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Antiques are remebrance of yesterday and many antiques are beautifully manufactured with quality and workmanship. We have a wide range of antiques that may interest you whether to adorn your home or as an investment.


Antique dolls
2007-10-25 07:48:00
Over a period of time dolls have come to evolve from customs and traditions of humans. So you have dolls from the Victorian era that look like a Victorian lady and the modern ones that are hi-tech and reflect the current ideology like Lora Croft who has caught the fancy of boys and girls. Hence doll collectors look for dolls that interest them, it could be one from each era or all from one era.You must have loved dolls when you were young, loved to curl their hair, stitch them new clothes and make them as beautiful as ever. Although your childhood is over you do not mind getting younger just for the dolls. No doubt collecting dolls is your hobby and that of a few people around the world.From the dolls that are collected, most of them are antique dolls because antique dolls have a charm and charisma that modern dolls lack. They have been dressed like queens and princes, minus the ultra short minis and the macho look that dolls today have.Of course there is Barbie in all her nuances d...
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Antique clocks
2007-10-25 07:48:00
The value of a clock some think does not go beyond the obvious that it should be tell the time. But to those who appreciate the time-piece can give their all to collect them. The sophisticated chrome watch, leather straps, pink dials is the modern crust that did not exist in the years gone by.Infact having a watch was so expensive once upon a time that only the elite were privileged to own them. The commoners had to depend on the few locks put up in the city.Watch collectors look for something that is not common and that is exactly what you find in antique clocks. Each watch was made individually so there are no two watches that look the same. The grandfather clocks were a showpiece that decorated most homes in India. The pendulum goes down in history as a piece of work to remember. Wind the clock and it gets back to work.The dong bells are another fancy to watch collectors. They would emanate the dong every hour so the people in the house would know what the time is. The sun dial i...
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Antique Lighting
2007-10-25 07:48:00
The tube light was discovered in the early 20th century so lighting before this era is known as antique lighting. You have to be a soft light lover to be a collector of antique lighting. Also like other hobbies that allow you to store the collection in any part of the house irrespective of the house, it is not possible with antique lighting. As here you will have to have a house that allows you to decorate it with antique lighting.So the walls, the furniture and the upholstery have to be in tune with the lighting you are planning to place in the house. The era and the style of antique lighting go a long way in decorating your home. Hence you have to convince the other members in your house about the grandiosity you are planning to implement in the house.Before you begin your collection you have to understand the nuance of lighting of a particular era. There are styles and design variations in every era, so there are sub styles and sub designs to the main style you are looking for.Re...
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Antique Radio
2007-10-25 07:47:00
The radio was an instrument of luxury in the days gone by. As there was no other medium of entertainment than the radio. It also told the dwellers about the happenings outside incase of natural mishaps, like a landslide, storm, heavy showers etc.So radio grew in fashion and in technology. Hence you have your portable radio that you can move around with these days. But antique radios in India were as big as 3 feet and 4 feet. They were bulkier models pre World War I, which were refined over a period of time.Some individuals who fancy the radio and the art in which it was made, collect antique radios because each of them add a different panache to their home. Wooden consoles were used expansively in the olden days. They came in all sizes and the wooden look made the home appear even more lavish. This was around the 1930s and 1940s and it was at a cost of around twenty thousand rupees which was a colossal amount at that time. Hence it was only the rich that could afford it.Another typ...
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Antique jewellery
2007-10-25 07:47:00
If you love to accessorise yourself with something uncommon, antique jewellery is for you. But you have to love the antique look against the modern look that is sometimes magnifying and sometimes minimalist.The look too of antique accessories is more olden, it has a tinge of dust and mostly is not very shiny, but do not mistake it for being non-glorious, only those who know the value of it will pick it up and use it.Grandchildren dislike the jewellery of their grandmother, they may want to dispose it off or pay less heed to it. But a discerned eye will know the value of the jewellery most have left aside.In India many women have a palate for antique jewellery, especially ladies in their mid thirties to even older. As the young are more trend conscious which has bowled out antique jewellery. However there are few youngsters who have inherited jewellery from their ancestors and hence have an emotional bonding to it and also love it for its beauty. While there are some who have acquire...
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Antique Coins
2007-10-25 07:45:00
Coin collection began as a hobby of the elite as they would collect coins as a pastime. Any kind of an old coin when found was treasured with hope that the value of the coin would earn someday.Soon as millenniums passed away more and more coins came to the disposal of individuals. And the hobby spread far and wide bringing many patrons under the coin collecting umbrella, thus making it the king of hobbies.For a beginner all you need to have is a keen eye. Learn about the various coins in the market and you do not be fooled easily. There as many counterfeit coins existing as there are authentic ones, hence you have to learn how to distinguish between a true one and a false one.Start by visiting antique shops, looking up books and meeting people with the same hobby. And of course you need to love history to know which coin is from which era and it served for which purpose.If you are really interested in coin collecting look up the library, it will give you detailed information of the ...
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Antique books
2007-10-25 07:45:00
The passion for collecting books is known as bibliophilia and the individual who undertakes it, is known as bibliophile. Sometimes the craze for collecting books can also be termed as bibliomania but mania does not mean the actually maniacal craze. It means the joy of collecting books.Collecting not just any books would make you a bibliophile. Books that are rich in literature are mostly the books that are in demand and categorize you as a book lover. Hence it is mostly the craze for antique books that make you a bookman. However the term now bookman refers to a person or organization that publishes, edits and sells books.Collecting casual books are not enough, one has to yearn to collect valuable books. But what is it that make books valuable. Firstly it is the age of the books. The older the better. The heavier the literature, the better. It was the Duke of Burgundy in France who had the maximum number of books, a total of 600 volumes. Many books were destroyed during the Reformat...
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Antique Furniture
2007-10-25 07:43:00
Antique furniture is easily available in India as the country has evolved through the umpteen royal eras that had surfaced in the decades gone by. One can even reminisce the royal years by walking into palaces and grand homes that housed kings and queens. To this date the furniture that is salvaged still stays put as most of them are either bought out or they are converted into museums.Step into the palaces of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India and you can smell the whiff of old furniture. Standing there, from time immemorial. It may no more be able to take the weight of a person, but one look at it and you whish you could have it in your home.The designs are imperial and the carvings have an elite air making. However the carvings are conspicuously different in different eras, cultures and rules. So if you look into the Mughal era you will find designs of paisley leaves and small flowers rampant. It is visible all their works, be it the bed, chairs or doors or balustrade.When one looks for ...
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