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Astrona - Space and Astronomical Art Journal
Astrona is online collection of artists resources and developers who's specialising in space and astronomical art, science fiction art, visions of future worlds, design and visualization of technologies for living in space, space exploration, spacesh


David Mattingly Sci-Fi Art
2007-10-10 10:30:00
David Burroughs Mattingly is an illustrator and painter best known for his numerous book covers of science fiction and fantasy literature.About the artist from David Mattingly Illustration: David began drawing and painting as a small child, influenced by comic books, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and a wide array of artists from Jim Steranko, to N.C. Wyeth, to Jackson Pollock. After high school, he attended the Colorado Institute of Art at Colorado State University and later transferred to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. After school, he worked at Walt Disney Studios, ultimately becoming head of the matte department. He worked on The Black Hole, Tron, Dick Tracy, Stephen King's The Stand and most recently I, Robot for Weta Digital in New Zealand.While at Disney Studios, David began doing freelance art. His first published piece was the album cover for "The Commodores Greatest Hits". His first sale of art for a book cover was for "A Wizard in Bedlam," by Christopher St...
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Tobias Roetsch Digital Space Art
2007-10-07 10:50:00
This set of digital paintings was created by Tobias Roetsch. On DeviantART he is known as Taenaron. Here are just a few examples of his space work. Click on images for a much larger version. To see more check out Taenaron's Gallery at DeviantART.DeviantART: Taenaron's GalleryWebsite: GT Graphics (in German)
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Space Art Wallpapers
2007-09-24 10:30:00
Collection of Space Art Wallpapers 1600x1200. I hope you like it. By the way, check out Space Art Gallery by Jesse Roberge at, there you will find some other space wallpapers. For more beautiful hi-res images from space, visit the HubbleSite Wallpaper Gallery and Astronomy Picture of the Day. Well, and many more... just google it.Click images view full size:
John Harris Sci-Fi Art
2007-09-22 10:10:00
John Harris is a British painter and illustrator, well known for his science fiction art and other work, such as landscapes and marine paintings. This is a classic style of sci-fi art like John Berkey.Artist bio from John Harris was born in London in 1948, studied painting at Exeter College of Art and graduated from there in 1970. He has participated in numerous exhibitions both here and abroad, occassionallly showing with such groups as the Brotherhood of Ruralists. His first one-man show was at Double Vision Gallery in 1984. A preoccupation with scale and atmosphere is the hallmark of his work and which has led clients such as Shell, Phillips Electronics, George Lucas and many others to commission pieces from him. Sir Clive Sinclair has in his collection, many large-scale pieces of his work. In 1984 NASA invited him to witness a launch of the Space Shuttle and record the event in a painting, the first British Artist to be thus honoured. That work now hangs in the Kenn...
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Andrew C. Stewart New Space Art
2007-09-17 03:00:00
Andrew C. Stewart is a British freelance artist and illustrator that specializes in the space art, astronomy, science fiction and fantasy art. A small collection of his work have been posted here. Now I am glad to present to you the new website of the artist. There you will find his new space art and other beautiful works. Below are a few examples of his paintings.Link: Andrew C. Stewart New Website and Gallery
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Shigemi Numazawa Sci-Fi & Space Art
2007-09-14 05:58:00
Shigemi Numazawa is a Japanese photographer and astronomical illustrator, perhaps Japan's leading space artist. Many of his works are very impressive, but all these images are small size. Here are some his work includes a selection of artworks from space art and sci-fi based on scientific data. More artworks can be found on the Shigemi Numazawa & Japan Planetarium Laboratory (in Japanese). Link: Shigemi Numazawa & Japan Planetarium Laboratory (in Japanese).See also: Shigemi Numazawa at (in German). Great magazines covers.Photo: Shigemi Numazawa Photography Page.
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Fred Gambino Sci-Fi Artworks
2007-09-08 19:18:00
Fred Gambino is a British painter and illustrator, best known for his sci-fi book covers. He has created cover images for works by many famous authors in science fiction for 30 years. He is now acclaimed for his mastery of digital imagery, creating diverse concept images in sci-fi. Artist says: "I began my work as a sci-fi illustrator using traditional airbrush techniques. With the advent of graphic based computer technology, my work developed on the digital side as well. So, today it seems, I have my feet planted in two different worlds - the traditional and the contemporary. As far as illustration is concerned, there will always be a need for sound creative ideas and strong traditional drawing skills."Here are some his work includes a breathtaking selection of artworks from spaceships, stars and galaxies, heroes and heroines of futuristic worlds. More artworks can be found on the web, but many these pictures small or medium size. For more information check out the Fred Gambino Ill...
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Chris Moore Sci-Fi Illustrations
2007-09-05 14:10:00
Chris Moore is a British painter and illustrator, best known for his book covers, especially in the field of science fiction. He has created cover images for works by many of the most famous authors in science fiction and fantasy, as well as for many other (non sci-fi) authors. Some his work has even been launched into space.Here is a selection of some of his artworks. More artworks can be found on the Chris Moore's official site. His website provides information on his wide ranging skills and abilities, biography, as well as samples of his work. Prints of selected images are also available.Art Book: You can buy the book of "Journeyman: Art of Chris Moore" from please use the link below.Click images view full size: Link: Chris Moore's official websiteChris Moore at ImageNETion: Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Gallery 3, Gallery 4 and Gallery 5.Journeyman: Art of Chris Moore by Steve GallagherThe first collection by Chris Moore.To order this book from, click here.Book D...
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Tim White Sci-Fi & Fantasy Artworks
2007-09-03 14:18:00
Tim White is a British science fiction and fantasy artist, whose main focus is on commissioned artwork, primarily for book covers and magazine illustrations. As one of his generation's most successful fantasy artists, Tim White's paintings have become widely recognizable through their appearance on numerous book covers worldwide. Born in Kent (1952), Tim White joined the Medway College of Art in 1968, where his unique detailed style was allowed to develop without commercial pressure, and he completed his course there in 1972. Leaving art college, Tim worked in several advertising studios. In 1974 his work was first used commercially on the cover of Arthur C. Clarke's The Other Side of the Sky, and since then, Tim White has produced more than one hundred book covers for many famous authors.Tim White's work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and anyone with a selection of science fiction works will doubtless have encountered his illustrations. Aside from book covers and mag...
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Frank M. Lewecke Alien Worlds
2007-09-01 22:08:00
Frank M. Lewecke is a German painter, designer and illustrator. He was born in 1966 in Gutersloh, Germany. A self-taught artist, he has painted since the age of three. He has a background of scientific studies at the University of Bayreuth holding a degree in molecular Biology and a PhD Scholarship at the University of Erlangen-Nurnberg. He worked as a scientist until 1995 when he decided to become a freelancer artist and since then, he has exhibited his painting in many galleries in Germany and abroad. In 1996 he was became a member in the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA). In 1998 Frank M. Lewecke opened his space art gallery on the web. Below are a few examples of his artwork. For more information check out the Spacelands, where you can find many of his works. Artist says: We are living today and thinking of tomorrow. But who is considering the day after tomorrow? Spacelands are postcards from my journeys into these distant worlds in space and time.Spacelan...
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Chris Foss Illustrations and Sci-Fi Art
2007-08-28 07:00:00
Christopher Foss is a British illustrator and science fiction artist, best known for his sci-fi book covers. He has been one of the world's leading sci-fi artists, and his futuristic visions adorned many book covers and posters of the 1970's, and had a huge influence on his artist peers, as well as filmmakers. For more information check out the Chris Foss's official site. Here is a selection of paintings. More artwork can be found on the web but all pictures small or medium size.Art Books: You can buy the book of "21st Century Foss" (and other books by Chris Foss) from please use the link below. The book is a great compilation of Foss's work on Dune and Alien and on many other projects.Click images view full size: Link: Chris Foss's official site21st Century Foss by Chris Foss"21st Century Foss" is a collection of the work done by Chris Foss.To order this book from, click here.See also other books by Chris Foss:Diary of a Spaceperson by Chris Foss.Twenty-F...
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Stijn Joosten Digital Space Art
2007-08-24 07:30:00
This set of digital paintings was created by Stijn Joosten. On DeviantART he is known as 19-10. Here are just a few examples of his space work. Click images view full size. To see more check out his gallery at DeviantART.Link: Stijn Joosten Gallery at DeviantART
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Anatoly Fomenko Scientific and Mathematical Art
2007-08-21 06:30:00
This is a not space or astronomical art, but is very interesting visualization of abstract scientific/mathematical concepts (created in 1970-1980s).Anatoly Fomenko is a Russian mathematician, full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences and the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences, as well as a doctor of physics and mathematics, a professor, and head of the Differential Geometry Department of the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in Moscow State University. He is the author of 180 scientific publications, 26 monographs and textbooks on mathematics, a specialist in geometry and topology, variational calculus, Hamiltonian geometry and mechanics, and computer geometry.Fomenko is a supporter of revising chronological history. He has created his own revision called "New Chronology". Well I'm not convinced that he's serious about it and I have no comment this theory.But, have you seen the artwork of Anatoly Fomenko? He is also ...
Ron Turner Sci-Fi Cover Collection
2007-07-28 10:30:00
Ron Turner (1922 - 1998) was a British illustrator and comic book artist. Here is a great gallery of science fiction pulp covers painted by Ron Turner for British pulp magazines in the 1950s. The following are just a few examples of his work. To learn more about artist, please visit Ron Turner Cover Collection. Over 150 color illustrations done by Ron Turner - a photoset on Flickr.
Vissroid Digital Space Art
2007-07-05 22:08:00
This set of digital paintings was created by artist on DeviantART by the name of Vissroid. Here are just a few examples of his work. Click images view full size. To see more visit Vissroid's Gallery at DeviantART.Link: Vissroid's Gallery at DeviantART
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Angus McKie Space and Sci-Fi Art
2007-07-02 22:18:00
Illustrations of space and sci-fi art, fantasy art, comics art, paperback cover art from the artist Angus McKie.Angus McKie is an artist who has worked as a colorist in the comics industry. He is best known as an English science fiction illustrator whose work appeared on the covers of numerous science fiction paperback novels in the mid 1970s and 1980s, as well as in Stewart Cowley's Terran Trade Authority series of illustrated books. His illustrations often present highly detailed spacecraft against vividly colored backgrounds and high-tech constructions. Like Peter Elson, Tony Roberts, Chris Foss and some other artists of the period, he influenced an entire generation of science fiction illustrators and concept artists. This lasting influence is probably visible at its best, about twenty years later, in the visual look developed for the Homeworld videogame. For more information check out the McKie Illustrations.Click images view full size: Official Site: McKie Illustrations.
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John Berkey Space and Sci-Fi Art
2007-06-30 17:29:00
John Berk ey is an artist who is famous for his space and sci-fi-themed works. He created some of the early artwork for the original Star Wars trilogy. He has worked as a freelance artist since the 1960s, after an eight-year stint at a St. Paul, Minnesota advertising agency. He resides in Excelsior, Minnesota.You can buy the book of "The Art of John Berkey" from please use the link below.Click images view full size: Link: John Berkey online gallery at This is by far the best gallery of Berkey’s paintings on the web but all pictures medium size. Photos and article.The Art of John Berkey by Jane FrankTo order this book from, click here.Book Description: Jane Frank examines all aspects of Berkey's work, with more than 100 color illustrations drawn from all periods of his career-including personal illustrations painted for his own artistic satisfaction. Berkey himself contributes an autobiographical introduction. His wonderfully facile style is the p...
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Spray Sci-Fi Art by Janez Jevnikar
2007-06-29 17:53:00
Slovenian spray artist Janez Jevnikar (a.k.a. Spray man) doing sci-fi paintings in less then 10 minutes and he does not need expensive airbrush, studio, etc. Artist says: My studio is the street. I have worked with this painting tecnique since 1995. I use quicky drying acrylic varnish on a varnished cardboard, occasionally also on a Plexiglas and thin sheet. I also use a painting pad, paper, a sponge, pedestals and other material. Well, this looks really cool. See videos. You can find more about artist and his art on Paint Art 1: Spray Paint Art 2: Spray Paint Art 3: Link:
Alexey Kozachenko Digital Space Art
2007-06-23 10:09:00
This set of digital paintings was created by Alexey Kozachenko. On DeviantART he is known as Nameless Designer. Just a few examples of his space and sci-fi work. Click on images for a much larger version. To see more check out Nameless Designer's Gallery at DeviantART.Link: Nameless Designer's Gallery at DeviantART
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Ron Walotsky Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art
2007-06-15 15:05:00
Some illustrations of sci-fi art and fantasy art by the artist Ron Walotsky (1943 - 2002). Walotsky was one of the world's premier artists of the fantastic. Ron Walotsky's paintings have been exhibited in many public and private collections including Worlds of Wonder in Washington, D.C. His work spans Day-Glo posters, album covers, fantasy art, science fiction book covers, etc.Click images view full size: Interview with the artist: Crescent Blues E'Magazine.Ron Walotsky at ImageNETion: Gallery 1, Gallery 2 and Gallery 3.
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Pat Rawlings Artwork used in a Space Flight Simulator
2007-06-11 03:33:00
Description: Original concept by Dr. Stanley K. Borowski (2001: A Space Odyssey Revisited), NASA Glenn Research Center, models by Kenneth Bolli for the Orbiter space flight simulator (TTM24 addon). This is based on original artwork by artist Pat Rawlings, that was created for NASA study called "To the Moon in 24 Hours".Pat RawlingsOrbiterFor more information see the sources below:Pat Rawlings Space Art includes these Lunar images. Astrona - Space and Astronomical Art Journal. See also Pat Rawlings official website.TTM24 Screenshots by John "MrBatman" Wilson. A series of 15 wallpapers based on the TTM24 addon.LANTR - To the Moon in 24 Hours by Marcus Lindroos.Orbiter official website. Orbiter is a closed source freeware space flight simulator for the Windows PCs. See also Orbiter gallery includes screenshots from standard distribution and various addon images.
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Alexander Preuss Digital Paintings
2007-01-25 10:45:00
Click images view full size:Alexander Preuss: Concept Designer, 3D Artist, IllustratorMember of The CGSociety: Gallery
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Bjorn Jonsson 3D Planetary Objects
2007-01-15 22:15:00
If you have not seen the planets and satellites of Bjorn Jonsson, it is time to look. Bjorn Jonsson has highly realistic 3D renderings of planetary objects available at his website. Many of the renderings are done with a specialized planetary renderer, which he wrote for the specific purpose of creating these images. Other renderings are created with POV-Ray or by combining renderings from his renderer and POV-Ray. More information about the software and process can be found at his web page. Below are a few examples of his work.Bjorn Jonsson's websiteBjorn Jonsson at the Unmanned
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Nikolay Yeliseyev Sci-Fi Artworks
2006-12-08 18:21:00
Nikolay Yeliseyev is a Russian freelance artist, illustrator and concept designer. Below just a few examples of artwork, mostly science fiction and fantasy themed. Of course this is not space art, but I think some of these futuristic works are interesting. For more information check out The Art of Nikolay Yeliseyev.Click images view full size: Link: The Art of Nikolay Yeliseyev.See also: Nikolay Yeliseyev at the CGSociety.
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Chesley Bonestell Space Art
2006-11-18 23:05:00
Chesley Bonestell (1888 – 11 June 1986) is an famous space artist, designer, and illustrator. His paintings were a major influence on science fiction art and illustration, and he helped inspire the American Space Program. Below is a selection of space paintings by Chesley Bonestell.Art Books: "The Art of Chesley Bonestell" by Ron Miller and Frederick C. Durant III with Melvin Schuetz is a compilation of Chesley Bonestell's paintings. The book contains more than 300 illustrations, 200 in full color, and a full-length biography of the artist. "A Chesley Bonestell Space Art Chronology" contains well over 700 entries and is the definitive reference guide to publications containing Bonestell's space art. You can buy these books from please use the link below.Click images view full size: Chesley Bonestell was the father of modern space art. His paintings were a major influence on science fiction art and illustration, and he helped inspire the American space program. Artist ...
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