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Dr Martin Luther King Jr Fanfiction and Other Stor
This blog is devoted to fan fiction and e Civil Rightnon fiction about ths Movement the Independent Living Movement the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Brother Malcolm X Shabazz and Annie Chapman, Catherine Eddoes, Elizabeth Stride and the other Jack th


I Met Dr. King and Malcolm X at the Seattle World’s Fair
2007-11-20 23:52:00
I Met the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr. and Brother Malcolm X Shabazz at the Seattle Center During the World's Fair in 1961By Karen Cole PeraltaWord Count: 1,600The following events seem dreamlike to me, but I remember them all quite well, as young as I was at the time. I’m now 47 years old, and was a little over one year of age when my Mom told me that the famous Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X were going to be at the Seattle Center during the beginning of the World’s Fair in 1961.As a one year old child, I was an avid television watcher. I had picked up a little about the civil rights war and how ugly racism could be. I knew two different kinds of people were involved, and roughly what they looked like, but as to the rest, I didn’t like it. It scared me, and it seemed like people were attacking each other for no good reason. I kind of “lied” to myself, thinking it was all something unimportant.I remember seeing a story about two famous guest speakers at the...
The Boys of Birmingham - Excerpt
2007-11-20 23:51:00
Excerpt from non-fiction book I am currently working on by the daughter of the lead agent on the FBI team in Birmingham , Alabama which investigated, tracked down and arrested the assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - James Earl RayAuthor: P. L. RyanEditor: Karen Cole PeraltaDr. King had emerged as the leader of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s - and he had clearly chosen Birmingham as the seat of most of his activities and projects. He even had a brother who lived there, a local reverend who was the repeated victim of KKK bombing violence. The Boys of Birmingham would feel King’s influence in every aspect of their lives. It would end up becoming their job to serve the great man in his mission, as they were ordered to let him go about his business with no interference by both President Kennedy and a reluctant J. Edgar Hoover. He nonetheless ordered repeat wiretappings of King’s phone and rooms, giving his FBI members “carte blanche” in following him around.My father...
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The Incredible Transition of the Movement
2007-11-08 22:56:00
The Incredible Transit ion of the MovementSubtitled: Transition of the Civil Rights Movement to the Independent Living MovementBy Karen Cole PeraltaWord Count: 2,600A long time ago in the fabled southlands of America, the authorities told black people they had to use the “colored” restrooms - not the “white” people ones. It was thought at the time that “mixing the races” would lead to rape, diseases or other unfortunate circumstances. One public restroom each in a building’s common area was supplied for colored men, colored women, white men and white women; pretty idiotic, don’t you think?School children today may wonder: why did the White South make there be the four different restrooms, one for each combination of people? Well, it did make four “water closets” available, two apiece for each sex, which admittedly allowed for somewhat easier restroom availability. But it also undermined the dignity of the American Deep South, which was thus stuck moving from the l...
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
2007-11-08 22:54:00
The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.By Karen Cole PeraltaWord Count: 3,500The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr ., (January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968) was a man given a googolplex of titles from a wide variety of sources, including many world human rights organizations and grateful American southern universities. But his original name was much shorter.Dr. King was originally named Michael King on his birth certificate, but his father, who was also named Michael King, had a mission in mind for him. So the elder King changed both their names to Martin Luther King - and the birth documents were appropriately switched around - so his son could be called "Junior." Some people say they were both actually named Michael Luther King, so it wasn’t that much of a “stretch.”When the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died, his name was not held in dispute - except by white nationalist supremacists. They still are attempting to discredit him, calling him a liar, saying he was sexually ill, an...
Mrs. Coretta Scott King
2007-11-08 22:49:00
Mrs. Coretta Scott King By Karen Cole PeraltaWord count: 1,300Mrs. Coretta Scott King (born April 27, 1927, died January 30, 2006) was a noted civil rights leader, widow of the slain Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. She founded the King Center in Atlanta, Georgia, in his name.Mrs. King is still one of the most influential women leaders worldwide. Well prepared for a life committed to social justice and peace, she had been a victim of racial and sexual discrimination all her life. So she entered the world stage in 1955 as the wife of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When they met at Boston College, he swept her off her feet with his forward mannerisms and charismatic charms.Together with her man, Coretta Scott King and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. made a remarkable partnership. It resulted not only in four talented children, it also helped her practice devoting her life to the highest values of human dignity in service to social change. It seemed black people in America had a time ...
Sister Betty X Shabazz
2007-11-06 22:49:00
Sister Betty X ShabazzBy Karen Cole PeraltaWord count: 1,700Betty X (born Betty Jean Sanders) lived from May 28, 1936 to June 23, 1997. The widow of civil rights leader Malcolm X, she died three weeks after being severely burned in a fire allegedly set by her 12-year-old grandson. Shabazz's funeral service was held at the Islamic Cultural Center in New York City. Betty Shabazz was buried next to her husband, Malcolm X, at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Hartsdale, New York. There is a major mosque in Harlem named after Sister Betty X Shabazz.Biography – Sister Betty X ShabazzNobody seems to know about Betty Sanders early life and family background. She was born, however, in Detroit, Michigan, and is the daughter of Shelman Sandlin and a woman named Sanders. Sanders was an illegitimate child, one with a troubled upbringing, and she was given over to foster parents, growing up in a nice, middle class house in Detroit. Due to her difficult childhood, she devoted her life to African Americ...
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Brother Malcolm X Shabazz
2007-11-06 22:41:00
Brother Malcolm X ShabazzBy Karen Cole PeraltaWord count: 3,700He was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, and he was assassinated on February 21, 1965, when he was only 39 years old, the same age as the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was when he was assassinated. Malcolm X, however, was a few years older than the Christian leader Dr. King. At one time a major leader of the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X undertook the Hajj to Mecca in 1964, becoming a Sunni Moslem and taking the name Shabazz, in addition to the “X” that symbolized his lost African tribal name.Biography – Brother Malcolm X ShabazzBorn Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska, his mother, Louise Little, was a housewife and mother of eight. Earl Little, his father, was a supporter of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey. Malcolm’s outspoken Baptist preacher father gave street corner speeches promoting the need for black people to move “Back to Africa,” which was Garvey’s major ideal. Little’s a...
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The Incredible Transition of Dr. King
2007-09-17 23:03:00
The Incredible Transit ion of Dr. King Subtitled: Where They BelongWritten by Karen Cole PeraltaWord Count: 14,400This story is pretty long. It's practically a novelette, so please bear with me. It recounts a thorough but brief history of both the Civil Rights Movement and the Independent Living Movement.A long time ago in the fabled southlands of America, the authorities told black people they had to use the “colored” restrooms - not the “white” people ones. It was thought at the time that “mixing the races” would lead to rape, diseases or other unfortunate circumstances. One public restroom each in a building’s common area was supplied for colored men, colored women, white men and white women; pretty idiotic, don’t you think?It did make four “water closets” available, two apiece for each sex, which admittedly allowed for somewhat easier restroom availability. But it also undermined the dignity of the American Deep South, which was thus stuck moving from the lack...
The Amazing Hotel Towel
2007-09-17 22:56:00
The Amazing Hotel TowelBy Karen PeraltaWord Count: 2500By the way . . . I am not a racist. And life itself is extremely sexist. Our church was the all white Baptist Church. This story is about the assassination of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther K - g Junior. When the Negro men folk all got together for the shot, they pointed directly and indirectly at the shooter. They were an equivocal blob like group of all male togetherness as I stood there, trying to get to the hotel room. They were brave to stand around like that, in the line of fire, but it was their job to be the great man’s entourage, I guess. A lot of Black Americans would have died to have taken those bullets.I was the maid. I had to go in there and make the bed. I had the equipment around the corner. I was waiting because I was stark staring terrified that the shooter would shoot me. He was right around the corner on the opposite side of the tracks, only about a hundred feet away. And he had a sniper gun with an exce...
Rag Doll Man: Fanfiction about Malcolm X
2007-09-17 22:52:00
Rag Doll ManA Novelette - One Fourth of a BookBy Karen Cole PeraltaWord Count: 14,000Did you know that in the sixties, the men of X were Malcolm X ’s, trying to improve the world for Black America? And also, the X-Men from Marvel Comics, of which you may have heard, are “white” derivative life forms. These comic book characters have been quite popular for the past several decades, and nowadays “hit” movies are being made about them. In the comic books, they claim to be genetic “mutants” who are persecuted by normal people.Some think such a derivative evolution is simply a Darwinian “sport,” which can go off in any direction it pleases, finding new natural zones in which to perform its adaptations. And some other beings say that man always has an eternal soul, meant to go new places and become new people. Lastly, some people say that if you are alone, heroic and isolated, you are Satanic - and simply meant to die.In a time of missed opportunities without happiness or...
The Sims Online Hosts the Mafia
2007-09-17 22:49:00
The Sims Online Hosts the Mafia By Karen Cole-PeraltaWord count: 2000If I told you this, would you believe me? Try doing so, because it’s the truth. And also, in this strange and perverse world, young people are busy killing each other at an alarming rate. Do we really need something like a pseudo Mafia causing the same sorts of problems? Gangsterism, in other words, on our children’s beloved video games?According to Wikipedia, the Web’s foremost online encyclopedia, ever since 9/11 the FBI hasn’t had much in time or resources to handle organized crime, and there has been a sudden resurgence in its activities.Right now, the online game “The Sims Online”-- which is labeled a “T for Teens” game -- has been overrun by several obviously Mafia named “families.” These people don’t seem to have enough imagination to be Mexican Mafia, Chinese Mafia or Japanese Mafia (yet), which also exist in real life. They are very aggressive and very obvious.Whether or not they are t...
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Segregation in Sixty-Seven
2007-09-17 22:44:00
Segregation in Sixty -SevenBy Karen Cole PeraltaWord count: 1000When things were religiously, sexually and racially segregated, to the point of all obscurity, and nothing was real, nothing was right, and the world was upside down - I was not unhappy, because it matched my real mood at the time: overly boisterous and underly depressed. I only wanted to be a typical kid and have fun, but with segregation on, what was “typical?”I was once at a school where, weirdly enough, racial segregation seemed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread to the kids who were involved. Because the black Negro girls had total control over our entire environment, and all of the boys were in their own section of the playground. The black girls were somehow buried deep within the spread out zone map of an egalitarian war. They introduced me to the playground by being in the very first section of it. I found out from them that they were superior, and there was no way I could keep up with them.I was th...
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How a Head Cold Got Me Married
2007-09-17 22:40:00
How a Head Cold Got Me Married By Karen Cole-PeraltaWord count: 1322Now that I’m really settled down for bad or good, I can’t help but reflect on my lengthy past as a happy-go-lucky single. How can I forget the many bizarre, crazy, and benighted times I’ve misled myself into a man’s twin loving arms, and how very much I miss loving every minute of it?Why, I squirm as if caught in a velvet trap…well, I could, but my husband is standing right behind me and might ask me what I’m sitting on.Yes, it’s been nothing but high misadventure for me, especially since I lost my extremely brave and sincere first husband, a wonderful Austrian-American Jew, to combined MS and cancer on February 23, 1985.I loved him so much…even after more than a dozen intensive, fascinating, and downright roller-coaster relationships before then, my first real commitment, he was still the only man I ever truly loved (Remigio, stop looking at this over my shoulder!)Anyway, several eventful years and a...
Herman the Fool
2007-09-17 22:38:00
Herman the Fool A Tear Jerker, otherwise known as a TragedyA dummy sits on the shelf, broken, twisted, its life deformed by the many obstacles it has faced. It is both soft and hard to the touch as you fondle its many parts. It has no sex, no life, no meaning, and yet you can tell something about it is different as you scan it with your eyes. It is not a dummy - and it stands out.It’s sheer luck when you stand out completely, all of your entire life.“Hello,” it seems to say to you as you slowly move closer to it. What does it really look like? It has hair, teeth, clothing, and a mystery to it. There is a poking out of black, yellow and green hair. It does not seem to look like anything, sort of sexless, a clown that could be anything. Is it really a “gay” dummy? Yes, but no, it seems to scream somehow it was once male at you. And it seems once - it altered itself to its basic soul.Yet you know you have met this person before, perhaps as a woman once. Pushing past the forces...
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A Disabled Little Girl
2007-09-17 22:29:00
A Disabled Little Girl By Karen Cole-Peralta2000 wordsThere once was a little girl, in her twenties and in a wheelchair. She was pretty. So very, very pretty. But as she was disabled, young and old, handsome and otherwise men with no prospects in life would apply for the job of taking care of her - and cruelly abuse her. They usually couldn't resist her helplessness and her great beauty. Because she was pretty. So very, very pretty.Do you really think she was diabolical? No, she was not. She was extremely pretty. And so, she was the nicest, sweetest, goodiest person in the world. And she absolutely positulely, couldn’t ever walk? No, she could not. In fact, she was quite helpless, and unfortunately she was also very attractive. So very pretty.So the men would come in to take the job to take care of her. She was very simple care, easy to get along with - and she only had a few of those minor little human impulses that are not so pretty, so very very pretty. Hardly any. And some of ...
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The Independent Living Movement I
2007-09-17 22:18:00
Part One:The Independent Living Movement I1500 wordsBy Karen Cole PeraltaI will start off by informing you that there is no real difference between the words “disabled” and “handicapped,” except for the linguistic ones. They both refer to physically challenged people, who often need special living accommodations. Our Center Park of Seattle, Washington, USA, was founded by Ida May Daly, who had a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. While suffering from this debilitating illness, she managed to get enough public and private donations to buy a huge square block of land near downtown Seattle - and go set it up so that certain people would have a place to actually thrive and live, instead of one in which to waste away and die. She didn’t like what institutionalized or hospitalized living does to people in reality, and how most such places preach an afterlife - involving how you have to die in this lifetime to achieve it.Nowadays, almost all those Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, Budd...
The Independent Living Movement II
2007-09-17 22:16:00
Part Two:The Independent Living Movement II1200 wordsBy Karen Cole PeraltaWhat is the Independent Living Movement in Seattle, WA, the USA about? It and the aspects of it with which I was involved have changed, somewhat, from what I saw when there at Center Park. It was the first apartment building built in the entire country for disabled people in wheelchairs. It got flooded by every other type of handicapped people who could find a way into it. The “laundry list” – meaning, the applications made out of paper in those times - was one hundred blocks long to get in. It looped around the block, which mind you, was more like a downtown office city block than a neighborhood one.The office was run by “ABs,” or in other words able-bodieds, and so it was thought that if you did the tiniest thing wrong when you reported on anything to the obvious “lesbians” – overweight, underpaid white women with no sense of humor who also smiled these abysmally evil grimaces all the livelon...
The Physically Challenged I
2007-09-17 22:15:00
Part Three:The Physically Challenged IBy Karen Cole Peralta1200 wordsDo you think if you knew your life was short, you would bother to help others? At the most, your place would not be there - ere long. If such “places” were even available, as their beds are often full, you personally might be forced back into whatever disabled and for the handicapped institutions you had left behind, to try for independent living at Center Park. How would you know if it would be worthwhile to live or work there?One’s place helping others is the one where they get jobs out of keeping you sane and whole, in hospitals, institutions, and finally, in your own apartments. The place I recall with the most welcoming atmosphere in it, due to human evolution, had a laundry room, was made out of heat retentive cinder blocks, which kept it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and was easygoing to live in. Its sole problem was lack of purpose.That’s one of the reasons people there were suicidal, b...
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The Physically Challenged II
2007-09-17 22:13:00
Part Four:The Physically Challenged II1000 wordsBy Karen Cole PeraltaI and my husband once worked as nurse aides at the first apartment building in the nation built specifically for people in wheelchairs, namely Center Park, which shares the same initials as cerebral palsy, one of the world’s most common severe physical disabilities. There is a huge United Cerebral Palsy Residential Center in Seattle, Washington, USA, and many people with cerebral palsy live at Center Park as well. It’s right next door to the Lighthouse for the Blind, and some blind people live in Center Park as well.The legend of Center Park was the guy who made it up the stairwell in his manual wheelchair, got onto the roof, and jumped off and successfully died. Really, there was nothing to do at Center Park, except for gossip mongering and television. The most exciting weekly event was when the old ladies left on the communal charter bus to go get their ancient hair done at the beauty parlor, or once a week w...
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Annie Chapman, Our Dead Lady of Whitechapel
2007-07-21 16:49:00
Annie Chapman , Our Dead Lady of WhitechapelBy Karen Cole PeraltaWord Count: 26,000An ordinary dandelion is a golden weed that gradually takes over your house’s lawn. If you like pretty yellow flowers, it is up to you to decide if the people in this story are dandelions. There is a young British woman who died well over a century ago. Is she something that needs to be rooted out of a giant lawn called England? Before she takes it over, ruling it with the world’s most lengthy and painful possible forms of death?Or is it Charles, a black stranger in a strange black and white land who might seek his eternally lost soul, which he mistakenly thought was in the future? Is he the real dandelion, or not? Or is it Bob, ever ready to die to defend the honor of his lady, but who is merely another Irish “loser” in London?Lastly, is it possibly the person you would most suspect - the murderer? Some think murder is something to be imitated, though it may be a weed in everyone’s garden. H...
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