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Preparing for a Major Test: Things to Consider, PART 3
2012-01-05 08:40:00
Standardized tests are going to be a part of almost everyone’s life. For school, college, graduate school, professional licensure, and employment applications, the little round boxes and the number two pencils or the online equivalent, are all around us.   These tests have to be designed to elicit from as wide a variety of people as possible a correct response. They also have to be designed to distinguish folks who are just guessing wildly from those who are following a logical train of thought. It makes sense to take advantage of any possible aids to thinking when facing these tests.   In past articles we discussed professional, paid test prep services and the injunction by pros to read the questions ahead of time, as well as the need to just plain read. We will start with this and move on to some other strategies for coping with these tests.   Reading the questions ahead of starting to read any text or do any calculation or picking an answer from among several v...
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Web Review:
2012-01-04 11:26:00
We all know that there are numerous counseling services on the Internet. Some of them are good, and some of them are bad. One important thing about them is that people still think that they can find a lot more information and learn something by themselves, online. Of course, this is the situation for many Internet users: they can find most of what they need online.   However, it is impossible to overestimate the value of a personal, tailored, approach. Imagine that during all those years of study in various educational institutions, at any level, you had had the chance to ask all the questions that occurred to you, even the dumbest ones, without worrying about being ashamed in front of the class?! I am certain that many people fall behind in school for exactly this reason. is a service that matches you with a personal, private advisor or tutor on any specific topic that might interest you.   Pros   We specifically like the abundance of available ...
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Preparing for a Major Test: Things to Consider, PART 2
2012-01-03 13:11:00
Standardized tests are a current fixture of admissions to educational institutions and for professional licensure. Given this, students and their families need to avoid being blind-sided.   There are resources and techniques to make the experience less horrific, but of course, nothing replaces personal familiarity with both the content of the test and the context as well. Let’s look at these tests and how to manage the experience.   Standardized testing is meant to provide schools with an evaluation tool that evens out the vast heterogeneity in students’ educational backgrounds, and serve as a reliable alternative to grades and recommendations. The big standard tests such as the SATs and the GREs purport to examine the individual’s ability alone.   Intense controversy roils around these tests because of consistently lower scores for persons from some demographic groups than for others. They have been accused of being racially, ethnically, economically, and lin...
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Preparing for a Major Test: Things to Consider
2011-12-29 13:53:00
When you face a major standardized test, the sort of test that could determine whether you get in to a good high school, college, or graduate school, or obtain professional certification, you need all the help you can get.   Of course, you are going to have to invest personal effort and energy, but assistance exists to help make sure that your time is well spent. Some resources are free, but some of them cost money. Most can be accessed online, but not all.   The grand-daddy of all test prep resources is the ubiquitous and huge Stanley Kaplan organization; now both a bricks and mortar as well as online operation.   Kaplan addresses admissions tests for high school, college, and graduate school, as well as professional licensure preparation in medicine, nursing, allied medical, law, the TOEFL, and real estate IT certification.   Interestingly, their teachers do not necessarily have specific teaching experience. However, they require exceptionally high test score...
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Web Review:
2011-12-28 09:38:00
It is often the case that not all students graduate with equal technology skills. This can be the result of inadequate equipment and instruction in school due to a lack of funds or foresight on the part of school administration. It can also result from kids paying little attention to such instruction because it does not seem fun or relevant (although we all know that young people pick up on technology for games or chatting with lightning speed).   Then, unfortunately, when these same young people need to demonstrate their technical skills, they have little to show in terms of competence. This is deadly to career prospects in a world where virtually every job, from warehouse worker to brain surgeon, involves interacting with IT.   Well there is good news for you – there is a great community online that allows you to learn the basics of some of the newly created disciplines in IT, for example, SEO copywriting, and social media management. These are outgrowths of the co...
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Saving Money In College: You Don’t Need that Thing Edition, PART 3
2011-12-27 13:34:00
Still having trouble with saving money in college after the 2 great articles, that we have already posted? Then check out the last article in this series and, maybe this time, you’ll get it right:)   With college costing so much, a student needs to take a hard look their expenses and pare away the excesses. The money thus saved can be crucial later. In earlier articles, we discussed doing without a car, and saving on one’s appearance. The following are some thoughts on more places to save.   While a computer is almost always a necessity for a student these days, the kind of computer is a matter of discretion. The recommendation here is for a great deal of RAM, and scrimping on everything else. Unless you are in a graphic arts program or music course, forgo the super video high definition and massive sound speakers.   What academic users need is to be able to have open programs use is a combination software to display documents in .pdf format, plus word pro...
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Happy Holidays!
2011-12-23 08:09:00
It has been a truly amazing year for our community! In this joyous holiday season, we want to wish you all the best for the next year! Our wish is for you to reach new and higher educational milestones. Personal development is nearly impossible without a good education, so with every book you master, every class you complete, and every test or certification you pass, you become a more competent, confident person. We want to wish you the strength to leap all of these hurdles with ease. We hope you remember that if you need any educational advice, or suggestions for managing the day-to-day challenges of college life, we are there with insightful blog posts! However, if things get desperate, you know that you can always turn to our services. We’re planning some great new projects and initiatives for 2012, and we hope that you’ll find them to be useful. Our main goal is always to help you achieve great things in your education and, eventually, in your career. We woul...
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Saving Money In College: You Don’t Need that Thing Edition, PART 2
2011-12-22 10:10:00
College is hideously expensive today, and the extra costs mount up swiftly. Lab fees, gym fees, books, equipment for science lab courses, parking fees, and heaven knows what else all add to the truly unbelievable cost of a degree.   Students need to be comfortable, safe, well-shod, properly clothed, and decently fed, but there are many areas where savings can be realized in the four years of a college career. We addressed one of the most profligate sources of expense in an earlier article, that money hemorrhaging item known as the car. Let us see where we can save some other funds for the future.   A student needs a really good haircut at the beginning of the semester. This is crucial for several reasons. Yes, this article is about saving money, but saving also means investing in what will pay off in the future.   First, this is your introduction to the other students. They will form an instantaneous impression of you that will remain with them for, literally, ye...
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Web Review:
2011-12-21 13:55:00
Education is one of the toughest choices anyone makes in their life. We all hear unending advice from family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, and anyone else who wants to add their two cents.   You also build up an image of your dream job, based on the stereotypes that are presented out there by the media and other sources. In this hostile and challenging environment, anyone who manages to choose their education wisely, based on a true assessment of their abilities, desires, and the marketplace, is truly blessed.   It would be great to get some sound advice on what your educational alternatives are, and what the financial implications of each one are, from specialists in education, wouldn’t it? Well, I have good news for you – there is a great service that can help you with exactly that. It’s called, and it aims to provide information about the potential of various educational paths, particularly in the USA.   Pros   First of all, ...
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Saving Money In College: You Don’t Need that Thing Edition
2011-12-20 08:19:00
College and graduate school are so horrifyingly expensive these days that any extra expenditure must be looked at with care. Unless your parents are rolling in money, the cost of tuition is a massive drain on family or personal resources.   The money you save now is going to be your cushion for job-hunting later when you graduate. What are the ways we can avoid breaking the bank and ruining ourselves or our families financially?   The student car is probably the most expensive and often least useful and indulgent ongoing expense. Unless you have a serious job that requires commuting, this should be a non-negotiable sacrifice.   The expenses associated with a car are manifold. There is the purchase price, the interest on any loan, the insurance, the registration, the tags, and regular required inspection. That is before one single gallon of gas or motor oil goes in.   Maintenance of a car at college is an immense inconvenience, unless one is a superb mechanic....
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Good Research Paper Help
2008-06-06 12:15:00
Every student faces some difficulties with writing research papers. In such cases, he/she is looking for some research paper help. However, at this point, another problem appears - where to find this research paper help? There are a lot of different sources of research paper help. This is what we are going to talk about in this article.   Actually, there are many different sources of research paper help. We are going to focus only on the most relevant research paper help sources: You are sure to find some research papers help in the Internet, but you should be very attentive, since the global net is not only the source of reliable, up-to-date and interesting information, but also spam distributor. If you do not want to fail your assignment, you should be very careful with the Internet sources if choosing them as research paper help. You are sure to find some research paper help at the libraries of your university. There must be some manuals and handbooks you may use when work...
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How to Proofread Essays
2008-06-06 11:59:00
You have just finished writing your essay and would not mind having some rest. Well, this is a rather good idea. Still, proofreading essays should not be forgotten. In order to proofread essays carefully, you should the issues to pay attention to. That is why this article is devoted to the process of proofreading essays. Proofread essays: Step 1 – Skimming In order to proofread essay carefully, every essay writer should make the first and the easiest step – skimming. While skimming, you have to pay attention to the general organization of your paper and its general content. This step is taken to make sure that the topic of your essay is fully covered; Proofread essays: Step 2 – Careful reading You may not notice a mistake if you trust to skimming only. Your essay paper needs careful reading. This step of proofreading essays is taken in order to check how the thoughts are formulated into sentences: whether each of your sentences is clear and easy to read, whether it conveys ...
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Information about a Term Paper Prospectus
2008-06-05 10:06:00
You can say that you know for sure how to write an essay or how to make a good dissertation!   If you have to write a term paper, this article about term papers prospectus writing will be rather helpful for you! First of all, it is important to know the essence of any term paper prospectus. Do you know it? Well, I can give you a hint.   A term paper prospectus has only one purpose – to help you decide what you are going to write about. Any term paper prospectus points out the major features of your future paper.   If you face some difficulties with writing a term paper, then, first of all, you should create a term paper prospectus! Follow the given issues and use the hints!   Term paper prospectus: point 1   Pick out the topic that appeals to you. You may use some Internet services in order to understand what term paper topic is more interesting for you. Moreover, you can easily find the sources, which will help you enlighten the topic.   Term paper p...
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Animal Farm Term Paper Writing
2008-06-05 09:51:00
All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. (G. Orwell, Animal Farm , Ch. 10) If you have already written an essay paper on Animal Farm by George Orwell - to create an Animal Farm term paper will not be very difficult for you (at least, you know the plot of the story). Of course, you should understand that writing essays and term papers are two different tasks. That is why in this article we will talk about the Animal Farm term paper writing process.   In your Animal Farm term papers you may present general information about the novel, as well as you may want to focus on some concrete details.     General information for your Animal Farm term paper: Erick Arthur Blair chose the pseudonym George Orwell. Such choice was caused by the shift of his writing style. It is possible to develop this idea in the introduction of the Animal Farm term paper. The story was published in 1945, and it told about the Russian revolution. It was a kind of a politi...
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Term Paper on Child Abuse
2008-06-04 10:46:00
Child’s abuse is a frequently occurred phenomenon. Child’s abuse can be the cause of a great variety of children diseases along with their psychological problems. It is a problem that exists not only in a child’s mind, but also in public conscience. That is why child abuse term papers are very interesting to write and read.   If you need an urgent help with making a term paper on child abuse - this article is what you were searching for. Below, you will find some information that you may provide in your own child abuse term paper. What is child abuse? Obviously, a good child abuse term paper should begin with the Introduction. The introductory paragraph of your own term paper on child abuse can be about child abuse in general. Your reader should get the general idea of what child abuse is, and why this is a problem nowadays; Statistical data on child abuse. If you click on the official website of any children centers, you will be able to find out some statistical data on...
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Research Papers Titles
2008-06-03 10:07:00
Very often students put off writing a research paper’s title till all work is done. Thus, they concentrate on the work and think how to present their project better.   Though, everyone understands that it is impossible to start working on your project until you decide on a research paper’s title. It should not be necessarily the final variant. You can change it after all work is done.   So, let us describe the first and the final variants of a research paper’s title: what they serve for, how they can help you.   Working Research Paper’s Title This type of research paper’s title can help you start the writing process: Working research paper’s title is what gives you a general idea of what to research. Working research paper’s title can be changed in the course of researching. Final Research Paper’s Titles   This very kind of research paper’s title has its own peculiarities. If you want your work to be noticed, you should make your research pap...
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Papers on Socrates – What Are They?
2008-06-02 13:49:00
Writing papers on Socrates is quite an interesting assignment a student can get. Actually, it is not the hardest one. In order to complete this task, you need to know some facts about Socrates and be able to present your ideas on paper.   What is the purpose of writing papers on Socrates? The first and the main purpose is to check your knowledge and writing abilities. You cannot but do your best while writing one of such papers on Socrates.   In order to present a good paper on Socrates, you should know some general rules of writing such kind of work. This article presents some facts and research paper tips that can help you prepare papers on Socrates. Clear up what kind of paper on Socrates you are to present. If it is an essay, then your task is to manage to disclose the topic of your paper in 500 words. Socrates was a great philosopher who introduced numerous theories. So, pick out the most interesting and captivating one and present it in a brief but informative way ...
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History Research Paper Idea
2008-05-30 10:54:00
Thinking of the worthy research paper idea is always challenging. It is not difficult to think about those things that are interesting for you. However, it is really hard to guess what is going to be interesting for the reader. Your research paper ideas should be focused on the reader.   Say you have to write a research paper in history. History is an extremely broad subject. Almost all possible issues have been already studied. Research paper idea on this discipline will be definitely tricky to find. Is there something undiscovered that you can introduce in your paper?   I am sure there are such issues, but you will need significant amount of time to find them. Perhaps this article will be helpful, because we have collected several history research paper ideas. I think you will be able to find a fascinating history research paper idea among some exotic countries, for instance African countries. These countries are not studied well, or at least you will find a lot of issu...
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Essay on Passive Smoking
2008-05-30 10:37:00
An university essay is probably the most frequently assigned kind of academic papers that aims at discussing a certain problem. One of the possible topics for an essay is passive smoking. So, if you have to write an essay on passive smoking, this article can be helpful for you, since it presents the issues that you can consider in your essays on passive smoking. What is passive smoking? This can be the Introduction of your essay on passive smoking. Explain what passive smoking means and say that this problem emerged long ago when non-smokers living in smoky environments discovered the bad affect of smoke on their health. Here you should also present a thesis statement of your essay on passive smoking; What diseases does passive smoking cause? In this part of your essays on passive smoking you will have to present the diseases that passive smoking causes in adults and children. As a rule, passive smoking causes nasal sinus cancer, cervical cancer, stroke, bronchitis in adults and m...
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Papers on Christmas
2008-05-29 13:37:00
Have you ever thought why we are so fond of Christmas ? What are the reasons for our great passion to this holiday? Sometimes we know the answers for sure, but sometimes it is rather difficult to answer at once.   Tutors like to create different original assignments for their students. One of such possible task is to write papers on Christmas.   Writing papers on Christmas becomes more popular shortly before the Christmas day. The atmosphere of this holiday and desire to be involved in different kinds of preparations help student prepare great papers on Christmas!   So, this time I want to talk to you about writing such papers on Christmas. There are a lot of ideas, which you may present in your paper on Christmas.       Here are several research papers tips, which can be disclosed in papers on Christmas. Remember that papers on Christmas may be of different character and you should, first of all, decide what kind of paper on Christmas you are going to w...
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Biomedical Papers: Get an A+
2008-05-29 13:26:00
Writing biomedical papers is an assignment that should present not only theory but also research, conducted to disclose its research paper topic.   Biomedical papers are connected to different fields of studies. If you are going to work on such type of research papers, you should know which subjects are more appropriate for your investigation. Here are some of them: Medicine (deals with human health – possible treatment, diagnosis and study); Veterinary (deals with animal treatment); Odontology (or dentistry, deals with oral activity and its impact on human body); Biochemistry (deals with chemical processes in living organisms); Biology (contains different sub sciences, which are worth our attention). Before you start working on biomedical papers, you should understand the main purpose of such assignment. Biomedical papers are aimed at investigating a certain issue. So, you need to choose a subject, work with theoretical materials and use your background knowledge in order ...
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Research Essay Writing Process
2008-05-28 10:30:00
Research essays are one of the possible tasks for students. If you want to create a good research essay, it is necessary to clear up the essence of such writing and comprehend what is necessary to accomplish this assignment successfully.   First of all, you should know what a research essay means. Let us disclose this meaning.   A research essay is a type of work, where a student should conduct research at first, analyze information, and only then create a paper, based on the research done.   As you can see, your own point of view is not of such great importance when it comes to a research essay. Let us talk about the most important parts you should pay attention to when working on your research essay. It goes without saying – your research essay should have a topic. It is very important not to make it too general, too broad. Make sure that conducted research and the results got will help you disclose the chosen essay topic completely. Very often students get lowe...
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Write a Research Paper about…
2008-05-27 10:00:00
Students get a lot of different written assignment during their education. Sometimes they have plenty of research paper ideas, and sometimes they try to find some hints on writing this or that task.   In order to help you, we would like to offer you several ideas for writing research papers. Research papers about different scientific experiments are one of the most popular assignments. It is not very difficult for a student to develop a research paper about the experiments conducted by him/her, evaluating and analyzing the results got. Though for some students it is not so easy to present his/her ideas on paper clearly and logically. Research paper about popular writers turn out to be quite interesting and easy to work on. A lot of literature can be found and it does not take a lot of time to prepare such kind of work. Research papers about films are also frequent tasks. You watch a film, analyze it, and present your ideas in a research paper. If you like cinema, then writin...
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Library Research Paper’s Format
2008-05-26 11:36:00
Library research papers are one of the possible assignments students can get. In order to create good library research papers, it is necessary to decide on a course of investigation.   If you deal with writing library research papers, you should know about the format to follow. As all academic writing papers, library research papers have their certain structure and peculiarities.   In order to present perfect library research papers, you should know about each part of this work.   Library Research Paper: Title Page   The title of library research papers should be capitalized, centralized and placed on the first line. Under the title the name of the author takes place. Also, you should not forget about the date.   Library Research Papers: Abstract   The abstract of library research papers contains not more than two paragraphs and presents a brief summary of the work itself.   Library Research Paper: Introduction   This part describes the obje...
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Papers on Anxiety – Free Guidelines
2008-05-23 11:22:00
I am sure that everybody is familiar with a feeling of anxiety. You have the first date and you feel anxious. Your boss is furious and is about to kill you, and you still feel anxious. I guess there is no need to enumerate all the situations when you can experience this feeling.   So, if this feeling is one of the most popular among us, it definitely should be studied. Perhaps, if you take your psychology class, you will need to write some research paper analysis on anxiety. That is why we think that some facts for papers on anxiety will not be out of place. Paper on anxiety can investigate this feeling from two points of view: positive and negative. Further in this article we will give necessary explanations on these standpoints. Probably, one of them can be included in your papers on anxiety. So, let us pass to the positive side of anxiety, which can be described in your papers on anxiety. Typically, this feeling is a normal one. Yes, we feel anxious in many situations, bu...
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Animal Cruelty Paper – Tips for Writing
2008-05-23 10:58:00
Animal cruelty is one more hot-button issue of the present days. There are so many organizations that are fighting for the animal rights, and still animals are maltreated.   This research paper topic is not very hard to disclose. However, there are a lot of questions to be considered. Thus, for your animal cruelty paper you will have to choose a certain problem. In this article you can find several issues that can be covered in your animal cruelty paper. Animal cruelty papers can be devoted to some general questions. First, you can tell about the common ways of maltreating animals. Second, you can consider some legal issues of the problem. You can compare the laws on animal cruelty in different countries. In fact, they vary greatly. For instance, in your animal cruelty paper you can tell that in some countries like the United Kingdom it is a criminal offence, and people can even be imprisoned up to 5 years. However, there are some countries that do not have such strict laws. ...
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Research Paper Guidelines
2008-05-22 11:13:00
If you are waiting for somebody to write your research paper, you will never achieve anything in your life. You have to search for the hints, tips and signs everywhere. That is why you need research paper guidelines. Although, in this case you may be sure that a good assistant is already found, since the research paper guideline presented here is exactly what you were searching for. So, go on reading! Research paper guidelines: Step 1 – Deciding on a topic. This can turn to be rather challenging, especially if you are not that good at the field you are to deal with. You will have a topic that might take you much time to disclose it; Research paper guidelines: Step 2 – Searching for the sources. When searching for the sources that could help you cover the chosen topic completely, take into account their age. The books on Marxism theory will hardly be applicable in relation to the modern political system of present day countries; Research paper guideline: Step 3 – Analyzing inf...
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Essay on Wisdom
2008-05-22 10:57:00
Essay on wisdom cannot but be considered through the alembic of philosophy. If you are writing an essay, you are already dealing with philosophy, but if you are writing an essay on wisdom, you are becoming a philosopher yourself.   Wisdom essays cannot but touch upon the deepest strings of the human heart, cultivate love to wisdom in a reader as well as in a writer. That is why wisdom essays are that exciting to write.   What ideas can help you write good wisdom essays? Well, why not to compare 2 potential kinds of wisdom in your wisdom essay?   One of them is human wisdom and the other is religious. Human wisdom. This kind of wisdom can be found within the human relations and their worldviews. This kind of wisdom is the result of speculations about how to behave in this cruel and full of surprises world. As a rule, old people use to repeat some wise phrases from time to time if they want their listeners to come to the conclusion they mean. So, writing about human ...
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Correct Research Paper Citations
2008-05-21 09:51:00
Correct research paper citations are sometimes the key point in writing. There have been many examples of brilliant research works failed because of improper research paper citation. Novice students cannot understand why this detail is so important. However, research paper citations are something that points at your scientific honesty. Your own ideas are priceless, that is for sure. But your tribute to other researchers is no less valuable.   Another thing that makes research paper citations so important is the fact that they actually point at the level of your preparation. The necessary amount of research paper citations shows that you have read quite enough to do something on your own.   There are many peculiarities of research papers citations: The first peculiarity of research paper citations lies in the procedure of research paper citations itself. There are so many research paper writing styles that you can easily get lost in all the requirements for research paper ...
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Do You Need Biomedical Topics?
2008-04-30 13:21:00
The variety of biomedical topics is really great. That is why, perhaps, you cannot choose the most appropriate one. We will try to help you and tell about the main principles of choosing biomedical topics. What is more, we are ready to give some possible topics for your biomedical research.   Actually, the main principle of choosing biomedical topics is their urgency and up-to-dateness. You have to think what issues worry people most of all these days; what information would the reader like to know about these issues. For instance, nowadays I think the themes of cloning, stem cells, genetically modified organisms and animals in the research process worry a lot of people. Thus, you can think of the biomedical topics within these spheres.   Another significant aspect that you need to take into consideration while choosing biomedical topics is your ability to disclose them properly.   You should evaluate your possibility to find necessary materials. You also have to deci...
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