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Peter Worsley's Thoughts From His Studio and Priv
Thoughts of a fine artist painter, who today mostly paints interesting people as faces, portraits, groups, and occasionally crowds. About painting, websites, galleries, exhibiting art, donating, art organizatons, photgraphing art, what to paint, proj


Your stats, right away
2010-10-25 21:54:00
Do you hate delays? Do you think being told to ?Please wait?? by websites, cash machines, call centers, and the doughnut stand drive-thru guy in the year 2010 is a sure sign modern living isn?t quite meeting our collective expectations as a planet? Good news! Today, we will be rolling out a new, experimental interface for Google FeedBurner. The real story is what?s new under the hood, however: the new interface provides real time stats for clicks, views, and podcast downloads, which means you can start seeing what content is drawing traffic from feed readers, Twitter, and other syndicated sources as it happens. Additionally, if you use the FeedBurner Socialize service, and your platform uses PubSubHubbub or you ping us when you post, you can for the first time get stats on how much traffic your feed items are receiving from Twitter, as well as feed reading platforms like Google Reader in one place. Again, all within seconds of posting your content. Ping? Pong! Yep. That fast. Y...
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Enabling social sharing with FeedFlare
2010-04-23 23:05:00
Feed content is being constantly distributed via new channels and endpoints every day.   More and more, these new channels involve sharing your content in social networks and applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. Recently, we launched our Social ize service to help you as the publisher distribute your feed via social networks, with the first network being Twitter.   If you use Blogger, you can already connect your feed to Buzz via the "connected sites" link in Buzz. But it's equally important in the social world to make sure your subscribers can also share your feed content easily on these social networks.  FeedFlare helps enable this by allowing you to configure links in your feed that promote sharing.   You can do this by going to the Optimize tab FeedBurner and choosing FeedFlare, and then of course, adding some flare. Now, we won't berate you for only doing the "bare minumum," nor do we recommend having "37 pieces of flare" in your feed ...
Socializing your feed with Twitter
2009-12-14 21:40:00
Sometimes you reach across the hedgerow to share with your nearby neighbors. Other times, members of the household move away and yet you can't keep from calling to remind them to wear a hat and such because it's chilly out. Today, we're celebrating acquaintances near-and-far by launching the ability to send your feed to Twitter . Feed Burner has always been about measuring, managing, and monetizing syndicated content. Our hope is that by providing one application in which you can direct your feed in real-time to a number of endpoints, in this case Twitter in addition to the myriad feed readers, aggregators, and search engines that we have always supported, and then following on with providing analytics for measuring exactly how and where your feed gets distributed across social media, you can make better and more informed decisions about how to monetize your content. Many of our publishers who have tried our Google Analytics feed item link integration have already noticed that ...
"Afternoon, Frank." "Hey howdy, George."
2009-11-13 15:56:00
It's about time these two neighbors got to talking to each other. Most Saturday afternoons you'd find them politely waving as they passed at each other by with their push mowers, tending to their neatly manicured tables, charts, and graphs. It just made sense that the grounds would look that much more complete if they removed a bit of fence between them. And so they've done just that. If you use either AdSense for feeds or Google Feed Burner to track item clicks and also use Google Analytics, as of today, you will automatically start to see your feed item click analytics show up in Google Analytics with some additional information added to help you understand how distributing your feed with FeedBurner leads to traffic on your site. Specifically, we will help you classify your links by tagging the Source as "feedburner", the Medium as the channel in which we sent out your feed such as "feed" or "email", and the Content as the actual endpoint application in which the user viewed y...
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AdSense policy clarification on using AdSense for feeds and AdSense for con
2009-11-09 17:20:00
This is just a quick clarification on AdSense for feeds as it relates to the AdSense for Content specific policy of only allowing three ad units and three link units per page.Many publishers have asked the question "Since feed items often get displayed with many feed items on a single web page, can using AdSense for feeds jeopardize the status of my AdSense account?"The answer is no. Having three ad units per page is a product specific policy for AdSense for content. Product specific policies can be read about here.In essence, the variable ways in which feed items are displayed are controlled and optimized automatically by the AdSense for feeds application and the choices you make as a publisher in your AdSense account when configuring your AdSense for feeds ad units. This means we may automatically suppress ad impressions when we detect there are too many feed ad units being displayed, resize ads based on the size and length of your content, and adjust the ads that are displayed...
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AdSense for feeds now available directly in Blogger
2009-10-30 18:45:00
One of the things our publishers have always asked for are ways to make it even easer to configure their blogs to work with FeedBurner and AdSense for Feeds. We're happy to announce that Blogger users, with just a few clicks, are able to do both at the same time.Yes, this year for Halloween, AdSense for feeds is putting on a Blogger costume and allowing all Blogger publishers to easily monetize your RSS and Atom feeds directly from the Blogger interface, in the same way you set up AdSense on your blog beforehand.To set this up, go to Blogger and select the blog you wish to monetize on your Blogger Dashboard, and select "Monetize." This will give you some basic options for configuring ads, and if you already have connected your Blogger feed to FeedBurner, will confirm that the proper feed is being configured. AdSense for feeds will automatically pick the right ad sizes for your users, content, and end medium.After setup, you will be able to view your AdSense reports (including ...
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A small yet noteworthy change to our item stats link serving
2009-09-30 04:47:00
FeedBurner has been busy analyzing, publicizing, optimizing and monetizing your feeds since 2004, and in that time, we've seen our fair share of feed traffic. In fact, we see billions of hits from feed traffic per week, and we watch this data carefully for trends and opportunities to improve what we do in making sure your feed content is delivered as quickly as possible, as accurately as possible, no matter what its destination might be.Today we are making an improvement that we think will serve our publishers better by making our service more compatible with search engines that crawl feeds.When we started the service, one thing we were not sure of at the time was how the feed reading ecosystem would treat the links we rewrite in order to give you statistics on how many people click on your feed items.For instance, on the previous post in this blog, we change the link in the feed item for "FeedBurner Terms of Service Update" from 009/08/feedburn...
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FeedBurner Terms of Service Update
2009-08-19 13:10:00
As a natural conclusion to the process of migrating accounts to Google Accounts as previously described here, we have decided to sunset the legacy Feedburner Terms of Service . The Google Terms of Service will be the terms that apply to your use of Feedburner. These Google Terms of Service are the same terms that apply to many other Google products and services, including your Google Account.As a reminder, the advertising portions of the service are now covered by the AdSense Terms and Conditions and the accompanying Google AdSense Program Policies.Posted by Steve Olechowski - Product Manager, AdSense for feeds and FeedBurner
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Category Filtering beta now available for AdSense for feeds English-languag
2009-08-17 17:33:00
Like we announced on the more general Inside AdSense blog a couple weeks ago, we have extended our category filtering beta to English -language ads on the AdSense network, which we are happy to announce includes ads that appear in AdSense for feeds.This feature allows to you filter ads in up to five categories such as Dating, Drugs and Supplements, Weight Loss, and Get Rich Quick. Your filters will be applied to English-language ads, no matter how they were targeted.To have these settings take effect for your feeds, from Ad Review Center, make sure you select a Client-ID that starts with ca-feed-pub. Note that this allows you to select different categories for your feed than for your site, but also means you will need to select filters for both your feed and your site in order for filters to be applied to both these content types.To see whether category filtering has been enabled for your location, sign in and visit the Ad Review Center, located under the 'AdSense Setup' tab. W...
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What's all the hubbub about PubSubHubbub?
2009-07-10 20:42:00
One of the questions we get from publishers most often is "How do I make sure updates to my feed are delivered to feed readers as fast as possible?" We know this is important to our publishers' businesses and we are constantly making improvements to our back-end systems to minimize the time from when you publish a post to when it appears to subscribers in feed readers.Recently there have been a lot of developments around the so-called "real-time" web. The promise of the real-time web is distributing new information as quickly as possible. This encourages users to engage in more active participation online and makes the web more dynamic than ever before. However, so far the real-time web has not been easily accessible by feed publishers using their existing infrastructure.Today we're happy to announce initial support in FeedBurner for the PubSubHubbub protocol. 'Hubbub is an open specification in draft for web-scale publish and subscribe. The protocol can be used to transform any...
Happiness is more subject in your subject line.
2009-07-02 20:06:00
If a certain lack of variety has weighed on the format of your day-to-day, feed-to-email deliveries, things are looking up at last. Recent advances in dollar-sign technology have brought some strange and fascinating new capabilities to the Email Branding section of FeedBurner's Email Subscriptions feature. Read on, ostensibly for the many useful pictures and descriptions, but really for the danger and excitement only a new checkbox can bring.First, sign in to your Google Account on FeedBurner and then click your feed's title, then Publicize > Email Subscriptions > Email Branding.Always want to feature the title of the latest post in your subject line? Just put ${latestItemTitle} in the Email Subject/Title textbox:Do you often have more than one post per day? You can help your readers uncover exactly how many new missives you've got planned for them in each update. Check the "Change Subject?" box and reveal a secondary subject line to use when 2 or more feed posts are delivered in...
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Be it declared, a map for every feed!
2009-06-15 03:51:00
One of the most compelling reasons that publishers choose Feed Burner is that it gives them the tools to record and analyze how many users are consuming their content. Late last week, we launched an enhancement to our item statistics that enables publishers to get a bit more information about those users. Similar to the feature by the same name in Google Analytics, the "Map Overlay" page provides a breakdown of the previous day's item statistics from a geographic perspective.For feeds with item stats enabled, clicking on the "Map Overlay" item from will bring you the page. From your AdSense account, click on Manage Ads and then on "View Feed Stats" for the feed whose map you wish to view.At the top, you'll find a world map visualization that shows countries with more item views as more intense shades of green.Hovering over a country shows the name of the country and the exact number of item views.Below the map is a table, which lists the top 25 countries by...
Redirecting your feed to maximize revenue potential
2009-05-19 21:56:00
One of the most popular (and recurring) questions our publishers ask is, "How do I maximize revenue for AdSense for feeds and ensure my subscriber stats are as accurate as possible?" Some of you can recite the answers to these questions backwards and forwards (though we find typing it backwards is quite difficult, so we'll leave you to say that aloud). But for our many new publishers that are just tuning in, here's the recap.Just setting up AdSense for feeds ad units in your AdSense account is not enough to start seeing traffic and revenue to your feeds. It's critical that 100% of your feed traffic be directed to the feed(s) you created in AdSense for feeds or your Feed Burner account. Luckily, this is fairly easy to do via two standard methods.Redirect your original feed. This is the recommended option for all publishers, but especially if you have an already established blog or feed that already has subscribers. This option ensures that all traffic gets funneled to the versi...
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New features for advertisers targeting feeds
2009-05-05 22:42:00
Along with the clarification regarding the domain we posted a few weeks ago over at Inside AdSense, we thought we would mention that we have made similar changes to the AdSense for feeds ad tags that are being placed in feeds. By changing our ad serving to the domain, we are now allowing advertisers to more easily create campaigns that span all media platform types on the Google Content Network, including sites, feeds, and mobile.In addition to being able to target feeds with Placement Targeting and Contextual Targeting, which have always been supported, this change will soon allow advertisers to target feed users using Interest Based Advertising across both sites and feeds.By making it easier for advertisers to buy ads in your feeds, and by supporting the exact same features and ad formats that are accepted on websites, the competition for your ad space should increase to help ensure that you're maximizing your earnings potential.Posted by Steve Ol...
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Universal Exports, at your service
2009-04-16 19:08:00
As feed consumption continues to grow, many or our publishers are adding more and more feeds to their Google accounts, and wishing to analyze, publicize, and monetize those feeds through the combination of AdSense for feeds and FeedBurner. Because of this trend, one of the most frequent questions we receive is "How do I export stats for all my feeds at once?"As of today, you can now export your subscriber, reach, hits, item click-throughs, podcast downloads, and item views directly from the FeedBurner application on the My Feeds page. You are then at your leisure to slice, dice, add, subtract, and even multiply and divide your stats however you may wish.As always, aggregate revenue, impressions, and clicks, and eCPM can be downloaded from your AdSense account or Google Ad Manager account (if you have been enabled to sell your own direct ads in feeds through Google Ad Manager) on the Reports tabs.Also, as a reminder - if you wish to export feed subscriber statistics in timeframes o...
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Feed Stats Processing Caught Up
2009-04-13 16:16:00
Over the last week, and as reported in the Feed Burner status blog , we experienced a technical issue that caused us to report reduced subscribers from Google Feedfetcher in your feed analytics at FeedBurner and AdSense.Our engineers have resolved the issue, and been able to rebuild stats from our logs such that the totals should now be correct. Please note that in the past, we were not able to correct historical statistical anomalies, but are now able to do so, always using the actual traffic data.No data was lost during this process, nor were any subscribers actually unsubscribed from your feed. All feed content was delivered to all subscribers who wished to view the content, regardless of the numbers reported. Ad impression reporting and revenue were unaffected by these subscriber reporting issues.We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we continue to merge our systems with other Google systems behind the scenes.Posted by Steve Olechowski, Google Produ...
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An important reminder for our MyBrand users
2009-03-09 20:58:00
As we detailed in our previous installment, More details on moving to a Google account, if you used the MyBrand service at ? our service that allows you to use a custom domain with your feed ? you must move to a Google account and update your DNS CNAME records by March 16, 2009, or else your MyBrand URLs will return a 404 "page not found" error.It's important to note that it is not enough to just sign in with a Google account and request to move your account if you use MyBrand. Even if your MyBrand-ed URLs have continued to work after you have completed your move, they will cease to work on March 16, 2009 if you have not changed your DNS CNAME.If you plan to continue to use MyBrand, you can find detailed instructions for changing your CNAME when you are signed into FeedBurner in the My Account > MyBrand section. If you haven't already moved from to a Google Account, please sign in to your account and follow the guided steps to complete this move. ...
Ad Review Center is now available for Feeds
2009-03-04 17:22:00
Many of you have asked for a way to preview ads before they appear in your feed posts. That feature is now available.The Ad Review Center (ARC) will give you more transparency and control by enabling you to approve or disapprove placement targeted ad creatives before they appear in your posts.To get started with this tool, please login to your AdSense account. You will find ARC in the ?Competitive Ad Filter? section located under the ?AdSense Setup? tab. If you are using your AdSense account for other products- content, mobile, or video- please make sure to select the Client-ID starting with ca-feed-pub.In order to maximize your revenue, we suggest that you keep the default setting to, ?Run ads immediately.? This will allow ads to run without delay while still allowing you to login and review the ads at a later time. By selecting the ?Hold ads? option, you could potentially decrease your revenue. This option will hold ads from displaying for 24 hours, thus limiting the number of adv...
More details on moving to a Google Account
2009-02-23 17:22:00
Many of you have already moved from a account to a Google Account. For those who have not yet made the move, there seems to be some confusion on the process and exactly what will happen, or not happen, by certain dates. We want this post to help clear up any confusion.The FeedBurner functionality of analyzing, optimizing, publicizing, and monetizing your feeds is not being shut down or reduced in any way. We have made some strategic decisions to remove some of our functionality that is not directly relevant to managing feeds for reasons we hope will become apparent over time. Names may change, things may move around, but in general our plan is to provide a lot more functionality that makes sense in 2009, and beyond, for all publishers. Learn more here.On February 28th, if you have not moved your feeds to a Google Account, the traffic to your feeds will not be cut off or terminated, but you will not be able to view or manage your feeds until you have moved to a Googl...
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Intro to Feed Placements
2009-02-06 21:07:00
In times like these, we know that generating as much revenue as possible is on many publishers' minds. This will be the first of many posts that will hope to explain how to better configure AdSense for feeds to help maximize revenue.Before going into specifics though, it's important to understand a couple important differences in how your subscribers are different from visitors on your website.  If you use an analytics package for your site such as Google Analytics, most publishers will see that a large amount of their traffic comes from web searches.  Many of these visitors may have been searching for a certain item, such as one of those blankets with sleeves and a hood - let's call it a shanket.  You happen to have written about how much you love your shanket, and let's face it, you know how to write with the best of them, so your page ranks high in search results.  That visitor may see an ad for a shanket next to your search result but wants to know more.  So he or she clicks...
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The 411 on the 502
2009-01-26 18:44:00
As many of you know, since becoming a part of Google in June of 2007, the FeedBurner team has been hard at work transforming FeedBurner into a service that uses the same underlying architecture as many other Google applications, running in the same high-volume datacenters. As a team, we chose this path for one reason: our highest priority is making sure your feed is served as fast as possible after you update your content, and is as close as technically possible to being available 100% of the time.As many of you also know, a month ago we opened up ability for all AdSense publishers to move to this new platform, and just a few days ago made this move available to all FeedBurner publishers. What many of you do not know is that we have been carefully moving publishers for about six months now, looking hard at traffic patterns, debugging issues with these account transfers with publishers and their hosting and service providers, and working with many of our partners (including many othe...
Los colores bonitos, or how I learned to stop worrying and compare multiple
2009-01-17 14:45:00
If you've been knocking about within FeedBurner using your Google Account, you may have noticed that the original "french fry" chart from the Analyze tab of the original is no more. This venerable bar chart, with its green picket fence of subscriber trend results, has been the first stop for many publishers when checking their feed analytics for years. In its place is new green-ness (and blue-ness) that communicates three times as much information in the same space, and sets the stage for more interesting reporting in the future. Here's a snapshot:This 30-day view now offers the following information:Daily subscriber totals (in green)Daily reach totals (in blue)The relationship between these two numbers over timeYou can move the mouse over any day in the chart and see that day's specific totals for subscribers and reach, too. (Note that reach and subscribers are plotted with different y-axes: subscribers on left, reach on right).The relationship between these numbe...
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Additions and Attractions for Our Feeds-by-Email Service
2009-01-07 05:38:00
FeedBurner's email service began delivering updates in April, 2006. The launch was just weeks after scientists determined email and feeds could be safely combined in a laboratory setting. Our public service has since delivered millions of messages on behalf of thousands of publishers, making sure that publishers who want to get the word out can reach the broadest audience possible ? including many site visitors who don't already embrace feeds (or feed readers, like Google Reader), but who trust their email inboxes to be the best way to have content that matters most delivered to them.As part of our move to Google infrastructure, FeedBurner has added some new features for email publishers. Most of these are of the under-the-hood variety, but a new set of subscriber list management features will be especially beneficial for publishers with dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of existing email subscribers. Here are features live today for all feeds managed through a Google account:A...
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Using the Competitive Ad Filter with AdSense for feeds
2008-12-31 19:32:00
First, Happy New Year to everyone from AdSense for feeds and FeedBurner teams here at Google.Second, this is a quick one - but we get asked this a lot, so we thought we'd cover it.If you currently use the Competitive Ad Filter with AdSense for content, you may also wish to use it with AdSense for feeds. In order to provide publishers with ultimate control, the filter for AdSense for feeds is separate from that of AdSense for content, but operates in the exact same manner.To block competitors ads from showing in AdSense for feeds, login to your AdSense account, go to the AdSense setup tab, and select Competitive Ad Filter. Then make sure you have selected the tab marked "AdSense for Feeds" and enter the domains or partial domains into the text box.For further information on this please read this help center topic .Posted by Steve Olechowski - Product Manager, AdSense for feeds
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Now Available: Moving your FeedBurner account to Google using AdSense
2008-12-23 17:19:00
If you've been following some recent posts at the venerable Burning Questions, you'll be happy to know that we are now starting the next phase of FeedBurner integration into Google , right here in our swanky new digs on the Adsense for feeds blog. AdSense for feeds isn't just about earning revenue for your feeds; it's also the starting point for managing syndication and tracking feed analytics. We hope to give you some tips to how to earn the most revenue from your syndicated content, but we'll also be offering tips to help ensure your feeds remain in tip-top shape.A few months ago, we announced that we would be moving all FeedBurner accounts to Google accounts and we have been steadily doing just that ever since. However, as many of you know, this has been a manual process and has taken some time to smooth out.Now, we're happy to announce that if you have a valid AdSense account and a FeedBurner account, you should now be able to initiate this account move directly from with...
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