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Hanneken Photography.
Blog for Jennifer Hannekens clients. Shows pictures of thr weddings, engagements, and any other important events she photographs.


Jackie & Jeff's Wedding
2007-11-15 08:08:00
This was my last wedding of the season! Jackie and Jeff were such a great couple! I really enjoyed the day! I wish you guys the best!!
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Andrea & Ryan's Wedding
2007-10-24 07:29:00
Hello Everyone! Here's a few shots of a great day I had with Andrea & Ryan! This had to be one of the most unique weddings I have ever been to! Thanks for the cupcakes! Also I wanted to send a big thank you to Jeannie for second shooting with me!
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Welcome Aiden William!
2007-09-29 08:19:00
Hi Guys! I just wanted to post a slideshow of my friend Heather's new little boy! Congrats Heather! He's a cutie!!
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Jackie & Jeff's E Session
2007-09-27 07:28:00
Hey Guys! Just wanted to post some quick shots of Jackie & Jeff's Engagement Session! We had a great time hanging out at the botanical gardens! See you guys October 6th!
Andrea & Ryan's E Session
2007-09-10 06:16:00
Hey Everyone sorry it's been so long since my last post! This is my latest ESession with Andrea & Ryan! It was a hot day they were troopers though! They are going to have a beautiful wedding it September....see you guys soon!
I've been tagged!
2007-09-10 05:52:00
I've been tagged....Blog tagged that Sara McDermott. So now I am supposed to list 8 random facts about me that people may not know.8. I get really nervous before a wedding and most of the time loose sleep the night before!7. Being pregnant at 33 is alot harder than at 24!6. I candy....some may think it as an addiction to me! (I sometimes steal it from my kids!)5. I really HATE cats! I am really allergic and they seem to "know" so all cats love me! Yikes lock them up already!4. I am a really bad driver and admit to having massive cases of road rage....!!!!3. I have had many many jobs over the last years...cause I really don't want to work in the corporate world! (I can't suck up it...pains me!) I want to be a photographer when I grow up!2. My kids have silly nicknames I made up for son is called "bones" (because he is tall and skinny) and my daughter is "peepers" because when she wants to cuddle and take a nap she will get really close and s...
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Stephanie's Engaged!
2007-03-20 02:23:00
I am getting so old! My niece stephanie is now engaged! This is her new ring! She is excited she "knows" someone who can take her pictures! We will see if I give her a "family discount!" =)
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Emily & John
2007-03-20 02:18:00
This is my latest wedding with SJ Macky! Emily and John had a beautiful wedding at the City Museum. It was great for pictures! I hope you enjoy them!
Greta and Drew
2007-03-20 01:38:00
Hello everyone! I have been second shooting with Sara of SJ Macky Photography! This is Greta and Drew 's wedding! I had a blast hanging out with everyone. Here's a few shots of the day!
Jessie & Salar's Wedding
2006-10-22 08:00:00
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Who wants to go to the pumpkin patch?
2006-10-22 06:16:00
Hello all! I thought I would post a few shots of my daughter's preschool field trip! Hope you enjoy! Happy Halloween!
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Congrats to the Carpentier's
2006-10-22 05:48:00
I had the great honor to shoot Vicki & John's Wedding. They are a great couple, I had a blast with the whole family! Here's a couple of my favorite shots of the day!
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Collin's Baptism
2006-09-25 07:12:00
Here's a few shots of Coll in Goins' baptism on Sunday!
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Ferguson Street Festival
2006-09-25 07:01:00
We had a great time watching strawfoot!
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Chihuly Nights
2006-09-17 06:50:00
Hello all! I had a great night at the botanical gardens on thurday night! I thought I might share some shots of the evening.
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I'm new at this so give me some time .....
2006-07-12 06:23:00
Just wanted to see how this works....I am going to add a few pics of a "Miss Teen" model shoot I did last sunday. Hope it works!!
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