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I knit and I bring you along for the ride. Join me for the darker side of knitting in the hottest city in the country. What is knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas
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Appologies to my Spoiler!
2008-06-01 00:52:00
I know I know I am supposed to let my spoiler spoil me but I've been bad...BUT! This is not for me it's for my son. I will be making him a scarf and hat to wear to HBP. PoA style if I can't find out what the new pattern design will be... Darn do you think I should go back and buy another gold? or 2? Maybe more red? Oh crap now I have buyers remorse remorse I'm second and triple thinking my purchases!Well it's the last day of May and at my LYS they have a birthday discount and so well I went just to buy some white dk yarn to make my neice some shoes and then I saw these colors and almost fell over, not from shock but because little monster was in the sling and he was trying to do back flips out of it. Anyway so I grabbed up the yarn for the big monster. Since the big monster is away on vacation I've been buying him little toys and clothes and I've got a little care package stash going for him. So since he in on my mind I thought a nice relaxing knit in the round scarf and hat...
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A Misserable Cold and a Wonderful Man
2008-05-31 03:55:00
I wanted everyone to know something about my fabulous husband. Well maybe a few things about my wonderful hubby. I've been a little sick, my nose was running non stop all day Thursday and I'm normally the type of person who buys the earth friendly everything, toilet paper, tissue, organic milk, probiotics, flax seed in everything. Homeopathic medication I'm just a little crunchy that is all. But after rubbing my nose with the horrible recylced cardboard tissue paper all day long my nose hurt sooo bad so my wonderful husband went to the store in the middle of the night just to buy me some of those really nice soft tissues with lotions and potions in them. When my nose hurts those make it feel a lot better. He even bought 2 different kinds one with aloe the other with Vicks! Vicks! OMG I love these tissues with Vicks. Normally I would skip Vicks and buy a eucalyptus balm or something but Oh it's nice to baby yourself when you feel like crap. My nose feels alot better and I've had...
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Potter Personality Test.
2008-05-30 09:18:00
Harry Potter Personality Quiz by Pirate Monkeys Inc.What's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
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Super Secret Knitting
2008-05-14 06:38:00
You may have noticed that knitting has not made an appearance too often on my blog and even less of an appearance on Ravelry I am Sinknitty if you want to check me out. There are knitters on Ravelry that crank stuff out so fast I think they must have some kind of sleeping problem or extremely well behaved children.Well yours truly is knitting up a test pattern for a well known and one of her favorite yarn companies South West Trading Company. When the project is all done and in the owner's hands I will ask if I can put pictures up until then it's off to knit and watch some boob tube, perhaps I will watch The Stand. I like that movie.The Hubby is out making us some money by taking all of his friends money in a poker game tonight. Good thing too I'll need the extra cash to spoil my Hogwarts Sock Swap Kit 5 partner. As we all know I tend to go a little overboard.Speaking of swaps the recipient of my last swap loved her socks and all the other stuff I packed in there from the Hogwart...
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My New Wand
2008-05-14 01:19:00
So I took a trip to Diagon Alley today and picked up my new wand from Ollivanders it's awsome check it out.Wood type: hollyLength: 11½ inches Core: Gryffon Featherget your own wand!Go get yours before the rush.What's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
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Hogwart's Sorting Hat says Gryfindor!
2008-05-05 07:55:00
This is my first time participating in the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap. Different in the last swap because instead of making your partner a pair of socks you send them the stuff to make their own socks and you make them something else with your own two hands. It is also not anonymous like the other swaps I've done and that is exciting.This year I hope to make it into the dueling club it should be tons of fun blasting away at my fellow students, hope I get pitted against one of those death eating Slytherins!This is year 5 for the HSKS and it's of course named "Order of the Phoenix" There is still time to sign up if your interested. You can visit the official site linked in the photo on your left and in this post at the top or right here and you can also check out all the fun and participants here on the HSKS 5 blog. Happy spell making! For now a little Potter related knitting done recently. This is an original design knitted then felted then stuffed. It is Harry...
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Chocolate Ribs Beanie
2008-04-04 20:03:00
This is the hat I made for my sister's boyfriend for Christmas. And this is my sister's boyfriend. He liked it so much he didn't take it off for days. We draw names in our family and my husband drew his name and he wanted a beanie and well I can't buy a beanie when I can make one in a couple hours. It's a simple pattern and looks very nice. I made it with the newish bernat cashmere blend yarn. One weird thing about the yarn the dark gray color was thicker and stiffer than the brown. The brown is nice and soft. the beanie is a pattern I found on ravelry called "That chocolate's gone straight to your ribs" it's a 4 by 2 by 2 rib pattern giving the hat a more interesting look and very stretchy it fit my son's head and my head and Dave's head over all his curly hair just fine.<a href=" tty/2185499369/" title="Dave Beanie by SinKnitty, on Flickr"><img src=" 2185499369_775e0be71d_o.jpg" width="600" heig...
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I live with Harry Potter!
2008-04-02 09:13:00
What's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
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Baby Knitting
2008-03-25 21:19:00
So my sister has had her baby and we finally know it's a Girl! yay! So I immediately knitted her up a few girly things and she is only a couple weeks old. Of course before she was born I knitted her a nice gender neutral Big Bad Baby blankie from Stitch and Bitch. I used blue sky alpacas organic cotton in the color sand. Next I used the  left overs to knit the baby bolero from  the book One Skein for her. This was a fun project because I learned and  practiced some new skills. My first set in sleeves ever! Practiced and I think perfected the mattress stitch. And now I feel ready to tackle a bigger sweater. It all wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Of course all babies must get the One Peice Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting .=And a matching hatI also made the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road booties with the same yarn but they fall off right now because her ankles are a lot smaller than the pattern has you make them. So I improved on them for some shoes to match h...
Potter Wordplay
2008-02-26 09:24:00
So I am banging away on a baby blanket for my sister's baby and shhhh it's a secret! So while I work furiously to finish in time she is due in lets count 1, 2 yes 2 days! ARGH! and not to mention I can't knit the hat OR the booties till the baby is born because the sex is yet unknown! Argh! If it's a girl I want to make some of those really cute Maryjane looking booties with some girly buttons, if it's a boy some baby chucks in soft soft yarn, with real laces. A girl will get those too just in purple or something like that because well with 2 boys and how fast baby stuff knits up if she has a girl it's getting all dolled up by Auntie! :)And on to the Wordplay. As we all know I am signed up with the Hogwarts Sock Swap 3 and over on our blog we are doing a Harry Potter word association game and it's really a lot of fun. Though only signed up members can play and sign ups are closed I thought it fun enough that outsiders might want to pop in for a read. HSS3 pop in and have a re...
Camera Busted!
2008-02-13 19:47:00
Well no new knitting photos. I've just sent in my cammera to be fixed. I've been without long enough. So soon I will be able to take pictures of recent projects. Working on the socks for the Hogwarts sock swap after knitting and frogging about 4 different patterns and finding them not stretchy enough. And don't try and knit a size 8 1/2 sock from the book more sensational knitted socks the foot circumfrence for an 8 1/2 shoes just doesn't match up with any guage I could get with my yarn. Bah! It was frustrating indead! So I found the Pembrookshire Pathways socks. A nice lace pattern only a 4 row repeat and very stretchy but it huggs and is springy. The lace pattern doesn't disrupt the integrity of the striping in the yarn. I got my pal some self stripping yarn from cosmicfibers in her Hogwarts house colors. I'm excited! Other fun news is that I sold my first sock knitting pouch at my etsy shop. It's going to be used for a giveaway on an Ravelry group called Mallabrigo Junkies...
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Hogwarts Sock Swap 3
2008-02-02 02:50:00
Ok first sockwars geeky right? Well now it's Hogwarts Sock Swap 3! Yay! I'm excited. I've been sorted into Gryffindor, but I always am. And they even had you get a Potter name so per a very nicely provided webpage where you enter your name and it gives you your Potter name I am Ophelia Ballycastle. I thought it was cute so I didn't try the other name generator provided. I'm so excited! My son and I are totaly into Harry Potter. We even bought him a huge Harry Potter loft bed with a castle and everything. I'll take pictures.Part of the swap is to send along a Potter related pattern yarn and needles. And well I've been wanting to make a knitted wand for the big monster because he is horrible with those toy wands he always breaks them! He broke the last one bfore I had time to find the obscure sized batteries it needed to make sounds and light up. I'm thinking of doing it felted because with the felting I could stuff it with bumpy stuff to dry to give it woody texture. But perh...
Slip and Slide do the Jitterbug!
2008-01-18 19:16:00
Here are my Slip pery socks from I used Colinet Jitterbug and since the yardage for jitterbug wasn't the same as the yardage for the yarn used in the pattern I made them one pattern repeat shorter than the pattern called for. I have a handful of yarn left but not enough for 2 more pattern repeats so I'm glad I actualy looked at the yardage! yay me! I'm very happy with the pattern and how it turned out, the yarn is nice too.and a side viewWhat's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
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Bellagio Mitts
2008-01-04 21:20:00
So here is my latest knitting pattern. I made my hubby some mittens to wear on the days he works outside. He needs the use of his thumbs so there is a little thumb flip top too. This is a totally original pattern and I am no proud of it. I never made mitten before all I looked up was how to put in a thumb. ;) Clever me! I used FrogTree Worsted Merino, a very nice single spun yarn very soft. Hubby says sometimes they are too warm. ;) Good thing he can flip the top back and cool off. Of course here in Vegas we aren't exactly in sub zero conditions. I sewed on some leather glove palms from Elann they didn't have black, so I used grey. Would have liked black better. He has to pick stuff up all day so I didn't want the nice mittens wearing out. ;) If you are interested in having the pattern I have it writen out in a word doc. Just leave a comment and I'll set it up as a link.What's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
2008-01-03 20:15:00
Made Jaywalker from Magknits by Grumperina.Can everyone say bandwagon? Hey they looked cool! Well I had to make some changes I just couldn't stand the gusset decreases the ssk and the k2tog just didn't look nice so instead of K2tog I slip knit pass slip stitch over and for the ssk I did a pass second stitch over then knit first stitch. Made everything a lot tidier.I think I have enough yarn left over for a pair of baby jays. The color will work for a boy or a girl. My sister is having a baby and has decided to wait till the baby is born to find out what it is. Frustrating! Oh well organic cottons are nice neutral colors. And drum roll please here are the pictures!and for better color accuracy a work in progress picAnd I came across this photo in my flickr stream and well it's funny. This is my husband on our vacation to the west coast this summer. Specifically this picture was taken in "The Trees of Mystery". Very cool place.It says "Do Not Molest Trees and Shrubs" so well this p...
Wall Street Journal and Knitting?
2007-12-18 18:27:00
So the Wall Street Journal has written an article about my beloved and hated Sock Wars. See the Sock Wars Article. Now I don't read the journal now, but I used to when I lived at home and my Dad had it delivered and well it was boring. Filled with stuff about products and margins mergers and millions Dows and S&Ps so Sockwars? Well alrighty. No publicity is bad publicity. There are probably millions of readers scratching their heads going what!??!! Then I suppose the entirely business savvy are researching yarn companies as we speak. ;)Sockwars this year is over read the article to find out the winner. If you are interested in joining in with sock wars next year join the Sockwars yahoo group and you will get updates as to when to sign up and what not. I am personally a little disheartened but that always happens when I don't win.Watch this interview!What's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
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Craft Chaos!
2007-11-17 17:46:00
So as the end of SP11 approaches things are getting a little backed up around here. I had the genius idea of sewing a few things for my secret pal. The problem is I have not sewn a thing in almost 2 years! So I've cut some things out and they and the sewing machine sit on my kitchen table.And this box is filled with stuff for herAnd I figured well I should make myself a few things too so this fabric is from my stash. I used to work in a fabric store early in my knitting career. This is destined to be a box knitting bag AND a drawstring tote.I have also rediscovered the Public Library's website and went a little crazy requesting knitting books from other libraries. I was in the library the other day and while browsing I came across a display of knitting books with the title "Get your knit on!" This display mysteriously arrived after I requested 4 million knitting books. lol!I've also recently fallen in love with audio books and the public library is the only place I can afford to ...
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Super Moms - A Sunday Rant
2007-11-12 18:49:00
Well it's a little late but here is my Sunday rant. Who are these people who are what I would call super moms? How do they do it. A day would be I baked a cake, sewed a quilt, knit up a sweater, baked some bread, breastfed a newborn, recorded a podcast, took pictures of my cat and am participating in the blog every day in November thing, and took care of 15 kids who I also home school. WTF!I can hardly keep the laundry washed and the floors clean! I have to sneak in knitting when my kids aren't looking! My lord just breaking up the fights and trying to block out the random screams of "Expeliamous!" and "Avracadavra!" and "AAAAaaaaaaaaaAAAA!!!!!!" are killing me! Not to mention super gluing a stupid broken harry potter wand 40 times a day! Can you tell that the big monster is in love with harry potter?If anyone can tell me a book or a video that will turn me into one of these supermoms without the use of certain illegal substances please let me know. What am I doing that sucks up...
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Sockwars - Target Three Eliminated
2007-11-09 17:59:00
For your blogging pleasure I didn't totally lose my mind and remembered to take pictures of my third pair of Scar Socks. And dun dun da duh! the first full frontals of my monsters! Don't expect a lot of these they usually don't stand still long enough to get a non blurry picture of them and as you can see the little monster was freaking out a bit but I couldn't leave him out.These lovely socks were handed over by Fit to Knit!!! who got them from Elaine Sue and one sock was half done I finished the rest of that one and the other in just 2 days! My lord my children are sick of mac and cheese! But hey I put broccoli in it! And they like it! And it was organic and whole wheat! I'm sure they'll be begging for mac and cheese again soon they are children after all. But I digress. The socks were made for Ritabelle. I'm sorry I just don't know if these ladies have blogs... Darn! So here we go with the best part the pictures!Big monster likes the sock. Hope Ritabelle doesn't mind tha...
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Sunday Rant - Button Junkies
2007-11-04 18:50:00
Button junkies, now I'm not talking about the buttons on your clothes or those people who collect those types of buttons. Check ebay if you don't believe me! I'm also not talking about those supper cool buttons we all pinned to our denim jackets, denim purses, vests, and hats back in the 80's and for some of us in the 90's too.... hey! don't judge me! I am here today to talk about website / blog buttons. Everywhere you go is a here take this button steal this button plug me on your blog button! Now if you look on my blog I believe you will see a couple so I'm not totally condemning the whole idea. However I have visited blogs that have so many buttons that the page keeps going for miles after the last blog post has been read! I mean come on!Now out of fairness I may be more likely to click on a colorful button rather than a non colorful one but really pages like that are messy. One reason I will not use yahoo and msn as search pages is because they are what I like to call "cl...
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Baby Brooke's Kimono
2007-11-03 22:50:00
My husband's cousin had a little baby girl named Brooke and well I haven't been knitting much more than scarves and hats for long. So this was my second chance to make something for a baby. I right away started on the little one piece baby kimono from Mason Dixon knitting. Very easy and nice pattern. The result was this adorable kimono style sweater.However sewing on the ribbon was a fear I had to overcome! I have sewn many things, I have knit many things but I have never mixed the two. I folded over the ends of the ribbon and hand sewed them so they wouldn't fray with washing. Not more than 3 days after I finished I find out there is this stuff called fray stop! Whaaa!!!! No way! Argh... so I ran out and bought some to have on hand for any future fraying type items.I made the sweater with lion brand cotton ease. A little splity to knit with but washes and drys beautifully soft and stretchy. I'm pleased with the result and I hope it fits because man I waited a long time to sew o...
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Sockwars - Target Two Eliminated
2007-10-25 22:36:00
Well I recived the second targets socks half finished from the lovely halfasheep and finished up the socks last night. Kitchenered and everything! Usualy I like to do a 2 needle bind off but since the first sock was graphted I went ahead and graphted as well and you know what it looked great. I must have been on a roll because I usualy screw that up so bad that I never want to try again. In my excitment to mail off the socks I forgot to take pictures. But the important thing is that another person is dead and I am one step closer to winning. Ha! I want to win! If you arange the database the way some people think it should be aranged to figure out who is after you it doesn't work for my first target and I but it works for my second target and her assigned killer. So if I am simply an anomily to the progress then 10 of the people above me on the database are dead already so my socks have probably bounced around a bit in the mail and that is why I am not dead yet. So cross your finge...
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Sockwars - Target One Eliminated
2007-10-20 02:12:00
The lovely halfasheep has been eliminated! She is also fortunate enough to be eliminated by famous socks! The picture I took of the finished weapon of destruction was selected to represent the Scar pattern on Ravelry. I heard from her today and she loves her socks and she is mailing out my next victim's info and socks today! I hope I don't get killed before I can assasinate another person.What's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
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Emergency Knitting Kit part duex
2007-10-15 19:35:00
I know I went into a whole tirade about the emergency knitting kit. Well I was serious but like some political figures I under estimated the amount of time it would take to enact my plan. So this is not the entirety of the plan but here is one of the most important parts of it.Tada! The MissAKit! It is the most fantabulous tool any knitter, or woman could ever have. My camera is currently in the shop but I'll try and take pics of mine with my PC camera when the sun comes through my kitchen window. For now here this is from their website.The scissors well duh all knitters need those. Nail file / ruler totally needed. I have used that little ruler for swatching many a times. The pen for making notes on pattern changes or getting some hot guys phone number, not that I have ever done that I am a married woman people! Or perhaps to jot down your blog for a curious knitting bystander. The sewing kit can easily have a darning needle added to it. The knife will be handy in fighting off tho...
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2007-10-09 18:40:00
I know the contest is over but our hostess was nice enough to host a contest and I thought it would be fun anyway. I've got to take more detailed pics later because I've just gotten onto Ravelry and am addicted! It's better than I even imagined! my screen name is SinKnitty of course. So without further ado my stash. As you can see my stash is small. Here it all is on my couch. Here are my cottons. And my sock yarns.Not a big stash but I like to use my yarn. I will spare everyone a close up look at my bag full of acrylic and novelty yarn. We've all seen it before and the novelty yarn is left over from those days a few years ago where novelty yarns called me back to the world of knitting. I will now use them to entice new knitters. mwahahahaWhat's knitted in Vegas stays in Vegas. ~SinKnitty
Knitting Preparedness Plan
2007-09-29 18:08:00
Well as we all know we as Americans have been asked to enact an emergency preparedness plan with a garbage can full of food, water, duct tape, plastic sheeting, toys for the kids, and medication. Well what about knitting? At the army supply stores they have handy little take and run kits with water and food for 4 people for 3 days. I've even seen similar type things at Costco. They have compact ones for your car or larger ones for if you become trapped in you home. God forbid! But as any good American should be prepared I propose a knitting emergency kit be assembled. Nothing makes a stressful situation easier to handle than a ball of yarn and a pair of needles. And knitting needles if sharpened can make swift work of disposing of intruders who are desperately trying to get at your stash because they foolishly failed to prepare their own knitting emergency kit.Now you may think to yourself I'll just grab my project bag before I head out to make a life in the wilderness after the...
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Yay Yummy Goodies from my Secret Pal!
2007-09-23 02:00:00
So my secret pal was nice enough to send me the bestest stuff! Am I spoiled? Well I think so!This whole secret pal thing has been so much fun. I'm a noob so I had no expectations. It's been a blast! This is kind of photo heavy. The monsters are napping so I'm throwing the pics up and I'll elaborate later. However I must say that I absolutely love every last thing she sent! Click on the pictures and you'll see my descriptions on their flickr pages and you'll learn a little more about everything. I'll blog about the stuff again as I use them. ;)Looks like a good book. I've wanted to read it for a while but haven't gotten to buying it so I'm looking forward to reading it.there were 2 of these amazing candy bars packed with an ice pack in a thermal bubble wrap. I can't find these anywhere! She found them online! What a doll! How amazing! One of them was eaten in the car by me and my boys immediately the one pictured was eaten a few hours later after the monsters had gone to b...
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Secret Pal 11 !!
2007-08-21 09:01:00
Yay! so here is my questionnaire answers for SP11 yay! I'm so excited!1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?OMG the choices! I love organics and bamboo or any natural fiber or something new and "hippy crunchy". I am totally not into fancy furry fluffy sparkly yarns right now. Loved them for a while still have a lot of them but hate them. 2. What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?I have a needle roll for my straight needles that I rarely open. I use the denise needles most of the time and I rarely use straight needles. I do however use dpn's sometimes and I keep those in a travel toothbrush holder. I keep my little notions in this lame little zip bag thing I got at the dollar store. 3. How long have you been knitting & how did you learn? Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?Well it all started way back reading the little house on the prairie books and reading about Laura Ingalls Wil...
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Coffee, Kids, and Knitting Blogs
2007-08-20 17:49:00
I am not a morning person and the earlier I get up the more synical I get. Rarely do I have the chance to get an entire cup of coffee down before it goes cold. My perfect morning to center myself is a pot of steaming hot coffee, and a sit down infront of Outlook to read my emails and my favorite blogs. But first I have to run around filling demands for juice screams for changed diapers spills from dumped bowls of cheerios and of course the ramdom squeel from the little monster that may or may not be the result of some manhandling from the big monster. And that's if we make it through breakfast without the worst dog in the whole world stealing someone's eggs or toy. So this is what my son looked like when he first got up yesterday. Mommy came downstairs got him his milk turned on Blue's Clues and he relaxed while my day tore on fast as ever and my coffee went cold.And don't let this little monster fool you he was screaming at me right before I snapped the shot.See there on the ta...
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The Knittting Guild of America?
2007-08-18 17:23:00
Ok I've heard about this here and there, and then Darkinn Knit s from the Las Vegas Knitters group started doing it and I thought wow these must be some really talented people. Now this post is not in any way a correction of that original assumption. I still belive these knitters to be amazingly talented. That being said I thought there was no way in hell that someone like me a self taught no sweater yet knitted person like me could be so accomplished as to complete a test to prove I am a Master knitter! But check out the TKGA website! I am certain that everything they ask you to do I could do without much help at all! Interesting! Except how to properly block something. Lets get real here I live in the desert I have done very little wool knitting I have made it through entire winters without wearing anything heavier than a light cotton sweater. But I digress...I suppose I am a more knowledgeable knitter than I thought. I should have figured that out when I started getting frustrat...
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