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News and blog of cartoonist Jeff Lemire. Jeff is the authors of the graphic novels Tales From The Farm and Lost Dogs from Top Shelf productions. The site also features reviews, news and comic commentary from Lemire as well as regular sketch posts.
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SUPERBOY Nominated For An Eisner as BEST NEW SERIES!
2011-04-12 16:57:00
Superboy has been nominated for a 2011 EISNER AWARD for Best New Series ! Congrats to all my collaborators on the series, Pier Gallo, Jamie Grant, Rafael Albuquerque, Phil Noto, MArco Rudy, John J Hill, Eddy Barrows and Karl Kershl.
2011-04-08 14:44:00 sweet+toothThe talented folks over at Periscope Studios have been drawing Sweet Tooth all wee. Some amazing interpretations by Steve Lieber, Natalie Nourigat and more!
2011-04-05 15:39:00
Tuesday, April 5th, 2011By Austin TrunickJimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have had a great roster of artists to work with on their Jonah Hex run, and issue #69 will continue that trend when Jeff Lemire takes on art duties for the western series.Between writing and drawing Vertigo?s SWEET TOOTH and working on scripts for SUPERBOY and FLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN AND THE CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN, Jeff?s got a ton of great work coming down the pipeline. (Did I mention an appearance in next month?s STRANGE ADVENTURES from Vertigo?)JONAH HEX #69 hits comic shops in July.
2011-03-16 01:55:00
SWEET TOOTH #22Written by JEFF LEMIREArt and cover by JEFF LEMIRE?Endangered Species? continues as Gus and Jepperd discover the dam and the amazing secrets it holds. But when Jepperd and Walter Fish butt heads, it threatens to tear the group apart. Meanwhile, Singh and Johnny come face to face with the foot soldiers of the mysterious ?Haggarty,? and new secrets of ?Project Evergreen? begin to surface.On sale JUNE 1 ? 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US ? Mature ReadersSUPERBOY #8 Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art by PIER GALLO Cover by KARL KERSCHL The mystery of the Hollow Men has been on Superboy?s mind ever since the first issue. The Phantom Stranger knows the secrets behind this Smallville legend, and Superboy is determined to get The Stranger to share that knowledge ? but such information comes at a price, one Superboy may not be able to pay. Everything so far has been building up to this story, which kicks off here! On sale JUNE 1 ? 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US ? RATED TFLASHPOINT: FRANKENSTEIN AND THE CREAT...
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2011-03-12 21:34:00
As announced yesterday on DC Comics' blog THE SOURCE, I will be writing a three-issue mini-series called FRANKENSTEIN AND TEH CREATURES OF THE UNKNOWN as a part of DC's FLASHPOINT summer event.
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2011-03-04 13:53:00
I will be at the Emerald City Comicon this weekend and splitting my time between the TOP SHELF Booth and The DC COMICS Booth.FRIDAY, MARCH 4:Signing and Sketching at Top Shelf 6-9pmSATURDAY, MARCH 5:SIGNING Top Shelf 9-12 pmVERTIGO PANEL: 12-1pm room 4C1-2SIGNING: DC Booth 1-2 pmPANEL DC Universe 5-6pmSUNDAY, MARCH 6SIGNING DC 10-12pm, 3-5pmSIGNING DC Booth 1-2pmAnd don't forget to go see Emi Lenox and Matt Kindt to get SWEET TOOTH 19 signed!
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Support The Sweet Tooth All-Star Team! Buy Their Books!
2011-03-02 15:44:00
SWEET TOOTH #19 is out today (preview below) featuring short stories by three great people and great cartoonists, Matt Kindt, Emi Lenox and Nate Powell. I highly recommend checking out their other work!EMITOWN by Emi Lenox is out now from IMAGE COMICS. Available here.NATE POWELL's SWALLOW ME WHOLE and other great book are available here.And Matt Kindt's Superspy, Revolver and 3Story are available here.
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SWEET TOOTH'S Special Guest Stars
2011-02-25 18:12:00
Friday, February 25th, 2011By Pamela MullinThis month writer/artist Jeff Lemire is joined by indie superstars Matt Kindt (REVOLVER, Superspy), Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole) and Emi Lenox (Emitown) for a special stand-alone issue of SWEET TOOTH that is not to be missed.Each writer/artist contributes stories alongside Jeff Lemire for a unique look at Lucy, Becky and Wendy as they go off to collect firewood for the night. Through these vignettes we see glimpses of their past, all of which reveal something more about the mysterious plague that decimated America.Here?s a look inside:Art by Jeff Lemire:Art by Nate Powell:Art by Emi Lenox:Art by Matt Kindt:Pick it up Wednesday, March 2nd.
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2011-02-08 01:38:00
Well, I was the first book voted off of the Canada Reads competition today, and I'll admit that it stings a bit more than I thought it would. But, in the end I am really proud of the accomplishment of making it to the final 5. It's a great sign for the future of graphic novels in this country, and their continued acceptance mainstream literary circles on a whole.The truth is Essex County would never have been nominated if not for all the brilliant Canadian cartoonists who laid the ground work for such recognition over the last couple of decades. Dave Sim, Seth, Chester Brown, Julie Doucet and so many others not only inspired me, but a whole generation of cartoonist that will continue to push our beloved medium into the spotlight.I'm proud to be part of such a great tradition of Canadian cartoonists, and continue to be inspired by the likes of Darwyn Cooke, Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, Kate Beaton and so many other great talents.And, a big thanks to Sara Quin for her impassioned de...
2011-02-04 01:31:00
Sweet Tooth #18 which was released this week, is a great jumping on point for new fans, and even better MTV Geek has a "5 minute Recap" of the entire series so far right here ive-minute-recap-sweet-tooth/ So no more excuses, with Vol. 1 and 2 of the collected editions out now, start reading!" ONE OF THE BEST COMIC'S I'VE EVER READ" Damon Lindelof co-creator of LOST
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Joe Shuster Nominations Announced!
2011-02-01 16:02:00
The finalists for the 2011 Joe Shuster Awards, which recognize the best in Canadian comics, have been announced.The list is (very) long, so click here to see a list of all the nominees.Jeff Lemire is up for three awards (Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist, Outstanding Comic Book Cover Artist, Outstanding Comic Book Writer) while other nominees include Scott Chantler (Comics for Kids, Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist), Bryan Lee O?Malley (Outstanding Comic Book Cartoonist) and Kate Beaton (Outstanding Web Comics Creator).Chester Brown and Todd McFarlane will also be inducted into the Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame.The winners will be announced June 18, 2011, in Calgary.The Joe Shuster Awards were established in 2004; they are named after Joe Shuster (duh!), the Toronto-born co-creator of Superman.Read more: eff-lemire-leads-nominees-for-joe-shuster -awards/#ixzz1CigloJJf
Live Event in Montreal Tomorrow and Live Chat Online!
2011-01-26 18:10:00
Canada Reads 2011 eventsMontreal Comic SceneDrawn & Quarterly Bookstore211 Bernard Street WestMontreal, QCJanuary 27, 7:00 p.m.Come and meet graphic novelist/cartoonist Jeff Lemire, whose Essex County is in the running for this year's Canada Reads.Meet the artist, ask him questions and see how he works. You could also win one of several sets of the Canada Reads books.Homerun host Sue Smith and arts reporter Jeanette Kelly will also be hand, and joining us on stage will be Drawn & Quarterly's head publisher and chief, Chris Oliveros, as well as Montreal's own graphic novelist Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, author of The Hipless Boy, nominated for a Doug Wright Award and four Ignatz Awards, and Matt Forsythe, the award-winning illustrator and comic book artist whose book Ojingogo won the 2009 Doug Wright Award for Canadian cartooning.The discussion will be recorded and segments will air on Homerun.I will also be available for a live online Q&A tomorrow at 2 pm Easern. Click here...
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Call For Letters!
2011-01-18 17:42:00
It was recently announced that letter columns will return to the pages of all DC Comics agian! This includes both SWEET TOOTH and SUPERBOY. So, to see your name in print in an upcoming issue of either or both of these books please send your letters to:www.dcletterspage.comOr letters may be sent by regular mail to:Letters to the EditorDC Comics 1700 BroadwayNew York, NY10019 USAAttn: Sweet Tooth or Superboy
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Upcoming Appearances
2011-01-17 16:30:00
Essex County, the Graphic Novel, and MontrealTimeThursday, January 27 7:00pm - 9:00pmLocationDrawn & Quarterly bookstore211 Bernard Street WestMontreal, QCCreated ByHomerun Show, CBC Radio OneMore InfoCome and meet graphic novelist/cartoonist Jeff Lemire, who?s Essex County is in the running for this year?s Canada Reads.Meet the artist, ask him questions, and see how he works. You could also win one of several complete Canada Reads book packages!Homerun host Sue Smith and arts reporter Jeanette Kelly will also be hand, and joining us on stage will be Drawn & Quarterly?s head publisher and chief, Chris Oliveros, as well as Montreal?s own graphic novelist Sherwin Sullivan Tjia, author of The Hipless Boy, nominated for a Doug Wright Award and four Ignatz Awards.Essex County is the first graphic novel ever to be included in the running for the prestigious Canada Reads book prize. It is composed of three interconnected graphic novels: Tales from the Farm, Ghost Stories and The ...
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2010-12-20 14:08:00
This piece was a Christmas gift for my good friend and AMERICAN VAMPIRE creator Scott Snyder!
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COVER MANIA! Sweet Tooth 19 and Superboy 5
2010-12-15 01:20:00
Above the cover for SWEET TOOTH #19 by Emi Lenox (Emi Town), Nate Powell(Swallow Me Whole) and Matt Kindt (Super Spy) as well as myself and Jose Villarubia. It will be a special issue with 3 short stories each focusing on the pasts of one of Sweet Tooth's female characters.And below the cover to SUPERBOY #5 by Eddy Barrows. This issue will featuer the first ever Superboy/Kid Flash Race!
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Sweet Tooth By Rafael Albuquerque and more!
2010-12-14 14:20:00
Above is a drop dead gorgeous piece of SWEET TOOTH art by the great Rafael Albuquerque! Rafael is the genius behind AMERICAN VAMPIRE along with my good buddy Scott Snyder. He also did the stunning and iconic cover to SUPERBOY #1. On top of all that Rafael is a great guy. I've had the pleasure of meeting him and and lovely wife a couple of times and he's a genuinely great person! We both want to do a project together some day too! Thanks Rafael!SWEET TOOTH has been named one of the TOP TEN GRAPHIC NOVELS OF 2010 by NEW YORK Magazine!And there is a new interview with me up at PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY.
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New Sweet Tooth Art, Superboy Reviewed and more!
2010-12-09 22:07:00
A nice review of Superboy 2 over at Newsarama:Superboy #2 (Published by DC Comics; Review by Teresa Jusino): I?ve said it before, and I?ll say it again: superhero titles that prominently feature teenagers are superhero titles at their best. The issues of identity and responsibility that come up in superhero comics are perfect metaphors for fumbling one?s way to adulthood. In the second issue of this wonderful new series, Superboy is forced to team up with Poison Ivy to solve the mysterious problem of overgrown plant life devouring Smallville. What makes this issue work is writer Jeff Lemire?s focus on Connor Kent?s relationship with his best friend, Simon, who has been begging Connor to allow him to be of help. When Simon rushes in to save the day by use of ?Parasite frogs! Patent pending?, you know that these two boys are an excellent team. Lemire imbues this title with loads of humor, which is a change from his more serious-minded Sweet Tooth, and it?s interesting to watch Connor ...
2010-12-08 17:12:00
Sweet tooth Vol.2 is out today along with Superboy #2. Here's few new interviews and blogs about Sweet Tooth!An exclusive look at the origins of the hybrid children in Sweet Tooth with behind the scenes artwork at COMICS ALLIANCE3 new Sweet Tooth Blogs at GRAPHIC CONTENTA new interview at i09And an exclusive look at Vol.2 at USA TODAY/POP CANDY
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2010-12-08 01:18:00
Thanks to all the great comic shops who entered the Sweet Tooth display contest, above is the winning display by Jennifer Haines and THE DRAGON in Guelph, Ontario. They win the cover art from SWEET TOOTH 15 as well as an in store signing by myself sometime in the new year! Below are some of the the other great entries! Chapel Hill Comics316 W Franklin StChapel Hill, NC 27516Sweet Tooth Display by Erin GumbelCasablanca ComicsRick Lowell and Laura O'Meara Portland, ME151 Middle Street4-Colour, 8-Bit Comics & Games346 Princess StreetKingston, OntarioK7L 1B7
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2010-12-06 13:42:00
"Jeff Lemire's SWEET TOOTH is as heartbreakingly elegant as it is wholly original. One of the best comics I've ever read." -Damon Lindelof (creator of LOST)Out this week Sweet Tooth Volume 2: In Captivity collecting issues 6-11 of the Eisner and Harvey nominated series from Vertigo/DC Comics! Also keep an eye on Vertigo's BLOG Graphic Content" for an exclusive blog post each day this week featuring never before seen behind the scenes artwork and info on the series. Also out this week is the second issue of the new Superboy series! Written by JEFF LEMIRE; Art by PIER GALLO; Cover by phil noto; 1:10 Variant cover by GUILLEM MARCHThe vegetation of Smallville is out of control, and all evidence points to Poison Ivy as the cause! Superboy's friend Simon thinks there might be more to this than meets the eye, but he'll have a hard time convincing Superboy of that now that he's in the thrall of Ivy!
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2010-11-26 17:10:00
Sweet Tooth Vol.2: In Captivity ships to bookstores and comic book shops everywhere on DECEMBER 8th and to celebrate I'm offering a contest to ANY COMIC BOOK OR BOOK RETAILER:The shop that creates the BEST IN STORE DISPLAY promoting Sweet Tooth and/or Sweet Tooth Vol.2 will win this piece of original artwork (the cover from Sweet Tooth #15), as well as a complete signed set of all of my books, and any other goodies I can dig up.To enter the shop owner need to send me pictures of the display via email no later than MONDAY DECEMBER 6, along with an exterior shot of your shop and the address of the store. All entries will be featured on this blog on Dec. 8. My wife and I will determine the winner based on both the creativity and impact of the overall presentation. Rules:-Contest open internationally to any comic book or book retailer-This contest is being put on solely by me, and is in no way connected to DC Comics or Vertigo. -The contest is completely subjective, and the winner my ...
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2010-11-25 19:38:00
Some pics from the Canada Reads reception at CBC yesterday! Also a link to an interview in The Windsor Star, my hometown paper.
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2010-11-24 22:12:00
Meet the Canada Reads 2011 contendersNovember 24, 2010 11:00 AMCanada Reads unveils 2011 panel, booksLast Updated: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 | 2:59 PM ET Comments12Recommend46CBC NewsSinger Sara Quin will defend graphic novel Essex County by Jeff Lemire. (CBC)CBC's 2011 Canada Reads book panel will for the first time consider a graphic novel, after panellist Sara Quin chose Essex County by Jeff Lemire.Quin, who is part of the music duo Tegan and Sara , is defending the graphic novel about the trials of a Canadian rural community.Quin said she knows the graphic novel genre well and believes Essex County can be considered literature because of its "incredible characters and wonderful stories.""The illustrations are so beautiful and so profound and tell a story all on their own," she said, speaking via video link at a press conference Wednesday.Canada Reads announced its panellists and their choice of books for 2011 at the press conference.The other panellists are:Actor Lorne Cardin...
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2010-11-16 00:33:00
SWEET TOOTH #18 Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE After the explosive conclusion of ?Animal Armies,? Jepperd and his new traveling companions begin a long trek north in search of answers in this stand-alone issue. But as the first snowfall of the year hits, mistrust and fear threaten to tear the group apart before they even get started! This story will be presented in a special, horizontal storytelling format. On sale FEBRUARY 2 ? 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
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Sweet Tooth Cover Being Auctioned!
2010-11-11 21:39:00
The Cover Art for Sweet Tooth #10 will be auctioned tomorrow night at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto as part of a charity fund-raiser for JUSTICE FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH. Details below. Any non-Toronto residents who are serious about placing a bid on the art contact me via email and we can arrange to place a bid for you and have the work shipped. Bidding will start at 200, but covers generally sell for 1000, so this is a chance to get one for a good price!JFCY is a non-profit, legal clinic that provides legal assistance, advice and information to low-income children and youth in Toronto and across the province. We pursue the rights of children and youth through outreach and education, community development, policy and law reform, and test case litigation. Since 1978, JFCY has been empowering children and youth to obtain fair and equal access to legal, educational, medical and social resources. We also run a specialty program, Street Youth Legal Services (SYLS), the only organiz...
2010-11-09 16:49:00
Meet your Canada Reads Top 10November 9, 2010 10:30 AMOur Top 40 is now a Top 10. We asked you to vote for the books you most wanted to see on Canada Reads ? the Essential Top 10 Canadian Novels of the Decade, if you will. What you gave us, from the original 40 (which was a fabulous list, by the way, and should keep book clubs across the country rich in options for years to come), is 10 titles that represent the richness and diversity this entire campaign has offered. There are former Canada Reads contenders, a formerly self-published novel, a graphic novel, some titles from big publishers and others from smaller presses. There's a humorous book and a heartbreaking one, and everything in between. We think this list represents what Canada is reading and what Canada wants to read. So without further ado, Canada, meet your Top 10!The Best Laid Plans by Terry FallisThe Birth House by Ami McKayThe Bone Cage by Angie AbdouThe Book of Negroes by Lawrence HillBottle Rocket Hearts by Zoe Wh...
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Superboy Fan Art!
2010-11-09 13:34:00
Some awesome new Superboy art by my niece Abby and my nephew Cole!
SUPERBOY #1 Reviewed!
2010-11-04 13:39:00
Some early Superboy#1 reviews!comic book resources craveonline.comign.combrighthub.comAnd and interview over a MTV Geek Click on the ads for more details and a preview!
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2010-11-03 17:30:00
So here I am. Superboy #1 is out today! It feels like a long time coming. Pier Gallo and I have already been working on the book for the better part of 2010. So let me tell you a bit about what I have planned for Conner Kent and Smallville ?As of typing this I have six full scripts done with a seventh in the outline stage. And, I have the first fifteen issues plotted out. So, this will be a BIG story. A Big story made up of a lot of smaller stories. Most of the run will be only 1 or 2 part arcs that add up to a bigger, badder story I?m weaving in that will culminate around Issue 12 or 13. I don?t want to say too much about it yet, but the first issue has some pretty good clues and teases. It also has THE PHANTOM STRANGER! one of my favorite comic book characters. Seems like an odd fit? Well Smallville really is the ideal American small town. But all small towns have a dark side. And Smallville?s dark side will be slowly creeping to the surface, making Kon-el?s attempts at a ?normal l...
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