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Presenting selected ideas, artifacts, and design which is aesthetic and inspiring, transforming a house into a home across the world, with special focus on India
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Checking in from London..
2008-05-30 22:57:00
.... Am in London for three weeks. Will drop in a quick hello and a post in the coming week, sharing London vignettes with you :-)Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
Sun Sand and Some Design...
2008-05-23 16:56:00
Goa!The land of sun sand and seaAlso the land ofSome breathtaking Portuguese architectureand quirky, fun coastal design!Known as the best kept secret of Goa, 'Elsewhere', dating back to 1886 has been lovingly and carefully transformed to a sumptuous but simple beach house. 'Elsewhere' is a house full of character, meant for those who appreciate the things that time does not change.The white washed exteriors with eye catching rust walls. Red oxide floorsYour personal porch with a view The decor is inexpensive; design inspiration drawn from nature and utility itemsSmall kitchenette with painted wooden shutters In-built sitting on the porch...a feature common in traditional homes. The idea being that weary travelers or visitors to the home can wait and rest in the shade Blue and white are a must in coastal decorWho needs expensive bathroom accessories? A rope, some sticks, some nails could also do well!;-) it takes a good photographer to make a jhadoo (broom) look so good as decor!...
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Hang in there...
2008-05-20 15:10:00
...take a chairlounge a bitas I come back to you soon!Inspired by natureTree House HideawayIn Bandhavgarh And many shukriya's and dhanyawad's (i.e. thank you!) to my dear friends who have been dropping in to say hello. Hello to ya all! You make my day :-) Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Color Burst and Wandering Mind
2008-05-13 15:50:00
I am dealing with a wandering mind this week. My mind has a grown a mind of its own and has been going here and there and everywhere. Which is why it has become somewhat difficult for me to put together a comprehensive post [or do anything else that requires concentration]. But. I can not leave you without some interior inspiration as another hot summer week starts. That just does not feel right. Let my mind continue to do the thinking bit. Sending a burst of colors for your bedrooms from my heart. :-) Will be back with more substantial eye candy as the week progresses and my mind rests. Come and meet me again this week. And 'Knock' on the comments section so that I know you visited. :-)[Image courtesy: ArchitecturalDigest, Taschen, MarieClaireMaison]Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Today, I am looking at...
2008-05-06 16:43:00
...these images. Sharing today's cache of inspiration with you I am going to get a couple of ladders for my home soon...use them as book shelves, towel racks, or just hang a streamer or two...Could a bed get any simpler...or more beautiful than this?The charm of an easel on old floor Got to convert one of those brass thalis (plates) into a centre table...Why does blue always looks so pretty and serene? Madam Stoltz 2008 catalogue is out! All I need here is a pillow and a book! Leisurely dining Chattai (grass floor covering)Funky chairs![From Taschen , Madam Stoltz and RusticFurniture]Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Eastern Inspired Living @ Lombok
2008-05-01 16:25:00
When I received an email from Nick of LOMBOK about their spring-summer collection inspired by the East, I visualized a collection full of bright colors and some what expected Eastern kitsch. But I was very pleasantly surprised to see a collection so classy, subtle and contemporary! LOMBOK has very effectively picked up nuances of Eastern design, local craft and textures, and designed it's products keeping a global home maker as the focus customer. LOMBOK's collection is primarily from Indonesia and Vietnam. In their own words:Our passion is to use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for pieces that are naturally stylish and comfortable with that reassuring lived-in feel. We do everything we can to be an ethical producer. The key principles in the sourcing of materials for LOMBOK’s furniture and accessories are that they should all be: legal, Government approved and natural. This year we have scoured the globe to extend our furniture range, bringing you some distinc...
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Wanderlust hits again! For the Himalayas this time..
2008-04-28 16:50:00
Alrighty. My checklist:Intentions in all the right places √Mittens and woolens ready √Trekking shoes ready √Camera and other misc stuff ready √Accompanying books and music ready √Traveling Partner (aka Mr. Shaking Head) ready - Ah..umm..well. #$%^&!!My revised checklist..Persuade/cajole/threaten my best half to be my road-warrior-partner again √Also find out how much would a stay in this piece of heaven cost! √ Let me walk you through the architectural and design marvel that is 360 Leti. The fact that it is situated in the pristine Kumaon region of the Himalayas , makes it immensely (and uncontrollably) attractive to city weary dwellers like moi.360 Leti, a vision of Shakti, was made real by Bijoy Jain and his team from Studio Mumbai Architects. This exclusive (I am very tempted to say reclusive!) resort has been designed and constructed such that it is in complete harmony with nature and takes full advantage of the expansive 360 view of the Himalayas. The resort op...
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Tibet on my mind..
2008-04-23 11:37:00
Tibet. The land of Buddha. The land of peace. Embroiled now in a strife, that we all hope ends. Ends with the hope of Tibet regaining its freedom. Not just freedom of state, but also freedom of thought, freedom of expression and the freedom to nurture its ancient culture and heritage.One exquisite, but rare artifact from Tibet is its furniture. The average Tibetan household never had much furniture, and whatever furniture was crafted, was crafted for the monasteries and the royalty. A lot of original pieces were destroyed during the cultural revolution, but you can find original antiques through some genuine dealers. It's a question of debate whether these dealers are profiteering from Tibetan heritage or in a way actually helping preserve Tibetan heritage that would otherwise have been lost. Reproductions can of course be found more commonly in the market these days Tibetan furniture typically had only a few utility items. You will find Buddhist altar tables, storage cabinets, Cho...
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An Indian Artist in London..
2008-04-18 16:59:00
Caroline Jariwala, the artist of these intense paintings, is inspired by her Indian heritage and portrays the themes of culture, ritual and custom through a celebration of female form. Her paintings describe a fusion of visual imagery drawn from Indian Gujarati traditional arts with Hindu and Christian iconography. Caroline along with being a painter, also leads art projects in schools, galleries and community venues as a teacher and an community artist. I specially liked Caroline's portraiture of Indian women in brightly colored sarees, performing traditional household chores. It is also interesting to see her artistic journey through the different forms of paintings and iconography over the last some years... Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Why do you build me up...
2008-04-15 18:38:00
Build me up Buttercup, babyJust to let me down (let me down) and mess me aroundAnd then worst of all (worst of all) you never call, babyWhen you say you will (say you will)but I love you still I need you (I need you) more than anyone, darlin'You know that I have from the startSo build me up (build me up) Buttercup, don't break my heart [The Foundations]This song has absolutely nothing to do with today's post. It's just that I have been humming this song since morning and I HAD to get it out of my system by singing it aloud to you! Phew! Feel better already! And now for the actual post. Today's post is all about:Living Rooms from South East Asia!If you have always wanted to have a living room or a sitting area that reflects the rhythm, serenity, vibrancy and ambiance of South East Asia, look no further. I mean do look in look below, for some awesome inspiration that you can easily adapt for your home. And once you are done, let me know...I'll send over some coconut...
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Who needs walls...
2008-04-09 15:38:00
...when you can have a tent!Specially tents as luxurious as these!Be the queen (or a king) on a summer eveningRelaxing, wining and dining in exotic tentsThat are inspired by the grandeur and opulence of Indian royalty[And don't forget to invite me!] Available at RajTentClub and WhiteCanvasTentsThanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Oriental Art
2008-04-05 14:00:00
I got an email from Paris Gerrad, who guided me to her mother - Jill's hauntingly beautiful work. Jill Barton, who resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, is in love with the ancient and is inspired by the venerable images of the past. She identifies with the Japanese aesthetic, wabi-sabi, which points always to what is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.Her philosophy, and her technique are aptly reflected in her art. As she paints, she hopes that her paintings inspire, heal, open, connect and delight the viewer...Here you will find a selection of her art that depict Oriental deities.And some more of Jill's art... Thanks Paris, for sharing the link! Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
Look, what I found!
2008-04-01 12:02:00
I chanced upon Tara Home by chance. (sure, I get it. chanced by chance!). Read through a very interesting story behind this store and was captivated by the stunning photographs of very Oriental and Indian decor and products (take note: 'very' Oriental, not just Oriental!). Though the fabrics did not excite me that much, the overall effect of everything put together was stunning (yes, I have used 'stunning' before).Given the sudden bearish run of my vocabulary, I think I better not write too much in this post. I will leave you to take in the visual delight of these stunning ('stunning' count = 3 now) images. (though the bit about 'bearish run of vocabulary' is quite creative...isn't it!) Centre table is actually a chowki. Place a round cushion on it before you sit on itYep! Like this. Diwan (Indian daybed) cum couch. In bright fabrics (in case you didn't notice...)Detail of bed post (Tibetan most likely) Metal detail on wood For folks who would rather be outside than insi...
Swagat Volksfaden!
2008-03-31 06:38:00
I am very proud to present to you the new sponsor of An Indian Summer - Volksfaden.Volksfaden is a online fabric boutique from Berlin, run by Linda. What makes me so proud to have Volksfaden on my blog is not only because the Volksfaden collection of fabrics completely awe-inspiring, but also since Linda is a lovely friend!More about Volksfaden:Volksfaden when literally translated, means 'people's threads'. Volksfaden specializes in 100% cotton fabric, that is personally selected and imported from the United States and Japan. The collections are unique and emphasis is on pattern that is bright and eclectic. Shop for:Fabrics herePatterns hereProducts hereA warm Swagat (welcome) to Volksfaden! Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
Kalamkari - The Art of Textile Painting
2008-03-26 14:49:00
I am in love. With the amazingly rich textile tradition of India! As I select exquisite fabrics and furnishings for the upcoming bazaar, I can not resist buying double the quantity, so that I can have them at my home too. You can very well imagine what this is doing to my budgeting and thoughtful financial planning!One such rich textile art that I am planning to get is Kalamkari. Kalam means 'pen' and Kalamkari literally would mean 'Pen craft'. The name is believed to be derived from trade relationships between Persian and Indian merchants as early as the 10th century. Interestingly, European merchants had different names for similar textile art in their geography: the Portugese called it pintado, the Dutch used the name sitz, and the British preferred chintz. Kalamkari today is synonymous with both painted and hand block printed textiles that incorporate natural vegetable/organically derived colors, and the art is primarily practiced in the state of Andhra Pradhesh in India.Kal...
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All that color!
2008-03-24 14:39:00
I am still recuperating from the mad revelry and color onslaught of Holi - the fun festival that was celebrated in India this weekend. What a weekend it was! With Holi, Easter, Eid Milad and Navroze being celebrated all over the world! Color ed powder called Gulal used to play Holi. Yes, it is smeared on people's faces, hair and everywhere else! Glimpses of Holi celebrations in old Indian paintings... Lord Krishna and Radha are popular icons for Holi in Indian mythology And, Holi spirit and colors captured very well by Steve McCurry Hope you all had a great weekend too! Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
Contemporary Terracotta
2008-03-18 19:02:00
Kumbham, the brain child of Jinan, an NID alumni, has taken terracotta to a new level. And, in the process, also brought about a positive change in the life of potters and artisans from Aruvacode, a tiny hamlet in the state of Kerala. A gradually vanishing community was revived and Kumbham Pottery was born.Kumbham has an amazing range of sustainable products. Some of the wall murals and tiles are showcased here: Available at these places in India... Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Joining the club...
2008-03-13 14:25:00
...The club that is 'Kathryn Ireland Ojai Home Fan Club '! Thanks to this wonderful blog, I got introduced to Kathryn's home, and have been drooling ever since! Ok, that's not a very pretty picture and doesn't befit this post. Let me say it again... I am mesmerized by this eclectic colorful dream that Kathryn calls home! What I also noticed about this home is the incredible collection of textiles/furnishing inspired by Asian and Arab/Moroccan culture. Which should not be surprising since apart from being an interior designer, Kathryn also runs a successful fabric and furniture line.So, if you haven't been introduced to this beautiful home as yet, feast your eyes on the images below and read the complete article here: Suzani top left. The top right fabric seems to be inspired by bandhej/bandhani. Bottom right Moroccan pouf is very similar to embroidery done by gypsy women from Kutch Check out the coffee table! And the outdoor are as gorgeous as the indoors!This outdoor sitting ...
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These are a few of my...
2008-03-10 19:21:00
... Favorite things!@ An Indian Summer Bazaar Thank you once again for the great response to the Feb-March bazaar! And heartfelt thanks and hugs to my blogger friends who have showcased the bazaar on their site.I have started working for the next bazaar...but hurry, stocks are gradually getting sold out in this month's bazaar! So if you have been eyeing something in the bazaar, let me know asap! :-)Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
The French connection
2008-03-10 17:54:00
Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet have come together to create a very contemporary interpretation of history and culture of South East Asia, India, and Africa, with a dose of Creole charm!Their association with Club Med as resulted in some stunning resort interiors - all across the world. Below are some images from Club Med's villages in South East Asia...Checkout the cool fan..Different interior options for a room! Marc and Nicolas draw inspiration from each country they visit. Local craftsmenship and cultural heritage is omnipresent in each of their creations, as is evident by their online portfolio. I hope , that we see their work in India too in the future!Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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Phew! All that html, xhtml...
2008-03-10 17:13:00
I have been working on An Indian Summer's format, layout and other good stuff. HTML used to be Greek for me....but now I feel as if I have been handed the 'English-Greek' dictionary - which means I can manage some bit, thank you! :-)The best thing is that I have updated my blog roll section [on the right...look look, there is a right sidebar too :D], and tried to put them in different categories. Though I have added some of my new fav blogs, I know I have missed some too... There is a section called 'Tools', where you will find online tips and tools useful in blogging. Will keep updating the lists in the coming days! Keep reading....couple of posts coming up in the next few hours!Thanks for subscribing to An Indian Summer!
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The art of shade
2008-03-05 14:00:00
Something that caught my eye today...gorgeous metal pergolas from Parasoleil. I am fascinated with the interplay of sun and shade, and a pergola covered with a flower vine just calls me to come and stand underneath...or better, sit and spend some time there!These images remind me of Robyn, who always brings lovely sun drenched images of gardens to us on her blog... And, a pergola can be magical in the night too...[image from firestonehp]
A zoo on my wall?
2008-03-03 17:41:00
Any takers for a pink elephant? Or, a green monkey? Or may be a couple of birds on your wall? Made out of vintage wallpaper.Oh wait! I can't count sooo many raised hands at once!Inke Heiland, the artist and designer of these wall decals lives in the Netherlands. She started with wildlife wallpaper for her son's room, and was so impressed with the result that she ventured into a many more such decals! I can so imagine them in a kid's room and maybe a flock of birds in other rooms! Above are also available in the shape of tree, lamps, chair, door here to see for yourself!
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Spring is here...and so is the Feb Bazaar!
2008-02-29 10:59:00
Ta da dum di da dum dum daIf there's anything that you wantIf there's anything I can do...Just click on the link...And the bazaar will send it alongwith love from me to you! 'Inspired' by beatles ;-)Happiness! As spring is almost here. And loads of happiness as An Indian Summer Bazaar just opened again for Feb-March, with a very different collection of hand picked goodiesClick on the images below to go straight to the collection!India ContemporaryIndia TraditionalHappy Shopping![while I catch up on my sleep! :-)]
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Quick Peek into the bazaar!
2008-02-27 12:42:00
Scheduled to launch in another 2 days, An Indian Summer Bazaar has an unique flavor this time. The bazaar will celebrate metal and wood, under two distinct categories - India Contemporary and India TraditionalIndia Contemporary will feature the premiere international launch of some great products from Aline Design. India Traditional will feature some antique and some restored products that are earthy and rustic, but have rapidly gained ground as part of urban home decor.Hope you are as excited about the second month's opening of the bazaar as I am! :-)
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Miniature paintings in a new avtaar
2008-02-24 09:47:00
Olaf Van Cleef describes himself as a traveller, an artist and an author. He is the scion of Van Cleef dynasty and is a counselor on high range jewellery at Cartier since 1982. Olaf first visited India, to present the Cartiers of Paris as a group that cherished its Indian connection and the Indian heritage, and was so enthralled by this culturally rich vivacious country that he returned to the sub-continent time and again ... and again...For, Olaf Van Cleef was seeking sustenance for his personal philosophy of oneness with the fellowmen and discovered, in India, decisive faith: that in the rich cultural soul of this country he would find the wherewithal to satisfy his soul.Presenting some of his paintings inspired by India and the art of miniature paintings below. Mythology and Indian iconography have been beautifully portrayed by Olaf using his style of painting using abstract pointillism and tachisme More of Olaf 's work in mosaics can be found here
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2008-02-18 16:17:00
Hello! Doing a quick post to share some updates with you..the great news and well, not that great (but not that bad either!) newsThe great news is that over the last some days, very interesting developments are happening on the bazaar front. An Indian Summer Bazaar will be the launch pad in the international market, for an upcoming designer from NID, who is already making waves in the Indian contemporary decor segment! I personally love his designs and products, and am very excited at the opportunity to be able to bring them to you through the bazaar. Will share more details on Thursday...The not so great (but not that bad either!) news is that given the above developments, I will need to postpone the Feb bazaar to 'end of Feb'. The bazaar will now open on Feb 29th! I know, you have been eagerly waiting for the 20th launch...but trust me, you will be glad that we waited and included the awesome products in the bazaar.In the meantime, sharing with you some more warmth as we bid goo...
Indian Kitsch!
2008-02-12 17:26:00
Unadulterated, unapologetic and fun collage, attempting to capture the essence of India! Multiple contributors have added to this collage, using images, tassels, sepia photographs, textile, product labels from daily life, jewelry, icons, mirrors, lace and a lot more of Indian kitsch. To be found at the very creative site Art-e-zineOnce you get over the blast of color that hits you, take a deeper look and you will find a good sample of Indian kitschAnd, what pleased me quite a bit, is that the collage is called Indian Summer!
Anything for a good photographer
2008-02-07 17:18:00
I am still laptop bereft, and am trying my best to keep up with blogging via my husband's laptop. His laptop is not 'me' friendly...i.e. it has applications that can show me live stock prices from Wall Street and Dalal Street (India's stock exchange), but can not do a pixel of good for an image!But when I came across Tim Beddow's stunning photography, I had to share it with you...even if it meant working on a non-creative laptop of an investment banker!So without much ado, here are some of my favorite images from Tim's 'exotic' and 'safari' collection...Isn't the door gorgeous? Though I am not too fond of lizards and like, I guess I can live with them if hard carved in wood! The metal figurines are so like the bastar art form from India.. Reminds me of my days of poetry and hookah ...The days as in daydreams... ;-) I adore planter chairs! But I have a sneaking suspicion that the planter chair designers thought that planters could only be men, and hence they designed the...
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What to do over the weekend?
2008-02-01 17:46:00
Me:1. Twiddle my thumbs as I wait impatiently for my new laptop to arrive 1.a. Call the laptop sales guy 63rd time to ask him intelligent questions about laptop configuration and stuff. Most of the times, I forget what is bigger and better - MB or GB (and to think that technology is supposed to make our lives simpler!) [flickr image from Daveblog]2. Get some therapy2.a. I meant retail therapy :D. Afterall, I have the Feb bazaar to launch on the 15th!3. Steal my husband's laptop to 'talk' to you, while he sleeps ;) You:1. It's the weekend! Have fun!!2. The Jan bazaar closes on Feb 3rd (Sunday) at 6p India time. So go ahead and shop to your heart's content before it closes!
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