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The Room Space - Better Home Interior Design and O

The Room Space - Better Home Interior Design and O
Rooms and space in your house shouldn't be boring and cluttered. Get some ideas here to make your home a cool living environment.
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How to Maintain Marble Floors
2008-04-09 20:14:00
For honed marble used as traffic surfaces, care should be taken to prevent accumulations of liquids or other materials that result in safety hazards and staining. Regular daily mopping should be performed. Floor marble is any honed finish that is used as a traffic surface. These surfaces should be mopped and scrubbed in a manner that will not leave a hazardous slippery film. Again, wet with hot,
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An Island in Your Kitchen!
2008-04-06 16:30:00
Kitchen islands are among the most popular additional choice in kitchen remodeling projects. They offer versatility in style and function. People often add them as part of an overall refacing project. You can choose to blend the island with your countertops and cabinetry or choose a granite island with wood or laminate surfaces. Kitchen islands are available in a variety of colors, sizes and
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A Pergola Will Make Your Garden Look More Dramatic
2008-03-26 17:54:00
For anyone looking to add space, style and elegance to their garden, these versatile wooden structures are practical projects that can be built in a single weekend. Fall is an ideal time to consider outdoor architectural upgrades. While it may be your last major project of the season, your appreciation for the effort will grow when spring 2004 arrives. The structure is already in place, ready to
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Some Things to Think About Ceiling Fan
2008-03-24 18:21:00
I love the decorative look of a ceiling fan as much as the next person, but there are things to consider when you put one in your house; especially the bedroom. Ceiling fans make wonderful decorating and utilitarian statements in a room. You can look at the fan and see how beautiful it matches the décor of the room, and then turn it on and realize how comfortable you can feel in the winter or
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10 Important Feng Shui Design Tips
2008-03-20 18:12:00
If you wish to learn how to manage interior design according to feng shui design guidelines, there are some major tips you must know. We wish to help you achieve a balanced and harmonic feng shui design for any environment you wish it to be. Read the next paragraphs and learn the feng shui design most important tips. Feng shui design should always be done having the people who will be in it in
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How to Choose a Spice Rack for Your Kitchen
2008-03-18 21:14:00
Today you have almost as many choices of spice racks as you do of the spices they contain. Spice racks are wonderful kitchen home organization gadgets. And a spice rack is a wonderful gift too for a cook. In our household, my husband is the chef. But I'm the shopper. And we own three functional and handsome spice racks that are in use every day. Before you buy your next spice rack for yourself or
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Turning Your Bedroom Into a Romantic Space
2008-03-17 20:28:00
Want to spice up your bedroom to let some romance in? Decorating your bedroom for romance doesn't even have to be difficult or expensive. You can really let your creativity run wild here. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to soothe all of the senses to both take away other distractions and relax completely. This should be your oasis, your refuge to reconnect and enjoy
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A Bit About Bathroom Cabinets
2008-03-10 17:44:00
So, you have decided to remodel your bathroom and you have also decided to replace those old, worn out cabinets which have seen better days. Bathroom cabinets play a major role in maintaining an organized bathroom. Besides being of maximum utility, they are one of the most eye catching fixtures of the bathroom. They also consume most amount of the bathroom remodeling budget. Since cabinets
Choosing a Kitchen Sink
2008-03-07 13:11:00
In any household, a kitchen sink is one of the central fixtures and always sees plenty of action. It is used both for preparing food and for cleaning up after every meal. It can add to or take away from the overall effect of your kitchen’s design. Durability and attractiveness are both important qualities in kitchen sinks. More than simply functional necessities, sinks now offer more design
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A Guide to Buy a Waterbed Mattress
2008-03-05 20:49:00
If you need a new waterbed mattress, there are a variety of things you should know. For starters, waterbed mattresses come in different levels of firmness. Since even the firmest waterbed is less firm than a traditional bed, most experts recommend buying the firmest waterbed mattress that you can afford. Let’s take a look at the different types of waterbed mattresses: Free Flow: as its name
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The Luxury Comforter that We All Would Love to Have
2008-03-05 20:47:00
For those striving to create a bedroom retreat, a haven from the rest of the world, luxury is a necessity. Along with good color choices and fine furniture, a lavishly dressed bed is top priority. One of the most important ingredients for an extravagant bed is a luxury down comforter, and price is no object. Down comforters are made from a variety of materials. They can be made from the down of
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4 Simple Steps to Help You Keep Your Bathroom Clean
2008-03-02 15:28:00
One of everyone's least favorite chores is cleaning the bathroom. You put it off ... and put it off... until it takes nothing short of an atomic bomb to get it clean. It doesn't have to be that way. 4 steps, about 2-3 minutes a day- and you will never have to deal with soap scum build up or scrubbing the bathroom ever again. The tools you will need- a shower squeegeepaper towelsglass
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Make Full Use of Your Attic
2008-02-22 21:39:00
Do you have an attic in your house? Lucky You! You can decorate your attic however you like and create your own favorite corner in the house, or even an extra place for your children or your guests. Depending on your attics’ space and on your own personal taste, you can finally have an attic that fulfils your needs. Need an extra bedroom? The attic can turn into a beautiful private bedroom for a
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Making Your House Smells Good
2008-02-20 22:46:00
The home fragrance market is booming. From perfume, toiletries, and cosmetics to pre packaged foods. It is currently a multi billion dollar industry that continues to show strong growth. The strongest growth has taken place in the last 5 years and is expected to continue through 2007 and beyond. Western Europe, Japan, and the US continue to lead with 65 percent of demand and over three-quarters
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Why Should You Install a Heater in Your Garage
2008-02-20 07:24:00
Why do you need a heater for your remodeled garage? The answer for this question is pretty obvious: one of the major disadvantages of using your garage as a workshop or a home office is that it wasn’t meant for that. The garage is the special place reserved for your car, the garage is the room where you keep your lawn and garden accessories. If you start using this space for other projects that
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Your Garden Could Use a Bridge
2008-02-18 15:33:00
Just because you dont have huge, elaborate gardens does not mean you cant accentuate what you do have with l garden bridges. Garden bridges could be just what you need to turn those mediocre garden areas into something quite splendid. Garden bridges can add a touch of country or formal design to a garden. Small garden bridges are easy to find. There are many garden bridges that you can find in
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Granite Kitchen Countertops
2008-02-14 11:39:00
The popularity of granite kitchen countertops has increased dramatically in recent years, with the media focus on kitchen remodeling and personal incomes rising. Originally the choice for granite countertops was limited to wealthy individuals. Today, homeowners of moderate means choose granite countertops for their durability as well as beauty. In addition to their utility and longevity, granite
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Getting a New Refrigerator
2008-02-12 11:51:00
Going appliance shopping is a lot like buying shoes. Some people hate it, while others savor the opportunity of inspecting various models to find just the right fit for their kitchen and lifestyle. If it has been a few years since you bought a new appliance, and especially a refrigerator, you may want to give some thought in advance to the type of features you want it to have, including size,
Choosing a Gas Water Heater
2008-02-12 11:45:00
Choosing a gas water heater is perhaps the wisest choice when installing or replacing a hot water heater in your home because they are much more economical than their electric counterparts. In fact, most gas water heaters operate on less than half of the cost associated with conventional electric water heaters. Considering that hot water heaters are the second largest user of energy in the home,
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Bring the Beach Back to Your Bedroom
2008-02-08 12:55:00
Using accessories is a fun way to accent your bedroom for a beach theme. You will find that you can dramatically change the look of your room simply by making small changes with the accents. See how easy it is to get a designer beach theme look in your bedroom without shelling out the big bucks. If you’re not sure exactly what you want in your beach desing, try looking in decorating magazines
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Children's bedding safety tips
2008-01-30 22:30:00
Which safety tips to employ for your child will depend on age, size and other common sense factors. But the list below will help provide some guidance from which to select. If your child is under 12 months old, you'll want to ensure that comforters and other blankets are not too thick or large. It's natural to want to ensure that your baby is warm and comfortable. But solve part of that need
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Making the right desicion when choosing a mattress
2008-01-30 22:21:00
There are now distinct types of mattresses (and a few sub-types) on the market. Which is best for any individual is, well, individual. To help narrow the options, here's some information about two of the most popular different types. Inner Spring This is one of the oldest modern styles. It's the familiar coil array that fills the interior of millions of mattresses today. In generations past,
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Granite countertops for your kitchen
2008-01-16 15:22:00
Granite countertops are among the most beautiful things you can add to your kitchen. Kitchen countertops gain a beautiful glow from these pieces of art. They are made in nature and, once harvested by people, are refined into beautiful kitchen countertops that will add value to any kitchen. They come in many colors, colors that are made in nature and of true iridescent quality. Of course there
Accents and accessories for the bedroom
2008-01-16 15:18:00
Luckily for those who love to decorate the bedroom, the job isn't finished when the bedding and furniture are picked out. There's an array of items that can form a secondary theme, or flesh out the first one. Rugs are the first thing that come to mind. A stylish throw rug next to the bed, especially on hardwood floors, makes for a nice accent. They're practical and add to the overall look. They
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Where have all the good contractors gone?!
2008-01-12 20:12:00
Have you ever had a bad experience with a contractor (ex. painter, roofer, plumber, landscaper, carpenter etc.)? Did problems such as these occur: contractor showing up late or not at all; poor workmanship and work ethics; missed deadlines? Have you landed in court because of a bad contractor? I can relate. Although finding a reliable and punctual contractor who takes pride in his or her work
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The season to clean up and organize your garage
2008-01-12 20:02:00
As days grow shorter and temperatures become cooler, it means the inevitable is just around the corner: everything that came out of your garage this spring needs to go back in before winter rolls around. That means you need to find room for the gardening supplies, the patio furniture, the sandbox toys and more. Not to mention corralling all the tools that you’ve used throughout the summer to tune
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Visual space adds value to your house
2008-01-07 21:57:00
All homebuyers want as much house for their money as they can get. Many buyers are looking for a larger home because they've outgrown their current one, and especially desire more closet and cupboard space as well as larger rooms. Visual space makes your home appear larger by allowing the buyer's eye to move from one side of the room to the other without interruption, giving the illusion of more
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What about furniture styles for your bedroom?
2008-01-07 21:26:00
It's often reported that the average person spends about one third of his or her life sleeping. But add in other activities and we actually spend much more than that in the bedroom. Shouldn't it, then, be a stylish and comfortable place to be? Fortunately, thanks to modern materials and designs (not to mention what we sometimes don't like to admit: good marketing), any style imaginable can be
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Wood shutters for that classic look
2008-01-02 11:12:00
Shutters are a wonderful addition to any home. They give the home an air of warmth and comfort, a feeling of home. They can be traditional or modern, farmhouse shabby or city chic. Shutters can be made from a variety of materials, from vinyl to faux wood. The most popular, however is wood. Wood shutters, in general, are better made than their vinyl or faux counterparts. Though they are more
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Baskets can help you with your home organization
2008-01-02 10:53:00
Baskets are a perfect "tool" to use in organizing your home. They're often inexpensive, beautiful and functional items. And baskets are usually made of quite durable materials for the typical person's usage. You can use them in every room of your home. Use them to organize and store everything from your kitchen utensils to your bathroom towels to your child's toys. In a way, baskets are a
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