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This site is about culture and entertainment, with sections about: cinema, music, art, nature and animals, mythology and fantasy, comic and cartoons, legends and tales, biographies, etc. With great videos on all this.
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Hand Painted Bunnies
2010-03-30 19:51:00
I have done this product for Renderosity "Hand Painted Bunnies". The product consists in: 15 Hand painted bunnies 1000 X 1000 and 300 DPI, PNG files. To get it, go here: Hand Painted Bunnies Sweet bunnies for Easter days. But use them all along the... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
Brushes Contest 6th Edition
2010-03-23 15:35:00
As you know, every time that someone who uses my resources sends me a link to the works done with them, I save it. Later, I choose the best ones to be featured here. Lately, I have received rather good works and it's difficult to choose. My... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
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Victorian Backgrounds
2010-03-19 21:17:00
I have done this product for Renderosity "Victorian Backgrounds ". The product consists in: 10 Victorian Backgrounds 2400 X 3000 and 300 DPI, JPG files. To get it, go here: Victorian Backgrounds Inspired in the atmosphere of Arthur Conan Doyle's... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
Victorian Papers
2010-03-18 20:45:00
I have done this product for Renderosity "Victorian Papers". The product consists in: 20 Victorian Papers and 5 greeting words: 10 Victorian Papers 2400 X 3000 and 300 DPI, JPG files. 10 variations: Lined Papers 2400 X 3000 and 300 DPI, JPG files. 1... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
The Atmosphere Of The Gothic Architecture
2010-03-10 21:18:00
?The principle of the Gothic architecture is infinity made imaginable.? -Samuel Taylor- Buildings full of mystery, endless corridors and a nostalgic atmosphere, sometimes oppressive but always magical. Enjoy the Gothic sound of these old... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
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The Good Die Young (Scorpions)
2010-03-08 18:41:00
"You wake up Watch the world go īround You shiver Feeling upside down Your heart is beating fast Pumping blood to your head Another day to fight You have a prayer on your lips under the desert sun And a loaded gun You remember every word That your... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
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Interesting Movie Releases For March 2010
2010-03-03 18:29:00
Brooklyn's Finest Director: Antoine Fuqua Screenwriter: Michael C. Martin Starring: Richard Gere, Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle, Jesse Williams, Ellen Barkin, Wesley Snipes, Lili Taylor, Brian F. O'Byrne, Shannon Kane, Will Patton, Vincent... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
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Wonderland Jewels Kit
2010-02-25 18:37:00
I have done this product for Renderosity "Wonderland Jewels Kit". The product consists in: 30 jewels/ornaments 12 rings 16 buttons 16 necklaces 7 danglings Total: 81 Elements ( 74 pngs 2500x2500, 300 dpi, 7 danglings 300x800 and 300 dpi ) When I saw... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
Advantages Of HP Products
2010-02-22 19:33:00
Since always I loved to save lots of money. But sometimes, for saving money, I make mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes was to buy cheap multifunction printers. I always purchased those that were in clearance, and looked at the price of the inks to get... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
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Curiosities of Carnival
2010-02-17 19:05:00
In these days, Carnival is celebrated in many countries of the world, But did you know that...? The origins of Carnival go back to the times of the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians, 5,000 years ago. The Romans celebrated Carnival in honor of Bacchus,... *** CLICK THE TITLE AND READ THE FULL STORY ***
Interesting Links 06/08/08
2008-06-08 20:04:00
ResourcesGetting free textures isn't very easy. Here you are an excellent resource. These textures could help you for making the background of a banner, 3D creations...The free textures are categorized in grunge, fabrics, metal... There are hundreds of textures of high quality. Also, If you want you can have the possibility of buying the CD with all textures.Free textures.orgVideoSome time ago I found this awesome video. This animated video is called "A gentlemen's duel" and it's a great work of Blur Studio.PhotographyAfter the horrible tragedy happened in China, where an earthquake killed more than 60.000 persons, I wanted to link these beautiful photos of China.It's difficult to forget so horrible scenes of pain. Here you can find the beautiful China. And I only want to tell that my heart is with the victims of the earthquake.Amazing photos of ChinaArtBruno Torfs makes awesome sculptures of wood. Full of fantasy and really charming. His works seem to go out of a fai...
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The Lost Key
2008-06-05 23:04:00
Everyday, all those who loved him cried in silence. At the back of the room there was that child of pale skin and dark sad eyes.His smile was so sweet, and his voice was a breeze that slipped away like sand spilling through fingers.One day, that child, called Jonathan, received a pleasant surprise. His friends had come to visit him.The three children made his house recover life again. Between laughs and smiles, they remembered their pranks and games.Little Jonathan said "Do you guess what I would like to do? To go back to the forest. We, all together... but that's impossible... I'll never go out from this room".All of them felt sad. Then, the little girl called Maggie turned her face, with her eyes covered with tears.Alan, said "And why don't we go there now?". Everybody looked at each other. Michael opened the wardrobe and said to Jonathan: "Take this, wrap yourself up. We're going".The children escaped through the window. The forest was not too far. They were so happy. Suddenl...
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Story Of The Blues (Gary Moore)
2008-06-04 20:40:00
"My baby she left me, my baby she's gone.My sweet little angel has spread her wings and flown.Can't think of a reason for going on.From this day I will play the blues.She said it was over, this time it's the end.Bad luck and trouble gonna be my only friend.I still can't believe it, after all we've been through.Everyday I will play the blues.Everybody knows what the blues is all about.It's a pain you can't live with.It's a woman you can't live without.She came from Chicago.She read me the news.In the headlines was a story of the blues.They say a broken heart can always mend.Time is the healer and sadness will end.But I've done so much crying, when will I laugh again?Till that day I will play the blues.Everybody knows what the blues is all about.It's a pain you can't live with.It's a woman you can't live without.Could have cried me a riverwhen they told me the news.On that day was a story of the blues."-lyrics of the original song-You can find this song "Story of the Blu...
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Top Ten Sydney Pollack Movies
2008-05-30 19:26:00
Sydney Pollack has died recently after a life full of successes in the world of cinema. He's been a great actor, director and producer.In the 60s he also worked on theater and television. He was the director of series like "The Fugitive" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents". But with no doubts he harvested his highest successes as a director of movies.Following, here you are a selection of his best movies as a director.1- Tootsie2- The Firm 3- Absence Of Malice 4- Jeremiah Johnson 5- Out Of Africa 6- They Shoot Horses, Don't They? 7- The Jakuza 8- The Way We Were 9- The Interpreter10- SabrinaTootsie, Pollack directed this movie in 1982. It is starred by Dustin Hoffman, Jessica Lange (who won an Oscar for this movie), Geena Davis... Pollack himself had a part in this movie.The plot is the following. A new yorker actor doesn't find good jobs in his profession. He has a strong personality, he's too much perfectionist and nobody wants to hire him. But dressing like a woman his luck chan...
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The Lost City Of Atlantis
2008-05-27 20:07:00
The first informations about Atlantis were found in one of the books of the Greek philosopher Plato, in 350 B.C. In one of his books there were some dialogs between Timaeus and Critias (disciple of Socrates), in which they mentioned how the Athenians did defeat the Empire of Atlantis.The Atlanteans lived in an island called Atlantis. When the Atlanteans tried to subdue Greece and Egypt, the Athenians stopped and defeated them. After this, there was a big earthquake and a big flood, and Atlantis was sunk and disappeared forever.The mythological version is the following. The god Poseidon fell in love with a mortal called Cleito. They had ten children. Their first son was called Atlas, and was the King of the island and the ocean. Atlas gave its name to the island (Atlantis) and the sea that surrounded the isle (Atlantic Ocean). They other 9 children were given 9 fiefdoms inside Atlantis, where they ruled.In Atlantis there was an enormous temple in honor of Poseidon, with a giant statu...
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Batman, From The DC Star To The Dark Knight
2008-05-21 23:17:00
Batman is a DC Comics character. His first appearance was in 1939, in nš27 of the comic book Detective Comics.Detective Comics, with Action Comics (where Superman appeared for first time) have been the star comics of DC. As a curiosity, the name of DC Comics comes from Detective Comics.At the end of the 30s, DC Comics needed a hero that could be as captivating and popular as Superman was in those times.Batman's alter ego is Bruce Wayne. And people loved Bruce Wayne because he was not a superhero with special powers. Wayne had great physical aptitude, and intelligence. In addition, he surrounded himself with hi-tech gadgets that made the readers dream.In 1940, Batman nš1 appeared. His first creators where the writer Bill Finger, and the drawer Bob Kane. After them, there were other writers and drawers that gave more nuances to this character. And Batman became one of the most popular comic characters and a source of inspiration for later characters.The story of Batman is the followi...
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The Old Teddy Bear
2008-05-19 23:18:00
When Mary was born, her father bought a teddy bear. For many years, the little bear was Mary's confident and she played and slept with him. Mary grew up, but the bear kept on being witness of the secrets that Mary told to him.One day, Mary brought a friend home and she laughed at Mary when she saw the old teddy bear. She said that Mary seemed a little child.So Mary, ashamed and angered, asked her mother to throw away that old teddy bear.So the bear ended in the trash can, crying in silence and thinking in what could he have done for deserving that her owner had felt so much despise for him.He met another toy, and it said him: "Don't be sad, this is normal. I was only for one year in my owner's home and he thought I was an outmoded toy, and has thrown me away". "One year? I was for 16 years with my Mary!".Suddenly, a woman that was searching inside the trash can found these two toys, and took them with her.She brought them to a very poor shack. She gave one of the toys to a child ...
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Nymphs And The Love Of Echo
2008-05-18 20:19:00
Nymphs are spirits of Nature. They belong to the Greek mythology. Nymphs are depicted as young women of great beauty. Often they are depicted nude and dancing surrounded by flowers.They are the retinue of gods like Dionysus, Artemis, Apollo...Nymphs are daughters of Zeus. They are cheerful spirits that watch the actions of mortals, helping them sometimes. They are also inspiring beings. Muses are nymphs of the fountains, that inspire the artists.There are several types of nymphs, from the earth and the waters. The nymphs from rivers and fountains are called Naiads, and have the power of healing and divination.Dryads are the nymphs of the forests. They protect them, and their lives are tied to a tree. When that tree disappears, the dryad also dies.Nereids are daughters of the sea, and they protect the sailors.Other nymphs care about the mountains, the caves, the meadows... and others are defenders of the animals.In ancient wedding ceremonies, the bride was sprayed with water from a s...
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More Than 100,000 Free Icons
2008-05-15 20:32:00
In the beginning, icons helped us to identify an application, a file. And that's what they're for, but in addition to that, they're a good way for customizing and making our workspace more pleasant.They're also a way to express oneself. Without doubt, in this list you'll find those that match your style better.No more you'll need to search for icons, as here you'll find more than 100,000 for free.VistaIcon, 2,500 icons in Vista style in ICO and PNG format. There are many styles and all of them very neat.IconBase, More than 300 icons in 47 icon sets. In 3D, some of them are really stunning.Open Clip Art, 7,000 Public domain icons that can be used for anything and modified.NerdBusiness, An excellent list of near 6,000 high quality icons with links to the original sources.RSS Icons , 30 free RSS vector icons, with different colors and variations.IconFinder, IconFinde is an useful icon search engine that can save you a lot of time. It contains more than 5,000 free icons.Free Icons...
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Niagara Falls, More Than A Tourist Destination
2008-05-12 19:55:00
Niagara Falls are a group of big waterfalls located in the Niagara River, that is between New York (USA) and Ontario (Canada).Niagara means "thunder of water" in the Iroquois language. The ancient inhabitants of this land were the Ongiara, a very peaceable tribe that was intermediary between the French conquerors and other tribes.It is though that the first European that came to these lands was Samuel De Champlain in 1604.In the XIX century, this area became very popular. In addition of being a very important tourist destination, is also a very valuable source of hydraulic resources.There are several bridges that make easy to access to the waterfall's facilities.The zone of the south of Ontario maybe the most touristic area, and was a very popular destination for honeymoons during decades.They are surrounded by big parks with gardens, numerous hotels, casinos, and touristic attractions, like a big Ferris wheel that offers a great view of Niagara Falls both at day and at night. The ...
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What A Wonderful World Versions
2008-05-10 20:29:00
"I see trees of green... red roses tooI see them bloom... for me and youAnd I think to myself... what a wonderful world.I see skies of blue... and clouds of whiteBright blessed days... dark sacred nightsAnd I think to myself... what a wonderful world.The colors of the rainbow... so pretty... in the skyAre also on the faces... of people going byI see friends shaking hands... sayin'... How do you doThey're really sayin'... I love you.I hear babies cry... I watch them growThey'll learn much more... than I'll never knowAnd I think to myself... What a wonderful worldYeah... I think to myself... What a wonderful world"-lyrics of the original song-This song "What A Wonderful World ", is the original of the great Louis Armstrong, was edited in 1967 and was written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss. "What A Wonderful World" is a song full of optimism and melancholy with many versions of many artist like Joey Ramone, B.B King, Celine Dion, Rod Steward, and more.Joey Ramone made this v...
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Awesome Landscape & Animal Professional Photos
2008-05-06 19:41:00
Some photographers have the ability to translate us to distant lands. Sometimes they let us watch the world through their eyes and take us to natural paradises.Here's an example of this. Enjoy these photos and don't forget to visit their home pages.Click the images to go to the pagesE.J. PeikerBill LockhartDark Ligth Imagery NatureRon MagillSergey ParinovNick BrandtGeoff AshtonCorporate Fine ArtG.R. GuyJim ZuckermanAndrej BelicAaron LoganAnimal Photos The Nature Conservancy
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Stan Lee, The Midas King Of Marvel Comics
2008-05-05 19:42:00
Stanley Martin Lieber (Stan Lee ) was born in 1922 in New York. He's the creative mind behind characters like The Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, X-Men, and more.When he finished his studies, Stan Lee began to work in Marvel . He was cousin of Martin Goodman's wife, the publisher of Marvel Comics . After a year of working there, he did his first work as a writer of comic stories. It was a short story starring by Captain America.But Stan Lee dreamed of creating his own characters, and being an important fiction author. That first work was signed with the name "Stan Lee", the name with which he's known worldwide.During the following years, Stan Lee was editor, artistic director, writer-director, and made up to 5 comic books per week.Stan Lee was a big fan of Errol Flynn movies, giving that touch of arrogant and brave hero to his own characters. Other people that inspired Stan Lee were the historical figures of Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill, that we...
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Telepathy In People, Plants And Animals
2008-04-29 18:53:00
Telepathy is the ability of communicate directly from one mind to another, without the collaboration of spoken, written, or corporal language, no matter the distance between those minds.The word telepathy comes from the Greek "telepatheia". "Tele" means distant, and "patheia" is "feeling", "affection".The belief in telepathy is not accepted by the majority of the scientists. But there were done many researches to find proofs of telepathy in all the Universities all over the world. But a great part of the scientific community explain the results of these investigations as simple coincidences.The first scientific that studied telepathy was Frederick William Henry Myers, in 1882. WH Myers founded the Society For Psychical Research. He and his team worked with cases of people that stated that they were telepaths.Their investigations were published in numerous articles, that were strongly criticized by the scientifics of their times.In 1917, the psychologist John E. Cooner, from the Univ...
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Recommended 55 Free Online Tools
2008-04-21 19:59:00
Lately, the number of free online tools has grown enormously. Many of these tools are really original and useful.These services help you to do tasks that you would never imagine doing in such an easy and quick way.Sometimes, the same tools give you interesting ideas for your website, works... Ideas and concepts that can really increase your benefits. Here you are a selection of the most remarkable 55 free online tools:Web Design Tools Blog Design Tool, Online tool for creating templates for Wordpress and MovableType. Vizu Polls, Free polls creator. You can customize colors, add images to the poll or to each of the answers, and share this poll and send it to social sites. The polls created with Vizu can be inserted in any website or blog.WebWait, Loads your website 4 times and calculates the average load time.Virtual Keyboard, A virtual keyboard that you can integrate in your website and this way add security to logins and also improve its accessibility for disabled people.IzzyMenu, ...
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Pieter Brueghel The Elder
2008-04-20 14:42:00
Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569) was a great Flemish painter of the XVI century. He is supposed to have been born in Broghel, near Breda (Netherlands).He was an apprentice of Pieter Coecke, and married his daughter. He had 2 sons with her, that also were painters: Jan Bruegel and Pieter Bruegel. For distinguishing between the father and the son, the father has been called Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and the son Pieter Bruegel the Younger.Bruegel is often compared with Hieronymus Bosch. In both painters, fantastic elements exist, and a reference to death. The artworks of both painters are full of small secrets, and scenes full by people. These are not paintings that can be just given a glance. They are that kind of artworks that can delight us, while discovering new details on and on.Pursuing his developing as an artist, Bruegel traveled to Italy, to study the Renaissance way of painting.Bruegel also depicted the reality of his times. From scenes of happiness, of everyday life, to...
Sirens And Their Songs
2008-04-18 15:30:00
The belief in sirens has its origin in the Ancient Greece and they've populated literature and legends of the Western world until our times.In their origin, the Sirens were hybrid beings between women and birds. Later, they were depicted as half woman half fish.In the Greek mythology, the voice of these creatures, beautiful and enchanting, was called the Sirens' Song. This song of the Sirens was described as hypnotic and, in many occasions, it meant the ruin for sailors.This appears in many important literary works like the Odyssey of Homer.Odysseus asks his men to protect their ears with beeswax, to avoid the temptation of the Sirens' Song. Circe the sorceress told Odysseus to not listen the Sirens' Song, but Odysseus was curious and ordered his men to tie him to the mast of his ship. When he heard the song, he tried to go with the Sirens, but his men saved him from doing that.There are also stories about Sirens in the writings of Euripides and Plato.In the legend of Jason and ...
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The News Of The Day: Rearrange Of Alexa
2008-04-17 15:42:00
These days Alexa has rearranged its index of sites. This has caused a real collapse in Internet, as many well-known sites have seen their Alexa rank worsened.For those who don't know what Alexa is: it's a toolbar that you can add to your browser: d/The Alexa Rank indicates how much visited a website is. Websites with a lesser number are more visited than others with bigger numbers. For example, a website with 50,000 of Alexa has more visitors than one with 8,000,000 of Alexa.Having a good Alexa Rank is very important, specially for people that are freelancers (like in my case) or people that have their main income from their websites, businesses, etc. Having a good Alexa Rank makes advertisers and clients to trust more in you.Previous to this change, Alexa gave better positions to those sites that had more visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed. Some sites recommended to all their visitors and readers to install it, and ranked much higher than re...
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Template Solutions For Businesses And Professionals
2008-04-16 10:36:00
Every serious business needs a well-designed corporate website. The website's contents tell the clients what they will find there, what is it all about.But the design of a website does much more than just displaying information. Through its shapes and colors, the website design can give a first feel of quality and reliability to clients and visitors.That's why every business or individual that is serious about his enterprise must use a quality business web site design. Also, web designers may need some professional templates as a base to begin their creative work, or as a toolbox that can save them from situations of lack of time for designing.BuyTemplate has solutions for these 3 types of clients:For the business man, they have customization services. Your business can have its own and unique template.For the individual or entrepreneur that wants a quality template, they have pre-designed professional templates.And for the professional designers, they have a membership optio...
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When Flaws Become Virtues
2008-04-15 21:48:00
There was a disabled old woman that lived in a forest. She had two nephews. One was tall and strong, the other was very lame and rather clumsy.Each day, her nephews brought all that the old woman may need to her house. But the weaker nephew always felt ashamed for bringing much less things than his cousin. He always lost something in the way. He was tormented by that.He felt very unhappy, and started a competition with his cousin in which he never won. One day, in despair, he went to visit the old woman sooner, and said her: "Dear Aunt, I will never come back here. Mi cousin can look after you much better than me. I am just a hindrance... I always end losing everything and I'm not useful for caring about anyone".The old woman looked at him with sweetness. "You, my nephew, are who brings more happiness to me. Haven't you seen all the beauty and joy that surrounds my house?"The boy saw that all around the house of the old woman there were dozens of fruit trees and flowers of all col...
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