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Jeff Lemire Comics and Illustration
News and blog of cartoonist Jeff Lemire. Jeff is the authors of the graphic novels Tales From The Farm and Lost Dogs from Top Shelf productions. The site also features reviews, news and comic commentary from Lemire as well as regular sketch posts.
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Toronto Comicon This Weekend!
2008-04-11 15:33:00
I will be a guest at this weekend's Toronto Comicon at the metro Convention Center. The show opens at 11 am on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be doing sketches, accepting commissions, selling original artwork and paintings, and signing both days, so stop by!Other guests include such bronze-aged favorites of mine as Mike Grell (Warlord/Green Arrow) and Bob Layton (Iron Man). Steve Epting, who is currently kicking ass on Ed Brubaker's excellent Captain America run will also be in attendance, as well as a bevy of other local and international talents. Click Here for more info!
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Joe Shuster Award Nominations!
2008-04-10 21:19:00
The 2007 Shuster Award Nominees have been announced, and I've been nominated in the BEST CARTOONIST (WRITER /ARTIST) Category! Click Here for a full list of the nominees.
2008-04-07 02:11:00
Here are a couple of new drawings of my recent obsession...JONAH HEX.
2008-03-21 05:38:00
All of the original artwork from Tales From The Farm and Ghost Stories is now for sale at THE BEGUILING's art store! So please, help me but cat food....GO!And also Ghost Stories, and Matt Kindt's SuperSpy have been named two of the top ten Graphic Novels of the year by BOOKLIST! That makes Top Shelf the only publisher with two books on the list!
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2008-03-19 18:22:00
As promised here are the final 11 pages of The Essex County Boxing Club!Incidentally this will be one of the limited edition mini-comics I'll be selling at Cons and off of my site later in the spring, so keep checking in!
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2008-03-18 16:29:00
The following is a short story which was originally drawn as part of the forthcoming Essex County : Volume 3: The Country Nurse (October). However, as Chris Staros and I started to edit the book, we realized it just didn't fit into the story I was trying to tell with the third volume, and has since been cut from the book.However, I still like the piece, and thought I'd offer it here in two parts. So here is Part 1 of The Essex County Boxing Club:
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Jack Kirby's Superstars
2008-03-13 14:07:00
A new painting I did of Jack Kirby's non-4th World DC caracters (Omac, Kamandi, The Demon and Sandman). This and others will be available in the updated art store section of my site soon, and will be for sale at cons this summer...
2008-03-12 16:29:00
Here's a new 5-page western I did last week for fun...
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2008-03-12 01:55:00
It's been a loooong while since I've posted, been laying low while I get started on my post-Essex County projects (more to come on that soon). At any rate I'm back, and first off there is a new interview with me at Publisher's Weekly.Secondly I wanted to post my convention schedule for 2008. This year, in addition to my Essex County books and Lost Dogs, I'll have a new mini-comic! I'll also have tonnes of original art, and paintings for sale. And I will be happy to do commissioned sketches. At any rate here are the shows I'll be appearing at:Toronto Hobbystar Comicon April 12-13. MoCCA Comic Art Festival- New York-June 7-8thToronto Paradise Comicon-July 12-13San Diego ComicCon-July 24-27SPX- Baltimore-October 4-5APE- San Fransico-Nov 1-2So please, if you're coming to any of these shows, stop by and see me!P.S. A new 5 page Western comic I did coming tomorrow....
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2008-01-28 04:40:00
I'm the guest on the latest episode of Indie Spinner Rack...
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2008-01-14 20:37:00
Tales From The Farm has a YALSA ALEX AWARD! The last graphic novel to win the award was Persepolis 5 years ago!
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2008-01-12 00:15:00
Here is the recent cover art I did for Top Shelf's 2008 Seasonal Sampler . The Sampler will probably be shipped in the spring/early summer and is a great free trade paperback-sized volume featuring tonnes of artwork and previews of upcoming books by myself, James Kolchaka, Nate Powell and a bunch of other great cartoonists, as well as perrenial Top Shelf favorites. So be sure to ask your local comic shops for one.
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2008-01-09 14:18:00
This new painting of Superman is now available at the new Art Store section of my website, which has been updated, including the illustration section.Also, the amazing Brett Warnock over at his Top Shelf Blog has some cool Essex County related photos, as well as a sneak peak at the cover I did for their 2008 Sampler Catalogue coming this Spring.
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Grumpy Owl
2008-01-03 15:36:00
Here's a new illustration I did for my friend Ryan's blog The Grumpy Owl...
2008-01-02 20:20:00
Happy New Year. Check out this amazing Lester Action-Figure my talented wife, Lesley-Anne Green, made for me for Christmas!In other news Steve Duin of the Oregonian named GHOST STORIES the Best Graphic Novel of 2007!
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Happy Holidays.
2007-12-18 22:30:00
I'm signing off for the holidays, but i will return in the New Year, with hopefully some more details on my next book. In the meantime, check out a great review of my work over at Van Jensen's Graphic Fiction Blog. Also I made Tom Spurgeons Best of 07 List.Happy Holidays !
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2007-12-09 20:15:00
I am selling this brand new painting I did of one of my favorite Kirby characters, Mr. Miracle . It is an painting 11" x 17", watercolor, and I am asking $200. It's a first come first served deal, so just email me if interested. A great gift for yourself, or any other Kirby/comic art fan you know!
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2007-12-04 02:48:00
NON-PROFIT FUNDRAISER FOR BILL MANTLO FEATURING OVER 100 ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS OF ROM SPACEKNIGHT BY ARTISTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD.(illustration by Renee French) Thursday, Dec. 6th, 6-10pm. Show runs through Jan. 1st. This December our First Thursday show is a tribute to my favorite comic character of all time, ROM Spaceknight, and the man who brought his adventures to life, Bill Mantlo. There will be over 100 contributors including: Jeffrey Brown, Sal Buscema, Guy Davis, Renee French, Simon Gane, Ken Garduno, Brandon Graham, Maureen Gubia, Kevin Hooyman, Corey Lewis, Al Milgrom, Jeff Parker, Ron Rege Jr, Zack Soto, Peter Thompson, Gordon Wiebe, Danijel Zezelj and more! A silent auction will be held for original art, and 1117? poster prints of every contribution will be available for a suggested donation of $5 or more. (l to r: Jeffrey Brown, Jonathan Case, Jim Rugg, Pete Toms, Jeff Lemire, Ricardo Venancio, Hyeondo Park, Simon Gane)
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2007-11-25 03:42:00
I've been AWOL from the blog lately, it has been an incredibly busy time of year for me as I've been working to finish Essex County Vol.3 before the holidays. And, I'm happy to say that I have indeed done just that, Essex 3: The County Nurse is completely finished, scanned, lettered! (a never before previewed scene above and below...)After 3 years working on the Essex County books, it feel REALLY GOOD to be done with the project. Moreover, I am really excited to move on to news ideas and new projects. I have started writing and designing my next book, which will be published by Top Shelf. I'm not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet, but in the new year I'll have much more news about the book. But, I will say it is something I'm really excited about, it will be very different from the Essex books, but I think it will still appeal to those fans too.On other news, my wife is currently exhibiting her work at The One of a Kind Show in Toronto, and I've traded in my br...
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2007-11-06 03:17:00
Here are a couple of recent commissioned pieces I did...The first is a portrait of Arthur C. Clark, by way of 2001: A Space Oddessy. More great literary portraits can be seen at Steven Gettis' site. The second is of course 70's Marvel character ROM SPACEKNIGHT, for an upcoming tribute benefit for bronze-age comic writer Bill Mantlo.
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My #1 Fan
2007-10-31 20:40:00
My book is so good it made my niece Lillianne drool, then pass out.
2007-10-31 20:27:00
for anyone in the Toronto area... there will be a launch party for GHOST STORIES tonight at the Victory Cafe on Markham Street. The event will run as a part of the Beguiling's monthly "industry night", and I will be previewing and reading from Essex County Volume 3: The Country Nurse! It's from 7-9, so still plenty of time to stop by and still make it out to your Halloween parties. Hope to see you there.
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2007-10-29 14:46:00
A recent commissioned piece I did...
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2007-10-23 18:33:00
This cool trailer for Tales From The farm was made by Top Shelf's brilliant tech-man, Marcel Sawicki.
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2007-10-17 00:06:00
Just got back from SPX 2007, and I gotta say it was my favorite show of the year! I had a blast hanging out with Brett Warnock, Chris Staros (pictured above with myself), Matt "Superspy" Kindt, Jeffrey Brown and Andy Hartzel. We debuted GHOST STORIES , and it went over really well, we sold a tonne of copies and the reception was quite positive.I did a bunch of sketches for people, including this David Bowie for Wizard writer Sean T. Collins, and this "Little Head" from Dick Tracey for Richard Marcej.And, of course, I also scored a lot of great comics. Here are some of the gems:Burning Building Comics by Jeff ZwirekA great short story, Dads by Rob "Surrogates" VendittiThe Infinite League vs Misc. by Ashley HoltAnd the amazing Old-Timey Hockey Tales by Rob Ullman, who coincidentally was seated right across from me.
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2007-10-11 16:43:00
Well, my window at The Beguiling display is up and as you can see it is completely different than my original sketch. Once I checked out the space at The Beguiling, I realized my initial idea just wouldn't work, so I revised it. I'm quite happy with the results.Also, as some of you may have realized, GHOST STORIES in fact comes out today, not yesterday due to the Canadian holiday on Monday.And finally, I will be signing, sketching and selling paintings at SPX this weekend in Bethesda, MD, so if you are in the area be sure to stop by!
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2007-10-10 15:50:00
As mentioned, my newest graphic novel, and the 2nd volume in my Essex County Trilogy from Top Shelf, Ghost Stories is available now at finer comic book stores everywhere! You can check out a new interview with me about the book at The Occasional Superheroine.
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2007-10-06 00:14:00
My next graphic novel Essex County Vol.2: Ghost Stories ships to comic shops Wednesday , October 10! I just received my comps via Fed Ex, and they look great.So, I'd thought I'd spend the days leading up to the books' release posting some "DVD bonus features" for the book, concept work, deleted scenes etc...Also, I will be putting my window display up at the Beguiling on Tuesday, Oct. 9, and I'll be sure to post pics of that, then it's off to Bethesda, MA for SPX 2007, and Ghost Stories' official launch.
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2007-10-03 20:48:00
Just wanted to take a minute to talk about one of my favorite artists, sculptor Lesley-Anne Green . Check out this amazing Wonder Girl she made! More great work on her site Oh yeah, she is also my there.
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2007-09-25 17:53:00
I've been asked to create a window display for Canada's finest comic book store THE BEGUILING, to promote my upcoming graphic novel, Ghost Stories. I thought I'd upload pics of the project from it's inception to the final window. So, to start, here is my rough sketch for the window.It will be a winter scene, with my main character Lou Lebeuf standing in a snowbank watching childhood versions of himself and his brother playing pond hockey, with a nice forest behind. The kids will look like cut-out "table hockey players". I want it to have a real 3-D feel like the set from a stage play. There are also a number of irregular sized smaller windows surrounding the main window, which I will fill with character shots and the three cover images from my Essex County books.
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