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A timeline of English period furniture from 1485-1918
2007-09-25 03:09:00
When King Henry VII came to the throne 1485, the event signified the end of the Middle (Medieval) ages. It marked a brighter new era for England and the historic beginning of the English Renaissance.
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The story of French polish: Lac Beetle
2007-09-25 03:05:00
The Laccifer Lacca (Lac Beetle ) is a scale insect from the cohieel family. Measuring just 5mm in length when fully grown, it resides on certain trees in southern Asia. They can be found on trees such
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Minor furniture finish and scratch repair
2007-09-25 02:56:00
When the finish of your furniture is starting to show its age, it can be difficult to decide what product to use on top of your existing finish. There are many to choose from but choosing the wrong pr
More About: Furniture , Repair , Scratch , Minor , Finish
Gain inspiration for you interior DIY projects.
2007-09-13 17:59:00
A great way to gain inspiration for your Interior DIY projects is to look back at the past. Many of todays techniques in construction and design are undertaken with minimal labour costs. An attention
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How to spot quality in Reproduction furniture
2007-09-06 03:54:00
The efficient advantage of modern finishing techniques and precision machines to create reproduction antique furniture has pushed the traditional methods aside. Many of the original trades such as uph
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Care instructions for antiques
2007-09-06 03:42:00
Ensuring your antiques are displayed, stored and handled correctly is essential to preserving them for future generations. It is important to remember that furniture isn't just wood and the beauty of
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