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The journey of an underemployed graphic designer looking for his big day. Accents on interesting things found in the PDX design world, type, living in Portland, and my own life and times...the occasional distraction as well
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[liff] I'm Just Saying ...
2008-04-04 06:42:00
1468. If I swear around here, don't fret. I watched Glengarry Glen Ross last night. Or, as it was called by the actors while in production, Death of a F@#$ing Salesman. Crackling good movie. Sorry I waited so long. Tags: liff, glengarry glen ross Powered by Qumana
[liff, work search] On the W+K Seeking Thing
2008-04-04 06:40:00
1467. I should say that I am remiss here. Congratulations are in order. Not for me, but still. Actually waiting this long to comment on it (which would be only fair because I put it out there to begin with) is somewhat remiss of me. Now, as many people have known for a while, the W+K Seeking campaign was over. The competition was fierce – a legion of hopefuls bellied up and only one in 40 were selected.  Those are high odds. I'm proud of myself that I tried. The final notification was issued to me on a card gave me the news in haiku format (three lines, five-seven-five. As haiku affectionados know, real haiku is more than just putting together three lines of five, seven, and five ... but I'm digressing here. It's hard to say the following without sounding a little whiny, but I'm human, right? Really, I was thinking it was going to be a yes. And being told no when one's hopes are high really never loses its sting. But for some reason, the haiku seemed a little too playful a...
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[liff] Holding Pattern? No, It Just Seems That Way
2008-04-04 05:43:00
1466. Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat have really had a workout today. Still waiting on word from another source. High hopes there. Am wondering what happens to all the resumés I send out. I bet I'm not the only one. Tags: design, liff, work search Powered by Qumana
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[bloggage] Good Karma
2008-04-03 07:13:00
1465. Preemptive Karma now links here. As a longtme admirer of that blog's mien, I am thrilled and honored. Thanks, Kevin! Powered by Qumana
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[design_life] Client Meetings Part 2: This Time, It's Not Client Meetings P
2008-04-03 00:38:00
1464. The little projects/gigs I'm shepherding have moved to new levels. One nears completion; the other has accepted a bid. This is pretty exciting actually. Seems every spring since I got my GD degree from PCC something interesting has presented itself to me, things that I would never have gotten to do if I hadn't taken classes there ... I've technical-edited two books, gotten to review mad cool software ... it's not a living, not yet, but I keep striving. The client meeting I had yesterday was an amazing kick. When you're really communicating with someone and the message is getting across, and you're delivering what you promise to and they're liking it ... there's just no better feeling you can get than that. In some ways, he said engimatically, I am a camera. Also, I got to play with an iPod touch. Almost had a techgasm right there. Tags: design, clients, journey, iPod touch, frogs Powered by Qumana
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[liff, meme] Memories of 1 April: I'm Bad, I'm Regionwide
2008-04-02 22:52:00
1463. I will cop to being fooled by the article at Daily Observations that I linked to yesterday (rather effusively) about the idea of a Calatrava-designed symphony hall rising in Portland. Two things to add about that one: I'm hardly a biggie around here so maybe it won't matter too much, but I've got to publicly tip my hat to DO blogger Charles Noble for what has got to be the coolest, smartest, deftest foolie I've ever been snowed by. I am still impressed by the level of intellect required to mix in Santiago Calatrava, a symphony orchestra, and April Fools Day (note to self–check the date next time something like that happens). It's not often that one gets pwned but doesn't feel embarrassed by it. This, peoples, was true art. The joke was noticed outside of our area, by a gimlet eyed editor at the Record Searchlight, the paper of record (and perhaps of any searchlights) of the metropolis of the Shasta Cascade. Silas Lyons has his own witty commentary on Charles'...
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[sf_fandom] Ray Bradbury Dies
2008-04-01 23:48:00
1462. No, not that one; this one (Via David Langford's Hugo-award winning Ansible): Ray Bradbury (1950-2008), UK fan and long-time stalwart of theBirmingham SF Group, died on 17 March -- about a week before his 58th birthday. He was a skilled conjuror and member of the Magic Circle whose occasional performances in fandom were much appreciated. Given the day, seeing that obit in the Ansible really had me going. It should go without saying that the Birmingham involved is the one in the UK, not the one in Alabama. Our own Bradbury, author of The Martian Chronicles and Fahrenheit 451 and Dandelion Wine and far too many nifty stories to count here, is still very much with us. Naturally, our thoughts go out to the family and loved ones of the other fellow (who died much too young). Tags: sf, sci-fi, sf fandom, obituaries Powered by Qumana
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[distractions] Hell's Kitchen Is Back. Just Accept It.
2008-04-01 20:24:00
1461. This is defininitely not a foolie, so no need to check the date here ... but certainly there's something poetic about debuting it on this day, but our favorite celeb chef is back with THE reality television show SunDial Earth Station's crew will deign to watch ... You bet. It's Hell's Kitchen , new for 2008. Chef Ramsay is getting set to go on a tear again and it's soooooo much fun to watch. New crew of donkeeeeeys, and a new lady sous chef, but it's the same Ramsay and the same Jean-Phillipe. We understand that the prize this time around isn't some off-the-Strip casino Executive Chef position. This time, Chef Ramsay's opening a branch of his world-renowned Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Gordon Ramsay at the London West Hollywood in beautiful LA. Yawp ... workin' for The Man himself. This time, the relationship won't end at the end of the show. Just like halfway through last time I won't be blogging, because I really blogged intensively then and nobody cared (yeah, I'm ...
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[liff] Exploits Of The Day, So Far
2008-04-01 18:40:00
 1460. ... out of business? And here's b!X ... maybe not so furious now. but that depilatory gel ... man, you will know pain. Uncyclopedia's this year is a little uninspired tho'. Tags: April Fools Day Powered by Qumana
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[pdx] Portland Looks To Get a Calatrava Landmark
2008-04-01 14:27:00
1459. We note with interest that at the blog Daily Observations (one typically very orchestrally oriented), blogger Charles Noble  has let the cat out of the bag about a new symphony-hall for little old Stumptown: In a stunning turn of events, an ‘angel’ donor who wishes to remain anonymous has donated a staggering $100 million dollars to fund a purpose-built hall for symphonic music in Portland . The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has been attached to the project, which is due to break ground on a plot of land near the Memorial Colosseum [sic] in mid-2010. This is actually pretty exciting news for not only performance lovers but also architecture fans (of which I am one in passing). Calatrava is, according to his Wikipedia writeup: ... an internationally recognized and award-winning Spanish architect, sculptor and structural engineer whose principal office is in Zurich, Switzerland. Classed now among the elite designers of the world, he has offices in Zurich, P...
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[Address_Nerd] Eugene E. Snyder and The Bible for Portland Address Geeks
2008-04-01 12:34:00
1458. In the O! section of The Sunday Big O, columnist John Terry penned a very interesting column (which can be read here for 14 days before it goes behind the wall) about downtown Portland 's doglegs as the Avenues and Broadway cross Burnside and had some apt words about why that was (Executive Summary: Captain Couch preferred to lay out his streets aligning with the North Star; Lovejoy and Pettygrove's platter preferred to use Magnetic North). Even I, as studied as I was on the subject, relearned something; the downtown trend of blocks aligned on the river actually just so happened. The river itself was too vague to align to; Magnetic North was close enough (at the time, the point-which varies from year to year-was very nearly 20 degrees off true north). We digress. The thing that really touched us about this column was the way Terry referred to a book which is, like this blog, very important but entirely underrated. Eugene E. Snyder's books can be found at Powells and on Ama...
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[liff, teh_funnay] An Experienced Convention-Goer
2008-03-31 20:48:00
1457. Picture of  Ozymandias sculpture nicked from here. Idea for joke stolen from the great Tom Weller. I have a copy of Science Made Stupid and Cvltvre Made Stupid. And it's mine. Ha! Sticker-badge made by me with Photoshop. Look upon my m4d s|<illz, oh mighty, and despair. Tags: Photoshoppery, stolen humor, ozymandias, Tom Weller
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[us_politik, zeitgeist] One Thing Some White People Apparently Don't Like,
2008-03-31 20:37:00
1456. (Via the invaluable, freedom loving TPM) Back here, when we opined on some whiny white people who were crying because they didn't get to call black people what they wanted to call black people (hint: it's brought to you by the letter N and the history of slavery in America). I thought it would be a one-off. I, you see, penny-ante lumpenprole philosopher that I am, figured I'd get my irritation off in the comparative (well, net-wise anyway) obscurity of this, The Most Underrated Blog on the Intermets. Then it would be done, done, done. Boy, was I wrong. Maybe it's something in the air or the water (quite conceivable, given the Federal government's concern for the environment) but, all of a sudden, up pops ... Watch as Lou Dobbs work up to a near-blood-vessel-bursting apoplexy over the suggestion by one Arroz de Condoleeza that maybe we still have some American-style trouble with the race-thingy: Note the self-edit after the word "cotton". Priceless! Lou! Calm...
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[net_life] ArtBistro: It's a Big, Fun Game
2008-03-31 05:38:00
1455. A few missives back I described how I was starting to play on ArtBistro ( after having a login there for a while. It might be turning into a habit. ArtBistro is actually very clever about getting people involved in community there. You get points for playing. It's kind of a game. There are a lot of ways that you can take part. It's a place that you can post your work to be seen, and there's a lot of value in that. But it's also a place that rewards active members for providing content and helping build community. You get points for doing things; uploading videos, contributing news, contributing commentary on other artists' work, starting discussions, building your online profile. The verbiage at the site promises eventual real rewards (increased reputation and status begins to pay off in receiving materials for review, moderation privileges, and suchwhat). But the idea of having feedback on my involvement is better than getting any tangible reward for it. I ...
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[zeitgeist, or_politik] I Do Not Fear Teh Gay
2008-03-30 05:58:00
1454. I grow weary of the ongoing demand of certain elements of our culture to despise gay people. And I've gone through a whole range of emotions as, time after time after tedious time we are demanded to go to the polls and vote on it. Look, good peoples, I know that some of you are utterly utterly convinced that letting gays be and letting them have those civil unions are somehow going to undermine the fabric of society as we know it and are just as utterly obsessed with preventing it from happening, regardless of how much hurt, pain, and misery it inflicts on others. And to some of you, this problem is so important that you fixate upon it to the exclusion of all else, especially things that are actually problems that are currently threatening us. I mean, you'd think if a rogue planet was bearing down on the earth and was going to smash us into oblivion tomorrow, you wouldn't help out with the evacuation because you just have to make sure that teh gay can't get married first. ...
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[Address_Nerd] Reader Question: Why Does The Washington County Grid Do That
2008-03-29 05:40:00
1453. A couple of days ago, in email, I recieved the following question from a reader named Alan. Here it is: I've noticed that the Washington county grid doesn't seem to line up with the origin where I thought it did. I always thought that the origin was in downtown Portand at Burnside and the Willamette river. But recently I've been playing around with Google Earth, and have noticed something different. The Washington county north/south dividing line appears to line up with W Stark Street and possibly the Willamette Stone, but they aren't at the same latitude as W Burnside at the river. Also, if I extrapolate the Washington county numbered avenues, zero doesn't line up with the Willamette, but a few blocks west. In essence, it seems like the Washington county grid has an origin around SW 5th and SW Stark downtown. That is some very thorough looking, and good on you. Reader s may remember that for a time I found it odd that the mere name of the official Washington County ...
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[liff] Snow. Oregon. Almost April.
2008-03-28 17:19:00
1452. The view of the south portico of the SunDial Manor at 0830 approx today: Nice, huh? Tags: Oregon , Oregon weather, Portland Photos
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[liff] The End Of The Innocence
2008-03-28 01:04:00
1451. I'm reading alt.religion.kibology in an RSS browser now. I don't know why, but this is a bittersweet thing. Tags: alt.religion.kibology, kibo, kibology, modern times Powered by Qumana
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[design] Photoshop Expressed
2008-03-27 23:46:00
1450. Just uploaded and tweaked a photo we took sometime back of the Willamette River and downtown from the Sellwood Park dock in Photoshop Express. This was put through Pop Color and sketch from the Effects menu, Fill Light from the tuning menu, and Saturation from the Basics menu. Not too bad really. Photoshop Express won't replace Photoshop. You'll need Flash 9 for it; and if you have an underpowered computer or dialup, it'll be a stone pain. But if you can use it, it's a neat new tool that'll give you a few funky effects you can pop into your photos and take, say, blog photos and make real illustrations (I trust the design minded will know what we mean here) out of them. Tags: Adobe, Photoshop Express Powered by Qumana
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[design] It's A Busy Day Down In San Jose ...
2008-03-27 23:26:00
1449.  Just signed up for Photoshop Express, the new online version of Photoshop. Want to give it a test drive, of course ... and with the 2 GB of free online storage, hey, ain't no bad thing. Got this message from the signup page: Due to the extremely high interest in creating new Photoshop Express accounts today, you may experience a delay of 60 minutes or more in receiving your account verification email. Thank you for your patience! Well, you know how busy the State Fair is on opening day. ... update: I got my verification emil within five minutes. Well played, Adobe, well played. Tags: Adobe, Photoshop Express Powered by Qumana
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[modern times] With An Automated Mortgage Program Called ZiPPY, Maybe We Sh
2008-03-27 23:06:00
1448. Item, The Big O, Dateline today (Link (goes behind the pay wall in 14 days)): A newly surfaced memo from banking giant JPMorgan Chase provides a rare glimpse into the mentality that fueled the mortgage crisis.The memo's title says it all: "Zippy Cheats & Tricks."It is a primer on how to get risky mortgage loans approved by Zippy, Chase's in-house automated loan underwriting system. The secret to approval? Inflate the borrowers' income or otherwise falsify their loan application. [Fade into mortgage borker's office, where Underwriter Jones is logging into ZiPPY, Chase's in-house mortgage-loan undrewriting system] Mortgage Underwriter Jones: [Logging into Zippy, Username: mjones, Password: YOW!] Zippy: Good Morning! Are we having Prime Rate Cuts yet? Jones: Zippy, please underwrite this mortgage for Joe Schmoe. Zippy: Yow! I can see clearly now the income is gone! Jones: Well, how about if I change this three in the yearly income to ...
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[art, toonage] Funky Winkerbean: Well, My Head Asplode ...
2008-03-27 22:11:00
1447.  Does anyone around here remember the hi-school comic strip Funky Winkerbean? It hasn't run around here in the Portland market for ... what, twenty years or more? I read it and remember it as one of those eternally-unchanging comic strips, like Blondie, where the characters were funny for a very long time, but since they never changed, the jokes slowly got old and, just like a lot of people whose graphic tastes evolve, eventually, I put away my childish things. I also remember the artist's (Tom Batiuk) recognizable style across more than one or two spinoffs. Crankshaft (the original curmudgeonly senior-citizen school bus driver) we enjoyed during our time in Corvallis, where it ran in the Gazette-Times. There was also a strip set at a television station called Chuck Darling, IIRC. Well, as I mentioned, I moved on from ol' Funky and by the by the strip was dropped from The Big O. Didn't think a thing about it. But now, for some weird potrzebie reason, I hit the strip's we...
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[design] Client Meetings; I Haz Them
2008-03-26 22:36:00
1445. I had one yesterday, I'm having one today. While I haven't arrived where I want to be I do have a couple of very interesting leads right now. Actually I've contracted one and written about it; there is a logo being developed. The illustrations indirectly reference what I'm doing but, just to be maddening, I'm not saying anything about them yet. So they mean nothing to you, the reader. Neener! The thing about a good client meeting is when you present something and it resonates. I'm looking for a response where the other person answers emotionally. Design connects on that level. It moves us. The other lead I have has to do with writing actually. Someone was impressed by my bloggage (both frequency and quality). It looks intriguing and I love to write (and, hey, it shows) and I'm hoping this will work. It seems adventurous. I'll write what I can about the actual content of these things when I can. But I've run into some really cool people of late. And I'm enjoying that....
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[liff] Actually German/Actually Not German
2008-03-26 09:54:00
1444. Welcome to the first (and actually probably only) installment of Actually German /Not Actually German, a what-looks-to-be extremely occasional series where we find one thing that we thought was red-white-and blue American but is actually German, and one thing that people think is German and is actually American, sit the two ironically beside each other, sit back, and smile knowingly. Still with us? Yes? Alright then, here we go: Actually German: Bayer Asprin. We don't know about you, but when we were growing up, the aspirin in the house was Bayer. Good old, "wonder drug that works wonders" Bayer. America's aspirin. Good for what ails ya, provided what ails ya isn't the plague or the loss of a limb. There are actually some things Aspirin can't do, as it happens. Born and bred auf Deutschland. Born in 1836 in a suburb of the Rhineland town of Wuppertal, in Germany's Second Empire, Bayer successfully marketed the then-now acetylsalicilic acid to great s...
[liff] A Rhetorical Question for Discussion Amongst the Salon
2007-12-31 22:51:00
1220. What is is about a certain place ... if one was born there and spent their childhood there, regardless of where they go or what they do, even if there is a high certainly within norms of probabilty that they will never permanently return, they still feel like a piece of themselves is there, and when they pass through, they feel like they're visiting home?Some philosophical poser once said You can't go home again.Someone should have cc'd Home in on that memo.Tags: abstract thoughts, rhetorical questionsPowered by Qumana
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[liff, bloggage] Happy New Year: Submit To Me, I Tell You!
2007-12-31 22:16:00
1219. Let's be honest here; the last year had its high points, but I didn't wring what I thought I should be able to out of it. We all have our ups and downs; Job searching is fine; job-not-finding kind of sucks, as such, a whole lot.Latterly, while feeling particularly stymied, I was reading words of one of the "25 Emerging Talents" in STEP inside design magazine; I don't have the issue to hand, but (paraphrasing) he said the trick is to keep knocking on the door until it opens.Well, I'm still knocking. Giving up isn't an option, not nececelery because it's noble or anything, but because the alternative – well, let's not think that way. I'm not a believer in positive attitudes being some magic elixir that actualizes the environment, but I do think positive attitudes amount to an anodyne that will pull one through when nothing else will. Why go on about this? Because one of the subtexts to this blog is my pursuit in finding some success in graphic design, and the flip side...
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[pdx] They Keep This Up, Even I Will Be Back ...
2007-12-31 03:08:00
1218. From the OLive Blazers blog: LIVE: Blazers 97, 76ers 72 FinalIt's even starting to melt my hard-ass heart.They keep this stuff up, and it's going to be the Miracle Blazers before long. Yeah, I'm hardly the only blogger locally who noticed but ... dayum. They're getting good. Ain't no mean thing to go from a whining streak to a winning streak.Tags: trail blazers, portland blazers, winning streakPowered by Qumana
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[meme] ZehnKatzen's Weekly Winners #4: Lloyd Center Hypergammaspaces
2007-12-31 01:32:00
1217. The fourth in an occaisional series (well, I've tried to make it weekly, but there's this life thingy, ja'know?). Meme central here.I enjoy indoor spaces, especially spaces which enclose worlds which are small and large at the same time. Portland's famous Lloyd Center is just that sort of thing.One of graphic design's central concepts in juxtaposition. Moving significant things next to significant other things creates a visual dependency, just as moving your significant things next to your significant other's things can create a sense of co-dependency:At the end of the upper level of the food court is the office level of Lloyd Center. The Nephew™ (whose back is to us) mentioned the way the Apollo College sign near the Billy Heartbeat's (that burger joint in the background there) seems to imply that Apollo College (one of those modern-day churn-'em-out private vocational schools) offers sundaes, shakes, and hamburgers.While we agreed that that would indeed be righteo...
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[logo_design] Channel Surfing: To The Nines
2007-12-30 03:30:00
1215. Nearing ever closer to the top of the VHF dial, we at last take our exploration to the nines.Starting out down under, we have one of Austrailia's major networks, the Nine Network. Oz has three major networks all known simply by a numeric name, seemingly based on the over-the-air channel that they originally started out on: Seven, Nine, and Ten. Nine is plain, simple, and effective, once again proving that sometimes a little design goes a hell of a long way:Next we come back stateside. Bay News 9 is a cable channel serving Tampa-St Pete. Usually squashing type results in a highly irritating appearance, but this squashed type seems to be working. Perhaps it's because it looks "designed" to be squashed (the strokes seem designed with this in mind) and the way the type plays nice with the red and blue parallelograms:Albany NY's Cable Channel 9 started out as being owned by the same people (Bay News 9 being started by Time Warner Cable, but is now owned by BrightHouse Networ...
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