a pair of shorts from my mother's closet. Since the shorts were a bit too large, I wore an elastic belt by A Common Thread and didn't put it through the belt loops to keep it from looking too nerdy. For shoes, I chose a lady-like pair of Chanel heels [really small heels, almost flats!] because I thought it looked nice. Again, I apologize for the terrible pictures. (:Yeahhhhhhh. I'm super excited for t...
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Modern girls and old fashioned men
2007-08-20 18:04:00
Hellloooooooo!The title of today's post is the name of a song by the Strokes, only the best band on earth (: They are probably one of the biggest parts and influences of my life... Please release an album soon and go on tour!!!!Lots of things I want to write about today so let's get started!!Thursday, I got super long bangs...I think they turned out alright! Friday I was at a friend's sweet sixteen party...Saturday I was at Little Tokyo in Los Angeles to attend the annual Tofu Festival which was a lot of fun. I had a lot of tofu, too, and get this... I drank a tofu margarita. Needless to say, it was... nasty. Hahaha. Well, that concludes my "diary" and let's move on to the important stuff...Today's designer of the day is Samantha Pleet!Mixing a little bit of the dark and light, her clothing combines Gothic elements with modern concepts.Her designs evokes playfulness and a little bit of the dark side and obviously are just plain gorgeous. I like these clothes so much I'm adding...
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Merci, au revoir.
2007-08-16 18:30:00
Designer of the day is... Tillmann Lauterbach!He uses a soft color palette for his collections and concentrates on creating clothes that can be discovered from the inside [rough material on the outside, silk/cashmere on the inside]. His minimalistic yet still unbelievably chic clothing consists of gorgeous evening dresses and objects of everyday wear. Check it out at his website,!So, tomorrow, I'm going to cut my hair... I'm going for Louise Basilien of the Plastiscines' look, with the super long bangs that cover her eyes. [you can see her in the current Urban Outfitters' campaign and catalog!] I hope it doesn't look too odd on me.. I just wanted to change my hair in some way so yeah (:Item of the day today is stockings, socks, and knee socks from LA-based hosiery company, Hansel from Basel. This is their full collection:cute, I know. They come in gorgeous colors and designs and it's just as fun to wear them as it is to look at them... They're a lov...
Bonjour, mes amis
2007-08-13 04:37:00
quick edit! my link has been changed to:! Merci!Today's label of the day is French brand Heimstone!With clothes in beautiful shades of brown and black, Heimstone's creations are delightfully romantic yet playful. You can wear this stuff during the day and change the look for night with the same dress! Graceful dresses, funky accessories, and even swimwear are a part of their collections which are available for purchase at Jumelle in NYC and Satine in LA.So, this fall is all about the polished look. Looking through this month's Vogue, fall fashion takes a mature turn after a series of trends meant for the young such as skinny jeans and leggings. So we ask ourselves, what is a polished look and how can we pull it off?Runways recently have been showcasing structured looks that aren't too complicated and very sleek. They involve dark colors and simple fabrics that support dressing up instead of down. Instead of mix and match, the new look for fall is having...
Still bangin'
2007-08-10 17:37:00
Finally back from my trip to Vegas. All I did was shopping, really. I stayed at Bellagio, which is home to a number of fine shops such as Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. And nearby was the Fashion Show Mall and Forum Shops I could walk to.. I've been to Vegas so many times now, I think I'm going to stop going for a while now. Stuff I got... I stocked up on cashmere sweaters from Ralph Lauren for the fall, in bright colors like yellow and blue. I bought basics like shirts and shorts from Ruehl. At Saks Fifth Avenue, I bought a navy Splendid tank top that I could wear 24/7 with anything. From Dolce & Gabbana, I bought a men's tank top from the Summer '07 collection in medium that I could wear as a dress. When I tried it on, it worked as a dress and a tank top so yeahh. I also bought a Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent brown velvet bolero to wear at formal events. And I think that's all I got.. I'm debating between these two necklaces to buy and I tried both ...
Say It With A Bang
2007-08-03 01:13:00
Today, I decided to feature the fashion label House of Holland! House of Holland is currently consisted of several collections of shirts which feature fashion slogans such as "cause me pain hedi slimane", and "get yer freak on giles deacon". British rapper Lady Sovereign seems to be a fan of these shirts. Most shirts are about £35 and can be purchased here. They would go great with leggings and boots, a pair of skinnies, etc... Use your imagination!Since I don't think I can post over the weekend [hopefully i can, though!] I will also post item of the day! Today's item of the day is...Maptote! The brainchild of fashion stylist Rachel Rheingold and cartographer Michael Berick, they are a series of canvas totes in beige and black that features humorous maps of places such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Washington DC, etc.At only $15 apiece, they are a chic bargain. I got my Los Angeles tote at Creatures of Comfort on Melrose Avenue [the online store is in my links section], bu...
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Revelation and Retrosuperfuture!
2007-08-01 17:51:00
I have decided to do something worthwhile with this blog. So, my final decision is to transform this blog into a fashion blog, with tips, finds, and of course my life. So I hope this goes over well and I will actually promote this blog now.So today's item is a pair of sunglasses from the designer duo, SUPER. They come in a kaleidoscope of colors and are handmade from the finest materials available in Italy. The lenses are made by Zeiss and their design is, well, super.At a price of about $130 and €100, they are not your cheap plastic shades but at the same time, a reasonable splurge for the quality of the product. They have a futuristic yet retro style, hinted by their website blog name, Retrosuperfuture. They have already been spotted on the likes of Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk and scenester Cory Kennedy. They go great with your daytime casual shirt and jeans but can also match your flashy nightlife outfit with surprising ease. Go ahead and grab a pair in a basic color and ano...
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Fly Away, Fly Away
2007-07-30 17:57:00
Intense weekend.Saturday, I had tutor, and then after, went to Lauren's sweet sixteeeeeeen. We took a charter bus to Melrose Ave., on the way discussing shops and sales and such. We got off and everyone split into groups, and Lauren and I decided to shop together. We went to a lot of shops, like the Wasteland and Lotta, and Kendo, American Vintage, etc. We even saw Nick Cannon in this ghetto shop. It was super hot but hanging out with just Lauren when I hadn't seen her since the end of last year was amazing! Then we called and met up with Alyssa who had to come late and then we went to Creatures of Comfort, my favorite store. They had a cute selection of Repetto flats and oxfords, as well as A.P.C. dresses and Eley Kishimoto clothing. Lauren and I got matching totes with maps on them; I got Los Angeles and she got San Francisco. At checkout, she needed a penny so I gave her one, and then when I checked out, I ended up a penny short so she had to look for a penny for me. Haha. Then...
Don't Stop
2007-07-22 07:08:00
Today was lotsa fun. In the morning I had tutor, but afterwards, my parents took me to Costa Mesa. I first went to the Lab and went shopping. I ended up picking up a couple dresses and a vest at Buffalo Exchange and a Vita snake bangle at Habit. My mom got a dress from Thousands Elsewhere, where I saw the most gorgeous Morphine Generation dress. A bit above my price range, though. Urban was fun to look at but nothing really I wanted... Stop ped by ARTH and looked at all their Eugenia Kim stuff which was very cute. Blends had a lot of cool limited edition sneakers as usual and Carve and Harlow were boring. Got a drink at the Gypsie Den, and then left the Lab. We went to the Camp right across the street and hung around there and then went to this japanese market. After that we went to Crystal Cove to watch the sunset and grab dinner. The view was fab as usual and I especially loved it cause I hadn't been there in a while. It would have been nice if we ate at Zinc like we always do but...
Bing Bang
2007-07-17 18:43:00
I'm tired.I think I'm gonna hang out at the Lab over the weekend. Hopefully. Habana's food is rather heavenly so I want to go. Sonic youth is performing at Urban Outfitters Santa Monica and I have tickets but I'm too lazy to go. They were free and anyone can print them online here. Klaxons are all the way over in the Chicago Urban Outfitters. Darn. Missed them at the El Rey but whatever.The Brazilian Girls concert is coming up. I'm excited. Sabina Sciubba in person. Wow. I wonder if she'll cover her eyes up in some ridiculous costume as usual. Haha.Seeeee you @ the Lab!
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They Built Paradise
2007-07-07 03:40:00
The last few days were a jumble.Fourth of July was amazing. Went up to Santa Barbara with some chums& went to the beach, went SHOPPING, danced on the streets, and ate a lot of fooood. I bought the weirdest things @ SB. I got a medium highlighter pink henley and green spandex ribbed nylon leggings from American Apparel. I got a pair of funky Vans for twenty bucks. Thenn I got a big gold necklace from Anthropologie and a pair of rose colored Seven jeans from Saks. Needless to say, I'm weird.Yesterdayyy I just stayed home and barbequed/swam in my backyard all day. Today, I was at research and then went grocery shopping. Funfunfun summer days.
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It's A Bittersweet Symphony
2007-06-27 01:23:00
Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Verve are back!! It has just been announced today on BBC that they have reformed today, will release an LP soon. They have already started recording and after the summer will start touring, doing 6 shows in the UK! Yes, thank you for coming back, the Verve& we look forward to some more of your amazing music!!!!!!!! BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY & LUCKY MAN BITCHESSSSSS!!I am so happy.
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Everything's Just Wonderful
2007-06-21 05:25:00
I got to leave work early today. I left for lunch and met my mom at a near whole foods and had lunch and then went shopping! It was very hot but summer clothes are looking nice! I got an Anna Sui picnic skirt which I want to pair with my Capezio leotard.I love the print!Now I'm at home and just woke up from a nap. Today actually kinda felt like summer.Julian Casablancas& Nikolai Fraiture= Love.Tata.
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So It Begins
2007-06-15 03:52:00
Last day of school was boring.It's summer now.Yesssssssssssss.
2007-06-11 04:41:00
UpdateHah! Thereya go.(8Z
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2007-06-04 06:24:00
Today was dinner with the team. We had korean bbq. We ate a lot. That is all.Go to facebook for fantastic pics from the outing.Peace.
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