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Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion
A fine art site featuring the oil paintings of artist Boyd Greene depicting wildlife and nature through Creative Realism that seeks to bring the beauty out in each subject. You will find information about the artist and his art.


Warner Park Rose Updated
2008-02-12 04:43:00
  Many of you have stated how you like seeing the stages I go through to complete a painting so here is a midpoint for one of the Chattanooga Warner Park rose paintings I?m working on. It is always a great pleasure sharing my art with each and every one of you. Thank you everyone for ...
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New Canna Lily Painting
2008-02-08 00:11:00 Canna Lily is the newest addition to my portfolio and will be a painting on Old Holland fine art linen canvas with Old Holland and Blockx oil paints measuring 11?x14?. I darkened the sketch to make the lines more apparent. Thank you for stopping by BoydGreeneArt for a browse it is much appreciated. ...
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Textured Rose
2008-01-31 05:13:00 Textured Rose 24″x30″ Textured Rose is the newest addition to my portfolio and the first completed fine art painting of 2008. I have another oil painting that is finished and a few close to completion so be on the lookout for them as they will be appearing here soon. One of the paintings for my Cherohala ...
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Fixer Upper
2007-12-01 16:39:00 Here is another painting that I’m throwing back on the easel to fix and finish. The yellow stem that was going to be a moss covered branch will be done away with, the blade of grass on the right side will be deleted and the branch will be pushed into the background. I may even ...
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Happy Thanksgiving
2007-11-22 02:49:00 A very happy Thanksgiving to everyone on this most wonderful holiday! Thank you for stopping by BoydGreeneArt for a browse and if I can be of any help please email me at Happy Thanksgiving from BoydGreeneArt
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Twilight Tulip
2007-11-07 04:18:00
              Contemporary Twilight Tulip is a departure for me from my Creative Realism for a little creativity and experimentation. I want to use it in my commission portfolio to give clients ideas to consider for their projects and to show my versatility. I?m always leery doing such and might still decide against it. It ...
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Graphite Project Phase 6
2007-10-26 22:25:00        Finally, back to the graphite study I started a long while back. I apologize for the delay everyone. I need to start finishing these before I post them.   1.   I start by shading the branch in the upper right corner that is pealing and underneath another branch. 2.   I shade in the branch on the left ...
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Link Contest
2007-10-18 20:06:00           I announced the other day that I would be having a contest to see who would get a link in every article that I write on Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion for a month.            The first clue is the photo posted today and each post hereafter will have a clue until someone correctly solves ...
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Re-thinking It All
2007-10-11 04:15:00
Re-imagine! A book written by Tom Peters is probably my favorite business book in my library. It is entertaining, fun, and thought provoking.It has made me think often about how I want to build my fine art company BoydGreeneArt. How can we re-imagine our companies? How can we re-think ourselves as artists and photographers? How can we re-make ...
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Screen Shot
2007-09-26 03:29:00
Ankush Vimawala Photography daily dose tagged me for a screen shot so here it is the non-technical version. His photography is beautiful and quite often experimental delighting me with fresh perspectives on many subjects. Thanks Ankush for the tag. Thank you everyone for stopping by BoydGreeneArt I’ll have some updates up soon.
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My Artistic Personality?
2007-09-15 00:23:00
***Your Personality is Somewhat Rare (ISTP)*** Your personality type is reserved, methodical, spirited, and intense. Only about 6% of all people have your personality, including 3% of all women and 8% of all men You are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Perceiving. How Rare Is Your Personality? rsonalityquiz/
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Grayscale Project Phase 3
2007-09-14 22:59:00
     “The development of an ability to work from memory, to select factors, to take things of certain constructive values and build with them a special thing, your unique vision of nature, the thing you caught in an instant look of a face or the formations of a moment in the sky, will make it ...
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