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SEETHING CAULDRON (An introduction to Butoh)
2007-01-03 04:36:06
The seminal form of Butoh, Ankoku Butoh (The Dance of Utter Darkness) was birthed in the chaotic vacuum of post-war, post capitalist, American occupied Japan in the mid 50s by Hijikata Tatsumi (1928-1986). Hijikata's revolutionary spirit and fiery creativity incinerated all that was stale, mediocre and fossilised by convention in the japanese dance world, and what he conjured from the ashes has, in the words of Maro Akaji "spread like a virus throughout the world". The influences upon the formulation of Ankoku Butoh were a complex and eclectic mix. Hijikata, in the spirit of a magpie, collected inspirations from many varied sources. From the arenas of performance he drew from phlebian forms of entertainment: Mimosa, Yose, Carnival, from Karuga, folklore, and also from early Kabuki (before its sanitisation), as well as the contemporaneous Happenings and Action Art. He soaked in literature and poetry, particularly French Decadent authors (Lautremont, Baudelaire, Sade etc.), held ...
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2007-01-03 04:36:06
Betwixt-Between the worlds is a mysterious twilight wherein anything is possible and nothing is forbidden, the artist weaves from threads of both Horror & Ecstasy ... yet, never without the quintessential elements of Beauty, Love & Sorrow. A fabric wrought of the Deep Self is laid out for others to see, to pause & contemplate ... or just pass by. Displayed here is part of this fabric, woven in a variety of mediums & genres at differing times, created mostly in solitude, occasionally in collaboration with other artists.. for more: (Home)
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2007-01-03 04:36:06
"I am an artist ... the creative in me, a wild river that cannot be contained or restrained.""I am shaman, magician, witch ... dedicated to the Old Gods, the dead & to the dwellers of dreams.""I am multifarious ... a kaleidoscope of possibilities." ELEANOR BOYCE Painter, sculptor, illustrator, writer, researcher, director, performer ... a multi-coloured Shamanic Chaos Witch with Jungian & Thelemic tendencies ... Eleanor Boyce lives & works in a coastal region close to the North Yorkshire Moors, England. One time editor & publisher of the illustrated journals OCULAR & MASQUE & original 'in-house' artist for record companies LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER, PENINSULAR & EBONY. A variety of her illustrations & writings have been published on the small press circuit & she is also author of the book BURN WITCH, BURN: Media Hype & the New Inquisition (Wyrd Press), a cutting edge investigation of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth & panic of the 80s. Having walked the halls of ...
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