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Eres mi héroe
2008-06-02 22:48:00
Eres mi héroe is a nice Spanish coming of age film in which the story is told trough the view point of the 13 year old Ramón. His dad changes frequently jobs and Ramón often have to face the situation of being the new kid in the school. Ramón has trouble fitting in which ...
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2008-06-02 00:44:00
During the recent trip across Europe I spent a day in Andorra . Most of you may have never heard of this small West European country situated high in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain. The landscape there is breath taking and the ski tracks seemed huge and well developed. Actually ...
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My voice broke! I can?t sing anymore. Will it ever come back?
2008-06-01 08:09:00
What they probably forgot to tell you or weren’t sure how to tell you. This is very important. Your voice plate has thickened because your body is now producing massive amounts of testosterone. You?re becoming a young man. Because testosterone thickens the voice plate, it also changes the shape and the audio dynamics of it. Just ...
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The Gentle Voice of Noa Johannesson
2008-05-26 02:41:00
Noa Johannesson of Jonkoping Sweden born 29 May 1992 Noa is every father?s dream of a child made to order and his father speaks proudly of him. I can honestly say that it gives me great pleasure, when something comes up that gives me cause to contact this wonderfully musical family. I know it is going to ...
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A trip across Europe
2008-05-16 01:44:00
At the end of this week I am going to travel with my dad and a friend of ours across Europe . We are going to be driving through at least 6 countries amongst which France, Italy , Hungary , Austria and Spain. This trip will happen in the course ...
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An introduction: Guest Contributor - John Odom
2008-05-13 07:39:00
Hello and thank you for visiting my post here on Skykid’s Blog. I have been informed that as a guest writer here, I have been remiss in making an introduction. Be it far from me to be the least bit mysterious so let me straighten things out now, for those that are indeed interested. I live in ...
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Coming of age movies vs the rest
2008-05-10 01:42:00
Tonight I watched two movies with my dad ? one he wanted me to see and another one which I wanted him to see. His movie was The Bucket List . It was a nice story about the last moments in the lives of two different men, dyeing of cancer. After meeting in a hospital ...
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On The Wings Of A Treble - Sam Verlinden
2008-05-06 04:34:00
There is a rising star out there you need to keep an eye on. A wonderful young voice by the name of Sam Verlinden. A young talent who lives in the zone of music that the rest of us get to visit once in a while. Out of Kiwi land Auckland New Zealand and now just 10 ½ ...
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Rapidshare Happy Hours
2008-05-04 14:35:00
The main service I use to share files in Rapidshare . Despite its limitations - like the new Captcha and the annoying time limits - the majority of content I am interested in is to be found on their servers . With premium account one can download without the fear of any restrictions aside ...
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The Spiderwick Chronicles
2008-05-04 13:05:00
The Spiderwick Chronicles is a thrilling adventure for children of all ages.
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Oliver Twist (2005)
2008-04-28 23:53:00
Few minutes ago I saw the Roman Polanski version of Oliver Twist . I did not like this version and my honest opinion is that the one made back in 1968 was way better - in terms of acting ,cast - cinematic realization in general. ( Read more about it in the blog ...
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YouTube ? The Largest Casting Call in History
2008-04-27 10:27:00
2008 brings a new way of doing business in Hollywood. Before a casting call is made they look to the tube. You Tube that is. The numbers of people showing their skills is growing and the leaders of the pack are younger than my truck. Kids are finding their niche in the working world before they ...
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Status update
2008-04-26 01:34:00
Its time for another status update. Lately I have been getting some additional traffic - and its mainly directed to the teach and internet topics. Which means that I am going to start paying more attention to them. My movies category is the most developed one - and the posts in it get their fair ...
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Friendship between a girl and a boy - Mission Impossible ?
2008-04-25 01:12:00
Not the most original topic in the world - but decided to post it as I am curious of your opinions .  Is a real , pure friendship possible between a boy and a girl  - or  there is always some gender  tension  between them? The first answer that comes to my mind - is yes ...
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What life is ?
2008-04-24 21:03:00
(click to enlarge) ( o: Let`s have more of the play and less of the work ! Found this image on Pixdaus ( which by the way is an excellent resource for  great photography and graphics)
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I wish I was?
2008-04-22 00:25:00
I wish I was him : ( o:
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New RapidShare Captcha
2008-04-18 21:51:00
Rapidshare - one of the most popular file hosting services  changed its Captcha ( required only for free downloading ). The new one looks like this : They did that do discourage automated downloads - softwares such as Universal Share Downloader used to be able to bypass the Captcha restrictions ( in combination with ABBYY ...
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004)
2008-04-17 13:12:00
The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things is a disturbing movie. In fact it just it can`t get more disturbing than it . This suggest that the movie is hard to watch - but worth watching. My opinion may be a bit biased as I tend to like serious and powerful dramas just as ...
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2008-04-16 00:57:00
Muxtape playlists became very popular this days and I just could not resist to making my own one. The idea is similar to the tapes on which we all used to record our favorite vibes - only the modern version involves digital files and sharing ( legal too as the music is only streaming ...
Warden of the Dead
2008-04-14 22:17:00
Warden of the Dead - The key to the secret of the life is in the hands of a child . Warden of the Dead is one of the excellent coming of age drama that recently draw my attention .The movie is filmed in Bulgaria and is the country`s Official Submission to the Best Foreign Language Film Category (2008).
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The Donate Button
2008-04-14 17:18:00
Some of you may have noticed the donate button on the sidebar of my blog. I own you an explanation . Sky Kid`s Sky Net is my personal blog and until now I have devoted to it many hours and emotions just as many bloggers out there ( probably even yourself ) are doing. ...
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Demonoid - back online
2008-04-13 00:11:00
Demonoid - one of the best torrent trackers is back online. The systems are up and running and I hope that now the tracker the site will get more into the private membership as to ensure a higher security. The site has a new administrator - but aside from that fact everything seems just the ...
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Latter Days
2008-04-08 10:25:00
Without a doubt, one of the most moving videos I have ever seen. A beautiful romance between the most unlikely pair. A Mormon missionary and a flaming queen. Not normally my kind of flick but the writing on this was so superb that you can not help but be brought to tears at least ...
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Mean Creek
2008-04-06 19:12:00
Mean Creek is as involving as it is disturbing. Great - but depressing movie.
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Io non ho paura
2008-04-06 02:53:00
A story of children and adults, of innocence and evil, friendship and cruelty, is the world of the prepubertal seen through the eyes of the protagonist.
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Vienna Boys? Choir commercial for Football Championship 2008
2008-04-04 02:32:00
Better resolution and download link available at the official web page of  Vienna Boys ’ Choir
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Birthday boy
2008-04-04 01:36:00
Tomorrow ( 5th of April) is my birthday. I decided to celebrate the occasion at my blog by posting some pictures of me ( : Don`t mind the quality - in this case - it does not matter ( :
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2008-04-04 01:24:00
A photo of a flower I took yesterday. I hope that you will like it. Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!
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Little Buddha
2008-04-03 01:29:00
a story about a boy's journey of discovery, a lama's search for his beloved teacher, and the legend of Prince Siddhartha and his path to enlightenment.
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I?d Do Anything - episode 3
2008-04-01 22:35:00
I waited for a whole week to see the third episode of the BBC talent search - but having seen it now I am very disappointed . I have seen the musical too many times - and a modern scene full with lights and songs completely different than the ones written by Lionel Bart ...
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