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Krama is a blog for videomakers. Read the latest boradcast industry news, products reviews, tutorials and more. Provided by Krama post production studio
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A sheep inside After Effects
2008-05-01 23:23:00
Are you serious? A sheep inside After Effects ? Sounds like Baa to me!Check this video and find out how to reveal a sheep inside After Effects ! DIY Sheep Sound Baa In After Effects - EASTER EGG - Funny video clips are a click awayRatings and comments are welcome, thanks for viewing! Add to Onlywire .adHeadline {font: bold 10pt Arial; text-decoration: underline; color: #aaaaaa;} .adText {font: normal 10pt Arial; text-decoration: none; color: #000000;}Your Ad Here
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Convert your illustrator .ai logo into 3D with 3ds max
2008-05-01 00:40:00
With this tutorial I will show you how to make a 3D logo from an existing vector designed in illustrator. We are going to use 3ds Max 8 and Illustrator CS2 but any version will do just well. Let's go on...First thing is to design the vector logo. In this tutorial i am going to use mine which is not too complex. Keep in mind two simple things.First, keep your logo as "clean" as possible meaning that you'll have to check for closed paths and not too complex fills. Use outlines to describe your logo's form. Second, you'll have to "optimize" the logo after importing it into the 3ds Max, so the more job you've done in illustrator the less you'll do in max. Next you will understand this clearly.Buy and sell stock photos and vectors.So this is the logo in a vector form, btw it's the logo of my post production studio www.krama.tvand this is the final 3d logo (with no materials).Your Ad HereOk, let's get into business, shall we?When you finalize with the design save a copy as an illu...
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How to make a polaroid photo frame in Photoshop
2008-04-15 23:28:00
Level of Difficulty : EasyToday I have to make a video composition and I need some nice graphics to enhance my client's photos. I decided to make the photos look like polaroids. Below you can read a full photoshop tutorial about how to make polaroid photos...Okay here we are, you may ask how am I going to do some polaroid photos in Photo shop? I think it's pretty easy. Let's start...Make a new image, size doesn't matter but the bigger the better!(File->New... or ctrl+N)Create a new layer and name it polaroid or whatever you like.(Layer->New->Layer... or Shift+Ctrl+N)Select the rectangle tool and make a nice rectangle. You do remember what shape the polaroid has, do you? Keep the proportions of the rectangle about 1:1.3 (width:height) and fill it with solid white color.Now we have to apply some effects to this white rectangle in order to give the appropriate look. Right-click the polaroid layer and choose blending options, then click the Drop Shadow. .adHeadline {font: bold 10p...
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Autodesk Launches New Versions of Visual Effects and Finishing Systems
2008-04-14 15:27:00
News Release SOURCE: Autodesk Inc.Includes New Creative Tools, Expanded Format Support and WorkflowEnhancementsAutodesk Inc. today announced the 2009 releases of the Autodesk Inferno, Autodesk Flame and Autodesk Flint software for visual effects systems, and the Autodesk Smoke software finishing system. The company also announced Extension 1 for Autodesk Toxik 2008 software for digital compositing. The releases will be showcased at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2008 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 14-17, 2008 at the Autodesk booth SL1420.Autodesk's visual effects and finishing systems have been used to createnumerous blockbuster films, including all three Oscar-nominated movies forBest Visual Effects - The Golden Compass, Transformers and Pirates of theCaribbean 3. Autodesk solutions have also been used to create Emmy-awardwinning television programs such as Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, PushingDaisies, and many of this year's Super Bowl commercials s...
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Good news for graphic designers
2008-04-05 10:49:00
A new vector set has been launched by Gomedia.Arsenal Vector Set 9 is on the market (at last) and contains 7 packs of vectors made by Gomedia artists (total 160 vectors). To be more specific there are hoolanders, flowers, heraldry, signs, halftone abstracts, western and 80's vectors.The price is extremely low, i find the whole deal very profitable. You see, you are getting a $105 value for only $52 bucks! Is this a deal or not?So, if you are a graphic designer you will find this offer extremely helpfull, you wont spend time designing vector elements but you will focus on creativity.See some examples of this set below:Visit Gomedia's website to learn more about these vector packs! .adHeadline {font: bold 10pt Arial; text-decoration: underline; color: #aaaaaa;} .adText {font: normal 10pt Arial; text-decoration: none; color: #000000;}Your Ad Here
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2008-03-27 09:04:00
By Dan FeildmanIt seems that every month, if not every week, different manufacturers are coming up with the latest digital cameras to entice potential clients. And it's just not working for us! And so it confuses us. What makes a digital camera, the best digital camera? Well, there are certain factors to consider when looking for the "best digital camera" for us.Since the images that a digital camera captures is in electronic form, it is a language recognized by computers. This language is called pixels, tiny colored dots represented by ones and zeros that make up the picture that you just took. Just like any conventional cameras, a digital camera is furnished with a series of lenses that focus the light and creates the image that you want to capture. The difference here is then; a conventional camera focuses its light on a film while a digital camera focuses the light into a semiconductor device that electronically records the light. Remember the built in computer, it comes in her...
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Autodesk Introduces 3ds Max Design 2009
2008-02-12 19:39:00
SOURCE: Autodesk , Inc.Autodesk Launches 3ds Max 2009 Entertainment Software and Introduces 3ds Max Design 2009 for Design Professionals.At its annual World Press Days event, Autodesk, Inc. announced two new versions of its Autodesk 3ds Max modeling, animation and rendering software -- the leading asset creation tool for game development. The company launched Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 software for entertainment professionals, and debuted 3ds Max Design 2009 software, a tailored 3D application for architects, designers and visualization specialists. Both versions of the software offer new rendering capabilities, improved interoperability with industry-standard products including Revit software, as well as additional time-saving animation and mapping workflow tools. 3ds Max Design 2009 further provides lighting simulation and analysis technology.New Feature HighlightsKey features in Autodesk 3ds Max 2009 include the new Reveal rendering toolset, which streamlines iterative workflows; and ...
HD Quality Web Video and Audio With Adobe Flash Player Update
2008-01-12 22:22:00
News ReleaseSOURCE : Adobe Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) announced the immediate availability of Adobe® Flash ® Player 9 Update 3 software, previously code named Moviestar. Adobe Flash Player 9 now includes H.264 standard video support, the same standard deployed in Blu-Ray® and HD-DVD® high definition video players, and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio capabilities. The latest update also features hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced, full-screen video playback for high-resolution viewing across major operating systems and browsers. The combination of Adobe Flash Player 9 and Adobe Flash Media Server 3 (also announced today) enables the delivery of HD quality video to the broadest online audience. Adobe Flash Player 9 Update 3 is available immediately at .Monetize your blog with BestAudio Ads.comH.264 support is an encoding option in Adobe Premiere® Pro and Adobe After Effects® software and is now integrated across the Adobe Flash fami...
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PANASONIC AG-HVX200 Specifications
2008-01-09 20:10:00
Here is the new camcorder from Panasonic !Read below the features of this fantastic equipment. Thanks Panasonic!PANASONIC AG-HVX2001/3" 3-CCD 16:9 HD/DVCPRO/DV Cinema P2 Camera with CineSwitchTM Technology, CineGammaTM Software and IEEE 1394 Interface.True high definition image quality with low-compression DVCPRO HD intraframe recordingMultiple formats: DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50, DVCPRO, DV selectableHigh definition recording formats: 1080/60i, 1080/24p, 1080/24pA, 1080/30p, 720p (variable frame rates)Standard definition recording formats: 480/60i, 480/24p, 480pA, 480/30pCineSwitchTM technology for variable frame rates in 720p mode: 12, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 30, 32, 36, 48, 60fps1/3" 16:9 native high-sensitivity progressive 3-CCD with 1080/60p scanningNew DSP with 14-bit A/D conversion and 19-bit internal processing for unprecedented accuracy16:9/4:3 switchable for standard definition recording, 16:9 native for HDWide angle Leica Dicomar HD lens with optical image stabilizer (motorized/manu...
How to copy a video from computer to PSP
2008-01-09 20:06:00
Many of you PSP owners may ask yourself, how to put a video from your computer into your Sony PSP console? Follow these easy steps...For start you need the following items:Ultra Fast Downloads for your PSP // games // movies // musicA DVD player on your computerA USB cable connecting your computer to your precious PSPA 512Mb Pro Duo memory stick (this is a requirement because of the capacity of your mp4 video you want to transfer)A PSP video converter like PSP X Studio which will allow you to convert (re-encode) your videos to MP4 format an transfer them to your PSP with the push of a button.You may use similar applications but then, maybe you have to manually put your encoded video into your PSP, if it is so, keep on readingUltra Fast Downloads for your PSP // games // movies // musicNext thing to do, after you check listed those items, is to Rip the DVD and save it to your computer! Follow the instructions of your riping application and save the the video to your hard disk. Please...
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Autodesk Wins National Television Academy Awards for 3ds Max and Maya
2008-01-09 19:30:00
News ReleaseSOURCE: Autodesk, Inc.SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Autodesk, Inc. (NASDAQ:ADSK) announced today that its Autodesk 3ds Max software and Autodesk Maya software for 3D modeling, animation and rendering have won Technology and Engineering Awards from the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in the Gaming Category of Visual Digital Content Creation Tools and Their Impact. Now in its fourth year, this category award recognizes pioneering efforts and breakthroughs in the gaming world.Seth Haberman, chair of the Video Gaming and Technology Awards Panel, said,"An expert peer group studied digital content creation tools over a six-month period, and we unanimously awarded both Autodesk tools. The majority of video games are created with Autodesk products. As well, these industry- standard tools continue to shape the most sophisticated digital content across numerous entertainment platforms. I congratulate Autodesk on driving 3D innovation wi...
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Sony PSP owner? Be a videomaker
2008-01-02 15:09:00
Sony has developed an awesome gadget for the PSP console! It's a USB camera that can be attached easily to your PSP! The new Go!Cam converts your PSP into a mobile editing studio...Ultra Fast Downloads for your PSP // games // movies // musicThe Go!cam can be rotated 180 degrees either facing you - as you look into the screen - or directly away. Go!Cam allows you to take photos or shoot video on the move!It is a 1.3 megapixel camera, meaning it takes photographs with a resolution of 1280 x 960 (5? x 7? printed), similar to cameras found in cellular phones. The camera is able to record video with audio.Capacity varies based on resolution and the size of Memory Stick Duo being used, but on a 4GB Memory Stick you can easily capture over two hours of video (480x272 and Fine quality) or 40,000 photos.But that is not all.If you purchase this nifty accessory you can download for free the Go!Edit, an editing software application. Transform you PSP into a mobile editing station and support ...
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Wish a Happy New Year in different languages
2007-12-31 18:48:00
Wish your friends a Happy New Year in different languages!Afgani: Saale Nao MubbarakAfrikaans: Gelukkige nuwe jaarAlbanian: Gezuar Vitin e RiArmenian: Snorhavor Nor TariArabic: Antum salimounAssyrian: Sheta BrikhtaAzeri: Yeni Iliniz Mubarek!Bengali: Shuvo Nabo BarshoBulgarian: Chestita Nova GodinaCambodian: Soursdey Chhnam TmeiCatalan: FELIÇ ANY NOUChinese: Xin Nian Kuai LeCorsican Language: Pace e SaluteCroatian: Sretna Nova godina!Cymraeg (Welsh): Blwyddyn Newydd DdaCzechoslovakian: Scastny Novy RokDanish: Godt NytĺrDhivehi: Ufaaveri Aa Aharakah EdhenDutch: GELUKKIG NIEUWJAAR!Eskimo: Kiortame pivdluaritloEsperanto: Felican Novan JaronEstonians: Head uut aastat!Finnish: Onnellista Uutta VuottaFrench: Bonne AnneeGaelic: Bliadhna mhath urGalician[NorthWestern Spain]: Bo Nadal e Feliz AninovoGerman: Prosit NeujahrGreek: KALĚ CHRONIŔGujarati: Nutan VarshbhinandanHawaiian: Hauoli Makahiki HouHebrew: L'Shannah TovahHindi: Naye Varsha Ki ShubhkamanyenHong kong (Cantonese): Sun Leen Fai L...
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Video producers loves Rollmio!
2007-12-26 22:45:00
Have you ever heard about Rollmio?It is a website that offers the oportunity to video producers to take part in various advertising projects, make videos and get paid for their humble work!Also if you aren't specialized in this field you can be part of the promoter's team thus promoting other work (posting to various blogs) and rewarded for your effort!Either way it's fun and creative!Click below the video to find more about this site; this is a work of one of the producers awarded with the bronze medal (and a respectful amount of money for his effort).For more videos, rollmio.comPlease comment this article, thank you. .adHeadline {font: bold 10pt Arial; text-decoration: underline; color: #aaaaaa;} .adText {font: normal 10pt Arial; text-decoration: none; color: #000000;}Your Ad Here
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How to convert vob to avi file for Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
2007-12-21 13:19:00
Author : Christos LelidisThere are times when you need to edit a video theme and it's necessary to use footage from an archived dvd video. What is the fastest way to put this type of content into your Premiere Pro 2.0 timeline?The solution is easier that you probably think. You already know that you cannot import directly .vob files in Premiere Pro 2.0You just can't! But you can import other types of files such as .avi, .mov, .mpgThe last one is the solution of this kind of problem!So you simply rename the file extension from .vob to .mpg in windows explorer and voila...Premiere Pro 2.0 imports the file.Let Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 conform the file and through it to your timeline.Problems that may occur :The only problem i have noticed so far is with the .vob audio stream!Because video and audio streams are multiplexed into a single file, weirds things may happened, such as after 3-4 sec the audio loops constantly! This can only happened when the audio stream is encoded in .ac3 form...
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A Breakthrough Technology Has Spawned an Internet Marketing Revolution...
2007-12-20 14:24:00
This is a free opportunity for you or your company to share in billions of dollars of new found advertising revenue that was formerly reserved for major television networks.Whether you are an aspiring webmaster or the CEO of a fortune 500 company, you don?t want to miss a word of what this report will reveal and the impact it is making in the Internet Marketing Industry.Major television networks have been in control of what you watch, when you watch it and how often you watch the programs that interest you. With the social boom caused by web 2.0 including social networks and online movies and video, major television networks can no longer confine your mind to their broadcasts for entertainment.NetAudioAds? Pay-Per-Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that is set to take the web by storm. Because of the size and scope of this deal (backed by one of the BIG 5 search engines), PPP advertising will become a world wide business media event.PPP works on a bid management syste...
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HD DVD vs Blu-Ray
2007-12-11 12:08:00
By Christos LelidisThe battle of formats have began and it will reach it's peak this Christmas. What are the main differences of the two new DVD formats?Parameters Blu-ray HD-DVD Storage capacity 25GB (single-layer) 50GB (dual-layer) 15GB (single-layer) 30GB (dual-layer) Laser wavelength 405nm (blue laser) 405nm (blue laser) Numerical aperture (NA) 0.85 0.65 Disc diameter Disc thickness 120mm 1.2mm 120mm 1.2mm Protection layer Hard coating 0.1mm Yes 0.6mm No Track pitch 0.32µm 0.40µm Data transfer rate (data) Data transfer rate (video/audio) 36.0Mbps (1x) 54.0Mbps (1.5x) 36.55Mbps (1x) 36.55Mbps (1x) Video resolution (max) Video...
For Bloggers who respect their work, a useful statistic tool
2007-11-23 15:47:00
Author : Christos LelidisThe blog frenzy have made us all go berserk in posting, submitting and promoting our articles! We all know that blogging is a great opporunity to get some easy cash for our time we spend on internet.There are various tips & tricks how to setup a succesfull blog but after a little search i did (as a new blogger myself), i couldn't find a statistic tool that reflects my blog's traffic (i already setup a google analytics account but i find it kind of short!)But i did find an exceptional statistic tool that have many features.Here they are:Customizable dashboardDeveloper API for easy access to all of your data in XML, JSON, and PHPWidgets of Mass Deliciousness to put on your web siteJuicy details about each individual visitorSee every click by every visitorTrack custom data for every visitor (usernames, shopping cart ids, etc)IP tagging (name your visitors manually)Get your stats via RSS feedsView popular data in a TagCloud instead of boring tables and c...
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How To Correct Common Marketing Mistakes
2007-11-22 20:21:00
Paul LaDouceurAn on-fire marketing campaign is a wonderful thing. Your advertising not only connects with the people you want it to, but it also begins to create a rolling effect across the internet that cannot be stopped.Orders come in at a good pace. Profits escalate as you quietly reside in the thinking of how little you spent on marketing. Suddenly, moving your product or service to the next level doesn't seem difficult at all. Unfortunately, marketing generally does not work as simply as this.Here are the most common mistakes that are made, and how to avoid them.Mista ke #1: Your advertising gets lost in the crowd like a hamster continually running circles in its cage. We receive so many messages every day. First the television, then the radio, in magazines and on the internet.Mistake #2: Marketing often targets the wrong audience. This is because of the advertising mediums that are used. Before your sales can increase, you need to narrow the audience you are targeting and prov...
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Get paid to create and host videos!
2007-11-13 11:44:00
An intro to metacafe.comgetting paid to create and host videos!Author: Christos LelidisSome of you might know the alternative youtube host service; it's called metacafe and it is expanding rapidly! Metacafe shouts that 50 million viewers per month visit their website!But what are the main advantages of (from my pov)As a user of i found many handy features when i use this video hosting service.At first it's FREE, no payed subscription nor hidden fees but TOTALLY FREE. This is the key for a website or service to succeed now days! Nobody like to pay for services, but users like to pay for nice content. And this is the main goal of; offers much content for visitors to view and download!It utilizes an advance embed option you may find handy to use in your blog, social networking sites, emails, etc.Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage size for your video creations; i think it's really a god's gift!A vast number of potential subscribers for ...
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Animation in Japan ... ANIME
2007-11-13 11:16:00
Animation in Japan ... ANIMEby Steve KelleyYou may already be familiar with Japan's high-quality cars,sushi, modern culture, and unique fashion. There is oneother aspect that people of all ages around the world canappreciate: anime.Anime may be linguistically the abbreviation of Animation.But around the world, anime is always associated withJapanese Cartoons. Anime has special features that wheneverpeople see the cartoons, they always recognize them to beJapanese.In the early 1900s, cartoonists in Japan started drawingtheir own cartoons based on a fusion of their own cultureand North American cartoons. Osamu Tezuka created a kind ofJapanese animation called manga in the 1970s. These"whimsical pictures" (as the term is translated) became verypopular. Manga is a fusion of traditional Japanesewoodblock art that show images of floating worlds and 1950sWestern animation. The strongest features of manga evolvedinto the basic elements of Anime. Some of these keyelements include the gi...
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Krama Post Production Studio
2007-11-07 22:23:00
Krama is a post production studio located in Thessaloniki, Greece.You can see samples of our work and read various interesting articles. Subscribe for updates!read more | digg story
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Photos of Athens
2007-11-06 08:31:00
Here are a set of 4 photographs we shoot during a business trip in Athens .Our thoughts are to create a stock photo library of ancient monuments in Greece. Stay tuned...All photographs are copyright (c)2007 of Krama post production studio.
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Famous Greek proverb quotes
2007-11-05 21:20:00
An open enemy is better than a false friendIf you do not have brains you follow the same route twice.A person's character is revealed by their speechIf you are truthful you will have as much gold as you wantEither dance well or quit the ballroomEven a wolf will not stay - Where sounds no bleat to offer hope of preyAs long as you have the blessing of your parents it does not matter even if you live in the mountainsDanger can only be overcome by more dangerIn baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouseA miser and a liar bargain quicklyOne witness one liar; more witnesses, all liarsFor mortals vanished from the day's sweet light I shed no tear; rather I mourn for those who day and night live in death's fearBut mortal bliss will never come sincere; Pleasure may lead, but grief blow brings up the rearBefore us men have flourished just as we now flourish: others yet again shall be, whose generations we shall never seeWhen at a loss how to go on, in speaking, coughI...
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Hosting your videos to metacafe
2007-11-04 23:15:00
An intro to metacafe; getting paid to create and host videos!Author: Christos LelidisSome of you might know the alternative youtube host service; it's called metacafe and it is expanding rapidly! Metacafe shouts that 50 million viewers per month visit their website!But what are the main advantages of (from my pov)As a user of i found many handy features when i use this video hosting service.At first it's FREE, no payed subscription nor hidden fees but TOTALLY FREE. This is the key for a website or service to succeed now days! Nobody like to pay for services, but users like to pay for nice content. And this is the main goal of; offers much content for visitors to view and download!It utilizes an advance embed option you may find handy to use in your blog, social networking sites, emails, etc.Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage size for your video creations; i think it's really a god's gift! A vast number of potential subscribers for ...
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2007-10-31 10:18:00
SHREK THE THIRD was once again the largest driver of the quarter forDreamWorks Animation SKG Inc., contributing approximately $92.1 millionin revenue, primarily from its significant international box officereceipts in the period. To date, the film has reached approximately $793million in box office on a worldwide basis, making it thethird-highest-grossing animated film of all time.Thus, for the third quarter ended Sept. 30, DreamWorks Animationreported total revenue of $160.8 million and net income of $47 million,or $.47 per share on a fully diluted basis. This compares to revenue of$55.6 million and net income of $10.5 million, or $.10 per share on afully diluted basis, for the same period in 2006."We are extremely pleased with the theatrical results of SHREK THE THIRD-- especially with its performance overseas, where it has nearly equaledthe box office success of SHREK 2," stated Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO ofDreamWorks Animation.The company's 2006 summer release OVER THE HEDGE contr...
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Three Things To Keep In Mind When Using PPC
2007-10-30 11:04:00
PPC advertising is still quite popular with online businesses setups. But there are issues with the system that you might want to consider before you sign up. By Scott OliverChances are good that even if you?re not using PPC for your business, you?ve probably used it in your shopping or research time on the internet. These are those little links that line the sides of pages, beckoning you to find out what they have to offer. Whenever you click onto one of these links, the PPC company charges the person who places the ad for the click. But with well placed PPC campaigns, you can often get a lot of clicks that turn into sales. That?s the key with PPC ? conversion. Here are three things you need to keep in mind as you investigate this marketing tactic. The PPC Advertisement Needs to Be Exciting In order to get someone to click onto your PPC advertisement, you need to make sure you are telling them exactly why it?s important for them to find out more. For example, if you ar...
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Read About Wedding Photography And Videography
2007-10-30 11:03:00
Right from the beginning, realize that wedding photography and videography services will consume a significant portion of your wedding budget. Also know that it's an absolute must to book this type of talent as soon as possible, at least 6 months to a full year before the wedding date read more... By Yehiel CarterCopyright (c) 2007 Yehiel Carter Long after the last guest has left the reception you and your spouse will have your wedding photography or videography to look at when you want to re-live the joyous occasion ? hopefully, that is! When it comes to planning your wedding photography or videography, the most important aspect is to have an idea of the wedding memories you want to capture. And then you?ve got to work on finding someone with the right experience and who has a personality you can work with. This will require more than scanning the phone book or Internet to find the least expensive package deal. It?s true that you get what you pay for and if you?re willing to pa...
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Amazing design elements!
2007-10-24 19:30:00
I was surfing the net to find some vectorsfor an upcoming work and came with these...GO MEDIA's ARSENAL,professional design weaponryVarious cool artwork for the entertainment and fashion industries (among many others designers). Click the picture and visitGO MEDIA's web site to see them for yourself!I implemented them in my designs!Christos Lelidis / Motion Graphis Design erKrama post production studio
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My work on
2007-10-15 13:47:00
Tight deadlines? Do you need a 3D model urgent but you got no time to spend in a 3D modeller? Now you can select yours from a vast list of 3D models, textures, stock photographs on To purchase simply click the image below
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