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a blog dedicated to the joy of origami - concepts, inspirations, and product design.
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Fall/Winter2008: Prada Shoes
2008-04-03 20:35:00
The fall and winter collection of Prada shoes features intricate origami detail.Beautiful!
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Hatto Origami
2008-04-03 20:06:00
Graphic Designer Sagarika Sundaram created a lovely series called Hatto while she was a student at Maryland Institute College of Art. This series is set of 5 paper origami hats which was inspired by tall English hat styles that were popular in the 1870s. A great concept and project to integrate past and the present. To see the rest of this series, click here!
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The World at Fred’s Hands
2008-04-03 05:51:00
CUTE CUTE CUTE! Papiroflexia (Spanish for “Origami”) is the animated tale of Fred , a skillful paper folder who could shape the world with his hands.
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Pirelli’s Oriental 2008 Calendar
2008-04-03 05:28:00
Renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier helped bring a unique twist to Pirelli ’s sensual and artistic calendars by mixing east and west elements; one of which is inspired by origami! Beautifully set in Shanghai, along with some rising stars, Demarchelier’s ability to capture Oriental beauty along with some Italian flair makes for some pretty hot eye candy.
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Squares-Folds-Life: Contemporary Origami by Robert J. Lang
2008-02-12 18:04:00
Indianapolis Museum of Art has an upcoming origami exhibition February 17 thru July 20th featuring works by Robert J. Lang, a former physicist and engineer turned artist. The installation will feature special paper sculptures created soley for the IMA’s exhibition. Video is a terrific preview of the exhibition. I would go if I was around. =)
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A Real Origami Table
2008-02-11 22:49:00
Designers Jaime Salm and Young Jin Chung of MIO designed an actual origami table! MIO’s description: Composed of two laser-cut and slotted sheets of steel, Origami ships flat and requires no tools or hardware to assemble. One sheet is the negative of the other. Once bent, the tables folds lock the parts into place. The tables petal-like surfaces are sturdy and spacious making it a practical and sculptural side table, night stand or plant stand.
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Sailboat Teabag
2008-02-11 22:40:00
Cute Idea by How it works: 1. Take the tea bag out of the box. 2. Unfold it until it reveals its shape as a little boat. 3. Then place it into teacup with hot water and let it sail until the tea is ready.
United Nude Folds
2008-02-09 18:20:00
United Nude is a design company co-founded by Dutch architect Rem D Koolhaas and English shoemaker Galahad JD Clark. The company is neither an architecture firm nor a shoe company but a fusion of both. Inspired by furniture, oranges, doggies, flight, and even origami, the resulting highly fashionable shoe is a divinely elegant and architecturally beautiful. This featured shoe is called Fold, based on the concept of the fluent movement of a single strip. The strip folds around the foot, front-to-back-to-front, like a scarf. Beautiful!
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Isis Origami Chair
2007-12-26 17:46:00
Gebrüder Thonet Vienna’s Isis folding chair folds flat when closed, and looks skinny from the side. It features an easy to close system, a natural wood frame, and plywood panels. The solid beech frame and plywood seat and back panels can be varnished orange, black, white, or blue.
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Origami Wall Unit
2007-12-26 17:26:00
OriBlog reader, Natalie was wondering if anyone knows the designer or manufacturer of this beautiful origami wall unit? Looks like it also functions as extra storage space.
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Brilliant Origami Models
2007-10-17 19:42:00
Japanese origami designer Taketori has b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l life-like critters.
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Dreamy Window Treatment
2007-10-08 21:16:00
What I love about origami is that you can take a simple piece of anything and transform it into your vision. That’s exactly what Dutch designer Hannah Allijn was thinking when she dreamt up this beautiful window treatment.  With classic horizontal, vertical and diagonal origami folds, the fabric pulls up into a geometic ball when you want to bring in some natural light in the room.
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Blu Dot for Everyone
2007-10-04 18:35:00
Don’t you just get a little mad when you can only afford items you so-so like and items you absolutely love is out of your budget?! Well designers John Christakos, Charles Lazor, Maurice Blanks know EXACTLY how you feel because that is how Blu Dot came to be. They wanted to bring good and affordable design to as many people as possible. Today they are bringing this very cool origami-inspired steel chair that folds along laser-cut lines to create this super cool and comfy chair. Available in two glossy tone-on-tone colors, and satin black and glossy red.
Lovely Origami Knot Clutch Purse
2007-10-02 20:43:00
Going for $3,680.00 - this is Bottega Veneta Origami Knot Clutch Purse is definitely not made of paper, but of leather in order to get the same folding effect and aesthetic. A little price-y? maybe. But is it origami-inspired and just so beautiful? most definitely.
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Ancient Wist to Modern Twist
2007-10-01 19:33:00
The concept behind Modern Twist ’s cubbies are made possible with an ancient wist: origami! Made with woven cotton fabric in cute repeat pattern prints, you’ll find this clever box to hold your most intimate belongings.
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Origami Bag
2007-09-27 17:12:00
Designer Ferry Meewisse and his line Frrry is very much so origami-inspired. His bags can be uniquely contracted into a small cute package or expanded into a larger baggie. What makes this bag so clever is that he makes the seams coincide with the crease pattern and results in both a functional and a beautiful aesthetic in these very stylish handbags.
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Van Esch Loves Origami
2007-09-26 18:51:00
Inspired from an origami book, Munich-based Matthias Demacker and Simon Van Esch found the perfect material - aluminum to make this origami table a reality. It’s a red dot design award winner too.
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Accessories for Fall
2007-09-21 19:16:00
Origami Scarf > by Reiko Sudo and Mizue Okada [left] Katsura Origami Bag > by Reiko Sudo and Katsura Takasuka [ right] As fall approaches, a warm scarf and a pretty bag is what we need - the origami kind is even better.
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Plastic Origami Chair
2007-09-20 16:49:00
Korean designer Sooin Kim developed this awesome origami chair called Cardine. It is so brilliant because it is formed with only one sheet of plastic and two pieces of Velcro. Its portability adds more cool factor to its list of features. It can be folded into a chair and unfolded wherever and whenever!
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Origami Chaise Lounges - Antibodi
2007-09-18 16:52:00
Italian designer Patricia Urquiola for Moroso takes petals and transforms them into lovely patterns for a sexy lounge chair. What’s more is the color combination creates two very distinct and stunning moods - 1. petals facing upward for a feminine look 2. petals facing downward for a conservative decorative look
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Liang for Geometrics
2007-09-17 19:59:00
Geometry can be too square for some minds, but Jeremy Laing - fashion designer from Toronto embraces this intimidating genre of math. He uses geometry as one of his approach in pattern making and development. This approach results in beautiful origami inspired fashion.
Anything but Symmetrical
2007-09-14 18:15:00
Kirsten Schambra assisted Nike in designing this super cool origami shoe. In this Metropolis Magazine article, it discusses the concept, development and execution of this challenging idea because…when you’re looking at a foot, there’s nothing symmetrical about it! Read more about this design process right here.
Origami Fuzzy
2007-09-12 19:06:00
I love how clever origami is and clever designers: Ayako Hase, Cheong + Nogtev, in collaboration with Roomsafari designed this multi-purpose fuzzy bag that works great on a waist, shoulder, and back! This cool baggie require a minimal amount of materials: cloth, velcro fastener, leather and lets origami do the rest of the magic!
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Not as Fragile as You Think
2007-09-11 17:45:00
Many voice about paper’s fragility and suggest that tweezers should be brought in to handle this daunting task of paper folding. But Barcelona jewelry designer, Ana Hagopian embraces these tweezers. She fearlessly cuts, folds, treats, and paints paper to transform them into brightly colored necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings. Tweezers are sure helpful in making these oh so lovely jewelry.
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Beautiful Folding and Cutting
2007-09-10 18:47:00
A Venezuelan self-taught paper engineer goes by the name of Yoshi makes beautiful complex paper patterns simply by folding and cutting paper. Inspired by Hindu and Muslim architecture, he has created a line called “An Abstract View” that is so breathtaking! The images shown here is part of this lovely series. More eye candy over on flickr.
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Lamp
2007-09-07 20:57:00
Claire Norcross designed a lampshade called Aperture that twinkles different light patterns based on the method in which it is folded. Beautiful, eh?! You can find it right here.
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a Conceptual Origami Cell Phone
2007-09-06 21:47:00
A cool concept developed by Inventables. The screen expands and collapses automatically as it is opened and closed. The goal of this concept solves the need for a larger screen display without sacrificing the petite factor of a cell phone.
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Origami Folds Inspire Tableware
2007-09-05 22:07:00
Traditional origami folds result in a unique geometric pattern shown on this Dansk stainless tableware line called Origami .
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Favorite Origami Ads
2007-09-04 22:44:00
(above) STOLICHNAYA Vodka by Joseph Wu While a chicken burger from Mc Donalds is not exactly the healthiest and Vodka makes me sleepy, I love their origami ads! Kate Spade loves origami too. =) (below) Mc Donalds and Kate Spade.
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Origami Shoes!
2007-08-30 18:49:00
Even though I have more shoes than I need in my closet, it is always hard to pass up a nice pair of hot pumps, especially the Oscar de la Renta origami kind. This Origami T-Strap high heel is made with silk faille and accented with jet beads.
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