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The business of Art. For the artist who is looking to become a better businessman, save money, or make money. Tip, tricks, hints, reviews, news and opinions from a guy in the trenches.


Making Your Own Canvas Panels - Part 2: Fabric & Glue
2008-03-07 18:38:00
In the last installment, we looked at using hardboard for our canvas panels (complete with cutting guides). In this installment, I want to talk about various fabrics that I’ve experimented with and how to go about gluing the fabric to the hardboard. Now even though I favor hardboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard) also works as a ...
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Alternatives to Ebay? Really?
2008-03-04 23:35:00
Ebay’s recent announcements of changes to their various policies have gotten plenty of ink and drawn plenty of ire from even longtime and loyal sellers. There was already an organized strike by sellers, all though it seems to have had little impact. My own views about Ebay are pretty well documented, and one response of ...
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5-Questions with Linda Blondheim
2008-03-03 17:03:00
This is the first of a new series that I intend to carry through about once a month. The idea is to put some questions in front of working artists, particularly those who have something specific to say about their manner of marketing. Direct advice from the people who know best — the people who ...
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Easel Clamp For Reference Photos
2008-02-28 16:22:00
by Jim Robertson This is a real simple clamp to build with the added bonus that it really works. One trip to the hardware store, six bucks and five minutes should do it. Materials needed are as follows: 2 - Plastic (mine were brand name “Wolfcraft”) clamps. They are 3.5 inches long and have an opening of ...
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The Sale is the Begining of Your Marketing Opportunity - Not the End!
2008-02-26 22:04:00
Articles like these are exactly the reason I look forward to getting the Fine Art Views newsletter in my in box everyday. Thanks Clint for another great piece of practical advice. by Clint Watson When you sell a piece of art, do you take the opportunity to use the shipment as a marketing point? What do ...
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Making Your Own Canvas Panels - Part 1: The Panels
2008-02-25 17:25:00
Over the past couple of months I’ve switched over from buying stretched canvases, to making my own canvas panels. Personally I prefer canvas panels, in part because my style of painting can be very aggressive. In other words, I beat the crap out of my canvases. Good quality canvas panels simply hold up better. Also, ...
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The Frugal Artist
2008-02-25 16:39:00
As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been very active on this blog for the past couple of months. Lots of reasons for that, but part of the reason was that I’ve been sorting out what I want this blog to be. There are a number of sources for straight business intelligence out there and I ...
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Speed Paintings Promotional/Educational
2007-11-27 05:21:00
You Tube has the potential to be a real boon for artists. That’s right, You Tube. There are already dozens of artists on You Tube using the video medium to promote their work. Video slide shows, set to music. How To’s (like this one), and most especially popular — Speed Paintings . These are my personal favorites ...
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Deadline - Durham Arts Council - NC
2007-10-30 22:31:00
Call for artists for solo exhibit in the Allenton and Semans Galleries in Durham NC. See website for details. Share |
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Deadline - Durham Art Guild - NC
2007-10-30 22:07:00
Call for artists for solo exhibit (2-D and 3-D) at the Central Carolina Bank Gallery, Durham NC. email Share |
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One, a Few, Many or All? - Who?s Your Niche?
2007-10-22 21:46:00
Seth Godin (of whom I am a huge fan) had a post a while ago on his blog that focused and clarified my thinking about niche markets and art marketing in a way that few other things have. Now, I personally believe that Seth is a marketing genius, largely because he has the ...
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Refining the Art of the Free Giveaway
2007-10-22 18:52:00
I got this on one of the various art business newsletters I subscribe to and thought it was terrific. So I’m sharing it here in its entirety (with permission). I’m planning on implementing something like this on my blog soon. When I do, I’ll report back on my success. The artist mentioned also has e-cards ...
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Ebay As A Marketing Tool
2007-10-17 20:03:00
Ebay, as I have noted elsewhere, is bad or artists. The garage-sale mentality makes it very hard to actually make any reasonable return on your investment of time and effort. Those few artists who do make money on Ebay typically do so because they have established a reputation and a mailing list of interested buyers ...
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Prints, Printers and the Printers Who Print
2007-10-14 18:27:00
There’s a lot of confusion, even among artists about prints, printmaking and what exactly prints are. This isn’t helped by the fact that traditional woodblock or linoleum cut printmakers call what they make prints. Or that photographers call what they make prints, all though these days few of them are going into a darkroom and ...
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Getting Ink: Goals, Strategy & Tactics
2007-10-11 16:44:00
I’m an ex-marine (oh-rah!), and my father was career Navy. So I hope you understand if I see a lot of marketing in military terms. Really not a bad way to approach business. After all Sun Tzu’s Art of War has been required MBA reading for a few decades now. It also seems particularly appropriate ...
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PayPal vs. ProPay: Neither, Either, or Both?
2007-10-09 18:22:00
I?ve been a PayPal user for a long time, more than five years if I reckon correctly. I use it on my website for direct sales, and for payment for a number of the affiliate programs I participate in. For online use, I consider it absolutely essential to have a PayPal account. I also regularly ...
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Ebay Sales - Creative Slave Wages
2007-10-08 06:33:00
So Ebay , biggest marketplace on the planet. Gonna’ make a fortune selling my paintings on Ebay!! Well, the truth is, not so much. Short version of why is simple. Ebay has been repeatedly described as the worlds biggest “garage sale”, even by its own CEO. How successful do you think you’ll be in getting a ...
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Hello world!
2007-10-07 19:05:00
Welcome to The Art Merc… as in mercenary. I know, I know, artists are supposed to be all about the creative fulfillment. Suffering and starving for our art. If I’d wanted to be rich, I’d have gotten an MBA, or followed the advice my grandaddy’s gave me when I told him I wanted to do ...
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