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News and blog of cartoonist Jeff Lemire. Jeff is the authors of the graphic novels Tales From The Farm and Lost Dogs from Top Shelf productions. The site also features reviews, news and comic commentary from Lemire as well as regular sketch posts.
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2010-11-01 14:45:00
This Wednesday, Nov.3, my first issue of DC Comic's new SUPERBOY series launches. In a way the release of Superboy marks a sort of milestone in my career, one I never saw coming. But, when I look back at how I got here, the path seems clear and natural.It's been quite a journey for me both creatively and personally over the last 3 or 4 years. Four years ago...2006. I was still working full-time as a line cook at La Hacienda restaurant on Queen Street West in Toronto. I'd work night shifts and then get up early to draw all day before I had to go back in for my next shift.I'd finished my first long-form comics work, the self-published LOST DOGS about a year and a half earlier and I'd been struggling with what to do next. There were a few aborted projects in there, but none of them really seemed to stick. I can't remember exactly how the idea for Tales From The Farm came about. But I do recall the original idea for that book was much more sci-fi heavy. It was a full-on genre boo...
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2010-10-30 23:40:00
Sweet Tooth current editor Pornsak Pichetshote, incoming editor Mark Doyle and a DC intern as Gus!Sweet Tooth Fan Jeff Hendrickson as Gus!Amazing pumpkin carved by a couple of great fans and their costume to go along with it.
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2010-10-28 18:35:00 County has made the shortlist of 40 Books for the best Canadian fiction of the last decade!You can vote by clicking on the link above.
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2010-10-28 03:00:00
Just one week until SUPERBOY #1 hits stores. Here's a pin-up of that character I did, colored by my Sweet Tooth art partner Jose Villarubia!
2010-10-19 01:08:00
SWEET TOOTH #17 Written by JEFF LEMIRE Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE The war between the cult army and the militia erupts as Jepperd finally encounters Abbot in his insane attempt to rescue Gus. Not everyone?s making it out of this one, and those that do survive will never be the same. The next stage of the SWEET TOOTH saga begins here! On sale JANUARY 5 ? 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US MATURE READERS
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2010-10-15 16:03:00
Essex County has a chance to be nominated as one of the ten ESSENTIAL BOOKS OF THE DECADE by the CBC, so go VOTE!!! s/2010/10/book-bloggers-offer-their-picks ml
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2010-10-10 14:26:00
I have a revised schedule for the NYCC on Sunday , I'll be signing at Top Shelf for most of the morning and they have great deals on both The Complete Essex County and The Nobody so come by and get one signed!SUNDAY OCTOBER 10Top Shelf Booth - 10am-12pmSigning at DC Booth 12:30-1:30Indie Spinner Rack Booth- 3:00Top Shelf Booth -5-Close
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New York Comicon Schedule
2010-10-01 20:08:00
This will be my signing schedule for the New York Comicon next week.FRIDAY OCT. 83:30-4:30-SIGNING @DC Comics BoothSATURDAY OCT. 912:15-1:15 - PANEL - DC UNIVERSE (Room 1A08-7)2-3: SIGNING @ DC Comics Booth3:45-4:45- PANEL- VERTIGO: On The Edge (1A06-7)SUNDAY OCT. 1012:30-1:30 SIGNING @ DC Comics BoothAnd, inbetween these signings and panels I'll be signing and sketching at the Top Shelf Booth periodically.
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2010-09-22 17:57:00
I can't recommend Emi Lenox's new Graphic Novel collection EMITOWN enough! This is your chance to show your support for a wonderful new cartoonist. Get out to your local comic store and pre-order a copy!!"EMITOWN is a sketch diary in which I have drawn one page for every single day. I use a broad range of styles and it's really not the average diary comic. Originally a web comic, a full years worth of strips will be collected in the trade paperback from Image. It's going to be a little over 400 pages of strips featuring an introduction by Jamie S. Rich (Spell Checkers, You Have Killed Me) and a guest page from Brandon Graham (King City, Multiple Warheads). It has received praises from notorious comic folk such as Jeffrey Brown, Mike Allred, Jeff Lemire, and Jeff Parker."DIAMOND ORDER CODE: AUG100439ISBN: 1607063190Check out the website the comic stemmed from!http://www.emitown.comHere is some early praise!"EMITOWN is one of my favorite places to visit...I simply love the fresh ...
2010-09-20 20:51:00
SUPERBOY #2 by new series cover artist Phil Noto! And the cover for SWEET TOOTH #17 by myself and colorist Jose Villarubia!
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2010-09-14 13:59:00
I'll be signing at Big B Comics in Hamilton, Ontario this weekend from 11-3. Click here for all the details!
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Complete Essex County for 50 % off!
2010-09-13 13:30:00
Top Shelf is having a big sale! can pick up the complete ESSEX COUNTY GN for 50% off for a limited time!
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2010-08-30 15:36:00
There is a preview of Sweet Tooth #13, out this Wednesday, over at the Vertigo blog...'s the first part of the next storyline "ANIMAL ARMIES" in which Jepperd and Gus finally head towards a reunion, but at what cost?
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2010-08-24 14:02:00
Fan Expo 2010 is coming up this weekend and I will be in attendance, sketching signing and doing a few panels with DC.I will be doing a few 9x12 Back and white commissions for $50. It will be a first come first serve basis, so come see me early to get on my sketch list!I will also be bringing some Sweet tooth original art for sale. If there are any pages you are really interested in make sure to email me in advance so I'm sure to bring those with me.Also I will have free copies of SWEET TOOTH #1 and a few limited edition Essex County Book Plates for anybody who wants one!My Signing and Panel schedule:FRIDAY AUG 275-6 pm: SIGNING @ DC Booth7-8 pm: PANEL- DC NATION (Room 104A)SATURDAY AUG 2811-12 pm: PANEL- DC UNIVERSE (Room 104A)1-2 pm: SIGNING @ DC BoothSUNDAY AUG 292:30-3:30 pm: SIGNING @ DC BoothHope to see you there...if you come to the DC Panels make sure to ask Sweet Tooth and Superboy questions!Also don't forget that my first SUPERBOY story is out this week in ACTION COMICS ...
2010-08-16 15:28:00
That?s the cover to SUPERBOY #1, courtesy of Rafael Albuquerque (Vertigo?s AMERICAN VAMPIRE). Isn?t it a beauty?The cover helps kick off the new SUPERBOY ongoing series. I'll be writing the book and it will be illustrated by the awesome PIER GALLO, and colored by JAMIE GRANT!We're taking Superboy on a journey to a side of Smallville not even Superman knows about. What mysteries can be found beneath the surface of the prototypical all-American town? You?ll find out in November!AND IN JUST TWO WEEKS CATCH A 10-PAGE SUPERBOY PREVIEW STORY BY PIER, JAMIE AND MYSELF IN ACTION COMICS #892!
2010-07-28 15:53:00
In SWEET TOOTH #12 we take a peek into a day in the life of Gus as our favorite antlered boy finds moments of surprising tenderness in the grueling militia camp. Meanwhile, in this silent paneled, stand-alone story, Dr. Singh recounts the events of the plague. The shocking revelations continue in this great jumping-on point to Vertigo?s Eisner-nominated buzz book!
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2010-07-14 16:57:00
I will be at San Diego Comicon next week, and here's where you can find me!THURSDAY, JULY 22: 11am-12pm: SIGNING @ DC booth (#1915)6:15-7:15pm: PANEL ? Vertigo: The New Classics (Room 6A) FRIDAY, JULY 23 11am-12pm: SIGNING @ DC booth 3-4pm: PANEL ? Superman: Man of Tomorrow (Room 6DE) 5:30-6:30pm: PANEL ? Vertigo: On the Edge (Room 6DE) SATURDAY, JULY 24 11am-1pm: TOP SHELF BOOTH3-4pm: SIGNING @ DC booth SUNDAY, JULY 25 12:30-1:30pm: SIGNING @ DC booth2pm-4pm: TTOP SHELF BOOTH
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Jepperd Lives!
2010-07-09 15:21:00
I had this one-of-kind JEPPERD Action Figure made from loosecollector.Up next Sweet Tooth, Abott and Singh!
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2010-07-08 21:55:00
Out today in comic shops everywhere is THE ATOM Special #1, the first part of an 11-chapter story written by myself and drawn by the extraordinary Mahmud Asrar. The book re-establishes Ray Palmer as the one and only Atom in the DC Universe and also sets him down a new path, with new villains and new allies. -look-at-brightest-day-the-atom-special/I n addition, SWEET TOOTH #11 the final part of the "In Captivity" storyline is out today. The issue reveals the full motivations of Jepperd and sets up our next arc, "ANIMAL ARMIES"House of Mystery Vol.4 is also out, which features a 5-page short story illustrated by myself and written by Matthew Sturges. phew.....and The Beguiling has a whole bunch of new original art for sale including pages from The Nobody as well as the Cover art from my Art Brut album cover. The new pieces are very affordably priced! sp?ID=77
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2010-06-22 19:00:00
This Wednesday DC Comics will release the 700th Issue of Superman ! Iam lucky enough to have a small part in that historic issue. It will feature a sneak peek of my plans for SUPERBOY as well as some exclusive artwork.Also over on DC's blog their is a little essay from me about my thoughts on Superman.
BOING BOING on Sweet Tooth!
2010-06-16 14:09:00
SWEET TOOTH Vol. 1 just got a great review over at BOING BOING. Check it out, and if you haven't got your copy yet, you can find it at any local comin or book shop for only $10!
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Sweet Tooth by Charles Glaubitz!
2010-06-07 17:16:00
An amazing piece of Sweet Tooth art by a fan from Mexico!
Sweet Tooth 10 On Sale!
2010-06-02 19:08:00
Sweet Tooth 10 is on sale this week, and Vertigo has a preview's my favourite issue of the series so far and I think features the best artwork I've done on the book.I will also be appearing at The Toronto Comicon this weekend, but ONLY ON SUNDAY, due to family commitements. There will also be a panel focusing on my past and future projects at 2pm
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This Weekend MeCAF!
2010-05-21 14:48:00
I'll be in Portland, Maine this weekend for MeCAF. If you're jn the area, I hope to see you there!
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SUPERBOY RETURNS...And I'm writing him!
2010-05-14 16:57:00
As announced on THE DC comics Blog "The Source" this morning I will be writing the new SUPERBOY ongoing monthly comic starting this fall!I'm lucky to be sharing the creative chores with insanely talented and affallable Italian artist Pier Gallo! I couldn't be more excited to be working on "The Boy Of Steel", and can't wait for you to read some of the cool stories we have planned.It's no secret that I love telling rural stories, and love super hero comics, so documemting The New Adventures of Superboy in Smallville is a dream come true for me!You can read a new interview at Newsarama
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2010-05-12 01:20:00
The first collected edition of Sweet Tooth hits comic book stores everywhere TODAY, May 11! At only $9.95 it's a great way to catch up on the book!I WILL BE SIGNING AT COMICS N MORE on The Danforth between 3-5 today!You can also find it right here on AMAZON!?Writer & artist Jeff Lemire has created the new ?must read? book with SWEET TOOTH. It?s a fairy tale turned on its ear-or antlers-that takes you on the road trip through an America slightly more fantastical and just as frightening as ours.? ?GEOFF JOHNS (Blackest Night)?I would crawl over broken glass to read this.? ?JASON AARON (Scalped)?Lemire?s next great work is a shockingly original cocktail of the surreal. A candy-colored nightmare of family, violence and the end of the world.? ?MATT KINDT (Super Spy)?Sweet Tooth is a dark, moving, and intriguing story, and Jeff Lemire?s gentle writing and raw, expressive art work perfectly together.? ?FRANK QUITELY (Batman & Robin)?A remarkably strange story, drawn in an appropriately e...
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2010-05-08 00:39:00
As of today I am selling the original artwork from Sweet Tooth! I will not be selling any art from Issues 1 and 2, otherwise most pages and covers are now available. CLICK HERE FOR A DETAILED PRICE LIST.
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2010-05-05 16:57:00
Tonight is the night of the Sweet Tooth Art Show and launch Party . If you're in the Toronto area, please come, it's free to attend!(illustration courtesy of Noel Tuazon, one of the featured artist!)Also SWEET TOOTH 9 is out today and SWEET TOOTH VOL.1 is available next Wednesday! Make sure you ask your comic shop or book store to get you a copy!Featured TCAF guest and award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire will bewill be premiering the first book of his new monthly post-apocalypticsci-fi comic book series SWEET TOOTH: Out of the Dark Woods, at aspecial event on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010?just days before TCAF! Lemirewill be reading/presenting from the new work, and be interviewed bySPACE?s Mark Askwith.In addition, the event will feature a display of over 50 pieces oforiginal artwork from SWEET TOOTH, including interpretations of SweetTooth?s world and characters by renowned Toronto and internationalcartoonists including Jeffrey Brown, Matt Kindt, Ray Fawkes, and Emi Lennox!Following ...
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2010-05-04 20:51:00
In celebration of the release of SWEET TOOTH VOL.1 my wonderful wife Lesley-Anne Green made me this one of a kind SWEET TOOTH DOLL!!!!
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2010-04-27 19:21:00
Date: May 5, 2010Time: 7:30pmType: Party Location: Lillian H. Smith Library, 239 College StreetFREE TO ATTENDFeatured TCAF guest and award-winning cartoonist Jeff Lemire will be will be premiering the first book of his new monthly post-apocalyptic sci-fi comic book series Sweet Tooth: Out of the Dark Woods, at a special event on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010?just days before TCAF! Lemire will be reading/presenting from the new work, and be interviewed by SPACE?s Mark Askwith.In addition, the event will feature a display of over 50 pieces of original artwork from Sweet Tooth, including interpretations of Sweet Tooth?s world and characters by renowned Toronto and international cartoonists including Jeffrey Brown, Matt Kindt, Ray Fawkes, and Noel Tuazon!Following the evening event there will be an after-party and mixer for comics fans and neophytes alike at O?Grady?s Pub, 171 College Street (Just down the street from the Lillian H. Smith Library).
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