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Jeff Lemire Comics and Illustration
News and blog of cartoonist Jeff Lemire. Jeff is the authors of the graphic novels Tales From The Farm and Lost Dogs from Top Shelf productions. The site also features reviews, news and comic commentary from Lemire as well as regular sketch posts.
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2007-09-24 19:16:00
The Word On The Street is a FREE literary festival held on September 30th from 11am-6pm in five cities across Canada*. I?m really happy to announce that Toronto?s Word On The Street event (held on Queen?s Park Circle) will feature an extensive comics and graphic novels presence in The Comics and Graphic Novels Tent, presented in partnership with The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. Featuring a full day of author readings, book presentations, and panels on comics creation and publishing, this is going to be a pretty outstanding part of an already massive event. I?m also very proud to say that I?ll be co-hosting in the tent alongside my good friend Mark Askwith, the producer of SPACE television and an excellent comics writer in his own right. The line-up of panels and participating creators has been announced, and you can find an overview of the programming at the website. Participating creators include Chester Brown, Scott Chantler, Willow Dawson, Ray Fawkes, Stuart Immonen, Karl Kerschl...
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SKETCHBLOG: Ladies and Gentelmen, Mr. Elliot Gould...
2007-09-23 01:01:00
Excerpts from my new mini-sketchbook containing only images of Elliot Gould from the 70's.
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2007-09-20 20:35:00
I dug up this really early sketch of the lead characters from Tales From The Farm , it's funny to see how much Jimmy changed by the time I got around to actually drawing the book. Incidentally, I was originally going to title the Essex County series "Tales From The Farm" and the title of Tales was going to be " The Adventures of Chicken Boy" seriously.
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2007-09-18 21:16:00
I will be taking part in a panel entitled "Creating The Great Canadian Graphic Novel" at this years Word On The Street festival in Toronto, September 30. Scott Chantler (Northwest Passage) and Zach Worton (The Greatest) will also be appearing on the panel.I will also be doing a window display for The Beguiling in October to coincide with the release of Essex County Vol.2: Ghost Stories. in addition, the Beguiling will be sponsoring a release party for the book the last week of October, stay tuned for more details.Finally, I will be appearing at SPX this year, and debuting Ghost Stories there as well!
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PRESS: Tales From The Farm reviewed in The Globe and Mail
2007-09-09 06:12:00
Globe review
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2007-08-31 23:31:00
I am currently auctioning this new Iron Man painting I did on Ebay .....Come on and give Ol' Shellhead a home!
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2007-08-31 15:50:00
A new commission of Gaiman's Sandman I just finished...
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2007-08-30 20:06:00
Vertigo's Hellblazer comic, and specifically the character of John Constantine (the blond British one, not Neo) have long been one of my favorite comic characters. In fact, Garth Ennis' run on the book was one of the titles that kept me reading comics back in my late teens. And since, I've fallen in love with other interpretations of Ol' Conjob, primarily the great Jamie Delano's early run on the book.Having said that, I've found everything after Paul Jenkins and Sean Phillips post-Ennis run to be somewhat unsatisfying. Warren Ellis may have had a brilliant go at Constantine, but his run was cut short prematurely. And, apart from his brilliant debut where he took Constantine to prison, Brian Azzerello's work never hit the right notes for me, and the 100 bullets-style artwork seemed inappropriate for Constantine's gritty urban world. Hellblazer has always worked better with more traditional, "realistic" style artwork.Most recently Mike Carey's run seemed hollow to me. ...
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2007-08-29 01:00:00
I've recently fell into the world of the podcast...I know I'm a late bloomer. Specifically, I've been really digging comic related podcasts...particularly John Siuntres' WORD BALLOON interviews.John has a great way with an interview, and brings a real knowledge and passion for the medium to his show which shines through each episode. His choice of guests is also top notch. Siuntres manages to bring a wide array of guest from modern superstars like Ed Brubaker, and his quarterly Bendis interviews (which, say what you will about Bendis' comics, the guy is a hilarious interrview) to some of my Bronze Age favorites like Walt Simonson, Howard Chaykin and Tim Truman.Unlike some of the other comic podcasts, Siuntres doesn't "geek out" over his guests, his interviews play much more like two peers talking about the medium, and their place in it. John's background in radio broadcasting brings a welcome polish, and professionalism to the show. All in all, a great way to widdle th...
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2007-08-28 05:19:00
In a bit of unfortunate news, Essex County Vol.2: Ghost Stories will be delayed about a month or so, due to some production and lettering issues. In the end, the book will be better for it, so thanks for your patience. Here's a quick preview of the cover art though...
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2007-08-26 15:38:00
I'd like to talk about my good friend, the wellest-dressed chap in town, Ryan Oakley. Ryan is a dapper gent, a clever wit and above all, a fantastic writer. I've had the pleasure of reading Ryan's last novel TECHNICOLOR ULTRAMALL. I even did this cover illustrations for it. Set in the future, where the outside world has become uninhabitable, people have taken to massive indoor, multi-level structures, or malls. There are the Greens, the upper level, rich and privileged, the blues, the working class below, and then the reds, the lower levels, a swarming mass of ultra-violence, sex, drugs and mall gangs. Our hero Budgie, is in one such gang, the Jabberwocks, and is struggling with the lifestyle and the possibilities of getting out and moving up.It's a visionary work, really. The thing is a slab of absolutely visceral brilliance. So, where can you buy this amazing novel? At your local Barnes and Noble? Why can't buy this book, because it was never published. ...
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2007-08-25 04:06:00
WOLVERINE #56: Jason Aaron + Howard ChaykinJason Arron is quickly making a case for himself as the best young writer in mainstream comics. His Viet Nam miniseries from Vertigo, THE OTHER SIDE was brilliant, and SCALPED is really taking off. And now, this one-off issue of Wolverine he did with the great Howard Chaykin. This is a brilliant done-in-one comic, one of those little gems you find now and then, where it's not part of any run, or long running storyline, just a great single issue of a comic (A rarer and rarer commodity in today's "writing for the trade" marketplace).The set up is simple and dead cool; Someone has trapped Wolverine in a 30 foot pit, and an armed guard sits above with a machine gun firing into it every ten minutes to keep his healing factor from catching up, thus preventing him from escaping. To say anymore would ruin a great story. Chaykin's art is as visceral and brilliant as ever, and Arron's dialogue lives up to his wonderfully crafted, tight scrip...
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TCAF This Weekend
2007-08-14 15:35:00
Jeffrery Brown, Brett Warnok and I will be signing, sketching at the Top Shelf booth at The Toronto Comics Art Festival this weekend.I will also be selling a load of new paintings, my Tales From The Farm Cut-Out Dolls and this new print of the Justice League.Coinicidentally, I have also launced an Online Store at, selling all these things, and my original artwork from lost Dogs and Tales From The Farm!
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Marvel Mania
2007-08-01 20:44:00
Here a some of the paintings I did for the San Diego Con. I am now offering similar painting of your favorite superhero or comic character for $40 + shipping.Just pay below, and email me with your request! I also accept cheques made out to Jeff Lemire. Each painting is 6"x8''. I'll upload more samples soon! I will also draw any characters from my own comics!
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San Diego ReCap: Part1
2007-07-31 17:40:00
Had an amazing weekend at the San Diego Comic Con with the Top Shelf crew. Got to meet some of my idols, like Eddie Campbell and Bill Sienkewicz, and I got to spend some quality time with my fellow Top Shelfers. The Affable Andy Hartzel, Dazzling David Yurkovich, Jumpin' Jeremy Tinder, Arresting Andy Runton, Rollicking Rob Vendetti, 'Mazing Matt Kindt, Battlin' Brett Warnok...ok, you get the point.David Yukovich handed me some of his great alternative superhero comics, Death By Chocolate and Less Than Heroes. He also gave me his AMAZING BILL MANTLO retrospective book! This is a great read and really opened my eyes to one of Comocdom's often overlooked writers. I highly recommend it to all fanboys. David also does a killer Stan Lee impersonation which made the hours fly by in a fit of laughter.Jeffrey Brown's Incredible Changebots is a must read as well. It's a fantastic and hilarious book! Jeffrey and I will be signing at the Top Shelf booth at TCAF August 18-19 in Tor...
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2007-07-24 15:25:00
I'll be at the San Diego Comicon this week with Top Shelf, and I'll have these limited edition Tale s From The Farm Cut-Out Dolls in tow. They come with an all new Tales mini-comic inside!I'm only printing 75 of these, and they will also be available at TCAF. They are also available here through pay pal/mail order for $5.
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2007-07-18 20:53:00
Here's an album cover I just finished for the band Orphan Quire and Unwelcome Guests.
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2007-07-10 21:27:00
Just because it was on my mind, and I'm the kind of guy who likes to make lists...My Top Ten Favorite Comics (in no particular order):1) Alec:The King of Canute Crowd- Eddie Campbell2) Hicksville- Dylan Horracks3) Cages- Dave McKean4) Louis Riel- Chester Brown5) From Hell- Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell6) Watchmen- Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons7) The New Frontier- Darwyn Cooke8) Cyde Fans Co- Seth9) The Girlfriend Trilogy- Jeffrey Brown7) Crisis on Infinite Earths- Marv Wolfman + George PerezHonorable Mentions:Ghost World, Ice Haven, Davis Boring-Dan ClowesBlack Hole- Charles BurnsSwamp Thing- Alan Moore and variousJimmy Corrigan- Chris Ware
The Amazing Gregory Benton...
2007-07-04 14:47:00
Just wanted to give another shout out to GREGORY BENTON, a great artist and fine host who put me up in New York City a few weeks back. Greg 's work can be found here!
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2007-06-30 15:30:00
CLICK HERE TO PRE ORDER!CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW!The second volume of my Essex County trilogy of graphic novels is in the current Previews catalogue for a September release. I guess I should actually start working on it soon, eh? ...kidding. In all honestly, I am extremely proud of the book. It is the longest project I've undertaken (224 pages) and it was a real marathon working on it, but I really feel it is the best thing I have ever done. It is a huge leap forward for me both visually and as a writer and I'm really excited to get it out there.And, for those put off by the hockey content, please give it a chance, Hockey is indeed a central part of the narrative, but it is about a whole lot more than that...specifically how betrayal, loss and guilt push and pull at the fabric of family in small town life. So, while hockey is used as a central metaphor, the book is no more a sports story than Tales From The Farm was a super- hero story. And, for those who do love sports and old-...
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MoCCA Recap
2007-06-28 15:19:00
I had a fantastic weekend at MoCCA. Got to spend some quality time talking fanboy with Brett Warnok whom I crashed with at Gregory Benton's pad. And, most importantly I got to meet and hang out with a bunch of other Top Shelfers who are not only great cartoonists, but great people as well.I got Matt Kindt's Super Spy hardcover which is GORGEOUS, and Andy Hartzell's Fox Bunny Funny, which is also great. Got great sketches from Lilli Clarre and Jeffrey Brown. And, Gina from First Second treated me to an advanced copy of Gipi's Notes From A War Story which only solidifies his place as my favorite cartoonist working today.All in all, a great weekend, looking forward to San Diego!
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2007-06-20 19:51:00
I will be at MoCCA this weekend, and San Diego Comicon in please come see me for a chat and a sketch at the Top Shelf booth if your in the area!
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Tales On The Road
2007-06-15 15:33:00
I've spent the last two weekends traveling. First I was in Windsor (the real Essex County) for an outdoor art festival. I finally got to display this painting I did of some of the characters from Vol.2 Ghost Stories. It measures about 5 feet by 9 feet. It was a fun weekend, I sold a lot of books and had a great time.Last weekend was my fake MoCCA trip...I spent 4 great days with my wife in NYC and snapped these picks of the Top Shelf window at Forbidden Planet on Broadway. I also stopped in and signed their copies of Tale s .
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I'm an Idiot
2007-06-08 02:13:00
Hi, I'm an idiot. MoCCA is not this weekend. I have a hotel and plane booked so i guess I'll be enjoying a little vacation in NYC this weekend.
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MoCCA This Weekend!
2007-06-07 16:30:00
I will be appearing, signing and sketching at the Top Shelf booth this weekend in New York City at the MoCCA show! So please, anyone in the area please come see me!
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2007-05-29 23:43:00
Here are some new super-samples...
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2007-05-19 02:47:00
I just picked up the Showcase Presents: The Flash Vol.1 collection, and was inspired to do a couple of new sketches this afternoon. When I think of the Silver Age I always think immediately of The Flash by Infantino. To me no other stories better epitomize that great blend of sci-fi and super-heroics of the 50's and 60's. And The Flash's costume design is hands down the best ever...simple, iconic and bright!
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2007-05-16 16:53:00
Anyone interested in an excellent web comic should immediately check out Joe Infunari's The Process !
2007-05-10 17:08:00
I have been insanely busy lately, mostly buying a house with my lovely wife! In addition I finally finished Essex County Volume 2: Ghost Stories, and sent it off to Chris and Brett at Top Shelf. It's slated for a September release. Ghost Stories took me a year and a half to draw, and was by far the most challenging project I've undertaken. I feel burnt out and relieved that it's over...and I think and hope that it is a huge leap forward for me as a cartoonist.On another note, Soft Instruments, my web comic is stalled indefinitely, until my life slows down a bit. I'll get back to it when I can, that's really all I can say at this point.I will be signing and displaying original artwork from Tales and Ghost Stories at Art In The Park in Windsor Ontario (that's in the real Essex County folks) June 2nd-3rd. Then I'll be at MoCCA in New York June 9-10. So, stop by and see me at the Top Shelf Booth, I'll sketch and sign for you!Finally, if you haven't read Garage Band by G...
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New Interview...
2007-04-18 21:18:00
There is a new interview with me at!
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