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Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion
A fine art site featuring the oil paintings of artist Boyd Greene depicting wildlife and nature through Creative Realism that seeks to bring the beauty out in each subject. You will find information about the artist and his art.


News Update
2008-04-07 04:30:00
I?m almost over the respiratory illness that has been going around with my energy gradually returning day by day. It really put a halt on all art for a few weeks. As many of you know I have been working on putting up a new website with a built-in blog and I?m getting closer to making ...
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Naples Pier
2008-03-11 03:40:00
Naples is one of the beautiful places me and Holly visited on our honeymoon and Naples Pier is definitely a must see if you are in the area. People rush to the end of the pier at sunset to watch the sky come alive with vivid rays of light and then disperse as the sun ...
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New Imagery
2008-02-29 04:30:00
This beautiful tulip is new imagery for a future art project. Thank you for stopping by Boyd Greene Art for a browse.
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Art is Beauty
2008-02-26 00:05:00
Lori?s friend Terry (a.k.a Montucky to his pals) tagged her for a new meme and Lori of Random Musings was kind enough to pass it on to me. His personal and brilliant answer is right here. It?s a six word memoir, inspired by Hemingway, who once bet ten dollars that he could sum up his life in ...
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New Sketch
2008-02-10 07:33:00 “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skilful execution; it represents the wide choice of many alternatives.”     Willa A. Foster Another Warner Park rose painting to be completed soon on Old Holland gallery wrapped linen canvas. The Canna Lily I posted the other day is completed ...
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Tagged by Artist Jennifer Young
2008-01-09 02:34:00
I HAVE BEEN TAGGED By fine artist Jennifer Young a very talented artist in Virginia that was tagged by Manuela Valenti!  Here are the rules: 1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. 2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3. Tag 5 people at the ...
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New Panel
2007-11-20 04:33:00 The first person to guess what is under the textured paint on this wood panel gets free links in every post posted here until New Years. So give it your best shot and good luck!    Detail Shot I’ve got a rose lined up to go on this panel as soon as it dries a little more as ...
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Southern Cross Award
2007-10-21 01:50:00           Thank you Kim at PoeARTica for this Southern Cross Award and for all the great articles you write.          In addition, ?former execs at Apple and Microsoft will be launching the world’s largest creative community, and I have been chosen to be on ?the Site Advisory Board? with ?a visible, active role.?          The site is ...
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Gold Rush Days
2007-10-19 18:54:00         Last weekend it was the New Salem Mountain Festival and this weekend it is Dahlonega, Georgia?s Gold Rush Days. I can?t wait, as it is one awesome art show in one pristine mountain city. Not only do you find great vendors but also there are great shops all around the square to browse ...
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Design Ideas
2007-10-05 06:25:00
All bold italic sentences are the words of Tom Peters? from his book Re-imagine.  ?Design is the fundamental soul of a manmade creation.?  To me design is the rhythm an artist captures and releases with his brush. This rhythm is the built in storyline that he or she composes with paint. Design is the foundation stone upon which ...
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Signal Mountain?s Holiday HodgePodge
2007-10-01 15:29:00
Holiday Hodgepodge  A Unique Showing of Crafts, Art and Antiques  Admission-$2 Donation to Mountain Arts or Two Cans of Food for Social Services  Signal Mountain Town HallCommunity Center/GymRain or Shine Friday, October 5, 9:30 A.M. ? 7:00 P.M. Saturday, October 6, 9:30 A.M. ? 5:00 P.M.  Personalized children?s books, hand painted buckets, personalized woodcarvings, walking sticks, grapevine wreaths, bottle cap jewelry, ...
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Pipevine Swallowtail
2007-09-27 05:03:00
The Pipevine Swallowtail is a butterfly that other species mimic due to their distastefulness to predators. Predators avoid its look a likes as much so as itself; which include female Black Swallowtails, female Spicebush Swallowtails, and Red Spotted Purples. The mimics have even come to have similar flight behaviors. Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly The easiest way to identify ...
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Warner Park Roses
2007-09-08 00:57:00
Thank you everyone for dropping by to see Warner Park Roses a Creative Realism painting in its completion. All that is left is the final coats of Amber and framing. This year has moved along very well for my art and I owe it to every one of you that drop by to give a ...
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Longwing Gulf Fritillary
2007-09-07 16:45:00 The great art teacher Robert Henri once stated, ?You are to give the craftsman in you a motive, else he cannot develop.?   What he was saying is understand the subject you are photographing or painting. Know the traits of the animals you photograph to be ready at all times to capture their personality. Find their uniqueness ...
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2007-09-06 06:56:00
I have done very little adjusting on this photo; tone curve, clarity, vibrance, white balance, and sharpening in Lightroom. In Photos hop I did a little cloning to a layer as this rose is a little aged but not much. A few marks stood out too much and didn?t add to the flower. I believe this ...
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New Project
2007-09-05 16:33:00
I always look forward to hearing from all my friends and discovering their thoughts on what I?m doing. You are what make this site an interactive site full of fun and information for the picking. To each and everyone one of you a Big Thank You from BoydGreeneArt.  Kim at Laketrees and PoeARTica has been a ...
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Quick Update
2007-08-31 01:57:00 Here is a quick update before I head out of town for a few days to see Notre Dame and Georgia Tech play. Thank you everyone for stopping by BoydGreeneArt for a browse and I look forward to being back soon. Everyone take care and have an awesome weekend!
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Feast After the Storm
2007-08-30 05:15:00 Feast After the Storm Feast After the Storm is a photograph of one of the sunflowers I raised a few years ago in our garden. I might do a small painting sometime of the sunflower and Bumble Bees along with a few drops of water.   Thank you everyone for stopping by BoydGreeneArt.
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Art Experimentation Update
2007-08-29 06:33:00 I?ve refined the photo a little to show how the artist that utilizes photography as a reference can edit to get a more appropriate subject to paint or draw.   I lightened the tree branch hanging down on the upper left and removed the mare on the lower left.  I also slightly blended the horse into the ...
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Art Experimentation
2007-08-28 06:20:00  Here is another of my neighbor?s Quarter horses.   I?m still toying with a new concept for my art. I?ve used dark vignettes but never light vignettes. I suppose I will use one of these horse portraits to draft one with graphite. I?m getting a little itchy for some graphite rendering as it has been a while ...
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Stage I of Delicate Beauty
2007-08-26 05:10:00  This is my depiction of an old worn walnut board I found laying in some of the piles of wood we have on the farm. I still want to do a few more highlights and soften the cracks a little before moving on to the next stage but I think you can see a little ...
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Purple Iris Finished
2007-08-24 04:29:00 Iris es are very special to me as my Grandmother and Mini-maw raised them. They both had a great love for flowers and could grow what most others wilted. My Mini-maw had a yard full of flowers before it was a big thing to decorate your yard.   What inspired me for this painting? Was it the iris ...
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Purple Iris Update
2007-08-21 05:07:00 Here is the link to the previous post on Purple Iris . Purple Iris Thank you everyone for stopping by for a browse, I’ll have a the completed flower up soon with more information.
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The Mule Story
2007-08-20 04:39:00  Jolyna of Turkey Creek Lane commented in a previous article asking why would I love to have a grey mule to ride? What is my attachment to these long eared animals of unique personality? Perhaps I relate well to their hard headedness! Maybe I just love their antics. Then again, it could be their surefootedness traversing ...
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Neighbor?s Quarter Horse
2007-08-19 06:01:00 Here is a picture of one of my neighbor?s quarter horse mare. You?ll probably see some kind of art come from her, perhaps more than one. I love horses so much as my great grandfather was a master blacksmith and my granddad a horse trader and my cousin is a cutting-horse trainer. Quarter Horse Mare I miss riding ...
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To Be or Not To Be
2007-08-17 23:55:00
Thank you for stopping by my previous post aullori and I’m proud my article has been a help to you. Anyone looking for a great nature blog needs to check aullori?s out; it is full of great photographs and information. This is in response to a question she left me in a previous article and ...
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14 Creative Art Tips for Nature Artists
2007-08-17 00:41:00  1.     Study photography continually. The stronger the subject you start with the better the outcome. Master photographers are a wealthy source for learning composition and so much more. Try to find one or two that you love that are great at explaining themselves to you in an understandable way. You want to simplify, as there ...
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How Do You Like Me Now?
2007-08-16 03:06:00 The readers of my blog mean so much to me as I learn so much from listening to their words of encouragement and wisdom. That is why I have put Pinky the Stone Mountain Potbelly Pig up one more time after sending Pinky to see a beautician. If you would be so kind as to ...
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