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my love for you is a stampede of horses.
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Happy New Year.
2009-12-28 22:55:00
Ok, I said that I would be back this week with posts, well...I lied. I'm sorry about that. I know you all understand, what with the holidays and all. I know you hear me barking, big dog and you'll let...
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Happy Holidays!
2009-12-21 06:15:00
I just gleaned this image from Anno Domini's latest show Fresh Produce. I love the folkloric vibe this piece by Binho Martins gives off. I especially love how it says 'Free'. I think it perfectly captures the spirited season right...
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Shelley Reed.
2009-12-21 06:05:00
Shelley Reed 's incredible oil paintings pay a sort of homage to such masters as Gillis d'Hondecoeter, Jean Baptiste Charles Claudot , Alexandre-François Desportes and Gérard de Lairesse. She uses art history literally as her muse. Her larger pieces are epic...
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"What You're Doing To Me Now - I Want Done Forever."
2009-12-21 06:03:00
I just received this beautiful print from Mark Warren Jacques. It couldn't come at a better time. I love everything about it, the name, the colors, the moons, the symbolism. I know exactly where I am going to put it....
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Beth Cavener Stitcher.
2009-12-21 06:01:00
Wow, was what came out of my mouth when I first saw Beth Cavener Stitcher's arresting sculptures. My friend Dagan had sent me an email asking me if I was familiar with her work, attaching a link for me to...
Alex Mcleod Give-a-Way.
2009-12-21 06:00:00
Alex McLeod has generously offered to give away the above print to a reader of ML4U. Titled "By The Sea", it's 12" x 17"7/8 printed on Fuji Crystal archival paper. The original image will be featured in Alex's upcoming show...
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Tim Lee.
2009-12-19 00:43:00
25yr old, British born Chinese Artist Tim Lee recently sent me a link to his work online. Sometimes, I hate sitting behind a computer when super detailed work comes over the wires. From what I see of Tim's paintings they're...
Cats Let Nothing Darken Their Roar.
2009-12-19 00:30:00
We love this calendar. Every year we fall for it. It's cute, witty, stylish and has great manners. You totally want to bring him home to the folks this Holiday. Don't lie.
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Jon Carling.
2009-12-18 04:40:00
This print makes me think that Edward Gorey and tattoo flash had a love child and his name was Jon Carling. A reader alerted me to Jon's scratchy drawings.
The Invariant Set.
2009-12-18 04:19:00
In October James Gauvreau sent me images of his and Anna Pantchev latest work under the name The Invariant Set. Obviously, this post is stupidly late...but I really loved what they sent, and to be honest I just do not...
Jeff Barnett-Winsby: Mark West and Molly Rose.
2009-12-18 03:58:00
Documentation always amazes me. Love does too. Often using the latter to catalog such an emotion between two people (especially a forbidden love) can be a fascinating foray into the human condition. Jeff Barnett-Winsby has recently published a limited edition...
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Andrew Schoultz Interview with Scion Art.
2009-12-17 05:34:00
Scion Art just recently interviewed Andrew Schoultz. The video is a nice foray into Andrew's work, plus it's great to hear his thoughts behind his process, materials and what he's learned along the way. I think you'll like it. Andrew...
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New Work: Emily Barletta.
2009-12-17 05:21:00
Check out this new crocheted piece (and clay) by Emily Barletta! It's her biggest and most labor intensive piece to date, measuring 68 x 49 x 3 inches. Wow. I asked Emily to tell me a bit about the piece:...
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Sneak Peek: Every Single Where.
2009-12-17 04:30:00
I am really excited to post these images of oil paintings by Pakayla Biehn. Her show Every Single Where opens this Friday at Gallery 6 in SF. Jillian Mackintosh gave me a shout about the show and I had to...
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Christian Rex van Minnen: Website Update.
2009-12-16 06:04:00
Christian Rex van Minnen updated his website this weekend with three new pieces. Man, his painting is so intense and real! He makes meaty, guts and bulbous, tumors look almost beautiful with the warm light he captures so effortlessly, yet...
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Amanda Nedham.
2009-12-16 06:02:00
Amanda Nedham's drawings are loosely based on mummies and objects from natural history museums. Within her work she explores what she terms "culture baggage - the appropriation of the body for the purpose of expanding narrative potential." I find her...
Yulia Yakushova.
2009-12-16 06:01:00
Originally from Moscow, Yulia Yakushova calls Prague (twice over now) home. During the day she works as an editorial illustrator, but her drawing doesn't stop there. Outside of work she draws posters at home with friends for local partys in...
Guest Blog: Champagne Wishes and Hamburger Dreams with Alison Feldmann
2009-12-16 06:00:00
I find utmost delight in the headiness of a well-conceived gift. As such, I've been waxing poetic on dandifying myself in fur trappings for every appendage, squealing over decayed dolls and waxen wishbones and indulging my fondness for finger amputation...
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Guest Blog: A Fashion Wish List with Alison Feldmann
2009-11-25 16:38:00
As a constant maker of lists, thinking about gifts to give (and receive!) is an exercise in self-indulgence that I look forward to all the year. This week's wish list is all about fashion: specifically, the Gothic sensibility and obsessive...
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Nigel Peake: Postal Tags.
2009-11-24 02:45:00
Nigel Peake just put a bunch of new drawn on postal tags in his Big Cartel shop, Second Street. I'd be well pleased to have one on these bad larry's on my wall in a sweet little frame. Something tells...
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It's Nice That Zine: If Drawings Were Photographs.
2009-11-24 02:10:00
Well, it had to happen. And THANK GOD it has. It's Nice That has finally released their very first zine, If Drawings Were Photographs . And judging by what I have seen it couldn't be any better as their first kick...
Sneak Peek: Simon Peplow at Superb Bicycle.
2009-11-23 22:57:00
A few months ago I asked Simon Peplow to show at the Boston bicycle boutique Superb. Simon is big into bikes and an avid cyclist so it seemed like an obvious fit. There will be original work along with limited...
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Logan Hicks X Brooklyn Street Art: New Mural.
2009-11-23 20:04:00
Logan Hicks just finished 'Sailor' his largest mural to date with Brooklyn Street Art at Espeis Outside. Inspired by his son, his latest stencil moves away from the urban city-scapes he's known for and moves into newer territory that's closer...
Forestbound: The Harvest Series.
2009-11-23 19:20:00
Alice of Forestbound just released these gorgeous bags. Her taste and eye for things is totally impeccable. I am always amazed at everything that she captures, whether it's through her own line, the clothing and tattoos she wears or the...
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Yes, Love.
2009-11-21 17:16:00
When Jen Bekman posted about this print by Sarah Utter from this week I bought it immediately. Everything about it is crisp and classic. The font, colors and the age old lyrics from Neil Young. Plus it ships with...
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Ashley Lande X Pac Sun.
2009-11-21 05:59:00
Ashley just gave me a heads up about the t-shirt she just did with Pac Sun. Ummmmm, it's AH-mazing. I actually met Ashley through the blog when she reached out and sent me an email awhile back. She is a...
Friday & a New Blog Post Over at Superb.
2009-11-20 16:28:00
Wow. What a week. Between a hairspray soaked iphone, a laptop marinated in coffee and emergency guerrilla style take down/de-install of an art show I'm kinda amazed I am standing as I type this. But my Gram always said "No...
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ESPO Images Up on White Walls.
2009-11-19 05:24:00
I am in love with Steve Powers if only because of his incredible lettering alone. If you're not even mildly fascinated by ESPO, I suggest you get your head examined. I'm talking Renaissance. Plus, any once been graffiti artist that...
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Hi Alison!
2009-11-18 17:03:00
Just a quick intro. I am beyond excited to have Alison Feldmann guest blogging through the holiday season here on ML4U. She'll be joining us on a weekly basis to bring us her impeccably, stylish taste through a gift guide....
Guest Blogger: Alison Feldmann's Weekly Gift Bazaar!
2009-11-18 16:52:00
Salutations. My name is Alison Feldmann. This is my inaugural guest post on My Love for You, and I'm a bit nervous! Today begins my weekly gift guide // drooling // product lust // can't-live-without list. Join me, won't you?...
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