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Moley's Online 3D Portfolio
Written by moley in order to showcase his 3D artworks as he creates them.


Website Update
2007-09-29 02:24:00
Hello Valued readers of my wonderful interweblog. I hope you are all doing well and looking after yourselves. I have been fairly busy these past few months and have honestly had very little to add to the site artwise and so I simply didn't update this blog. However this has all changed, I have spent the past day or two editing the main page layout so that it is much less cluttered on the sidebar, more edits are slowly coming as I work out what will work best for each section. I have begun signing up with blog lists in the hopes of getting more exposure and I have also added a couple of ads to the site in the hopes of generating some revenue, at first this revenue will hopefully just pay for the site hosting however in the future if I am getting enough from this revenue I will be able to work less hours at work and spend more time working on content for this blog. Stay happy, eat well, live long. .
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Human Male - update
2007-04-26 07:29:00
Ok, here is the AIE model. Alot of work has gone into him since I last posted it here, this is really the first high poly full body that I have actually modelled. I have studied wire frames and tutorials endlessly but never actually sat down to model it. Happy that it's working out, did the hands today, they aren't amazing but again I haven't had much practice with high poly hands. Didn't get alot of time today as I have work soon, first day back since I was sick, and so I only really modelled the hands and then attatched them. Did a bit of tweaking here and there but not so much that anyone reading this will notice :P Click the image for a small collection of others
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New Character - Human
2007-04-25 16:18:00
Another Human Char acter and no updates on that other one?!? Yes, it has been a while since I updated the other character, but do not fret for I have been working on it. I'll pull up some pics and work on finishing him asap! Infact, I'll put in some time tomorrow before work starts at 4pm. how does that sound? Good? Good. I'm roughly following a tutorial here, list of tutorial pages here, I like looking at different ways different people model and bringing new techniques into my modelling. It helps me learn to be better at what I do by experimenting and not just sticking with what I know. This is after several hours of slow modelling, taking in everything around me. Click the picture for a small collection of other shots.
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Wii = Sex
2007-04-21 01:34:00
ok this is insane, last wednesday was my 18th. I got a Wii. right now I am lying in bed typing this on my Wii. Isn't technology great!?
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Male Body - WIP #2
2007-03-27 15:20:00
here we are after about 40 minutes of modelling. click on it for bigger main form for the torso mostly roughed in. gotta work on the legs the most as currently the shape and size are something that needs to be desired. the head will probably need scaling up. it's getting late, I'm tired and max9 runs hella slow on my comp. third point having the worst effect on my modelling. Can't go as fast or efficient as I'm used to in blender. I might try exporting to blender and working on it in there before reimporting back into max. all tomorrow. in the short time I'll have between college and the aie. Did I mention that this model is for the AIE course that's currently a drain on my moneys? It's for that AIE course I'm doing. Have fun. Use a condom. Stay safe.
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Human Male - WIP
2007-03-27 14:29:00
this is what I have so far: click on it for bigger I'm about to settle into a modelling session. Take attention to the time difference between the next post and this one. Thats how kickass I am.
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