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Short live story about first Polish open gay person.
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I sue Mr. Kaczyński for slander
2008-03-28 19:33:00
Ok, I had enough of being "bad gay wolf" in my country.Most of you probably know about last scandal, with Mr. Lech Kaczyński - President of Poland in general role.If not, please read this article on New York Times.After this I send him an open letter, where I demand apologies. Of course he don't answer.I was patient, but last couple days, "close friends" of Mr. Kaczynski starts screaming, that gay people should be quiet.This was enough for I send official papers to our Warsaw's court. I sued Mr. Lech Kaczynski for slander.Let's court decide who is "big bad wolf" in Poland. Polska wersja poniżej: Ok, mam dosyć bycia "złym gejowskim wilkiem" w moim kraju.Większość z was prawdopodobnie wie o ostatnim skandalu, z Lechem Kaczyńskim - Prezydentem Polski w roli głównej.Jeżeli nie, przeczytajcie ten artykuł w Gazecie Wyborczej.Po tym wydarzeniu wysłałem mu list otwarty domagając się przeprosin. Oczywiście nie dostałem odpowiedzi.Byłem cierpliwy, ale w ci...
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!!!
2008-03-28 13:45:00
Today I celebrate a very special day. My friend, editor and publisher of LMGTS blog has birthday.He is 18...errr...ok, let say he is 21...wait a, it is not important at all.He is my very special friend, who helps me with my struggle. So, today I wish him very good next year, and everything what is important for him. Let's his dreams became true. Happy birthday Pal!
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"Friends of Szymon" Foundation Letter
2008-03-25 16:55:00
Dear friends, We started this campaign to build and fund the nation’s first GLBT outreach center over one and half year ago. In October 2007 after 20 months under an oppressive government – it collapsed and a new government of tolerance was elected. Poland’s GLBT community had several setbacks struggling against a pro-Roman Catholic mentality and staunch political nationalist elements even disagreement within opposing GBLT camps but some citizens in the new republic. “Friends of Szymon Foundation ” accomplished many things under enormous pressure and against amazing insurmountable odds – it took time, money and friends like you – legal paperwork to gaining a NGO status (Nongovernmental agency tax-deductible status.)  They have negotiated a three year building lease for the project to facilitate an HIV outreach and education point, GLBT HELP HOTLINE, professional interfaith and counseling point, etc. The enormous task of raising the final ...
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Please help to my project
2008-03-02 22:58:00
Dear Friends, Polish Gay People need your help. Please support our Project by your vote. I have a great idea to raise money for a charitable goal and I need your vote now so I can start fundraising at Both GiveMeaning and I want to be sure the Project is viable, so I'm asking you to "vote" on whether you feel my proposal is worthwhile. When you vote, you're NOT making a financial commitment of any kind; you're simply indicating that you think it's a good idea and should go ahead. Voting takes less than a minute, and it's easy - so please VOTE NOW, by clicking here to review the project profile (and then just click on the Vote icon to cast your vote). Thank you for showing your support in this way - with enough votes, I'll be able to work towards making my idea a reality.
My letter to you
2008-03-01 14:26:00
Dear Friends, Almost twenty years has passed since Poland became a free democratic republic – some of her citizens continue to fight each day for equality within our society.  Poland's ethnic, sexual; women and religious minorities remain at a great disadvantage. My name is Szymon Niemiec I am a 30 years old Polish gay activist, founder of the Polish Equality Parade (Gay Parade), artist and author. I started my journey for equality in 1998 as one of the first Polish openly gay persons. Everything which I have been capable of accomplishing from that first parade in 2001 I required friends like you to help. Today I write to you requesting that you assist us in our efforts to create the first Outreach center in our nation.  This will be a permanent institution  to enable us to gather together in fellowship as communities express our thoughts working to educate the public towards tolerance, advocate HIV prevention, offer assistance to those living with AIDS, and ...
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I am still going forward
2008-02-20 10:39:00
It is possible people to change their country from grassroots. In year 2007 my worldwide friends established the website to help me with my biggest dream - Queer Central Station. This is to be the first LGBT Outreach Center in Poland. After twenty month under the governance of a ultra-conservative homophobic parliament, president and premier that government collapsed and Polish began to live gain with some dignity.   I've start to work hard on helping other LGBT Polish persons and have great hopes of creating a united effort to engage diplomatically the new government to protect all minorities.   Today the discussion about legal partnership in Poland is very difficult but this is not the singular most important issues facing us. We should take smaller steps ensuring basic equality in education, work and living standards in Polish society. Homosexual marriage is a dramatic leap for our society and I believe that it is not the "Big" ba...
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Blogbox...It's my turn..
2008-02-10 21:13:00
Ok sisters and brothers.BlogBox ask me to put this code into new post, so they can be able to proceed my blog into their library...So let's give them this pleasure ;) This is your code pals: 6fbf850d9beacb216c6cb5c5569c1dd8
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Rest in Peace Sir Michael...
2008-02-05 18:14:00
Today I received information, that one of people, who I know died.Michael Pirog wasn't my friend. In fact many times he was my big opponent in discussions about LGBT rights and politic.  He was very good know as Polish Blogger "Antykaczy" (Anti Duck).This young warrior made suicide. I am still in shock. Whats going on with this world?We are loosing young fighters, who are loosing their hope, their dreams, their passions.Why? Why we cannot keep them on way to change things what they disagree?This is so sad. In my memory Michael always will be Sir Michael. Opponent, but with honor and respect for others.Rest in Peace Sir Michael, and see you at the better world. Polska wersja poniżej:Dostałem dzisiaj wiadomość, że jedna z osób, które znałem, nie żyje.Michał Piróg nie był moim przyjacielem. Po prawdzie był moim dużym oponentem w dyskusjach na temat praw osób LGBT i polityki. Był znany jako polski bloger Antykaczy.Ten młody wojownik popełnił samobój...
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Super Bowl in silence
2008-02-02 11:12:00
This year's Super Bowl will be very special. For the first time this loud event will have one minute complete silence. Thanks to Pepsico, who prepare a very special commercial. You probably know, that every 30 sec. commercial on SB costs about 30 million USD? And this time Pepsico prepared commercial spot without sound. Why? Because they want to show that they care about people, who cannot hear.Check this video, and see, how in funny way, we can be together in diversity. Tegoroczne zawody Super Bowl będą bardzo specjalne. Po raz pierwszy to bardzo głośne wydarzenie zamilknie na minutę. A wszystko dzięki Pepsico, która przygotowała bardzo specjalną reklamę. Zapewne wiecie, że każde 30 sekund reklamy na SB kosztuje około 30 milionów dolarów? A tym razem Pepsico przygotowało reklamę bez dźwięku. Dlaczego? Bo chcą pokazać, że troszczą się o ludzi, którzy nie słyszą.Obejrzyjcie to wideo i zobaczcie, jak w zabawny sposób możemy być razem w różnorodności.
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Oh LOL..Oh My sweet Lord of Mercy.....
2008-01-18 16:29:00
It's nothing better then good ROTFL for the end of the day.I was sure that I saw almost every idiotic idea in my country. But I was wrong...Most of you probably know, who is the most powerful, and evil priest in Poland.The Grey Eminence of Polish conservatives. Fr. Tadeusz Rydzyk, from Radio Maryja. (on the photo).He is really known in Poland. In fact outside of Poland he is known too. We know him as one of the most unhumanitarian, antisemitic, homophobic person, who had so much power in Poland ever.His radio, television "Trwam" and newspaper "Nasz Dziennik" are always full of hate speech, but nobody never did anything against him. You can ask why? It's simple. He has over 3 million people under his power. Most of them are old, not rich ladies. And you can imagine, how strong electors are they...So most right side parties was fighting to become a closer friend of Fr. Rydzyk. And today I read about a really great joke, what he done to all of them.On the meeting with his fans, he an...
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Did you have your GT copy?
2008-01-18 12:05:00
Did you have your copy of Gay Times? No? So I think you should order one today!Especially if you want know, what I think about Poland, Polish gays and new government.In the January issue of GT, you can find my article about it.So Girls and Boys...go to Gay Times website and check, what Mr. Niemiec has to say ;) Polska wersja poniżej:Czy masz już swoją kopię Gay Timesa? Nie? Myślę, że powinieneś zamówić ją jeszcze dzisiaj!Szczególnie, jeżeli chcesz się dowiedzieć, co sądzę o Polsce, Polskich gejach i nowym rządzie.W styczniowym wydaniu GT znalazł się mój artykuł na ten temat.Tak więc Dziewczęta i Chłopcy... marsz na stronę Gay Timesa i sprawdźcie, co pan Niemiec ma do powiedzenia ;)
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Blog Roku
2008-01-15 22:10:00
Jeśli lubicie czytać mojego bloga i chcielibyście, aby dostał on tytuł Blog u Roku, wyślijcie proszę SMS o treści C00111 na numer 71222. W ten sposób zwiększycie moje szanse na dostanie się do finału, a także pomożecie chorym dzieciom. Koszt SMS to 1,22 złote
Dura lex sed lex...
2008-01-12 11:06:00
In 2004 Mr. Wojciech Wierzejski - Vice Marshall of Region Mazovia on the meeting about Equality Parade refused to shake hands with me. He said, that he don't want to shake hand with "deviant" because he is afraid about AIDS. After this scandal I send him a open letter, where I said, that he can be sure, that I will never shake hands with him anymore. Quite the same letter was sent to him by many people.Mr.Wierzejski, who is a member of League of Polish Families, post list of names of this people on his website with title: "List of gays and lesbians, who attack Vice Marshall". He post our names and addresses, what is illegal by Polish law.I sent official demanding to our General Inspector of Protecting Private Data (GIODO) and to Police. GIODO sent notice to procurator, who started investigation. But in 2005 Mr. Wierzejski become a parliamentarian and he had immunity. Of course our parliament wasn't interested into giving us a chance to sue this homophobe.But times are changing, an...
Blogger of the year 2007
2008-01-02 10:25:00
I am proud to announce that redaction of Polish news portal put my blog into contest for title of "Blogger of the year 2007".That's great surprise and nice new year's gift. Z dumą informuję, że redakcja polskiego portalu informacyjnego umieściła mój blog w konkursie na Bloggera roku 2007.To wielka niespodzianka i miły prezent noworoczny.
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2007-12-30 15:31:00
I am really surprised when I found this film on Youtube.It is one of first films about me, and in fact only one with first Polish Equality Parade.Watch this (in Polish only)
Happy New Year!!!
2007-12-30 13:23:00
We almost are at the final step of 2007th year. this time is going fast.What I can wish you for next days?For sure good health. With strong body and spirit, everything can be easy.I hope also, that next 12 months will bring all of you happiness and calmness.Our goals will be accomplished and we will win our fights. Don't forget to visit my shop, and buy some gifts for yourself or someone, who you care about.Let's make this 2008 Year of Happy People All Over the World.Happy New Year Everybody!!!
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Mr. Liar with a gun...
2007-10-12 23:51:00
Today was a public debate between Mr. Donald Tusk from Civil Platform (PO) and Mr. Jaroslaw Kaczynski from Law & Justice (PiS).I was watching this debate to see, what they can say 9 days before elections. In fact I was waiting for "bomb" similar to that, what PiS released two years ago, when they release information, that grandfather of Mr. Tusk was soldier of German's army.And I was right. Bomb was released. But not by PiS. Mr. Tusk said, that he want to show, that Jaroslaw Kaczynski are not "pigeon of peace". He retracted situation from 1991, when Kaczynski meet him in Parliament's lift, and pull out the gun with words: " Kill you for me, it is as spit"Kaczynski was shocked, and said that he don't remember this situation, but after debate he said on the press conference, that this is true, that he had a gun it that time.Conclusion of the debate was victory of Mr. Tusk. He showed that Kaczynski and PiS are full of lies.But did this make differen...
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Krakow Post about me
2007-10-12 14:31:00
In English newspaper in Krakow , you can find article about me (in English only) Voters in Poland will have a unique opportunity to vote for an openly gay candidate in upcoming elections on October 21, after Szymon Niemiec, the founder of Gay Pride in Poland, was officially placed on the list of two minor Polish political parties, the Union of the Left and the Polish Labor Party. Niemiec, the author of "A Rainbow Colored Hummingbird on My Butt: Poland's Gay Suffrage" published earlier this year, and, controversially, a minister of the Free Reformed Church of Poland, has been selected by the parties to represent Warsaw's District 2. The Polish Labor Party, created by labor unions representing coal miners unions, nurses and teachers, and the Union of the Left, created by minorities which bolted from other mainstream left-wing parties in 2005, have a common platform that opposes discrimination; advocates domestic partnership for homosexuals; favors universal health insuranc...
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3 x 10...
2007-10-04 23:59:00
It was 5th October 1977. In one of the Warsaw's hospitals I was born. Did I know, what life will bring to me? Probably not. But now, I am here...
Orwell in 2007
2007-10-03 23:05:00
Prime Minister of Poland - Mr. Kaczy??ski signed order for CBA (Central Anti Corruption Office) with permission to access to all files collected in ZUS (National Insurance Company).According to article in Gazeta Wyborcza, secret services managed by people from Law & Justice will have access to all kinds of files - like health, insurance, income, hospital files, collected by ZUS about 25 000 000 Polish citizens.Orwell 's story in 2007? Or just little step forward to big victory in the elections...victory made by gossips, blackmail, and lies....Dear God, save us from this mad people... Polska wersja po klikni??ciu na linka: Premier Kaczy??ski podpisa?? rozporz??dzenie daj??ce Centralnemu Biuru Antykorupcyjnemy akces do wszystkich danych zgromadzonych przez Zak??ad Ubezpiecze?? Spo??ecznych.Zgodnie z tym, co podaje Gazeta Wyborcza, s??u??by zarz??dzane przez ludzi z PiS'u b??d?? mia??y dost??p do ka??dego rodzaju danych - jak dane o zdrowiu, ubezpieczeniu, dochodzie, leczeniu, gr...
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My chances are growing
2007-09-27 11:03:00
It is nothing better then good news with first cup of coffee.Today National Election Commission said, that only 7 election comities registered they candidates as national lists. It means that only 7 comities will be in all regions and on all lists.Polish Labor Party has one of this lists :)So, in this elections only two left side parties will have national lists.This is very good news for me, because it means that left people will be choosing or LiD (Left and Democrats) or us.We must collect 5% of votes to go into parliament.Keep fingers crossed and... If you have Polish friends, call them NOW and push to vote for me. Polska Wersja po klikni????ciu na linka:Nie ma nic lepszego ni???? dobre wiadomo????ci z pierwsz???? fili????ank???? kawy.Dzisiaj PKW og????osi????o, ????e tylko 7 komitet????w zarejestrowa????o listy kandydat????w jako listy krajowe. To znaczy, ????e tylko 7 komitet????w b????dzie startowa????o we wszystkich okr????gach.Polska Partia Pracy jest jednym z nich :)Tak wi...
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Video from our action
2007-09-25 19:30:00
Polska wersja poni????ej:
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Victims of "Hyacinth" Action asking for justice
2007-09-25 16:47:00
Today, with Mr. Jacek Adler - editor of, I request for investigation against communist crime named "Hyacinth " Action .Here you have explanation of this request: "According to article 2, paragraph 1 law of NMI, communist crimes are all acts done by officers of communist regime between 17th September 1939 and 31th July 1990, by repressions or other forms of violations of  human rights against a single person and /or groups of people, or all crimes against established Polish laws during this time. PolandIn reality of this law in time signed in law of NMI, the officers of communist regime, officers of Civil Police, by order of high officials of PZPR ?????? Czeslaw Kiszczak ?????? started the criminal action ??????Hyacinth??????, with intention of intimidation to leaders and activists of homosexual social movements inPoland. The Law of free organization was formally guaranteed and recognized by the Polish Constitution in these times. Acting by ord...
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What I can promise?
2007-09-24 20:31:00
Another video:
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Two videos - one message
2007-09-23 16:30:00
English version of my campaign add: Secret files in PolandUploaded by sniemiec Polska wersja po klikni????ciu na linka:Polska wersja mojego spotu wyborczego: Polskie TeczkiUploaded by sniemiec
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Real danger or just empty phrases?
2007-09-22 17:24:00
I really don't know, did I should be more scare, or I should laugh.On election meeting, our prime minister Mr. Kaczynski (on the picture) said, that if Civil Platform and Left and Democrats win elections it will be the same day as in 13th of December in 1981. If you are not from Poland, you probably don't know, what this date means. 13th of December 1981 communist regime start marshal law in Poland. Today only president has right to call marshal law. But... you know who is brother of president of Poland...I know, that now is only time, when we can stop this madness in our country. We must stop them from destroying our land. Another danger message was released yesterday. Our government don't agreed for international independent inspectors form OBWE, who want to watch our elections.I think this is danger message to all the western world. Something really bad is going now.Please don't leave us alone in our battle. Polska wersja po klikni????ciu na linka: Naprawd???? nie wiem, czy ...
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Foreign friends try to help...
2007-09-20 21:20:00
I am so happy, because I realized that I have so many friends outside the Poland.When I announced that I will be candidate to Polish Parliament, some of my friends ask me, how he can help me. Of course every candidate needs money for campaign, but our election law is very straight. I cannot take any donation from foreigners. But, it is always a way to go.My friends established special website Friends, where they try to collect money for me, by selling my books and DVD's. This way is legal in Poland, because in fact I will be collecting money by my personal business. So, If you like me, and wanna help me to fight against Polish nationalists and homophobes, just go to and order something.By the way. I must say many many thanks to the owner of who put  special add about my case.Thanks Pal!!! Polska Wersja po klikni????ciu na linka:Jestem bardzo szcz????????liwy, bo dotar????o do mnie, jak wielu mam przyjaci???????? poza Po...
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Campaign is open!!!
2007-09-19 20:41:00
Today was first press conference of our election committee. I was presented as official candidate do Polish Sejm (lower parliament's house).We had a short speech about our program and propositions.After I go back home, I found nice surprise. One of the most popular Polish gay web portals, wrote a very nice article about me as an candidate. Mr. Adler, who is editor and publisher of this site, call me only choice for Polish gays. It is nice to know, that some of Polish gay media still are on the proper way to see the differences between empty promises and real possibilities. Polska wersja po klikni????ciu na linka.Dzisiaj mieli????my pierwsz???? konferencj???? prasow???? naszego komitetu wyborczego. Zosta????em na niej zaprezentowany jako oficjalny kandydat do Sejmu.Mieli????my tak????e kt????r???? rozmow???? na temat naszego programu i propozycji.Kiedy wr????ci????em do domu, zasta????em mi???????? niespodziank????. Jeden z najbardziej popularnych polskich portali gejow...
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It's sad
2007-09-16 21:37:00
Robert Biedron, known Polish LGBT Activist and member of Office Commission of SLD (Left Democratic Alliance) post comment on his blog about his party in coalition Left and Democrats.Because we know, from good sources, that he was not placed on the ballot, his anger is not something strange for me.But I am surprise about style, how Mr. Biedron fight against his party, who was presenting by him, as only one alternative for Polish LGBT society."Marek Borowski, SLD renegade, today is the best friend of Wojtek Olejniczak. I don't think, that he is doing this, because he convert himself into SLD. He is doing this, because his love to power is stronger, then his dignity.It is sad to watch this show. People for political career are doing so much, even selling they morality and priorities. They are ready to say, and did everything to be placed on the ballot on high position. Closer to table. Close to power. And we are bilking again, and asking for votes for fake LiDs, POPiSs and LiSs&q...
I made decision...
2007-09-13 19:42:00
It was really hard week for me. As I wrote before, we have new elections now. My party (Union of the Left) ask me for candidate to Polish Parliament. So, today I signed papers with agreement.I will wrote more about it, when I will be sure about my place on the list (2th or 3th)Keep fingers crossed, and if you have any Polish friends, tell them to go for elections and vote for me... They can vote for me even they are not in Poland, because I will be on the Warsaw's list, so it's allowed me to collect votes from outside the country.21'th October - The Most Important Day for me. Polska wersja po klikni????ciu na linka:To by???? naprawd???? ci????????ki tydzie???? dla mnie. Jak pisa????em wcze????niej, mamy nowe wybory. Moja partia (Unia Lewicy) zaproponowa????a mi kandydowanie do parlamentu. Tak wi????c, dzisiaj podpisa????em zgod???? na kandydowanie. Napisz???? wi????cej o kampanii, kiedy b????d???? pewny miejsca na li????cie (2 lub 3).Trzymajcie kciuki, a najlepiej zag????osujcie...
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